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HeardInvitationSheltered From The Howling Winds02/20/2018
ExperienceIntercessionCast The Groaning Onto The Lord02/15/2018
TeachingInvitationDoors And The Grace To Reset02/12/2018
TeachingUnderstandingTeaching Why Does God Allow Strong Meat Dreams02/10/2018
VisionWarningWarning Get Your Focus Off The Devil And Bad News02/09/2018
ConfirmationWarningWarning Head Strong02/07/2018
DreamSeasonAccrued Interest The Lion Roars01/22/2018
VisionUnderstandingUnderstanding The Patches In A Quilt As A Whole01/22/2018
DreamUnderstandingInstinct in Finding Your Place 01/19/2018
VisionProphesyGo Through The Gate To Resolve All That Is Out Of Place01/18/2018
VisionInvitationSelf Control When Abiding With Him01/17/2018
VisionSeasonFresh Growth In His Kingdom01/16/2018
VisionIntercessionShips Coming Into Sarah Bay01/14/2018
VisionWarningHidden From The Hour Of The Cocks Crow01/07/2018
GraphicIntercessionContinue To Say No To Violent Entertainment01/09/2018
VisionProphesy2018 Advancing Through Clashing Powers01/04/2018
DreamInvitationHoney Its Time To DO01/06/2018
VisionProphesyHis Finest Wine The Power of the Ages to Come12/27/2017
HeardProphesyUnder His Wings in 201812/28/2017
InterpretationUnderstandingLife In 201801/01/2018
VisionEncouragementProtecting Our Children And Grandchildren12/12/2017
GraphicExhortationLove And Tribulation12/05/2017
ConfirmationUnderstandingYou Have Not Heard A Nuff12/01/2017
Anointed HandsInspirationCreating As An Expression From God11/12/2017
DreamEncouragementChicken Soup For The Soul11/15/2017
ConfirmationEncouragementNew Births In Christmas Season11/06/2017
ConfirmationInvitationReturn to Your Resting Place11/08/2017
HeardUnderstandingThe Righteous Shall Not be Moved11/07/2017
VisionUnderstandingThe New Wine Skin11/05/2017
VisionAdmonitionSelf Discipline In All Things11/04/2017
ConfirmationEncouragementTo Give Him Joy11/03/2017
VisionWarningSet Free From Entanglement11/01/2017
HeardEncouragementJust One Word At A Time Keep Them Coming10/11/2017
VisionExhortationYour Weapon Of Prophesy10/15/2017
VisionEncouragementThe Candle Of The Lord Is Not Snuffed Out10/07/2017
HeardInvitationUnfolding Revelation By Spending Time With Him10/07/2017
Day of AtonementInvitationBe Enuded Put on Jesus Christ09/30/2017
Day of AtonementWarfareGraduated Into New Armor09/30/2017
Day of AtonementSeasonA New Season A New Day For Loving Him09/30/2017
Day of AtonementSeasonNew Births Under The Apple Tree A New Season09/30/2017
Day of AtonementEncouragementThe Irish Setter Finally Learned To Follow 09/30/2017
Day of AtonementComfortI Know All Your Ways09/30/2017
Day of AtonementInvitationNew And Unique Assignment Coming Up09/30/2017
VisionSeason5778 Year to Rebuild Our Walls09/20/2017
ImpressionEncouragementMothers Keep Your Children09/15/2017
VisionSeasonA Large Bouquet Of Buttercups09/13/2017
HeardSeasonGrace To Turn And Change09/06/2017
HeardAdmonitionMaintain What You Have Obtained09/05/2017
HeardProphesyGreater Works Ahead: Being A Sign And A Wonder 09/04/2017
HeardEncouragementYour Own Mold09/02/2017
Bible Art JournalingComfortPrecious Bible Journaling: A Garden Enclosed08/25/2017
ConfirmationEncouragementObedience And The Right Door08/25/2017
VisionIntercessionSurrounded And Protected08/18/2017
VisionInvitationKnocker On My Bedroom Door08/18/2017
ScriptureEncouragementStrength to Continue08/08/2017
VisionExhortationChanged from Somday to TODAY08/02/2017
ScriptureUnderstandingThe Word of the Lord REVEALED08/09/2017
VisionEncouragementLight And Easy07/27/2017
VisionAdmonitionLassie Wanting To Return To Her Old House07/27/2017
HeardComfortThe Moment We Think Of Heaven07/20/2017
ConfirmationExhortationTongues Primes Your Pump And Gets The Water Flowing07/17/2017
ParableSeasonA Season Of Tiny Details07/12/2017
TeachingUnderstandingHow To Overcome The Cankered Pain Of Prophetic Delay07/11/2017
VisionInvitationAngelic Paul Revere Rider Arrives07/10/2017
HeardEncouragementYour Wait Makes An Impact07/04/2017
ConfirmationIntercessionDavid And His Pebble04/13/2017
VisionComfortProtected Fellowship Inside The Moving Bubble04/12/2017
VisionEncouragementAngels Move While We Wait04/11/2017
VisionComfortBe Still Oh My Soul04/11/2017
HeardAdmonitionBrain Wash Wash Your Brain04/07/2017
VisionSeasonCatapulted Through The Gift Of Faith04/06/2017
VisionEncouragementFollowing A Different Drummer04/04/2017
VisionEncouragementHelp Is On The Way03/28/2017
VisionEncouragementTechnology With Better Results03/16/2017
VisionProphesyLight Shining On Market Place Ministries04/03/2017
Eye GlanceEncouragementSynergy: Increased Benefit03/31/2017
VisionEncouragementThe Candle That Refused To Quit04/01/2017
DreamSeasonTimes of Multiplication Has Come03/09/201703/09/2017
DreamSeasonA Stronghold Must Fall Before The Glory Comes03/05/2017
HeardEncouragementThe Case In The Courtroom In Heaven03/05/2017
VisionUnderstandingScribe Angel Each Message Has A Color03/04/2017
ConfirmationAdmonitionStand Without Vacillating Faith03/03/2017
ParableUnderstandingColor Chart: Parable Of How Greyed Mixture Affect Our Perspective02/22/2017
HeardAdmonitionGiving Appetite To His Lordship02/22/2017
VisionSeasonThe Fear Of The Lord And The New Beginning02/22/2017
SignHopeToken Of Hope In Financial Concerns02/21/2017
DreamUnderstandingCarrying The Alligators Out Of The Camp02/18/2017
TeachingUnderstandingTeaching On Perception The Experience Of Knowing02/15/2017
HeardWarningGoing In And Out Doors Of Opportunity02/13/2017
VisionProphesyHarvest Will Become Tender Through Kindness02/10/2017
HeardProphesyMercy Is Falling Like A Spring Rain02/09/2017
VisionSeasonAligning Our Lives Into Order02/09/2017
VisionSeasonDrawing Maple Syrup From The Tree02/05/2017
VisionInvitationAt The Window Awakened To My Love For You02/04/2017
ImpressionUnderstandingAbout Perception 02/02/2017
GraphicWisdomPainting Parable From Adolescence To Maturity02/02/2017
HeardWisdomYour Life On The Scales Of Justice02/01/2017
DreamProphesyAre You Listening Opened Ears12/31/2016
HeardIntercessionThe Impact From One Simple Sentence 01/26/2017
VisionAdmonitionGrace And The Fear Of The Lord01/28/2017
VisionProphesyThe Lord Is Our Righteousness01/23/2017
VisionInvitationHis Word Vs Independence01/19/2017
HeardWarfareThe Shield Of Faith And Backlash01/13/2017
VisionProphesyThe Grain Silo01/12/2017
VisionUnderstandingNetworkers Streaming Streams Into His River01/11/2017
VisionInvitationOn Eagles Wings Vs Already There01/08/2017
VisionInvitationStepping Into The Picture01/07/2017
VisionWisdomWait For The Lord To Develop Each Word01/02/2017
ParableSeasonParable In Raising Up The Foundations Of Many Generations01/02/2017
ParableInvitationRummikub Game Really Fun Parable01/02/2017
GraphicSeasonProphetic Sign Sky Painting A New Day Arising01/01/2017
ParableSeasonThe Hidden Camera01/01/2017
SongEncouragementSomething Good Is Going To Happen To You12/20/2016
VisionProphesy2017 Triumphant Victories Of My Overcomers12/31/2016
VisionSeasonBuilding Your Refuge Home12/31/2016
VisionEncouragement2017: A Supply Line Reaching My Children12/31/201612/31/2016
VisionAdmonitionDont Worry About Position On Earth12/31/201612/31/2016
VisionSeasonNew Hosts Of Angels Sent12/18/2016
VisionInvitation2017: Rebuilding America With Fresh Words12/17/2016
VisionProphesyThe Color Red Everywhere12/16/2016
VisionSeasonOpportunities Are Stirring The Juices12/14/2016
VisionSeasonProvision To Cross Over12/14/2016
ParableWisdomThe Forest And The Christmas Trees12/16/2016
DreamProphesyReset To New Beginnings 12/13/2016
GraphicComfortPainting Stillness 12/10/2016
DreamWisdomDriving The Peaks And The Valleys12/09/2016
VisionInvitationVolunteers Not Slaves12/09/2016
VisionInvitationAn Appointment To Sit By The Fire12/08/2016
VisionAdmonitionIntercessors: Your Prescribed Path12/04/2016
VisionProphesySending The Spirit Of Counsel To Washington DC12/04/2016
VisionInvitationCalm Yourself And Enter In12/04/2016
GraphicInspirationThe Cloud Of The Lord11/27/2016
VisionSeasonColors As A Combined Message11/27/2016
HeardEncouragementIn My Kingdom Nothing Is Insignificant11/19/2016
GraphicAdmonitionOvercoming Distraction11/18/2016
ConfirmationSeasonSeason of ReKindling His Passion11/17/2016
VisionWarningSugar False Comfort11/13/2016
GraphicProphesyGold Mining and Water Cannon Salute11/10/2016
VisionInvitationBatter Up11/06/2016
TeachingWisdomTeaching - Discerning The Devil In False Prophesy11/03/2016
ImpressionIntercessionPray For Peace And No Violence Over The Elections11/02/2016
ParableAdmonitionThe Princess and The Pea11/01/2016
VisionProphesyThe Landing Of The Golden Eagles10/16/2016
InsightAdmonitionDont Miss Your Day Of Visitation10/16/2016
Day of AtonementProphesyA Place Prepared For You10/12/2016
GraphicUnderstandingTransparency And A Pure Heart10/09/2016
TestimonyUnderstandingPerception First Then Eyes Opened10/11/2016
VisionProphesyPart 4 Year 5777 Plow Through By Speaking Tongues 10/10/2016
ScriptureUnderstandingPart 3 Hebraic Year 5777 To Inquire And Ask Questions10/03/2016
GraphicProphesyBreaking Open The Fountains Of The Deep10/02/2016
ConfirmationUnderstandingMid 1970s Glory Left 40 Years In Wilderness10/02/2016
VisionProphesyWhite Horse In My Room10/01/2016
TestimonyProphesyTo Bed With A Box Of Oatmeal09/24/2016
VisionWarfareA Mantle Of Humble Authority09/23/2016
VisionUnderstandingAcess Staying Close To The Lord Is A Choice09/15/2016
VisionProphesyTo Raise A Standard/ Ensign09/15/2016
VisionEncouragementReturn Of The White Horse09/12/2016
VisionProphesyPart 2 Hebraic Year 5777 To Be A Weapon09/11/2016
GraphicProphesyPart 1 Hebraic Year 5777 The Year of New Wine09/11/2016
HeardIntercessionThe Desperate Cry To Proclaim Freedom09/09/2016
HeardComfortSafe Journey Resting In The Ark09/07/2016
ConfirmationUnderstandingTime Check: Passed The Narrow Passageway09/03/2016
VisionEncouragementGlory Train Chugging Uphill09/03/2016
GraphicEncouragementAccess Beyond The Veil08/30/2016
HeardAdmonitionDecree Your Future Speak Positively08/29/2016
VisionInvitationThe Dove Company Peacemakers08/26/2016
VisionUnderstandingNew Angel Of Understanding Arrives08/14/2016
SongComfortEmanuel God Is With Us08/20/2016
GraphicProphesyThe Cyrus Anointing Opens In The USA08/13/2016
VisionUnderstandingThe Tide Turns08/10/2016
Opened SmellComfortJesus The Smell Of Roses 08/09/2016
HeardExhortationCollect To Yourself What Is Expedient08/08/2016
VisionEncouragementRemoved The Stumbling Stones On The Holy Highway08/07/2016
VisionInvitationDraw Deeply Into The Tap Roots Of Oil08/07/2016
VisionAdmonitionTraining Get Off The Merry-Go-Round08/07/2016
ParableInvitationWill You Walk With Me?08/05/2016
HeardExhortationSay What You Mean And Mean What You Say08/03/2016
VisionEncouragementThe Bedraggled And Exhausted Lion07/30/2016
TestimonyProphesyPartnership With Heaven07/30/2016
VisionEncouragementTough Plowing Is Behind You07/25/2016
VisionUnderstandingManifesting Angels Names And Descriptions07/20/2016
TeachingComfortReaching Out To A Person Through Kindness07/20/2016
VisionInvitationHeavens Power Cords Within Reach07/17/2016
VisionEncouragementThe Finest Wine Sent To People With Needs07/16/2016
TeachingUnderstandingSeeing Strangers As People With Needs 07/16/2016
TeachingEncouragementReaching Out To A Person Through The Gift Of Helps07/13/2016
HeardSeasonAn Angel Called Friendly For A New Season07/13/2016
ConfirmationEncouragementBeautiful Doe At The End Of Our Street 07/12/2016
VisionWisdomBalance No Longer Driven07/10/2016
VisionExhortationDoing What Is Right07/09/2016
HeardEncouragementYour Destiny Is Walking In The Way Of Love07/07/2016
HeardWisdomMany Stopping Places For You And Your Children07/04/2016
VisionComfortThe Stars And The Bigger Perspective07/03/2016
HeardHopeThe Last Of The Heap07/02/2016
HeardEncouragementMy Grace Factor07/01/2016
SignProphesyHound Dogs Tracking The Stars06/17/2016
SignUnderstandingAngels And Demons In Photos06/16/2016
VisionInvitationSee The Panoramic View The Bigger Picture06/16/2016
ConfirmationComfortLifting You Up And Out Of Despair06/16/2016
VisionEncouragementVarious Pots Which Vessel Are You06/16/2016
SignWarningDoubt Opens The Wrong Door06/08/2016
HeardProphesyFullness Into The New Skin06/06/2016
ParableInvitationSeek Him While He Is Near06/06/2016
ConfirmationProphesyA Mighty Roar06/05/2016
TestimonyWarningA Generation Plundered By Demonic Video Games 06/05/2016
ImpressionComfortSafe Boundaries Obedience Matters06/05/2016
HeardInvitationBeing Still Before The Lord06/04/2016
SignEncouragementDownhill From Here06/02/2016
VisionWisdomProtection in Rest 05/22/2016
ParableWarfareThe Lord Takes Pleasure In Surrounding His Children With Favor And A Shield05/17/2016
VisionWisdomThe Goodness Of God In The Land Of The Living05/18/2016
VisionUnderstandingDestiny Is Within You05/16/2016
ConfirmationSeasonMany Confirmations Time Is Up05/14/2016
ScriptureIntercessionNot In Word Only But In The Power Of The Spirit05/10/2010
VisionProphesyLifting Up Families To Work Together05/09/2016
SongComfortLeaning On The Everlasting Arms05/08/2016
SignProphesyDivine Sign: Young Jesse To Win The Last Days Battle05/06/2016
VisionSeasonHoly Bold: Maturing What Is Lacking In Your Faith05/02/2016
VisionUnderstandingHeavens Vibrations05/02/2016
ParableEncouragementFacing Blank Pages05/01/2016
HeardAdmonitionWalk Circumspectly04/11/2016
VisionEncouragementBalancing Act04/11/2016
VisionProphesyRestore The Fallen Ruins04/09/2016
ConfirmationEncouragementPrayer Bowls A Tidal Wave That Will Propel Us04/07/2016
DreamEncouragementSafely Covered To Prophesy Within Amphitheater04/05/2016
VisionEncouragementZipped Up The Breaches04/05/2016
HeardProphesyA Passage Right Of Way To Pass On Through04/02/2016
HeardProphesyThe Season Has Changed04/02/2016
VisionProphesyUpgrades To Experience My Word03/20/2016
HeardAdmonitionFollow Through And Carry The Ball03/13/2016
HeardProphesyPhilip I Will Come For You03/08/2016
VisionExhortationA Storks Piercing Cry03/05/2016
Trance VisionProphesyRadical Right Turn In The River03/05/2016
HeardIntercessionPromised Fruit Laid Upon The Altar 03/05/2016
VisionWarningClear the Deck Cut Off Debate03/05/201603/06/2016
VisionComfortNo More Raw Feelings03/04/2016
VisionAdmonitionStay The Course Keep Moving Forward03/02/2016
Divine TimingSeason{Diving Timing} A Day Of Divine Timing And Signs03/01/2016
VisionInvitationHandfuls Of Purpose Assigned02/15/2016
VisionSeason2016 And Connections02/06/2016
HeardSeasonSetting All Things In Decency And In Order02/03/2016
HeardInvitationParousia Your New Race To Seek My Coming01/09/2016
ParableEncouragementFunny Parable My Church Shall Arise01/26/2016
VisionUnderstandingThe Hosts Working As One Unit01/20/2016
Eye GlanceInvitationCome Sit With Me01/18/2016
TeachingUnderstandingStrong Meat And The Voice Of Love01/18/2016
HeardUnderstandingThe Mystery Of The Ages01/17/2016
VisionEncouragementColor Me Happy01/14/2016
VisionAdmonitionBlack and White Call it as You See It01/13/2016
VisionComfortI Have Hidden You In My Cloud01/07/2016
HeardSeasonA New Season And Purpose For Watchmen01/01/2016
VisionHopeKept The Good Wine Until Now01/04/2016
VisionEncouragementStaying On Top Of The Waves!01/03/2016
VisionEncouragementSteadying The Crown01/01/2016
VisionInvitationTear Down The Gates12/28/2015
SongSeason2016: The Daystar Is Rising12/31/2015
Trance VisionHope2016: Expect The Lords Goodness Towards You Who Believe12/27/2015
HeardWisdomGiving Honor Releases More Of His Spirit12/16/2015
VisionIntercessionIntercessors Turning A Key For America12/11/2015
SignWarningLet No Man Take Your Crown Hold Onto Your Hat!12/08/2015
ScriptureUnderstandingI Have Called You For A Purpose12/09/2015
DreamProphesyHaven Of Rest From Trauma - Building On The Foundation12/06/2015
ParableWisdomBark Training12/05/2015
ParableHopeMoving You Out Of Road Blocks12/04/2015
VisionAdmonitionGolden Watch - Now Is The Time12/04/2015
TeachingUnderstandingI Will Teach You About Color12/03/2015
VisionEncouragementIn His Timing Bringing You Together Piece By Piece12/03/2015
ImpressionUnderstandingFar Far Away Inside Of You12/02/2015
HeardHopeTo Be Presented To The Father11/15/2015
VisionInvitationFaith And The Wheelbarrow11/13/2015
Dark SpeechEncouragementLaboring For The Promises11/12/2015
VisionHopeReimbursed With Joy11/10/2015
DreamInvitationThe Ark Of The Covenant11/09/2015
SongAdmonitionBreaking Forth Spring Up Oh Well11/07/2015
VisionUnderstandingLaying Hands On The Unclean11/06/2015
Dark SpeechEncouragementSeated In Heavenly Places11/04/2015
SongHopeAngels Surrounding Us In A New Place10/26/2015
TeachingWisdom7 Bible Study Lessons On Moses10/16/2015
VisionWarningAuthority Be Very Careful What You Say10/27/2015
SongWisdomA Ladder To Heaven10/13/2015
Divine TimingHopeTo Gaze Upon His Beautiful Face10/12/2015
VisionInvitationCommitment: Last Minute Brides Run To The Altar10/15/2015
VisionWarningAlarm A Greater Wakeup Call10/05/2015
VisionExhortationBreaking Through Congestion And Delays10/02/2015
VisionWisdomOvercome Evil With Good10/09/2015
VisionProphesyMy Presence Shall Confirm My Pathway10/06/2015
ConfirmationSeasonSwitching Gears Change Is Here10/04/2015
VisionWisdomMy Grace Will Help You Find Your Treasure10/03/2015
TestimonyHopeResurrection You Shall Rise Again09/23/2015
HeardProphesyHealing Revival Is Coming To America09/15/2015
VisionHopeAmerica Blessed Is He Who Comes In The Name Of The Lord09/14/2015
HeardWarfareAuthority Through Weak Vessels09/14/2015
ExperienceComfortChildhood Wounds09/08/2015
VisionSeasonConsecration The Servants Ear To Be Pierced09/08/2015
SignComfortGods Similitude And Protecting Shadow09/06/2015
ExperienceProphesyPop! Change Of Atmosphere! Rend The Heavens!09/01/2015
HeardComfortChanges As Gentle As I Can08/22/2015
VisionAdmonitionCleaning Up The Messes Of Indulgent Flesh08/17/2015
VisionProphesyHebraic Year 5776 To Be Fastened As A Nail Or Peg09/07/2015
VisionProphesyGrace For Hurdles In Cold Climates08/20/2015
HeardInvitationAt A Moments Notice08/21/2015
VisionComfortTrained By The Bridle Released By His Eye08/15/2015
TestimonyWarfareWeapons Of Truth 08/11/2015
VisionWisdomOvercoming Betrayal The Swords Of Gentleness 08/08/2015
VisionEncouragementSave Us Lord08/08/2015
ScriptureInspirationAntidote To Strong Meat08/08/2015
TestimonyUnderstandingTaking Naps Deep Sleep Trances08/07/2015
Divine TimingAdmonitionDoor Keepers Close Doors To Evil Plans08/05/2015
VisionIntercessionPeter Arise! Mending Losses From Strong Meat08/04/2015
VisionComfortA Walled Garden With Safety From The Wind08/01/2015
SongWisdomTwo Contrasting Songs07/24/2015
ParableEncouragementAuthority To Breakthrough07/05/2015
ConfirmationComfortMy Peace Has Power07/12/2015
HeardIntercessionMore Prayer For California Is Needed07/12/2015
ConfirmationEncouragementLaboring In The Hot Fields07/12/2015
TeachingProphesyBlind Spots: A Time To Speak A Time To Listen07/12/2015
VisionIntercessionPrayer Changes Things07/07/2015
TestimonyExhortationEarthquake! The Rocks Cry Out!07/04/2015
VisionExhortationShare Your Burdens With Those Who Pray07/03/2015
ParableProphesyI Will Make A Way Where There Is No Way07/02/2015
ConfirmationComfortI Will Never Let You Go06/18/2015
ExperienceHopeUrgent Cries06/11/2015
VisionIntercession2 Armies Praying For America06/09/2015
BlooperHumorThe Daily Stories06/06/2015
VisionInvitationPick Up The Little Scraps Under The Table06/05/2015
VisionEncouragementHe Owns The Cattle On A 1000 Hills06/04/2015
RevelationUnderstandingThree Levels In The Lord05/12/2015
ScriptureUnderstandingReceive Means To Catch Or Grab Ahold Of 05/12/2015
VisionProphesyAmalgamation With Heaven 05/15/2015
HeardAdmonitionSimplify A Complex Life05/03/2015
VisionIntercessionTo Birth His Kingdom Within You05/02/2015
ParableWisdomSimple And Serene04/17/2015
HeardWisdomBalancing / Allotting Our Time04/16/2015
VisionInvitationGet Positioned For The Covering Of His Cloud04/12/2015
BlooperUnderstandingQuickened Typo: The Cream Rises04/10/2015
DreamEncouragementHe Is Steadying His Ark Within Us04/10/2015
VisionUnderstandingFinal Changes On A Need To Know Basis04/06/2015
VisionProphesyMassive Deliverance Coming04/02/2015
VisionEncouragementLaboring To Bring Forth The Seed Of Your Promise 03/10/2015
HeardProphesyAligning The Troops For A Demonstration Of Power03/05/2015
VisionAdmonitionPrayer And Prophetic Decree03/05/2015
ParableInvitationAre You Ready To Get Plugged In03/05/2015
VisionInvitationRearranging Priorities03/02/2015
VisionHopeRearranged Restored Recovered Into Order02/24/2015
DreamProphesyTransition And Moving To A New Place02/24/2015
ExperienceSeasonThe Wind And The Rain Obey02/08/2015
VisionInvitationWill You Sit With Me?02/16/2015
VisionInvitationOvercoming Trauma02/13/2015
SongEncouragementFrom Chamber Pots To Vessels Of Glory02/10/2015
VisionEncouragementYes You May02/10/2015
DreamHopeGodsGracious Gifts To Us02/06/2015
DreamAdmonitionReverse The Curses Off Your Lives02/09/2015
HeardSeasonUnpacking Generals Of Intercession02/02/2015
Opened SmellHopeDouble Delight Rose02/02/2015
TestimonyWarningOvercoming The Pit Of Depression 02/04/2015
HeardAdmonitionRebuilding Your Walls First02/03/2015
TestimonyWisdomOvercoming The Pit Of Depression02/04/2014
HeardAdmonitionRebuilding Your Walls First02/03/2014
VisionProphesyThe Dream Of Restoration02/02/2015
ParableEncouragementThe Backing Of My Word On Every Page02/01/2015
DreamProphesyExit The Way Out01/21/2015
HeardProphesyNew Angelic Replacements For New Season01/15/2015
DreamEncouragementThe Invisible Secret Place01/11/2015
VisionIntercessionThe Ayes Have It We Want Our Country Back01/11/2015
HeardIntercessionWe Vote For His Goodness To Triumph Over Evil01/10/2015
VisionInvitationThe New Road Called Bless01/04/2015
VisionProphesy2015 AND BEYOND: Pursue, Tackle, Recover01/01/201501/24/2015
TeachingSeasonBob Jones And The Winds Of God 01/03/2015
ConfirmationWisdomInvesting In Gold And Silver01/01/2015
HeardProphesyTransportations Are Coming01/01/2015
ConfirmationProphesyThe Buzz Word ROAR Returns For Another Circle01/01/2015
TestimonyInvitationChecking In, Checking Out12/18/2014
VisionUnderstandingThe Lord Is At Hand12/17/2014
ExperienceComfortLaughter A Hidden Weapon Of Strength12/16/2014
Trance VisionProphesyTransported Via Faith And Tongues12/15/2014
SignExhortationBreaking Through The Barrier12/11/2014
VisionProphesyPlug Into The Power: 201612/04/2014
ConfirmationEncouragementSafety And Strength In Numbers12/04/201401/20/2015
HeardEncouragementA Time To Trust In Making Decisions12/02/2014
VisionEncouragementMeat With Confirmations Coming12/11/2014
SongAdmonitionAnswers In Details Coming12/10/2014
PixEncouragementEstablishing More Confidence As You Are Willing12/05/2014
HeardEncouragementCovenant Are You Sure It Is Done?12/03/2014
VisionInvitationFind Play Time In A Driven World12/01/2014
ConfirmationEncouragementPlay Time With Headlines11/20/2014
VisionAdmonitionLiving In Balance Between Work And Play11/19/2014
VisionIntercessionHidden Heroes Standing In The Walls Of Faith11/11/2014
VisionInvitationEntertainment And The Best Choice11/10/2014
VisionProphesyThe End Of Tunneling Through A Mt11/08/2014
VisionProphesyEmptied Vessels Will Pop Up, Out And Over11/07/2014
VisionEncouragementRest With Lighter Walk And Lighter Weight11/05/2014
VisionComfortMy Presence Will Bring You Back To Life11/04/2014
DreamWarningYour Focus Draws The Demonic10/23/2014
VisionAdmonitionGerm Warfare In Tight Places10/18/2014
DreamInvitationMarching Orders Do Not Pass Me By10/15/2014
HeardEncouragementTo Make Known For A Purpose 10/13/2014
StoryEncouragementStrategy For 2015 Storms10/12/2014
VisionAdmonitionChange Your Focus10/08/2014
HeardAdmonitionThe Hand Of God And All Hands On Deck10/04/2014
TeachingIntercessionBroken Borders And Boundaries10/07/2014
VisionWarningThe Green Moon - Wealth And Greed10/04/2014
DreamIntercessionRelease Peace In Hearing The Prophetic Words10/04/201410/06/2014
ParableExhortationDo Something Different - Rest 10/03/2014
PrayerIntercessionPrayer To Roll Back The Years For America09/15/2014
ConfirmationProphesyExpect Profound Changes09/10/2014
VisionEncouragementAdvancing Past The Circles Of Yesteryears09/08/2014
SongAdmonitionDo Not Pass Me By09/07/2014
ConfirmationEncouragementReleasing The Burdens Of The Lord09/06/2014
PrayerIntercessionNations Humbled, Walk In A Humble Anointing09/06/2014
HeardIntercessionDaniels And Jabez Examples In Prayer08/11/2014
Opened TouchComfortHis Holy Hug: Delivered From A Hidden Wound08/13/201410/24/2014
ScriptureUnderstandingThe Causes Of Last Day Storms08/10/2014
ConfirmationInvitationYou Have Access To Heavenly Places08/06/2014
HeardComfortWhat Impacts You Impacts Me08/01/2014
PixSeasonLining Up My Witnesses08/01/2014
TeachingProphesyManifesting The Wind/ Breath Of God In The Hebrew Year 577508/10/201408/30/2014
ExperienceComfortSure Footed07/19/2014
VisionProphesyCharacter Before Coming Power07/16/2014
VisionEncouragementA Mortar Stronger Than Anything On Earth07/17/2014
VisionProphesySweeping Current Of My Presence07/14/2014
PixAdmonitionSlow Down Speed Bumps07/12/2014
ConfirmationIntercessionPray Into His Purpose And Plan07/10/2014
PrayerIntercessionCome Kingdom Of Heaven07/08/2014
VisionAdmonitionLift Jesus Up In Changing Times07/06/2014
PixProphesyDeborahs Authority07/05/2014
ImpressionSeasonStripped And Exposed07/03/2014
RhemaProphesyBringing Things To A Conclusion07/02/2014
RevelationUnderstandingSpiritual Inoculations05/13/2000
DreamWarfareBorders Aggressive Rescue07/03/2014
VisionEncouragementBlow Away the Chaff06/13/2014
HeardEncouragementRebuilding From the Inside Out06/12/2014
VisionComfortHidden in His Signet Ring06/08/2014
RhemaInvitationConsecration For Heavenly Places06/05/2014
VisionUnderstandingCorrection Produces Righteous Character06/03/2014
HeardInvitationBumping It Up a Notch06/02/2014
TeachingWisdomGiving and Receiving Comfort05/18/2014
HeardAdmonitionOvercome Condemnation05/18/2014
PixIntercessionBreak the Delay05/16/2014
TeachingWisdom3 Stages of Entering Into the Spirit While Awake05/12/2014
ConfirmationProphesyComing Full Circle: The Lion Of Judah Roars05/07/2014
PixProphesyExercising In Strong Meat05/12/2014
VisionAdmonitionPay Attention To Details When Learning How To Discern Strong Meat05/11/2014
VisionWisdomOne Cloud Two Perspectives05/10/2014
VisionUnderstandingDimensions Of Our Calling05/08/2014
VisionComfortGod Protects The Lowly Gleaners05/05/2014
VisionProphesyStraightway To Be Transported By His Wind05/05/2014
VisionProphesyMove Of God Will Clear The Path05/04/2014
VisionWarningConflicts: Wise And Careful Through The Corner05/04/2014
HeardProphesyCountdown From Heaven To Earth05/03/2014
HeardWisdomInvest In Land - The Value Of A Dollar05/02/2014
TeachingWisdomTime Management: Occupy Until I Come04/25/2014
VisionAdmonitionWatch Your Margins04/20/2014
HeardInvitationBeing Transported In The Spirit04/17/2014
RevelationUnderstandingThe Memorials Of The Remnant04/17/2014
TestimonyUnderstandingImparting His Presence: Rapid Delivery04/15/2014
DreamInvitationAuthority In Worshipping Praising Hands04/07/2014
DreamInvitationLearning How To Use Wings04/07/2014
ConfirmationHopeQuickened Buzz Word: Windows04/05/2014
VisionUnderstandingWhirlwinds: Good And Evil04/05/2014
HeardComfortListening To His Heart Beat04/01/2014
Reader QuestionUnderstandingWe Knew Him Before We Were Born04/04/2014
HeardInvitationRest Back In Your Saddle04/02/2014
HeardUnderstandingLearning To Paint By Numbers04/03/2014
DreamEncouragementMaking The Connections To Interpret03/12/2014
HeardInvitationCovered - Call Upon The Name Of The Lord03/10/2014
TeachingWisdomHow To Teach The Heavy Stuff03/05/2014
VisionWarningStop When He Says Stop03/04/2014
VisionExhortationHeavy Handed Is Not My Will For You03/04/2014
VisionEncouragementTrauma And Soul Surgery03/04/2014
TeachingUnderstandingAbout Unbelief And Hearing The Voice Of God03/03/2014
TeachingWisdomOpened Ears Who Is Speaking03/02/2014
HeardEncouragementTeam Support Beam02/25/2014
VisionExhortationWalking Slowly And Lowly For Generations02/24/2014
TeachingWarfareAbout The Second Heaven And Prophesy02/20/2014
VisionWisdomThe Age Of Accountability And Judgment02/20/2014
TeachingUnderstandingCommunicating In The Realm Of The Spirit02/19/2014
TeachingUnderstandingEyes That See From Misaligned Souls02/15/2014
TeachingUnderstandingRemoving Roots Of Bitterness And Strongholds02/15/2014
TestimonyProphesyBob Jones Graduates To Heaven: Seed For The Double Portion And Harvest02/14/2014
TeachingUnderstandingAbout Gods Signs02/11/2014
Anointed HandsInvitationThe Pregnant Pause02/10/2014
PixWarningStop Negative Thinking02/08/2014
ExperienceWarfareGet Past the Knee Jerks02/07/2014
VisionAdmonitionThankful Even In Discipline02/05/2014
HeardAdmonitionChanged Through The Double Edge02/01/2014
Trance VisionWarfareAuthority In The Promised Land01/23/2014
VisionComfortRemoving The Scars Of The Past01/18/2014
Trance VisionUnderstandingTo Experience His Word01/18/2014
VisionAdmonitionOut Of The Tunnel01/16/2014
PixInvitationUnder His Canopy01/15/2014
VisionHopeSeeking The Lost01/14/2014
SignEncouragementFollow The Bubbles01/10/2014
VisionIntercessionCovering Past Age of Accountability01/08/2014
SongHopeSent Ones01/06/2014
PixEncouragementWalls Coming Down01/03/2014
VisionInvitationThrough The Everlasting Doors01/02/2014
ParableInvitationKeep The Devil Out - Rebuild Your Walls01/01/2014
VisionEncouragementPicked Up And Moved To A Better Place01/01/2014
VisionProphesyA Silver, Redemptive Rain12/22/2013
SignUnderstandingTo Shoot An Arrow12/18/2013
ParableAdmonitionLessons: Return To Safe Boundaries12/17/2013
HeardHopeMasses Waiting To Be Healed12/15/2013
VisionEncouragementBelieving Is Seeing And Seeing Is Believing12/10/2013
HeardInvitationFaith And Prophetic School12/10/2013
TeachingUnderstanding{The Spirit Of Elijah Intercession12/09/2013
VisionProphesyConnecting Those With The Heart Of David12/09/2013
Trance VisionProphesyRapid Growth In The Fear Of The Lord12/03/2013
VisionInvitationLeaning Into The Powers Of The Age To Come11/26/2013
VisionExhortationReal Authority Is Submission11/25/2013
VisionEncouragementDoors Open For Joshua11/20/2013
PixAdmonitionRiddle: End Time Preparations11/18/2013
RhemaInvitationA Night Of Decrees11/17/2013
HeardInvitationPassion For The Lord11/15/2013
ParableInvitationTracking Down His Word11/13/2013
HeardHopeProdigals To Be Kissed11/12/2013
VisionAdmonitionHis Way Or No Way11/10/2013
PixAdmonitionHold To His Truth11/07/2013
SignInvitationDo You Want A Storm Or Peace?11/07/2013
VisionAdmonitionStand Against The Bully11/07/2013
PrayerIntercessionIntercessors And The Land11/03/2013
HeardEncouragementGifts Waiting To Be Discovered11/04/2013
RhemaProphesyA New Wave Of Deliverers11/03/2013
HeardEncouragementStraight As An Arrow11/02/2013
VisionInvitationHow Hungry Are You?11/01/2013
QuoteHumorStraight to the Top08/17/2005
DreamUnderstandingSearching For Food10/18/2008
VisionSeasonBack To The Basics11/01/2013
HeardUnderstandingLanded A Blessing10/28/2013
PixUnderstandingFrom Clay Flesh To Transparent Glory10/21/2013
VisionAdmonitionFaith: Wanting Tangible Evidence10/20/2013
PixSeasonThe Mystery Of Supply And Demand10/18/2013
VisionAdmonitionRevealing The Mess So You Will Pray10/07/2013
Dark SpeechAdmonitionGood And Evil: Change Your Expectations10/06/2013
PixAdmonitionThoughts Are Powerful10/05/2013
DreamProphesyYouth Zeal Over Seeds10/02/2013
RhemaProphesyBubble Protection10/01/2013
VisionAdmonitionSpeak And Dont Fall Back10/01/2013
VisionProphesyA New Horse Race Coming09/24/2013
VisionProphesyTough Boots For Tough Times09/17/2013
RhemaUnderstandingHow To Overcome Strongholds09/21/2013
VisionProphesyMelchizedek Priests Will Be Called To Do The Shepherds Rod09/17/2013
HeardProphesyRhema Cities Of Refuge09/14/2013
VisionAdmonitionHow To Grow Upward Into Maturity09/14/2013
VisionEncouragementSweating Pearls Of Great Price09/12/2013
VisionProphesyNew Angels For A New Door09/11/2013
HeardUnderstandingAbout Pulling Down Strongholds09/11/2013
VisionUnderstandingProclamations, The Weapons Of Decree09/11/2013
HeardUnderstandingKingdom Advancement 10109/08/2013
PixProphesyGraduation: The Door To Radiant Glory Is Opened09/07/2013
SignProphesy2014 & Beyond: Delay Is Over, The Porthole Is Opened09/05/2013
RhemaProphesy2014 & Beyond: The Humbled Have Graduated To The Open Door09/04/2013
SongProphesy2014 & Beyond: Open Wide You Gates09/02/2013
HeardProphesy2014 & Beyond: Clear Obedience = Clear Words09/01/2013
PixEncouragementDoor Opened To Express Loving Truth08/24/2013
VisionAdmonitionPure Fellowship08/23/2013
PixProphesy7 Spirits Of God08/21/2013
HeardUnderstandingDeveloping Sensitivity08/19/2013
Word PunComfortSpiritual Cantilevers08/19/2013
VisionAdmonitionThe Power Of God And Division08/11/2013
RhemaComfortFinding Your Purpose For Coming Days08/09/2013
VisionInvitationTo Increase Your Faith08/09/2013
VisionInvitationOpen Your Eyes To Line Up With Your Future08/04/2013
HeardHopeYou Are My Garden Of Lilies08/03/2013
Day DreamEncouragementThe Similitude Of The Lord08/03/2013
Trance VisionProphesyA Sharp Turn07/27/2013
TeachingUnderstandingNot By Might Or Power But By His Spirit07/27/2013
ExperienceProphesyTwo Visitations By A Real Dove07/27/2013
Reader QuestionUnderstandingIs It The Lords Will To Heal All?07/26/2013
ExperienceInvitationAnother Chance07/17/2013
TestimonyAdmonitionSpotlighting Our Neglected Temples07/16/2013
SignEncouragementLose The Weight07/11/2013
VisionEncouragementThe Polished Deer Lands On His Feet07/10/2013
VisionWarningCatch And Release07/09/2013
TeachingSeasonOn Vacation07/09/2013
VisionWisdomAnger Management06/17/2013
VisionComfortDeliver And Release My Burden06/16/2013
Dark SpeechInvitationTurn Over The Mustard Seed Faith06/14/2013
DreamExhortationThe Descending Turtle06/14/2013
Reader QuestionUnderstandingHow Do You Harvest Your Rhema?06/09/2013
VisionWarningRolling Over And Patching Things Up06/13/2013
RevelationWisdomObedience In Suffering Demonic Portholes06/08/2013
ParableInvitationFollowing The Dots To The End Of The Tunnel06/07/2013
ExperienceEncouragementThe Red Licorice06/07/2013
VisionWisdomTaming The Wild Ones06/07/2013
HeardExhortationThe Witness Stand06/05/2013
Word O GramAdmonitionTo Follow Through To Completion06/03/2013
ParableComfortThe Eraser06/02/2013
InterpretationUnderstandingLearning To Be Gracious06/01/2013
ParableComfortTrigger Point Traumas And Traffic Jams05/26/2013
Reader QuestionUnderstandingDoes God Create Evil?05/18/2013
SignWarfarePrayer Strategies Regarding Wickedness In Weather05/18/2013
VisionUnderstandingReach Higher - Learning To Fly05/16/2013
SignInvitationThe Power Of 2 Or More Walking In Unity05/15/2013
VisionWarningWitchcraft In Entertainment05/12/2013
VisionInvitationCatapulting Others05/11/2013
ScriptureComfortThe Honor Of Bringing Comfort To God05/09/2013
SignWarningDivine Sign: Just Judgment04/08/2008
ParableEncouragementWe Are Backing You With Tangible Evidence05/08/2013
ExperienceComfortThe Joy Of Yellow Ribbons05/08/2013
VisionExhortationYour Rod Of Authority To Cast Off Heaviness05/07/2013
Word O GramWisdomEnter In With Diligence05/04/2013
VisionHopeThe Earth Ablaze With His Glory05/04/2013
VisionProphesyA Righteous Hedge Brings Move Of God05/04/2013
TeachingUnderstandingPorn, Depression and Deliverance05/02/2013
AnnouncementInvitationSecond Chance Callings05/02/2013
TeachingUnderstandingA Study On Types of Intercessors And Their Authority05/02/2013
ExperienceAdmonitionDoors To A Gambling Spirit04/25/2013
TeachingUnderstanding5 Components To Entering His Door Of Hiddenness04/21/2013
PixEncouragementLetting Go Of Micromanaging Cares04/20/2013
ParableEncouragementWe Are Behind You04/18/2013
TeachingWisdomThe Balloon Trauma04/17/2013
VisionEncouragementThe Mosaic Of Your Broken Past04/15/2013
HeardProphesyDouble Portion Rewards04/12/2013
VisionSeasonThe Eyes Of The Lord04/10/2013
HeardInvitationLaying Down The World For Pristine Faith04/09/2013
RhemaUnderstandingFaith And Doubt04/06/2013
WisdomUnderstandingWisdom About Leaps of Faith And Clear Words04/07/2013
VisionIntercessionRemoving the Bitterness From Betrayal04/05/2013
PixEncouragementCourage, Be Brave04/05/2013
RhemaProphesyDrawing The Thirsty04/05/2013
VisionExhortationSetting My Words Into Place04/04/2013
PixProphesyA Grain Of Faith For Plan B04/04/2013
Word PunWisdomCounting The Cost04/04/2013
VisionInvitationLearn to Follow The Wind04/04/2013
ConfirmationEncouragementJabez Its Your Time03/24/2013
VisionEncouragementLeave The Thorns And Go To The Holy Highway03/24/2013
VisionWarningDont Fall Into Spiritual Slumber: The Travail Of Waiting03/19/2013
PixAdmonitionStay In The Middle Of The River03/16/2013
VisionWarningThe Warning of the Old Stump03/15/2013
VisionUnderstandingHearing Thoughts And Intents Of People03/14/2013
RhemaProphesyTime To Draw The Third Company03/14/2013
RhemaProphesy2013: He Will Lift Us Up03/09/2013
ConfirmationInvitationResponding To The Call Of God03/08/2013
ParableWisdomIn The Map Vs in the Move03/07/2013
HeardInvitationLearning To Walk In The Spirit03/07/2013
VisionWarningSharp Tongues Outside The Camp03/05/2013
PixEncouragementGraduates Have Solid Foundations03/04/2013
PixHopeHope: Beauty For Ashes Is Budding03/02/2013
VisionInvitationRepurpose This03/01/2013
VisionAdmonitionMindsets - A Season To Break Strongholds03/01/2013
PixHopeHealing To Gather The Harvest03/01/2013
VisionHopeNew Flow From His Throne Room River03/01/2013
Word O GramComfortBlind Trust02/25/2013
VisionProphesyComing To The End Of The Tunnel02/21/2013
RhemaProphesyChildren And Their Words Are Being Strung Together02/20/2013
HeardWisdomPace Yourself To Overcome Hesitancy02/18/2013
VisionWisdomYour Choice To Share02/16/2013
VisionExhortationRemove the Ingrown Hair02/13/2013
RhemaHopeSpring And Garden Of Hope02/12/2013
VisionComfortSetting My Word in Your Life02/11/2013
VisionWisdomFocus And Prophesy With Simplicity02/09/2013
ParableProphesyRiding The Breaker Wave02/08/2013
PixComfortLet Me Be Your Reflection, Not Another02/06/2013
ParableSeasonFlapping Wings to a New Place02/03/2013
HeardUnderstandingShare Your Testimony With Scripture02/03/2013
VisionAdmonitionHauling Away Prides Chaff02/03/2013
VisionAdmonitionThe Formula Out Of The Valley Of Trouble02/02/2013
VisionProphesyI Have Pity On Them For Your Sakes02/01/2013
PixInvitationBirthing - Into The Heart Of The Matter01/27/2013
SongEncouragementHaving Gone Through The Fire01/27/2013
PixInvitationRevival For Those Who Return To The Apple Of My Eye01/26/2013
Trance VisionProphesyAllured In The Wilderness01/25/2013
SongProphesyCome Once Again01/25/2013
RhemaProphesyNew Spheres Of Authority Coming For Massive Deliverance01/24/2013
VisionComfortSqueaky Clean01/22/2013
PixComfortSafely Tucked Under Your Wing01/22/2013
PixInvitationA Treasure Hunt For Wisdom01/21/2013
HeardHopeThe Valley Of Death Or The Gateway Of Hope?01/19/2013
VisionExhortationWhen You Look Into My Face It Changes You01/17/2013
TeachingUnderstandingAbout Judgment01/11/2013
PixComfortAbout Making Mistakes01/09/2013
HeardWarningKeep Moving, Dont Get Off Track01/09/2013
ConfirmationProphesyLean And Cling In 201301/06/2013
HeardAdmonitionFocus On Jesus Love And Protection01/01/2013
HeardAdmonitionUSA On Standby01/01/2013
VisionComfortThe Gracious Shining Face Of Jesus12/25/2012
HeardComfortFriendship Is To Lay Down Your Life12/17/2012
HeardProphesyThe Fathers Heart For Israel & USA12/16/2012
VisionEncouragementHelp Arrives12/15/2012
HeardComfortDeep Reflections12/12/2012
TestimonyAdmonitionAbout Hurricane Sandy And School Shooting12/14/2012
TeachingUnderstandingHow To Build His Kingdom Through Declaring His Word12/07/2012
TeachingWisdomTo Find The Clear Word12/06/2012
RhemaInvitationWhat Treasure Is Holding You Back?12/04/2012
VisionProphesyRazor Sharp: New Cutting Teeth11/28/2012
VisionWarningBackpacks And Tribulation11/22/2012
DreamWarningThe Fear Of The Lord Is The Way Out Of Flood Waters11/22/2012
DreamWisdomWorking Together To Serve Others11/20/2012
VisionHopeThey Will Find His Words At The Right Time11/17/2012
VisionHopeGrowing New Prophet Skin For A New Generations Plight11/15/2012
VisionWarningTo Separate A Nation11/14/2012
PixComfortThe Eyes Of The Lord On The Eve Of The 2012 Election11/06/2012
PixAdmonitionIf You Must Labor, Labor With Me11/04/2012
ConfirmationWarningHeed His Warnings To Move in the Right Direction11/02/2012
PixAdmonitionA Fly in the Ointment Dont Leave Your Post11/01/2012
HeardWarningGet Out Of Debt: Door Closing to Borrowing Money10/21/2012
WisdomUnderstandingCooking Without Electricity11/03/2012
WisdomUnderstandingGrains and Beans Cooking Without Electricity11/03/2012
HeardHopeA New Candlestick For Those Sitting In Darkness10/25/2012
VisionHopeThe Glory Train Is Coming To Pick You Up10/21/2012
VisionProphesyBuilding Safe Boundaries For The Next Generation10/19/2012
PixUnderstandingThe Wishing Well10/12/2012
PixInvitationCalling Willing And Available Workers10/11/2012
HeardWisdomThink Good Thoughts10/10/2012
VisionWarningHeed The Signs To Prepare10/08/2012
VisionEncouragementConfidence to Minister Boldly07/04/2012
ExperienceAdmonitionTaking The Kingdom By Force10/07/2012
PixInvitationHappy Meals: Fill The Bags10/05/2012
VisionHopeJoy Unspeakable And the Half Has Not Yet Been Told!10/09/2012
VisionEncouragementLearn To Choose The Good09/29/2012
PixExhortationGo To Work! Plan The Work And Work The Plan09/28/2012
HeardExhortationIts Time To Finish What You Began09/25/2012
PixProphesyTeams Separated And Transported09/20/2012
Day of AtonementProphesyThe Year 2013 And Beyond: A Bridge Over Troubled Waters09/26/2012
VisionHopeThe God Who Multiplies09/25/2012
VisionWarningOpportunity: Warning Don't Miss Out09/19/2012
PixProphesyConnecting To An Oil Well09/13/2012
VisionProphesyCadence: Keep Moving Forward09/11/2012
VisionProphesyPerception, Do You Hear The Wind?09/12/2012
HeardProphesyNew Way Of Life Coming09/06/2012
PixExhortationThe Battle Field In The Mind09/07/2012
ScriptureProphesyGood Seed Is Poppin09/12/2012
VisionEncouragementThe Day of Multiplication is Here!09/03/2012
PixComfortTo Comfort The Lord By Listening08/19/2012
RhemaAdmonitionIn Dire Straights? Remain Gentle08/17/2012
TeachingUnderstandingIdentifying The Veil Of Condemnation08/14/2012
VisionProphesyDidn't Fall Far From The Tree08/12/2012
VisionAdmonitionBreak Bread With Simplicity08/11/2012
PixComfortReaching For Appointed Blessings08/09/2012
HeardExhortationGo To Work08/08/2012
Opened EarsProphesyOlder Ones, Backup The Children In Days Of Acceleration08/05/2012
HeardExhortationTake The Glory Back08/03/2012
Word O GramAdmonitionEndurance08/02/2012
TeachingUnderstandingBuilding Bridges Through Prophesy07/24/2012
ParableProphesyBushel Baskets With Fresh Approach07/23/2012
RhemaComfortHealing Hearts And Bodies07/22/2012
VisionEncouragementRefreshment In Drought07/13/2012
VisionProphesyPeace Rules Over The Predator Spirit07/11/2012
VisionProphesyDisabling The Counterfeit Within God's People07/10/2012
Eye GlanceComfortStrength: Trial Will Soon Pass07/09/2012
VisionWarningMaking Decisions In Full Faith07/07/2012
SignProphesyStrengthening Our Trust To Cross Over06/24/2012
TestimonyAdmonitionSabbath Rest: Coming Into A Resting Authority06/23/2012
PixWisdomCorralled For A Season, Corralled For A Reason06/14/2012
RevelationUnderstandingNot Knowing The Virgins Without Light06/06/2012
VisionProphesyFishing For Treasures From The Storm06/06/2012
Quickened MovieUnderstandingUnderstanding The Demarcation Between The Lukewarm And The Remnant06/05/2012
ScriptureUnderstandingThe Downward Journey Of The Spirit Of Stupor06/01/2012
VisionProphesyWow Jubilee Hope05/31/2012
RevelationUnderstandingWhy Wont They Eat Meat?05/29/2012
VisionWisdomWisdom In Choosing Types Of Bonding05/26/2012
PixUnderstandingUnderstanding More About The Discipline Of God05/23/2012
VisionWarningWeighing The Value of His Word05/17/2012
RhemaComfortGraduated From Criticism Through Death To Self05/13/2012
HeardComfortOur Spiritual DNA, One With The Lord05/13/2012
DreamProphesyGod Is Moving His Gracious Ones05/11/2012
Trance VisionProphesySupernatural Rain On The Horizon05/08/2012
Quickened MovieUnderstandingObedience: Duty Vs Love05/07/2012
VisionAdmonitionGracious Corrections05/06/2012
WisdomWisdomRestoring Fallen Leaders05/02/2012
WisdomAdmonitionFacing A Mountain? Be Obedient05/02/2012
Word PunEncouragementMay I?05/01/2012
PixEncouragementWealthy Faith04/27/2012
PixProphesyElijah's Cloud04/27/2012
HeardProphesyConquering Power Coming04/25/2012
SongExhortationGlad For The Lord!04/18/2012
SignProphesyLeaping Into Joy04/16/2012
PixComfortCase Closed04/10/2012
ParableExhortationWashing Dishes By Hand04/04/2012
VisionProphesyA New Mantle And Authority Of Rest04/04/2012
Opened EarsProphesyThe Cloud Of Witnesses04/03/2012
ParableComfortHis Faithful Mercies And Compassions Over Our Messes04/02/2012
PixWisdomPilgrims Into Unchartered Territory03/31/2012
ParableUnderstandingClear, Smooth Waters??03/25/2012
VisionEncouragementEstablishing & Strengthening His Pillars - The Overcomers03/25/2012
TeachingUnderstandingOur Conscience: An Advance Warning System03/25/2012
Quote Bob JonesProphesyGoodness And Severity Of God03/23/2012
PixExhortationSpies: Survey The Land03/17/2012
VisionProphesyPray Concerning War03/15/2012
HeardAdmonitionHead Over The Giants In The Land03/14/2012
GraphicUnderstandingWord Picture Of Discernment03/14/2012
HeardComfortProtected In Glass House03/12/2012
VisionExhortationGetting Past Our Mindsets Into Creative Thinking03/09/2012
VisionUnderstandingBeing A Door Keeper03/06/2012
TestimonyWarfareTo Rule Through Peace03/05/2012
PixUnderstandingRevealing What Is Folded Away03/04/2012
VisionEncouragementHarvest Of Your Seeds In The 3rd Day03/01/2012
RhemaExhortationUnderstanding And Life Through United Fellowship03/01/2012
ConfirmationProphesyTreasures Revealed After The Storm03/01/2012
TeachingWisdomWhat Do To When You Do Not Receive Confirmation When You Prophesy02/26/2012
RhemaEncouragementDeluge Coming Grandstands Wont Hold Them02/18/2012
ExperienceAdmonitionAdmonishment To Stay Within Scripture02/13/2012
DreamWarningA Door Of Escape From Demonic Floods02/13/2012
DreamWarningThe Sink Hole, Turbulent Waters And Divine Restraint02/05/2012
RhemaProphesyIt's A New Day With A New Skin02/04/2012
TeachingUnderstandingExample Of Corporate Words: Move On And Occupy02/03/2012
RhemaWarningBuild First Through Prayer02/01/2012
ExperienceProphesyThe Veil Is Very Thin, Breakthrough It01/27/2012
HeardAdmonitionKeeping Your Garments White01/25/2012
PixEncouragementEasy Jumps Of Faith01/23/2012
HeardProphesyThe Kingdom On Public Display01/19/2012
PixComfortBe Content, Move With Rest01/15/2012
ExperienceComfortFor Those Tears I Died01/15/2012
ParableEncouragementAdvancing Little By Little01/14/2012
ScriptureHopeFellowship Improves When You Obey01/13/2012
ParableUnderstandingThe Costa Concordia Sinks01/13/2012
Eye GlanceSeasonTriple Grace, Grace, Grace01/12/2012
TestimonyProphesyProvision For The Poor01/11/2012
HeardProphesyAbortion Vs Millennium Babies01/07/2012
RhemaProphesyWhere Is Your Treasure?01/05/2012
RhemaAdmonitionReturn To Prophesying01/04/2012
RhemaEncouragementGoodbye To Cleansing The Soul Years01/03/2012
VisionUnderstandingTo Partner In Tongues For Deliverance01/02/2012
HeardAdmonitionCast Off Hesitation And Advance01/01/2012
TestimonyProphesyRecommitted And Waiting For Breakthrough01/01/2012
PrayerIntercessionContend For The Government And Balance Of Power12/27/2011
HeardComfortStudying End Time Puzzle Pieces12/24/2011
ConfirmationEncouragementWatch And Pray12/22/2011
TeachingWisdomWhen You Say "I Dont Care"12/19/2011
Word O GramProphesyThe Buzz Word Of The Week: Pure Heart12/15/2011
ConfirmationSeasonSoft Hearts Are Here12/12/2011
HeardAdmonitionStrengthen And Keep Your Flocks12/07/2011
ConfirmationProphesyGod Will Deliver From The Barking Dogs12/06/2011
HeardWisdomTrue Fellowship12/05/2011
ExperienceComfortHis Holy Vibrations12/05/2011
VisionUnderstandingOvercoming The Soul Giant Of Fear Of Deception12/04/2011
WisdomWisdomMixed With Faith And Without Wavering12/03/2011
InterpretationUnderstandingThe Possum's Ability To Play Dead12/02/2011
ConfirmationEncouragementScrapbooking With The Lord11/25/2011
VisionWisdomThe Holidays: Inner Healing And Doors In Our Past11/23/2011
PixWarningJoshua Takes A Bath11/20/2011
VisionAdmonitionGet The Monkeys Off Your Back11/17/2011
VisionComfortFive Inch Diamond11/16/2011
HeardSeasonDuty Or Passion: Master & Husband, Martha & Mary11/15/2011
ScriptureUnderstandingBlessed Are The Poor In Spirit11/15/2011
VisionProphesyHis Cloud By Day Ready To Descend11/15/2011
DreamProphesyShame And Thought Life11/15/2011
ParableSeasonHumility: Parable Dressed In Brown11/15/2011
VisionComfortI Cover You To Prophesy And Pray11/11/2011
Word To PonderWisdomPunchlines: Less Is More11/10/2011
VisionProphesyJesus Will Return And Sup With Peter11/06/2011
HeardWarningTV Disobedience Is Not Worth The Gamble11/05/2011
VisionComfortImmanuel God Is With Us11/03/2011
VisionIntercessionHeaven Asks A Question: The Power Of Your Vote11/01/2011
VisionInvitationCalling For Recommitments10/10/2011
DreamProphesyBanking Industry Wake Up Call10/09/2011
VisionComfortA Second Chance10/09/2011
Day of AtonementProphesyOur God Is An Awesome God10/08/2011
Day of AtonementProphesyJoshua Clean And Dressed Before The Lord10/08/2011
Day of AtonementProphesyThe Year 2012 and Beyond10/08/2011
VisionComfortRedeemed With Brokenness10/08/2011
HeardUnderstandingMy Words Come In Succession10/01/2011
PixUnderstandingHis Sons: The Apple Of His Eye Made Manifest09/30/2011
RhemaProphesyRosh Shanna Moving To A Better Place, Part 209/29/2011
HeardHopeAn Army Rising Up09/27/2011
RhemaEncouragementDonkeys Carrying The Burden Of The Lord09/26/2011
DreamProphesyFire Fighters Moving To A Safer Place09/25/2011
RhemaProphesyNow Turn Around09/24/2011
HeardComfortWorth the Effort09/21/2011
ScriptureUnderstandingPsalms 112 For 201209/21/2011
PixEncouragementHighlighting His Foot Company09/20/2011
HeardEncouragementEverything You Do Makes A Difference09/15/2011
HeardProphesyEstablishing Our Faith09/13/2011
HeardUnderstandingWhat it Means to Rest09/12/2011
VisionProphesyNew and Increased Gifts of Sight Coming09/12/2011
HeardHopeWaiting To Be Adorned With Power09/10/2011
HeardEncouragementGrown To Maturity In Gifts09/03/2011
QuoteProphesySadhu Sundar Selvaraj: A New Era09/03/2011
VisionProphesyChanging Of The Guard New Angels For New Season08/23/2011
HeardComfortSimply Enter To Receive Daily Bread08/22/2011
HeardWisdomThe Limitations Of God08/21/2011
VisionAdmonitionGet Back On Your Horse08/17/2011
PixHopeNew Assignments Coming08/11/2011
ParableExhortationMove The Garbage Can08/03/2011
PixProphesyGift Of Faith Is Coming08/03/2011
PixWisdomNo More Room, The Past Is Passed08/02/2011
VisionProphesyThe Day Star Rises08/01/2011
VisionExhortationSeparate The Vile To Cross Over Into The Harvest07/31/2011
VisionComfortNavy Seals, The Lord Will Repay07/31/2011
Quickened QuoteInvitationA Greater Commitment For Next Season07/29/2011
RevelationUnderstandingMore About The Burden Of The Lord07/25/2011
RhemaUnderstandingA Walled Garden07/19/2011
PixProphesyPivotal Year, Catastrophic Events07/15/2011
HeardExhortationDo You Want a 100 Fold Harvest?07/07/2011
HeardProphesy7 Years of Restoration07/05/2011
VisionExhortationEasy Does It, Simple And Balanced07/01/2011
ConfirmationAdmonitionRemember Lot's Wife06/27/2011
Reader QuestionUnderstandingVows and Wishes06/26/2011
RevelationProphesyLiteral Light And Literal Darkness06/25/2011
RevelationProphesyWhen Shall These Things Be? In That Generation!06/24/2011
Word to PonderComfortTo Live as a Living Sacrifice06/23/2011
HeardAdmonitionNegativity Fast06/22/2011
HeardHopeEquipped, The Greatest Repertoire Ever06/20/2011
TeachingUnderstandingAbout Quickened Buzz Words06/19/2011
HeardExhortationAn Atmosphere Of Honor06/17/2011
Quickened QuoteUnderstandingTo "En-Courage"06/15/2011
PixProphesyFinding The Root Cause Of Disease06/12/2011
HeardEncouragementStay On My Path For Adventure And Not The Pits06/10/2011
ConfirmationProphesyTransported Around The World To Multiply Food06/09/2011
ScriptureAdmonitionA Hardened Heart Causes Unbelief, Misunderstanding And Worse06/09/2011
ScriptureUnderstandingRevelation About Unbelief And Fasting06/09/2011
HeardComfortPeer Pressure06/08/2011
ScriptureUnderstandingHealing Is Sometimes A Journey Of Faith06/06/2011
RhemaProphesyThe Stakes Are Higher06/04/2011
RhemaExhortationChange From Negative To Positive06/03/2011
RevelationWisdomFinishing Perfection: What Is Maturity?05/30/2011
ScriptureWarningDivorce, Pornography & Prostitution05/28/2011
DreamHopeWaiting For PayDay, Overcoming the Stumbling Blocks05/25/2011
Word PunEncouragementRest Stop05/24/2011
Word O GramHopeTo Recover And Wax Strong05/20/2011
ParableUnderstandingWhen You Notice Demonic Signs05/18/2011
VisionWisdomTraining on The Bridge of Life05/16/2011
TeachingUnderstandingHow Our Spirit Man Grows05/15/2011
HeardExhortationTo Be His Friend05/11/2011
RhemaEncouragementCalling Scribes to Be His Secretaries05/11/2011
ParableUnderstandingFrom The Mouth Of Babes You Have Spoken Proverbs05/08/2011
HeardExhortationTo Fix Our Minds, Stayed On Jesus Christ05/08/2011
ParableComfortPimples And Spots: To Be Lovingly Washed And Covered05/08/2011
ExperienceSeasonTaken Up: To Fly In The Spirit05/06/2011
InsightUnderstandingEnd Time Revelation Now Within Reach05/04/2011
VisionAdmonitionVideos: Do Not Sear Your Conscience05/01/2011
TeachingUnderstandingReaping And Sowing: Levels Of Judgments And Rewards05/01/2011
TeachingUnderstandingIn Dire Straights: Growing Into A Higher Level Of Accountability05/01/2011
ScriptureAdmonitionAre We Walking In The Spirit Of God Or In Our Flesh?04/28/2011
RhemaAdmonitionA Cost To Moving Up A Notch: 30, 60, 100 Fold04/27/2011
VisionProphesyCreative Miracles04/26/2011
VisionSeasonYour Eyes Shall See Your Teachers And You Shall Hear A Word Behind You04/25/2011
PixHopePilot Angels Sent To Find Children04/24/2011
PixIntercessionUSA Out of Bounds04/23/2011
VisionProphesyTo Be Crucified With Christ04/22/2011
VisionSeasonJacob's Ladder The Porthole To Heaven04/22/2011
VisionProphesyGreat Days Of Awe Are Coming04/21/2011
HeardHopeCircling Around To Rescue You From Trauma04/19/2011
ParableEncouragementBoring Through To The Other Side04/14/2011
HeardWisdomWisdom, Walk In Balance04/13/2011
ScriptureUnderstandingTribulation And Persecution Arises Because Of The Word04/12/2011
HeardHopePassed Your Tests04/12/2011
RevelationWisdomProtocol In Intimacy And Asking Questions04/12/2011
QuoteWisdomWisdom When Facing Accusation04/11/2011
PixExhortationTransform Your Thinking, Look Up04/07/2011
TeachingUnderstandingSaul Vs The Gifts And Calling Are Without Repentance04/07/2011
PixHopeDeliverance Angels Keeping The Lights On04/07/2011
HeardUnderstandingDeepen Your Roots04/07/2011
ScriptureUnderstandingBlessed Is He Who Is Not Offended Because Of Me04/04/2011
HeardUnderstandingNo Middle Man04/03/2011
HeardEncouragementThe Burden of the Lord04/02/2011
VisionExhortationUnderstanding The Power Of Our Political Vote04/01/2011
RevelationEncouragementPortholes and the Days of Acceleration03/31/2011
HeardEncouragementSignposts Help Us Stay On Track03/29/2011
Trance VisionExhortationPutting a Stop to Middle of the Road Compromise03/28/2011
TeachingUnderstandingThe Kingdom of God is at Hand03/27/2011
ScriptureIntercessionFamine and Hardened Hearts of Unbelief03/27/2011
TeachingWisdomHow to Prepare for Times of Crisis03/26/2011
VisionProphesyGeorge Washington's Vision03/26/2011
PixExhortationHow to Mount Up03/24/2011
VisionAdmonitionEndless Circles03/23/2011
VisionIntercessionLifting up His Standard for a Clear Word03/22/2011
PixProphesyA Fresh Approach to New Beginnings03/19/2011
PixProphesyThe Beginning of Sorrows03/15/2011
RhemaProphesyEconomic Shock Waves03/15/2011
Opened SmellProphesyWashing the Sons of Levi03/13/2011
PixExhortationHis True Friends03/13/2011
ExperienceWarningHe Commands the Wind And We Must Too03/12/2011
HeardSeasonWhen A Son Turns03/06/2011
PixHopeThe Lord is Thinking About His Newborns03/06/2011
RevelationHopeMending the Fish Nets03/05/2011
HeardSeasonTo See With New Eyes03/04/2011
PixExhortationWalking Feet That Need New Balance03/03/2011
HeardProphesyMoney Markets03/03/2011
Open VisionComfortHow You Behave is Extremely Important03/03/2011
ParableProphesyRole Models Among the Children03/02/2011
HeardSeasonMighty in God03/02/2011
RhemaExhortationDont Settle for Less03/01/2011
RevelationProphesyBreakthrough, Labor Pains and the Bridge Over Troubled Waters03/01/2011
PixProphesyJacob's Losses Will Be Replaced With New Replacements02/28/2011
RhemaProphesyA Baby is Coming02/27/2011
HeardSeasonA New Voice: Clearing Out the Raspy Pipes02/24/2011
HeardUnderstandingSecretariat, The Last Shall Become First02/20/2011
HeardComfortWhy I See You As Flawless02/18/2011
PixInvitationThe Prodigals: Your Vote Does Matter02/18/2011
DreamSeasonWhen The Door Closes: Move02/11/2011
PixAdmonitionDefiled By Bitter Words02/11/2011
PixSeasonParents and Prodigals Switch Gears02/09/2011
PixSeasonThe End of the Soap Operas02/08/2011
HeardExhortationPress in and Overcome Distraction02/08/2011
VisionProphesyWords on the Go02/03/2011
PixSeasonConsolidate and Reorganize02/03/2011
HeardWisdomToddler Attentions vs Long Winded02/02/2011
PixAdmonitionKeep Your Perspective Right01/31/2011
Trance VisionExhortationPressing Through Until the Burden Lifts01/29/2011
PixComfortSins, Cant Find Them01/28/2011
HeardComfortSacrifices, I Count Each One01/27/2011
HeardWisdomHow to Say No Graciously01/25/2011
VisionAdmonitionHaving Shed Parental Control01/25/2011
HeardProphesyNew Righteous Government Leaders01/21/2011
ParableInvitationThat You Would Know Me01/20/2011
ExperienceUnderstandingThe Sign of the Black Ravens01/19/2011
HeardProphesyTo Be Equally Yoked With Me And One Another01/17/2011
VisionWarningThe Sword of the Lord and Abuse01/16/2011
Word PunUnderstandingSinging in the Wilderness01/11/2011
VisionSeasonThe Lion: Kingly Access To Authority01/10/2011
RhemaUnderstandingOnly Prayer Topples Kingdoms01/09/2011
ConfirmationSeasonAction After A Season Of Delay01/04/2011
PixSeasonYouth & Parents Mount Up To A New Level Of Faith01/01/2011
RevelationHopeTurning The Scars Of Your Past Into Something Good01/01/2011
PixWisdomThe Harvest Of My Seed Is In My Care01/01/2011
HeardInvitationA Ruling Scepter01/01/2011
ConfirmationProphesyThe Tide Has Turned, Divine Justice Is Here12/31/2010
VisionProphesyI Am Lifting You Up And Moving Your Mountains12/30/2010
VisionWisdomSticking Your Toe In The Water12/29/2010
PixEncouragementOvercome Hesitancy To Taste A New Flavor12/27/2010
ExperienceEncouragementWilson Castro And Gold Dust Unity Is Golden12/23/2010
VisionProphesyFeather Light Feet, Go Lightly12/23/2010
Word O GramWisdomChange12/22/2010
RhemaAdmonitionThe Arm Of The Lord Is Love Maturity And Stripping The Layers Of The Flesh12/18/2010
PixProphesyRedeemed & Repaired - Twice What You Had Before12/18/2010
HeardHopeI Will Meet You At Your Level Of Expectation12/18/2010
HeardComfortNothing Between Us12/13/2010
ParableHopeHand Crafted Ornaments, The Lord Remembers & Restores Losses From The Past12/13/2010
Quote Smith WigglesworthUnderstandingBeing A Peacemaker12/13/2010
HeardHopeSoul Surgery Burden Is Lifted12/10/2010
HeardUnderstandingHis Favorite Color12/10/2010
RevelationUnderstandingZerubbabel, The Foundation Power Of Decree To Rebuild12/06/2010
HeardExhortationSet Your Mind To Pray In Tongues More Often12/05/2010
Quickened AdvertisementProphesyParable The Christmas Card Commercial12/04/2010
RhemaProphesyMelted To Be So Changed12/04/2010
Word To PonderUnderstandingLone Ranger12/04/2010
PixWisdomExercise Your Gifts12/04/2010
ParableHopeDecorating Gingerbread Men12/04/2010
RhemaWisdomBloom Where You Are Planted By Watering Your Own Garden12/04/2010
ExperienceExhortationAngel In Disguise The Grocery Clerk12/04/2010
InsightWarningThe Blessing Of The Christmas Tree12/03/2010
ImpressionComfortPonderings Our Faith Meter12/03/2010
ExperienceEncouragementStrengthen Ourselves In The Lord12/01/2010
ConfirmationProphesyHe Is Turning Us Over Like A Pancake11/30/2010
SignWisdomA Closed Mouth Keeps Foot Out11/27/2010
PixInvitationWould You Go For Me11/26/2010
ParableAdmonitionThe Clock Is Ticking11/21/2010
Quickened AdvertisementProphesyNissan Leaf Polar Bear11/18/2010
ParableUnderstandingTo Walk In Peace11/17/2010
RhemaHopeTaking A Stand11/17/2010
DreamProphesyUpcoming War11/15/2010
Quote Sarah PalinExhortationDon't Retreat11/12/2010
RhemaWisdomWrestling With God11/11/2010
PixProphesyJoshua Plucked Out Of The Fire11/11/2010
HeardEncouragementIn The Presence Of His Enemies11/11/2010
ExperienceComfortCommand: Peace Be Still!11/11/2010
Quote Bobby ConnerSeasonSeason Of Answered Prayer11/09/2010
Word To PonderUnderstandingOvercome Desiring Man's Approval11/05/2010
TeachingUnderstandingSome Will Escape the Tribulation11/04/2010
VisionWarningThe Elections11/03/2010
Quote Bob JonesProphesyBob Jones Finishes The Decades10/21/2010
HeardComfortI Am In Love With You10/20/2010
PixProphesyPower Starts With Love10/19/2010
ScriptureInvitationWhat Are You Tending To10/18/2010
Quickened DocumentaryUnderstandingTo Give Honor To Whom It Is Due10/18/2010
RhemaProphesyTransported To Be Taken10/13/2010
Opened EarsInvitationKnocking On Your Door, Will You Sup With Me10/12/2010
HeardComfortYour Value In Me10/11/2010
DreamAdmonitionObedience Overcome The Flesh And Soul Giants10/11/2010
RhemaExhortationLeaders Remain Faithful To Godly Lifestyles10/11/2010
HeardExhortationEarnestness In Prayer10/11/2010
Quickened DocumentaryUnderstandingTo Stand United As A Standard Against The Enemy10/10/2010
ConfirmationUnderstandingWarfare Put Out The Giants10/08/2010
ParableComfortPillow Talk Intimacy With The Holy Spirit10/08/2010
ScriptureUnderstandingMystery Scripture Tabernacle Hospitality10/08/2010
ExperienceComfortPeace Be Still10/06/2010
PixProphesyHealing For The Foot Company10/05/2010
VisionProphesyI Saw Jesus Face Again, Radiating With Joy10/04/2010
RhemaInvitationThe Center Of God's Will10/03/2010
HeardUnderstandingGetting The Walls Up10/02/2010
PixHopeTo Be Settled And Set Into Place10/01/2010
VisionEncouragementLove Them And Bring Them In10/01/2010
PixProphesyGiving Birth To Your Dreams10/01/2010
HeardWarningGod Bless America09/28/2010
VisionHopeFlying Lessons09/27/2010
Quote Bob JonesProphesyBob Jones Day Of Atonement Message For 201109/27/2010
VisionProphesySeeking Intimacy09/25/2010
TestimonyProphesyInternet, Voice Of The Future09/25/2010
Answer To PrayerUnderstandingSpeaking Where You Listen09/24/2010
Word O GramWisdomThe Abc's Of What Is To Come09/22/2010
Day of AtonementHopeYou Shall Dance Again09/18/2010
Day of AtonementProphesyVolunteer Sent Ones For The Year 2011 And Beyond09/18/2010
Day of AtonementHopeTo Experience Divine Fellowship09/18/2010
Day of AtonementProphesyThe Year 2011 And The Works Of God09/18/2010
Day of AtonementHopeComing Out Of The Fire09/18/2010
Day of AtonementProphesy2011 And Beyond The Healing Rains09/18/2010
Answer To PrayerInvitationVirgins I Will Draw You At Midnight09/17/2010
PixWisdomWashing Your Eye Gates09/14/2010
Word To PonderUnderstandingTo A Place You Have Never Been Before09/12/2010
HeardProphesyMoving To Tabernacles Completed One-Ness09/12/2010
PixProphesyChildren To Be Sent As His Witnesses09/11/2010
RhemaAdmonitionIt's Not Imagination, It Is The Truth Of My Word09/09/2010
RevelationProphesy2011 Healing And Birthing Children Of The Harvest09/09/2010
DreamProphesyYear 5771 The Year Of Power And 7 Spirits Of God09/07/2010
DreamProphesyTransporting A Transparent & Humble Company09/06/2010
ExperienceHopeIt's Beginning To Rain09/05/2010
TestimonyWisdomThe Power Of Love09/04/2010
VisionExhortationCome Back, See The Word Of The Lord09/04/2010
Word O GramWisdomBoldness Hits A Home Run09/03/2010
PrayerComfortBack On Your Feet Again09/02/2010
HeardHopeHis Plan Of Power About To Unfold09/01/2010
HeardUnderstanding4 Angels On The 4 Corners08/30/2010
RhemaEncouragementCloud Of Witnesses08/26/2010
Anointed MouthHopeWhere Is The God Of Elijah No Wine Before Its Time08/25/2010
TestimonyEncouragementTo Call Upon The Name Of The Lord08/25/2010
RhemaInvitationThrough The Veils To Find Love08/25/2010
HeardComfortTo Be Released From Extra Burdens08/23/2010
PixProphesyHeaven Meets Earth His Kingdom Come08/20/2010
HeardWarningIt Is Time To Return To The Fortress08/19/2010
Word To PonderUnderstandingFellowship Not Activities08/19/2010
Quote Bob JonesProphesyBob Jones 2011 The Year Of The Lion08/19/2010
Quote Smith WigglesworthEncouragementSmith Wigglesworth To Testify Lifts Our Heavy Flesh08/18/2010
PixAdmonitionArmed In Heavenly Light08/18/2010
PixEncouragementI Lifted You Up And Repaired Your Soul08/17/2010
RhemaProphesyMarried And One In The Lord08/15/2010
Word To PonderUnderstandingI Will Bless The Intercessors08/15/2010
Word O GramWisdomWhat Is Discipline08/14/2010
ExperienceEncouragementA Father's Heart For Discipline08/14/2010
RhemaUnderstandingA Day And Month Of Horse Rhema08/10/2010
Trance VisionProphesyRenewing Old Contracts And Covenants08/09/2010
Word O GramWisdomWhat Is Godly Fear08/04/2010
ConfirmationExhortationWant The Latter Rain Lay Down Your Arm Of Flesh08/04/2010
GraphicProphesyMy Face Is Turned Toward You08/04/2010
ScriptureUnderstandingMature Son-Ship08/04/2010
Reader QuestionWisdomWhat To Do With The Demonic08/03/2010
DreamHopeStayed The Course To Breakthrough08/02/2010
HeardEncouragementIt Gives Me Pleasure When You Enjoy What I Give08/02/2010
RhemaUnderstandingJuxtaposition This Season08/01/2010
TeachingEncouragement12 Scriptural Reasons To Journal As A Watchman08/01/2010
TestimonyInvitationThe Lesson Of The Day07/31/2010
TestimonyComfortHis Cloud Covering07/30/2010
RevelationUnderstandingQuickened Scripture Zacharias' Rebuke07/27/2010
RhemaEncouragementExpectation Pulls Virtue Out Of God07/27/2010
HeardWisdomAuthority Comes Through Love07/26/2010
PixProphesyGreat Grace And Webstreaming07/24/2010
Reader QuestionWisdomLabels Among The Prophetic07/23/2010
TestimonyHopeSweeping Our Hands With His Power07/22/2010
PixComfortThe Bottom Of The Ocean07/15/2010
PixExhortationOld Mindsets A Second Chance07/15/2010
TestimonyHopeGrace To See And Hear07/14/2010
Word O GramWisdomPerseverance07/10/2010
ScriptureWisdomHow To See Jesus07/09/2010
TeachingInvitationGod Speaks Strange Words07/09/2010
Word To PonderUnderstandingDwell In My Light And The Darkness Can Not Upon You07/09/2010
ScriptureUnderstandingDefiled But Changed Into New Garments07/09/2010
RhemaEncouragementThe Porthole Of My Heartbeat07/06/2010
VisionHopeNothing Goes To Waste07/05/2010
RevelationComfortJesus' Personal From His Papa07/04/2010
TestimonyEncouragementGiving Papa Pleasure07/04/2010
TestimonyWisdomLeader's Facilitate07/03/2010
TestimonyExhortationOvercoming Praise06/26/2010
VisionInvitationOvercoming The Oppressive Darkness06/25/2010
TestimonyIntercessionIn Search Of Jesus' Second Anointing06/24/2010
Word O GramWisdomPrepared06/19/2010
PixUnderstandingPolishing Our Perspective06/17/2010
Word O GramWisdomJesus06/17/2010
VisionHopePutting My Ducks In Order06/14/2010
ParableHopePersistent Hunger For His Word06/13/2010
PixWarningAbusive Relationships Facing The Closet06/11/2010
SignHopeWe'll Take It From Here06/09/2010
ConfirmationEncouragementTeachable Moments06/09/2010
AudibleComfortThe Lord's Booming Voice I Will Never Forget You06/07/2010
VisionProphesyThe Lord Emphasizes His Cloud06/07/2010
HeardInvitationAsk. What Are Your Wishes06/07/2010
HeardIntercessionWaiting For His Wind06/06/2010
HeardExhortationGenerations Are In Your Care06/06/2010
PixProphesyLittle Hands - Anointed By God06/03/2010
Word O GramWisdomFine Tuned Fellowship06/02/2010
HeardInvitationTo Be Sent To Announce06/01/2010
GraphicComfortTo Be Carried05/30/2010
Word To PonderUnderstandingReaching You Any Way I Can05/30/2010
DreamWarningJohn Paul Jackson Vision Of America05/30/2010
VisionWarningJohn Paul Jackson Future Of La05/30/2010
Word To PonderUnderstandingMy Peacemakers, My Advocates05/28/2010
PixInvitationDaily Bread Multiplying The Tiny Portion05/28/2010
DreamEncouragementSurrounded By A Barrier05/27/2010
VisionComfortWhen You Are Facing Burn Out05/23/2010
PixExhortationChange Your Perspective & Pace05/23/2010
DreamExhortationThe Price Of The Wedding05/20/2010
Word To PonderUnderstandingGod's Creation Waits For Us05/17/2010
HeardAdmonitionWithout Relationship Is The Wrong Path05/16/2010
RhemaHopeCut, Separated And Set Free05/11/2010
HeardAdmonitionSober Up05/08/2010
RhemaProphesyIsrael Will Find Jeshua05/07/2010
HeardComfortSevered Past And Safe Boundaries05/06/2010
ScriptureWisdomAppetites Affect Our Hearing05/06/2010
Quote John ArnotWisdomRevival Reveals Hearts05/04/2010
ParableInvitationUp Front And Close Is Magnified05/03/2010
RhemaComfortYour Sorrow Is My Sorrow05/02/2010
Answer To PrayerUnderstandingWhy The Lord Passes Some By05/02/2010
RhemaComfortWhat Is The Joy Of Your Salvation05/02/2010
DreamInvitationThe Holy Spirit Manifested05/02/2010
Word To PonderUnderstandingThe Scent Of My Presence05/01/2010
Reader QuestionUnderstandingIs The 2nd Heaven The Demonic Realm04/29/2010
RhemaHopeRe-Wiring Old Trigger Points04/26/2010
Word To PonderUnderstandingRest And Let Me Carry You04/25/2010
HeardWisdomLove Overcomes Implosion04/21/2010
Word To PonderUnderstandingLaying Down The Reigns Of Your Own Power04/20/2010
Word O GramWisdomHis Purpose04/13/2010
TestimonyEncouragementFunny Answer To Prayer04/10/2010
HeardInvitationThe Power Of God04/08/2010
HeardIntercessionPrayers And Mercy Extended For California04/06/2010
PixComfortJacob Is Redeemed From Going Wrong Way04/06/2010
RevelationWisdomHow To Get Rid Of A Bitter Root04/05/2010
HeardComfortPeace In Terror04/04/2010
Word To PonderUnderstandingOvercoming A Critical Soul04/03/2010
Word To PonderUnderstandingOvercoming A Controlling Spirit04/03/2010
Word O GramWisdomFavor04/03/2010
VisionComfortTo Walk Over A Bridge04/01/2010
TestimonyExhortationGood News, Bad News Your Vote Counts03/31/2010
RevelationUnderstandingMelted Sands & The Sea Of Glass03/28/2010
ParableProphesyI Will Bless The Work Of Your Hands03/28/2010
Word To PonderUnderstandingFalsely Accused03/28/2010
DreamExhortationIn Search Of A Destiny03/22/2010
VisionProphesyHarvest Of 5 Fold Ministry Almost Ripe03/19/2010
PixSeasonTurning My Face Towards You03/15/2010
Quote Billye BrimmProphesyMajor Shift In Heavenlies03/15/2010
ParableWisdomStop, Look, Listen03/12/2010
ParableWisdomMoving Forward And Making Decisions03/12/2010
VisionEncouragementJacob Just Sweep The Enemy Away03/12/2010
ConfirmationInvitationCome To The Table03/11/2010
PixSeasonNew Things Being Birthed03/08/2010
HeardWisdomProphesying & Stirring Spiritual Gifts03/07/2010
HeardUnderstandingPurpose Of Shaking03/04/2010
QuoteEncouragementTeachers & Rabbit Trails Unite!03/01/2010
DreamComfortKeeping My Bride Through The Shakings02/23/2010
ConfirmationProphesyQuickened Number 44402/21/2010
TestimonySeasonOpening Spiritual Ears02/21/2010
Reader QuestionUnderstandingGlory Train02/21/2010
ParableWisdomJagged Edges02/19/2010
ParableInvitationAsk For Help02/19/2010
ParableExhortationSlow Down A Tad02/18/2010
PixHopeResurrection Life After Sacrificing Isaac02/17/2010
DreamProphesyKingdoms, Shakings And Focus02/12/2010
QuoteUnderstandingHidden In Christ02/09/2010
ConfirmationSeasonHelicopters Are Quickened02/08/2010
RhemaWisdomWhen God Is Silent And Waits02/04/2010
Reader QuestionUnderstandingWhat Is A Sigh02/03/2010
PixExhortationKeep Your Candles Burning02/02/2010
VisionHopeProvision During The Tribulation02/01/2010
QuoteAdmonitionDo Not Back Up From His Power That Is Being Birthed01/23/2010
Opened SmellHopeCandles Are Burning For The Lord01/23/2010
ExperienceComfortThe Remaining Ones01/20/2010
ParableHopeReturning The Plunder01/16/2010
HeardIntercessionThe Missing Piece01/13/2010
RhemaAdmonitionSeparating From Abuse & Overcoming Sorrow01/13/2010
TestimonyHopeKissed In The Midst Of The Brethren01/13/2010
PixInvitationHow To Get There01/13/2010
VisionUnderstandingAlliance With Heaven's Army01/13/2010
RhemaEncouragementSearching For New Perspectives01/12/2010
TeachingWisdomPrivacy Shouted From The House Tops01/10/2010
ScriptureUnderstandingTo Be Faithful01/09/2010
VisionEncouragementRewards Of Overcoming Your Walls Of Separation01/09/2010
ParableEncouragementThe Mystery Of Buttons01/08/2010
RhemaHopeHis Bride Will See Masses Of Worldwide Children01/08/2010
VisionSeasonWow Time To Roar01/06/2010
RhemaAdmonitionLiberty Bell: America's Crack01/06/2010
PixHopeNew Shoes01/05/2010
VisionHopeGifts Of Healing01/05/2010
ParableHopeRelease The Power Of God01/04/2010
PixInvitationWhat Am I Planting Today01/03/2010
RhemaHopeGraduated From Past Test Into New Position12/29/2009
TeachingExhortationFortifying A Wall Around Children12/28/2009
InsightWisdomDesperation Opens A Heart To Receive12/23/2009
Word O GramWisdomWhat Is Justice12/21/2009
DreamHopeJustice We Will Right Your Wrongs12/21/2009
PixAdmonitionHolding Onto Faith & Forgetting The Past12/21/2009
ParableComfortBack Support12/11/2009
VisionEncouragementThe Train12/10/2009
PixIntercessionTreat One Another With Loving Respect12/09/2009
DreamUnderstandingRaining On Our Brains12/09/2009
DreamAdmonitionWant To Be Healed Watch Your Mouth12/06/2009
DreamProphesyExpect A New Vision, Post And Anointing12/06/2009
RhemaProphesyBirthing Babies With Silver Linings12/04/2009
VisionHopeWhere The Burdens Are Rapidly Carried12/03/2009
TeachingUnderstandingTeaching You How To Hear Me12/03/2009
RhemaProphesyMy Word In The Market Place12/03/2009
VisionInvitationSpecial Orders Ready To Take Your Special Requests12/01/2009
DreamWarningUsa The Falling Of Old Foundations11/27/2009
ParableInvitationUp And At Em'11/26/2009
TestimonyComfortThat Tiny Bruise11/24/2009
VisionInvitationHeavenly Hosts Bring My Light11/24/2009
PixSeasonTurning Another Corner11/23/2009
ParableComfortTurkey In The Bag11/23/2009
ParableComfortHot Cider11/23/2009
TeachingWisdomHow To Give Warnings, Admonitions, Rebukes11/22/2009
RevelationProphesyGod's Deliverers11/21/2009
TeachingUnderstandingWhy God Allows Adversity11/20/2009
Quote Bob JonesProphesyBuilding A Nest For 201211/19/2009
RhemaProphesySigns Are Coming11/17/2009
PixIntercessionSarah Palin11/15/2009
DreamEncouragementMeeting A Deadline11/13/2009
Word To PonderUnderstandingBeing Hidden In Christ11/11/2009
DreamHopeAwesome Seed Is Coming11/11/2009
RevelationWisdomThe Gift Of Prayer Over Betrayal11/04/2009
Word To PonderUnderstandingOvercoming Fear Of Deception11/03/2009
VisionComfortI Remember All My Words And All Your Prayers11/03/2009
Word O GramWisdomEyes Opened11/02/2009
RhemaUnderstandingLearning Obedience For The Greater Works11/01/2009
PixHopeHarvested And Plowed10/29/2009
ConfirmationIntercessionTo Press Into Jesus10/28/2009
DreamEncouragementRiver Of Life Washes Away The Giants10/24/2009
RhemaAdmonitionBe Careful, Stay Positive10/21/2009
RhemaWisdomLetting Go Of Outer Court Fellowship10/20/2009
DreamHopeA Remnant Of Golden Glories10/19/2009
VisionProphesyThe Next Generation To The Throne10/14/2009
PixComfortPolar Bears Rest O)10/13/2009
DreamWisdomGiving Gently To Honor Free Will10/13/2009
Quote Rick JoynerUnderstandingThe Great Tribulation10/12/2009
DreamUnderstandingThe Purpose Of The Flood On The Remaining Ones10/10/2009
ConfirmationHopeCalled To Shine Like Stars10/09/2009
VisionIntercessionChanging Of The Guard10/08/2009
RhemaWisdomDon't Forget To Stay Simple10/06/2009
ConfirmationHopeYour Haman Has Fallen10/05/2009
TestimonyWisdomMarket Place Prophets10/05/2009
RhemaProphesyGod's Timeline Between Now And 205010/05/2009
Word O GramWisdomWhat Is Revelation10/04/2009
Word To PonderUnderstandingSalt Preserves, Return To Prayer10/01/2009
Word To PonderUnderstandingRebuke Is A Two Edged Sword10/01/2009
Day DreamExhortationHalting Between 2 Opinions10/01/2009
Day of AtonementAdmonitionTeach America To Pray09/28/2009
DreamWarningHeaven Is Deciding About Grieving The Holy Spirit09/27/2009
DreamExhortationStanding As An Intercessor09/26/2009
ExperienceEncouragementThe Angels Arrived09/24/2009
Quote Joyce MeyerWisdomWisdom In Finding Your Boundaries09/22/2009
ParableEncouragementOver Training09/22/2009
VisionWarningMost Serious Warnings I Ever Read09/22/2009
Word PunUnderstandingComfort Is 2 Ways09/22/2009
ParableProphesyDaniel Foods In Hard Times09/21/2009
PrayerIntercessionThe Blood Of Jesus Christ Over Epidemic09/18/2009
RhemaExhortationLet Go No Turning Back09/14/2009
TestimonyEncouragementFaith Is Action09/12/2009
ExperienceIntercessionTime Is Up09/10/2009
VisionProphesyThe Fullness Of His Promised Power Is Brimming09/09/2009
RevelationUnderstandingThe Extreme Weight Of Being Compressed Into A Tiny Place09/09/2009
PixHopeSuperglue To Mend What Was Torn09/09/2009
ParableIntercessionSign Language09/09/2009
TeachingWisdomHow to Overcome Demonic Dreams09/09/2009
SignProphesyDivine Sign09/09/2009
VisionHopeMary Woodworth Etter Anointing09/08/2009
ConfirmationAdmonitionDepth Of Perspective09/08/2009
TestimonyProphesyChristians To Birth Fiery Lambs09/08/2009
ConfirmationExhortationTime To Mount Your Horse09/06/2009
VisionWarningThe Finality Of The Closing Door To Stubborn Mindsets09/06/2009
DreamUnderstandingThe Lord Returns And Remembers09/04/2009
RevelationAdmonitionRepent For Speaking Against God's Anointed09/04/2009
PixComfortLearning Death To Self09/03/2009
RhemaComfortThe Broken Jar09/02/2009
VisionUnderstandingOpen Up, Tiny Light!08/31/2009
TestimonyComfortNothing Is Wasted Even Mistakes08/26/2009
VisionProphesyViolence In The Storm08/25/2009
VisionInvitationAsk Questions And Receive Counsel08/25/2009
ConfirmationExhortationTested To Keep The Peace Between Generations08/24/2009
DreamWisdomHave To Work Stay Simple08/23/2009
ConfirmationWisdomReturning To Work08/22/2009
PixHopeNew Easy Spout Coming08/20/2009
SignHopeResurrected Feet08/19/2009
ConfirmationExhortationFinding Your Boundaries08/17/2009
RhemaExhortationPeter Return And Strengthen Your Brethren08/16/2009
PixUnderstandingClean And Fasting08/14/2009
HeardHopeI Will Make Myself Known To You08/13/2009
InterpretationHumorWoa Horse! See Jane Run08/12/2009
DreamComfortAir Lifted And Protected08/12/2009
TeachingUnderstandingA Simple Lesson In Interpretation08/10/2009
HeardWisdomA Question From God08/10/2009
InsightWisdomOn The Other Side Of Betrayed Trust08/08/2009
ParableHopeAt The End Of A Wild Rapid08/07/2009
Word To PonderUnderstandingEmotional Intimacy With My Message08/05/2009
PixUnderstandingAuthority, Use What You Have08/05/2009
ConfirmationHopeFour Fresh Winds To Lift You Up08/03/2009
ParableExhortationHold That Line a Bit Longer08/02/2009
ConfirmationUnderstandingTo Tread Walking Into A New Anointing07/27/2009
VisionWisdomProducing Fruit07/25/2009
PixIntercessionWhat You Say Now Will Affect Your Future07/23/2009
Quote Bob JonesIntercessionUse Your Authority Over The Flu07/23/2009
InsightWisdomUpending Those In The Middle07/23/2009
ConfirmationEncouragementTo Minister Treasure Hunt, Do You Want It07/23/2009
PixAdmonitionCowboys On The Move07/22/2009
ScriptureUnderstandingWhen Is A Baby A Person07/20/2009
ConfirmationProphesySmorgasbord Churches07/20/2009
TestimonyWisdomMedications And Safety07/17/2009
TestimonyComfortContending For Our Commission07/15/2009
ExperienceWarningRoad Rage07/14/2009
TestimonyEncouragementWord Of Knowledge About A Spider07/13/2009
VisionWisdomWhat Is Important07/12/2009
RhemaHopeSeason To Repair07/11/2009
DreamHopeWhite Stones To Come Out Of The Fire07/10/2009
DreamUnderstandingAbortion, Etc The Destiny Of God's Seed07/10/2009
ParableIntercessionIntercession Over Wild Sons And The Fear Of The Lord07/07/2009
StoryAdmonitionBreaking Out Of The Box07/05/2009
TeachingWisdomBack From The Dead07/04/2009
PixWisdomExtreme Perspectives, Extreme Love07/02/2009
RevelationUnderstandingReaping Another's Rewards07/01/2009
RhemaWisdomMichael Fights07/01/2009
ScriptureExhortationGod Dwells In The Gross Darkness07/01/2009
ParableComfortCarried In The Bow Of The Boat07/01/2009
ParableEncouragementHow To Fish For Food06/30/2009
Quote Kathryn KuhlmanComfortPoured Out From Vessel To Vessel06/26/2009
RevelationWisdomThe Ecosystem Between Heaven And Earth06/23/2009
Dark SpeechUnderstandingExchange Please06/23/2009
ScriptureUnderstandingFor Those Who Feel Rejected By God06/20/2009
RevelationWisdomThe Cup Of Jesus06/18/2009
HeardWarningFact Or Fiction06/17/2009
PixProphesyIsrael In The Last Day Rhema06/16/2009
TestimonyUnderstandingIs It Bigger Than A Bread Box06/16/2009
HeardEncouragementHandfuls Of Purpose06/15/2009
VisionAdmonitionDelivered From The Heavy Burden Of Institutional Religion06/15/2009
Word To PonderUnderstandingHow You Believe Is A Way Of Life06/13/2009
ExperienceAdmonitionChoices Open Demonic Doors06/13/2009
Anointed HandsEncouragementTo Muzzle The Flesh Vs Requesting Grace To Change06/08/2009
VisionWarningThe Destiny Of America06/08/2009
ScriptureIntercessionPolitical Or Moral Break Down06/08/2009
ExperienceExhortationGrandparents, Walk And Pray, Walk And Pray!06/07/2009
PixProphesyMy Power Is Coming Right On Time06/06/2009
RhemaEncouragementGraduate And Dont Look Back06/06/2009
TeachingUnderstandingDiscerning Second Heaven Revelations And Making The Darkness Manifest06/06/2009
RevelationAdmonitionHappy Party No More Pig Slop06/04/2009
TestimonyWisdomOvercoming The Trauma Of Trauma06/03/2009
TestimonyWisdomLearning To Be Spirit Led06/03/2009
RevelationInvitationLabor And Buy What Endures06/03/2009
ExperienceWarningTake Your Thoughts Captive & God's Power Is Activated06/02/2009
ScriptureUnderstandingPraying And Hoping 2010 Coming Year Of His Power06/02/2009
RhemaWisdomSettle And Resolve06/01/2009
RhemaEncouragementGod's Word Endures05/28/2009
ConfirmationHopeYou Will Not Be Left Behind05/27/2009
TeachingUnderstandingThe Law And Obedience To Scripture05/27/2009
ParableUnderstandingThe Parable Of The Pacific Salmon05/23/2009
TeachingUnderstandingDark Light Dreams, Vision From The Second Heaven05/22/2009
VisionUnderstandingWashed Within God's Divine Boundaries05/18/2009
PixWisdomIt's Not How You Say It, It's What's Behind It05/17/2009
ExperienceSeasonThe Lord Emphasizes Divine Timing05/16/2009
Word To PonderUnderstandingCandles Shining Like Stars In The Sky05/16/2009
TestimonyEncouragementYou Are Not A Quitter05/15/2009
ParableExhortationTurn Your Abrasive Speech Towards Prayer05/15/2009
PixExhortationStruggling For Faith Fly Over The Hurdles05/11/2009
Reader QuestionWisdomQuestions About Counterfeit Prophesy05/11/2009
TeachingWisdomTips On How To Know If A Word Is Corporate05/08/2009
PixProphesyA New Usa Is Coming05/08/2009
PixInvitationReport What You See05/07/2009
QuoteExhortationToo Much Talking And Not Enough Walking05/06/2009
RevelationUnderstandingGoodness And Mercy05/05/2009
TestimonyExhortationThe Power Of Good News05/03/2009
TeachingWisdomLearning To Stay Simple When Prophesying05/03/2009
ImpressionUnderstandingGod's Creation Is Making Requests05/03/2009
PixComfortSecure When You Listen05/02/2009
Word PunEncouragementWord Puns, Outside The Box05/01/2009
RhemaAdmonitionTo Prophesy Judgment Causes Everyone Sorrow05/01/2009
VisionExhortationSleeping Giant Arise!04/29/2009
SongHopeLoosed From 1,000s Of Heavy Pounds04/25/2009
StoryEncouragementMoving In Kindness04/24/2009
Word PunUnderstandingKicked Out Of Court04/24/2009
Word To PonderUnderstandingYour Face And My Face04/23/2009
Quote Kathryn KuhlmanWisdomThe Gift To Encouragement04/23/2009
ParableUnderstandingWhen The Revelations Come04/21/2009
Divine TimingEncouragementGot A List04/21/2009
RhemaEncouragementOvercoming Bad Dreams04/17/2009
VisionEncouragementDon't Worry About Life, Just Live It04/17/2009
Word To PonderUnderstandingHeave The Weighty Matters Into Prayer04/16/2009
ParableWisdomDebate And Soul Power04/16/2009
ParableEncouragementThe Ants And The Vitamins04/15/2009
RhemaAdmonitionSoul Ties: Cast The Trouble Makers Outside04/14/2009
PixSeasonMulti Tasking A Season For Juggling Many Things04/14/2009
TeachingUnderstandingWhat Are Soul Ties04/13/2009
TeachingWisdomTips On How To Apologize04/13/2009
PixWisdomStirring The Gifts04/13/2009
StoryHumorBoot Camp Training In Disguise04/13/2009
RevelationInspirationThose 3 Dark Days And Nights (Day After Good Friday04/11/2009
DreamWisdomThe Other Side Of The Fence04/11/2009
RhemaEncouragementWhere's Your Goal04/10/2009
Quote John Paul JacksonUnderstandingVision And The Windows Of Our Soul04/08/2009
ExperienceAdmonitionHoly Bold04/08/2009
Quote Joyce MeyerWisdomLearning To Care For Yourself04/05/2009
DefinitionUnderstandingWhat Is God's Light04/04/2009
ParableEncouragementThrough Mouths Of Babes04/02/2009
RevelationWisdomReturn To Your Resting Place In The Ark04/02/2009
QuoteEncouragementLearning To Let Go And Let God04/02/2009
RevelationWisdomHow To See Through The Darkness04/02/2009
QuoteEncouragementBreakthrough Is Busy Removing Stumbling Blocks04/02/2009
Word O GramWisdomWhat Is Faith04/01/2009
PixExhortationWake And Wash04/01/2009
RhemaProphesyTrance Vision Are Coming04/01/2009
Word O GramWisdomFaith Is Invisible Reality04/01/2009
HeardProphesyRightful Living Keeps You And Your Children03/29/2009
Word To PonderUnderstandingOpportunities Are Not Requirements03/28/2009
RhemaExhortationIt's What You Do With Offenses That Matters03/25/2009
RevelationWisdomTrigger Points To Face Them Head On03/23/2009
VisionExhortationTraining Our Conscience03/23/2009
TestimonyEncouragementThe Lady Who Would Not Quit03/22/2009
TestimonyInvitationTo Carry A Friend03/18/2009
DreamUnderstandingRoot Of Bitterness, One Gentle Tug At A Time03/16/2009
Word O GramWisdomRoot Of Bitterness03/16/2009
ScriptureUnderstandingHealing Means To Mend By Stitching03/11/2009
RhemaWisdomCensoring Your Soul To Understand03/11/2009
Word To PonderUnderstandingDisappointment Over Spiritual Leaders03/10/2009
DreamProphesyEach Carry His Own Washing Load03/08/2009
TestimonyEncouragementOur Shells Layers Of Self Protection03/06/2009
RhemaEncouragementMoving To A Better Place03/06/2009
PixExhortationMany To Carry The Load Together03/06/2009
Divine TimingEncouragementToday's Bbq Timer!03/03/2009
Word O GramWisdomNew Wine Skin03/03/2009
ParableComfortClosed The Door To The Old Wine Skin03/03/2009
DreamUnderstandingUnorthodox Training03/02/2009
ExperienceProphesyTo Remove The Ear Wax!03/01/2009
VisionWarningIn The Bathtub Our Papa's Heart For His Kids02/24/2009
VisionEncouragementLight Overtakes Darkness02/23/2009
ParableProphesyThe Last Meal Every Day02/22/2009
ParableProphesyThe Parable Of The Storm02/21/2009
PixExhortationConsecration Opens The Door To See God's Plan02/21/2009
ConfirmationWarningAbout The Perfect Storm02/21/2009
HeardUnderstandingOne Plants Another Reaps, The Harvest Belongs To The Lord02/20/2009
PixWisdomEconomic Changes Topples Kingdoms02/20/2009
RevelationUnderstandingWhy The Poor Are Rich In Faith02/19/2009
Quote Kathryn KuhlmanComfortIntimacy When Walking Through Death To Self02/19/2009
DreamHopePapa Pays The Way To School02/18/2009
PixWisdomLove Overcomes Personality Offenses02/17/2009
ScriptureUnderstandingLearning To Be Still02/17/2009
RhemaSeasonJoseph Acquitted And Plans His Barn02/16/2009
DreamSeasonTo Release The Delay02/13/2009
Quickened VideoHumorPrecious Moments02/13/2009
Eye GlanceExhortationDivine Sign #3333 Start Asking!02/13/2009
VisionExhortationWomen I Am Sending Your Prayers02/12/2009
DreamProphesyIntimacy When Expressing Death To Self02/12/2009
ExperienceComfortHidden Pearls In Those Eye Glances02/12/2009
StoryExhortationTo Clear Out The Old Lumber02/11/2009
PixComfortRedeemed Heart02/11/2009
HeardUnderstandingBuilders And/Or Warriors02/10/2009
RhemaProphesyTo Happen In A Matter Of Years, Not Months02/09/2009
BlooperComfortThe Wringer02/08/2009
DreamWarningColliding The Old With The New02/08/2009
ConfirmationComfortStumps, I Will Make It Up To You02/04/2009
ParableAdmonitionTeams, Please Don't Fight02/03/2009
VisionIntercessionLord Release The Wealth In The Earth01/30/2009
PixAdmonitionIn The Wash Cycle01/29/2009
HeardComfortI Will Provide01/26/2009
HeardExhortationThe Bridge Of Righteousness01/25/2009
VisionUnderstandingEmotional Crutches01/23/2009
Word To PonderUnderstandingGiants And The Zone Of Safety01/22/2009
HeardProphesyWhat Is Our Destiny01/19/2009
DreamWarningDon't Turn Away, Press In To Participate In Studies01/19/2009
PixAdmonitionRepentance Brings Clean Hands And Pure Heart01/17/2009
RhemaInvitationMy Heavenly Dew01/17/2009
TestimonyComfortThe Full Revelation Is Now01/13/2009
VisionInvitationAn Open Door To Inquire Of The Lord01/13/2009
SignSeasonLavender It Is Time To Recompense Clean Hands01/11/2009
PixWisdomImpacted Through Experience01/11/2009
TestimonyProphesyFace To Face01/11/2009
VisionExhortationOvercoming Religious Spirits01/10/2009
PixProphesyMany To Be Transplanted01/10/2009
Day DreamProphesyButterfly Time01/10/2009
ConfirmationWisdomAccumulation Through Wisdom01/10/2009
DreamAdmonitionGet Off Aspartame01/08/2009
TestimonyComfortThe Lilies Dont Worry01/02/2009
VisionExhortationStopped At An Open Door12/31/2008
VisionProphesy2009 The Table Of The Lord12/28/2008
WisdomProphesy2009 The Year Our Fruit Is Manifest12/27/2008
Word O GramWisdomWhat Is Comfort12/25/2008
VisionComfortI Cried With You12/25/2008
InterpretationUnderstandingMoving His Harvest12/22/2008
RhemaUnderstandingGraham Cooke Hidden In Christ12/21/2008
RhemaAdmonitionBring To Birth12/21/2008
InsightWisdomOvercome Regret By Changing Your Future12/20/2008
VisionProphesyDislocated Provision To Move12/19/2008
Word To PonderUnderstandingI Circle Until I Get What I Want12/16/2008
PixWisdomEmbrace My Call But Consider The Cost12/14/2008
RevelationUnderstandingMy Way Is The Holy Highway12/13/2008
DreamComfortTransparent In The Lord12/12/2008
PixWarningSay No To The Condemnation Of The Law12/11/2008
PixComfortDo Not Be Despondent, I Will Help You12/11/2008
RhemaExhortationAdoptive Parents Your Walk Matters12/11/2008
Word O GramWisdomWhat Is Steadfast12/10/2008
ParableExhortationCrossing Over With Everything We Have Got12/10/2008
ScriptureWisdomWinter, Spring And Summer In Chronological Order12/08/2008
GraphicEncouragementGod's Family Balancing Act Mercy With Truth12/08/2008
GraphicWisdomFinding God In Our Busy Picture12/08/2008
TestimonyProphesyThe Little Dot That Says Move12/07/2008
VisionExhortationDon't Fall, Instead Humble Your Own Self12/05/2008
TeachingUnderstandingAbout Bringing His Words Together12/04/2008
PixWarningOvercoming The Religious Spirit12/03/2008
WisdomUnderstandingGod's Plea To Choose The Right Path12/03/2008
Word O GramWisdomWhat Is Obedience12/02/2008
VisionWisdomTwo Perspectives In World Events12/02/2008
ParableUnderstandingThe Life Line Of Salt12/01/2008
InsightWisdomLessons In Standing Against Stubbornness12/01/2008
TeachingUnderstandingYour Inner Clock Understanding The Times11/30/2008
Anointed HandsEncouragementTrust Is Key To Hearing Him11/30/2008
ParableAdmonitionPebbles In The Hand11/30/2008
HeardUnderstandingBalancing Mercy With Judgment11/30/2008
Reader QuestionUnderstandingGod's Timing11/29/2008
VisionWarfareFear Opens Door To Enemy Attack11/29/2008
TeachingUnderstandingAbout The Night Watch11/29/2008
RhemaUnderstandingWashed Linen Is Righteous Acts Through Faith11/28/2008
DreamAdmonitionHow To Change Being Over Corrected Obey11/27/2008
PixExhortationThe Miracle Of The Dead Stick11/26/2008
Word To PonderUnderstandingTo Reveal The Face Of My Bride11/23/2008
PixEncouragementLeaping Through Change11/22/2008
PixAdmonitionThe Backdrop Of My Lessons11/21/2008
RhemaComfortNo Fear11/20/2008
TeachingWisdomFinding Intimacy With The Lord11/20/2008
TestimonyEncouragementEvery Dot And Tittle11/20/2008
TeachingUnderstandingUnderstanding Signs Upon The Earth11/17/2008
Word To PonderUnderstandingHaving Died To This World11/16/2008
TeachingUnderstandingFalse Covering Why Did Jesus Curse The Fig Tree11/16/2008
ParableComfortThe String Of Pearls11/14/2008
Anointed HandsEncouragementResting To Hear Me11/14/2008
RhemaExhortationLittle Boats Crossing Over11/14/2008
Answer To PrayerEncouragementJacob's Boundaries11/14/2008
VisionEncouragementValiant Metron I Spread Your Table11/12/2008
ParableAdmonitionParable And Testimony In Debt Don't Overspend Your Daily Portion11/12/2008
TeachingUnderstandingAbout The Anointing Oil And Is The Anointing Of God Catch-Able11/11/2008
PixWarningTele-Vision What Do You Hear And See11/10/2008
ParableWarningAmazing Parable The Fear Of God And The Bear Market11/10/2008
Word To PonderUnderstandingStrength To Bring Forth11/08/2008
VisionUnderstandingThe Weeping Room11/07/2008
PixExhortationStoking Our Fire11/07/2008
HeardExhortationFacing Failure11/03/2008
VisionEncouragementGrandmothers Praying For The Sons11/02/2008
DefinitionWarningFear Vs A Sound Mind11/01/2008
Opened EarsProphesyFeed The Birds10/30/2008
DreamProphesyYou Turn! Surrounded, Hedged And Covered10/28/2008
ParableWisdomSurgery Is A Weapon As You Submit10/25/2008
Quickened AdvertisementEncouragementGod's Wonderful Humor10/20/2008
Answer To PrayerWisdomStick To The Rhema10/18/2008
ConfirmationEncouragementDecree Confirmation10/18/2008
HeardWisdomHow To Avoid Mistakes10/17/2008
RhemaComfortMy Porthole Shall Fill Your Table10/12/2008
TestimonyEncouragementPersistence Through Prayer & Hard Work10/10/2008
VisionHopeDoves On The Eggs10/10/2008
Day of AtonementProphesyThrust Out And Landing In A New Place To Bloom10/09/2008
Day of AtonementProphesyThrust Out and Landing in a New Place10/09/2008
PixWarningThe Gambling Spirit10/09/2008
PixExhortationPray Into The Curve10/08/2008
ParableExhortationOnce Your Door Opens, Be Willing To Let Go And Move Out10/07/2008
RhemaComfortMy Table Allowance10/07/2008
ParableExhortationEvent List10/07/2008
VisionWisdomFast Moving Events10/05/2008
Anointed HandsEncouragementPrecious Assurance10/04/2008
RevelationEncouragementTo Reap In Another Field10/02/2008
BlooperEncouragementGod's Word About Wealth10/02/2008
Reader QuestionWisdomBecoming Responsible09/27/2008
Quote Heidi BakerExhortationSons Are Sons No Matter What09/25/2008
DreamIntercessionIntercession Over Separation In God's House09/25/2008
RhemaHopeRebuild The Walls First09/23/2008
PixInvitationThe Power Of The Swing Vote09/22/2008
PoetryIntercessionReturning In Repentance09/21/2008
VisionEncouragementBalancing Act09/20/2008
PixEncouragementYou, Me, Us ... Let's Do This Together09/19/2008
VisionHopeCan't See The Forest Through The Trees09/18/2008
PixUnderstandingIn The Wilderness To Listen09/17/2008
RhemaHopeKingdom Deposits Are A Life Line In Times Of Death09/16/2008
DreamWisdomStop, Look And Listen09/14/2008
SongWisdomThe River Jordan And Adversity09/11/2008
Anointed HandsEncouragementBe Holy Bold, Do Not Hold Back09/10/2008
DreamExhortationSpeak His Loving Kindness In The Face Of Dishonor09/09/2008
TeachingUnderstandingThe Difference Between Sacrifices Of Broken Spirits And Broken Hearts09/03/2008
VisionInvitationArmies Backing Prayer Lists09/03/2008
ParableWarningHurricane Gustav & Levee Walls09/01/2008
InterpretationUnderstandingOpened Smell Aromas List08/31/2008
VisionComfortTo Set Your Compass For A Way Out08/30/2008
RhemaExhortationMoving At My Pace, Step Aside From Offense, Kept From The Evil One08/29/2008
HeardComfortTo Be Surrounded by Confirmations08/28/2008
Word To PonderUnderstandingSurrounded By My Words Of Confirmation08/28/2008
DreamWisdomGuidance And Wisdom To Decree Is Better08/27/2008
RhemaInvitationExtreme Efforts In An Extreme War08/22/2008
ExperienceAdmonitionFullness Of Time08/21/2008
RhemaExhortationHow To Stay Untouched By Demonic Flames08/20/2008
VisionHopeCatapulted From The Flood08/20/2008
Word To PonderUnderstandingI Have Heard Your Groaning08/18/2008
InterpretationUnderstandingInteresting Interpretation Watching Your P's And Q's08/15/2008
RhemaAdmonitionWashing Off The Strife Of Men's Tongue08/13/2008
RhemaEncouragementI Am Your Wealth08/12/2008
ParableEncouragementOld Life Peeled Away08/11/2008
ConfirmationEncouragementFinding The Stability Of Peace In Your Relationships08/08/2008
VisionExhortationStick With The Prophets08/07/2008
Quickened MovieIntercessionKing Kong08/07/2008
DreamProphesyAccess, A Way Out08/06/2008
RhemaExhortationTo The Nations No Matter What08/05/2008
VisionEncouragementLittle Engine That Could08/01/2008
ExperienceEncouragementA Wowzer And Thank You Day07/30/2008
Word To PonderUnderstandingI Want You Stable07/29/2008
Quote Joyce MeyersEncouragementI Like Me07/29/2008
ScriptureUnderstandingI Have Hidden You07/29/2008
RevelationUnderstandingThe Holy Spirit's Job Description07/28/2008
TeachingUnderstandingTo Forge And Temper Blue Steel07/25/2008
Quote Bobby ConnerWisdomOn The Lakeland Outpouring07/25/2008
DreamComfortOvercoming Shattered Dreams07/23/2008
InsightWisdomGo Easy On Your Relationships07/23/2008
DreamUnderstandingThe Cloud Of Witnesses07/22/2008
VisionComfortLongevity Is A Long, Long Time07/22/2008
HeardWisdomDivine Dance Grace Is Ordering Your Steps07/21/2008
InsightWarningWhy Does God Knock07/17/2008
ParableWisdomWhen God Turns Up The Heat07/17/2008
TeachingUnderstandingTo Swallow, Jesus Then Be Sent07/17/2008
Word O GramWisdomBoundaries In God07/15/2008
Opened TouchSeasonDay Break Jacob's Wrestling Is Over07/14/2008
RhemaExhortationNo Disease Formed Against You Shall Prosper07/12/2008
ConfirmationComfortWallowing In God07/11/2008
HeardWarfareAccept Medicine But Use Spiritual Authority07/07/2008
Word To PonderUnderstandingCrushing Times07/05/2008
PixExhortationWhat You Say, Stay Positive07/04/2008
HeardWisdomGraduating To Self Control07/04/2008
ExperienceEncouragementDistress Call07/04/2008
RhemaEncouragementTo Mellow Out A Hard Heart07/02/2008
HeardWisdomSending God's Word07/02/2008
TeachingWisdomTips On Building Healthy Communications06/29/2008
VisionWarningStop Fighting In My Family06/27/2008
Dark SpeechExhortationFathers Commission Your Sons06/27/2008
VisionHopeCommunion For Healing06/26/2008
HeardExhortationNo More Stubborn Mule Face To Face Correction06/25/2008
RhemaComfortThe Ones Who Lay Down Their Lives For One Another06/24/2008
ParableUnderstandingTo Decree, A New Way Of Thinking06/18/2008
ConfirmationUnderstandingThree Tests Spirit, Soul And Body06/17/2008
HeardAdmonitionObedience Through Suffering06/17/2008
DreamWisdomKeep Your Gifts Humbly With Discretion06/17/2008
RevelationUnderstandingFirst The Natural, Then The Spiritual06/15/2008
HeardUnderstandingReflections Young Feet, Old Feet, His Feet06/14/2008
VisionExhortationPlease Dont Run Away06/14/2008
Word O GramWisdomTeam06/12/2008
VisionHopeSet Apart To Listen And Filter06/12/2008
Quote Paul Keith DavisUnderstandingThe Cost Of Intercessory Sacrifice06/11/2008
Word To PonderUnderstandingEmpty Cup06/11/2008
PixComfortIrrevocable Covenant Rebuked, But Not Forsaken06/10/2008
DreamAdmonitionDon't Gamble Your Conscience In Your Free Time06/10/2008
TestimonyWarningTo Call On The Name Of The Lord06/05/2008
VisionHopeWhat You Measure Out Is Multiplied06/04/2008
HeardEncouragementBreakthroughs By Character06/04/2008
RhemaExhortationTrained And Yoked For Authority06/03/2008
RhemaExhortationKeep Your Eyes Without Defilement06/03/2008
GraphicInspirationRelease My Light06/02/2008
ParableEncouragementLay Our Headie Down05/28/2008
ExperienceWarningAlarming Lessons05/28/2008
RhemaEncouragementLife In My Blood05/25/2008
RhemaComfortParable Hidden In Christ Jesus05/16/2008
Word O GramWisdomThe Power Of The Tongue05/11/2008
RhemaHopeTired? New Beginnings To Reconstruct All05/08/2008
RhemaExhortationYour Footsteps My Word Deeply Imprints05/06/2008
RhemaExhortationBalance And Discipline In Keeping Watch05/06/2008
Word O GramWisdomFire Of God05/05/2008
Word To PonderUnderstandingDeep Rest And Removing Scars05/05/2008
RhemaExhortationScars Of The Past Miracles Begin In The Heart05/04/2008
RhemaProphesyMy Glory Realm And Ministers Of Fire05/03/2008
ConfirmationProphesyBattle Hymn05/03/2008
RhemaProphesyFresh Oil Of Grace And Glory On God's Shield05/01/2008
RhemaProphesyTestimonies Advancing04/30/2008
RhemaProphesyMy Kingdom On Earth; Take Your Land04/29/2008
RhemaExhortationSpecial Words? My Anointing Breaks The Yoke04/28/2008
PixSeasonNot Time To Build, Time To Seek Him04/26/2008
RhemaExhortationNo Demonic Weapon Against You Shall Prosper04/26/2008
RhemaUnderstandingFaith And Layers Of Breakthrough04/24/2008
RhemaHopeTest Results Are In Peaceful And Enlarged Borders Ahead04/20/2008
DefinitionUnderstandingPromises To Those Who Are Meek04/19/2008
RhemaUnderstandingAbout Crossing Over04/19/2008
SongExhortationOvercome With Praise04/18/2008
RhemaProphesy11th Hour Rhema04/16/2008
RhemaExhortationTo Straighten Your Path04/14/2008
RhemaInvitationLearn To Prophesy What You Pray04/13/2008
VisionEncouragementGrace Yourselves04/12/2008
VisionSeasonArk Advancing Via Copious Sacrifice04/11/2008
Quickened MovieComfortWe Can Do Nothing Apart From Him04/09/2008
RhemaExhortationAbandoning The Old Shell04/07/2008
VisionUnderstandingSkimming Off The Dross04/06/2008
PixProphesyRedeeming Lost Generational Gifts04/06/2008
PixProphesyMy Sons, The Peacemakers Will Rule In Peace04/06/2008
Quote Bob JonesProphesyGenerations04/06/2008
RhemaComfortFinding Balance Among People Problems04/05/2008
PixEncouragementThe Gift Of Giving Only One Source Of Life04/04/2008
Word To PonderUnderstandingReal Change04/03/2008
Quote Paul Keith DavisUnderstandingThe Lord Built The Fire04/02/2008
DreamEncouragementPromises Stretching Between Heaven And Earth04/02/2008
Word O GramWisdomWhat Is Courage04/01/2008
TestimonyExhortationSermon Rejoice; In Everything Say Thank You03/31/2008
ExperienceWisdomProphetic Experience Balance Your Words Towards Life03/28/2008
VisionEncouragementDay Of Deliverance Hope Arrives!03/28/2008
Word To PonderUnderstandingSowing Into The Internet03/27/2008
TeachingUnderstandingHow To Break Through And Hear God Speak03/27/2008
Eye GlanceEncouragementAnswer To Prayer03/27/2008
TeachingWisdomKnocking On Closed Doors03/26/2008
RhemaComfortDeath To Self Talk03/25/2008
ParableWisdomSimplify Your Resources03/23/2008
VisionExhortationPressing Forward03/23/2008
Quote Bobby Conner & Paul Keith DavisProphesyRestoring The Mantles From The Past03/21/2008
RhemaWisdomLearning From Mistakes03/21/2008
RhemaUnderstandingGenerals Forging History03/21/2008
VisionHopeDigging Deep For Oil And Power03/20/2008
VisionExhortationMoving You - Believe The Prophets And You Shall Prosper03/19/2008
ConfirmationComfortHe Fills Our Mouths: The Best Of The Best03/18/2008
RhemaWisdomFinding Liberty In Your Friendships03/17/2008
Word To PonderUnderstandingSalt Preserves, Return To Prayer03/15/2008
RhemaExhortationHow To Restore Church Power03/14/2008
VisionComfortThe Sacrifices In Being Transformed03/13/2008
RevelationExhortationThe Waves Move Me Higher03/12/2008
DreamHopeRepairing The Cracks03/12/2008
RhemaExhortationDeliverance From Tares & Snares03/11/2008
RhemaComfortMelted In A Pool Of Gold03/10/2008
Word O GramWisdomHoly Distraction03/09/2008
PoetryIntercessionDream And Poem In Billowing Waves I Found You03/09/2008
RhemaComfortWitness Protection Program03/05/2008
Word O GramWisdomWitness Protection Program03/05/2008
VisionHopeBringing Our Children Into The Fold03/05/2008
RhemaExhortationShoring Up My Teams03/04/2008
VisionEncouragementInto The Heart Of My Hidden Treasure03/02/2008
ParableHopeHeaded Towards The Intimacy Of Direct Speech03/01/2008
ParableHopeGot Wheels Moving You03/01/2008
RhemaUnderstandingBuilding Puzzles Through Riddled Speech03/01/2008
RhemaProphesyBurden Bearers Growing A Big Wealthy Baby02/29/2008
SignUnderstandingA Second Chance to Start Over02/29/2008
RhemaUnderstandingTrue Repentance02/28/2008
ParableSeasonMoving Forward After A Delay02/27/2008
RhemaUnderstandingFreedom To Speak If You Wish02/27/2008
PoetryIntercessionThe Earnest War Of Intercession02/26/2008
Word To PonderUnderstandingPeace The Switch Is Either On Or Off02/26/2008
Word O GramWisdomSimple Concerning Evil02/25/2008
VisionInvitationTurn Towards The Light02/24/2008
Quickened AdvertisementAdmonitionMaking The Best Choice In A World Of Choices02/24/2008
PixUnderstandingAbout The Cyrus Anointing To Build02/22/2008
ExperienceEncouragementOvercoming The Dark Night Of The Soul02/21/2008
VisionInvitationRaining Marbles, Will You Play02/19/2008
DreamComfortAfter Season Of Setbacks02/19/2008
Word O GramWisdomFriendly Fire02/18/2008
Word To PonderUnderstandingTurning Your Focus Off The Devil02/16/2008
Word To PonderUnderstandingGod's Glory And Strong Meat02/16/2008
Quote Chuck PierceExhortationSeize The Moment02/14/2008
RhemaExhortationIndependence Is Not My Way -- Massive Unity Coming02/14/2008
Quickened MovieComfortThe Gail Devers Story02/13/2008
VisionUnderstandingHow To Overcome Famine For Hearing God Speak02/13/2008
VisionExhortationDon't Make Commitments You Cant Keep02/12/2008
ParableExhortationClean Sweep, Leveled The Playing Field02/12/2008
VisionHopePromises For Those Who Repair Broken Relationships02/10/2008
PixProphesyHannah & Child On Their Way To Shiloh02/07/2008
Word To PonderUnderstandingYou Have Access, Step Over Obstacles02/06/2008
PixExhortationWalk With Me Making Yourself Available02/05/2008
ParableProphesyThe Mother Lode Reward For Issachar02/05/2008
Word To PonderUnderstandingMy Peacemakers, My Advocates02/04/2008
HeardWisdomDestiny The Very Essence Of Longing02/04/2008
RevelationUnderstandingWatch And Then Pray02/03/2008
DreamProphesyUprooting The Bitter Root Of A Divided House02/03/2008
RhemaExhortationMaking Room For One Another And For The Holy Spirit02/01/2008
RhemaExhortationOvercome Soul Power And Head Knowledge01/31/2008
RhemaExhortationStand In The Breaches With Mercy And Love01/30/2008
VisionExhortationPersonal Attention Depends On Pride01/30/2008
DreamUnderstandingDropping Out Of Classes01/29/2008
RhemaExhortationWhat Is An Overcomer; The Courage To Walk In Forgiveness01/28/2008
SignUnderstandingSign Our Sins Thoroughly Covered01/28/2008
TeachingIntercessionThe Cost Of Grieving The Holy Spirit01/27/2008
DreamWarningWarning To Not Be Unequally Yoked01/20/2008
RhemaHopeWaiting For Runaway Children To Return01/20/2008
SignInvitationThe Blood Of Jesus Over Our Eyes01/20/2008
PrayerIntercessionIntercessors Grieving Those Who Watch Over Your Souls01/20/2008
TestimonyEncouragementGod's Glory Upon Our Faces01/19/2008
VisionEncouragementIn The Bubble - Nothing Passes Through Without His Permission01/18/2008
HeardProphesyI Will Not Break My Covenant With You01/18/2008
Word O GramWisdomExonerated01/17/2008
RhemaExhortationGrowing Up Into Clarity01/15/2008
HeardEncouragementStewardship In Supply And Demand01/14/2008
PixHopeA New Chapter Away From Mindsets01/14/2008
Word To PonderUnderstandingGrowing Up Past A Wounded Soul01/13/2008
Quote Bob JonesProphesyTo The 3rd Heaven01/12/2008
Word To PonderUnderstandingWhy Didn't I Tell You01/11/2008
Word O GramWisdomSet In Place01/11/2008
VisionWisdomHow Long Was Jesus On The Cross01/11/2008
VisionUnderstandingGod's Purpose For The Shaking01/10/2008
PoetryInspirationWhat Am I01/09/2008
PrayerIntercessionBeloved Jacob's Name Change01/09/2008
VisionProphesyKnocking For A Commitment01/08/2008
PoetryInspirationThe Cave Of Isolation01/06/2008
AllegoryInspirationGod And My Box Of Crayons01/06/2008
AllegoryInspirationThe Mirror - A Reflection Of How To Love01/05/2008
RhemaExhortationIt Takes Two Watch And Pray01/05/2008
VisionWarningAccountable For What You Say01/05/2008
PoetryInspirationTransparent Words01/04/2008
TeachingWisdomDirect Speech Or Subtle Speech Depends On Us01/04/2008
TeachingUnderstandingExtracting Bitter Roots01/03/2008
DreamExhortationClosing Our Doors To Strong Meat01/03/2008
Quote Joel OsteenWisdomSometimes You Have Got To Get Out Of The Pot12/31/2007
PixExhortationGrafted Together, Don't Separate12/31/2007
RhemaComfortBroken Intercessors And The Climax Of Intercessions12/30/2007
Word To PonderUnderstandingWarning, Jacob Stop Heal Gripping12/29/2007
VisionUnderstandingFace To Face With Emotions12/27/2007
Word To PonderUnderstandingChildhood Into Manhood Still With Simplicity12/25/2007
Word To PonderUnderstandingTo Strengthen You After Burn Out12/24/2007
DreamInvitationMoving Old Warriors To Watch & Reign12/23/2007
PixExhortationFind Expression And Answers12/22/2007
RhemaAdmonitionSatisfaction Not When, But How12/21/2007
HeardExhortationWith Deliberation Overcome Evil12/20/2007
Word To PonderUnderstandingTaking A Closer Look12/19/2007
PixWarningWork Overload Affects Faith12/18/2007
RhemaProphesyAlliances To Sow The Internet12/18/2007
VisionProphesyVeil Of Shame Removed And God's Hand Of Power Exposed12/16/2007
TeachingUnderstandingSeeing With The Eyes Of Your Heart12/16/2007
ParableComfortMourning Stripped Away12/16/2007
PrayerIntercessionCutting Down Codependency12/13/2007
RhemaWisdomFaith Limits Our Level Of Hearing12/12/2007
ParableEncouragementThe Parable Of My Turkey Wrap!!12/11/2007
VisionProphesyA 2nd Chance And The Last Day Rain Of His Presence12/11/2007
Word To PonderUnderstandingThe Mind Of Christ Knows Your Answers12/10/2007
VisionWisdomSpy In The 2nd Heaven12/07/2007
SignWarningBumper Sticker Alliances: Opportunities Test Motives And Commitment12/07/2007
InterpretationWisdomA Balance Of Admonition And Affirmation12/07/2007
Word To PonderUnderstandingRuling Over Your Own Spirit12/06/2007
RhemaComfortSoothing Us With His Warm Fire12/05/2007
Word To PonderUnderstandingBecause You Laid Down Isaac12/05/2007
ConfirmationHopeSettled And Reorganized12/04/2007
TestimonyAdmonitionReader's Experience Speaking Clean Words12/04/2007
ExperienceEncouragementMystery In Tongues Baby Dedication And Surprise!12/02/2007
TeachingUnderstandingUnderstanding Divine Tensions When Sharing Our Faith With Those We Love11/29/2007
ParableIntercessionPrayer Over Broken Links11/28/2007
TestimonyHopeReconciliation Releasing Chains Of The Past11/26/2007
Reader QuestionUnderstandingReaping What We Sow: The Lord Of The Harvest11/26/2007
RevelationExhortationSeasons Changes From Knocking To Ringing11/25/2007
ScriptureUnderstandingOne Mind In The Mind Of Christ11/24/2007
Word To PonderUnderstandingManifested Heart11/24/2007
TeachingEncouragementMy Good Pleasure11/23/2007
ScriptureUnderstandingMy Word Is Tried 7 Fold Times11/22/2007
ParableEncouragementStrength Training11/20/2007
ScriptureUnderstandingShake Off The Demonic11/18/2007
ScriptureEncouragementTrust Him And Remain Steadfast Because He Is Steadfast11/16/2007
ParableHopeSmile, God Calling11/16/2007
Word To PonderUnderstandingBuild Bridges, Not Walls11/15/2007
ParableHopeTime To Service Your Engine Soon11/13/2007
ExperienceWisdomCurb Your Passion To Fit Its Reception11/11/2007
TeachingWisdomTips On When To Minister11/09/2007
ParableExhortationThe Salt of the Earth11/09/2007
ParableEncouragementMending Parable11/09/2007
Word O GramWisdomFrench Fries11/09/2007
Word O GramWisdomFree To Move11/08/2007
RhemaExhortationAcquitted! Overcome Hesitation11/08/2007
PixExhortationHe Stirs Our Hearts To Speak11/04/2007
SignEncouragementBed Shaking11/04/2007
VisionProphesyAngel Of Deliverance11/04/2007
VisionExhortationNew Lens11/03/2007
ExperienceEncouragementHis Presence Floods My Home11/01/2007
Word To PonderUnderstandingIssachar's Place10/29/2007
SignHopeThe Sign Of The Dancing Leaves10/28/2007
ParableEncouragementImportunity For Bread10/28/2007
Dark SpeechWisdomHow To Raise Up A Courier Of Faith10/27/2007
ParableHumorHello This Is God Speaking10/26/2007
ParableEncouragementWhere Are You10/24/2007
RhemaEncouragementGod Don't Make No Junk10/23/2007
Word To PonderUnderstandingWalk Circumspectly10/21/2007
Quickened VideoInvitationMy Son, Return To Your Identity In Me10/18/2007
ParableInvitationTake A Second Look And Dig Deeper10/17/2007
HeardWisdomTo Have A Friend, Be Friendly10/16/2007
ExperienceWisdomLessons On Being A Doorkeeper10/15/2007
DreamExhortationEstablishing My Peace: Rise Up To Your Places Of Authority10/15/2007
RhemaExhortationTormented? Obedience Matters10/14/2007
ParableHopeSome More Please10/13/2007
DreamAdmonitionThe Strongman Of Overweight10/12/2007
TeachingWisdomRecipes For Change - Making Commitments That Last10/12/2007
Word O GramWisdomChange Me10/10/2007
ScriptureUnderstandingWord Study Let Your Goodness Pass Before Me10/06/2007
RhemaEncouragementParent's Surgery Is Keeping Your Progeny10/03/2007
ParableEncouragementMiddle Age Crisis Think Again!10/02/2007
PixExhortationIn Tribulations, Stick To Your Calling10/02/2007
Word To PonderUnderstandingDeeper Revelation And Richer Beginnings10/01/2007
VisionHopeBuilding Our Home In Heaven10/01/2007
Word To PonderUnderstandingTeach My Word From A Pure Heart09/30/2007
PoetryProphesyTime To Make A Decision09/28/2007
PixExhortationGo For It With Everything You Have09/26/2007
RhemaExhortationAlliances Stay Put, I Will Back You09/25/2007
Day of AtonementUnderstandingSage Green And Jesse's Rod Is Growing Up09/23/2007
VisionHopeRedeemed From Feeling Disqualified09/22/2007
Word PunWisdomThe Price Is Right09/18/2007
RhemaComfortThe God Of All Comfort09/18/2007
HeardWisdomPosition Under the Spout09/15/2007
ConfirmationUnderstandingPolka Dots, Polka Dots, Lot's Of Polka Dots!09/15/2007
RevelationUnderstandingThe Elevator Pitch09/14/2007
Word To PonderUnderstandingThe Answer To Your Test09/09/2007
Word To PonderUnderstandingI Remember Every Nail09/09/2007
Word To PonderUnderstandingThe Gift To Understand09/02/2007
Word To PonderUnderstandingBlind Bartimaeus09/01/2007
InsightWisdomWhat Makes a Great Man08/31/2007
VisionEncouragementWhen You Hit An Obstacle08/26/2007
ScriptureUnderstandingWord Study Quickened Greek Definition08/22/2007
TeachingWisdomAbout Deliverance And Addictions08/22/2007
PoetryInspirationBe Still Weary Soul08/21/2007
RhemaProphesyCloth The Children With God08/20/2007
ParableUnderstandingUnity Shakes The Ground08/18/2007
Word To PonderUnderstandingNo Pressure08/17/2007
PixEncouragementPointed In One Direction08/16/2007
TeachingWisdomRevelation: The Piercing Of Mary's Soul To Separate It Unto God08/14/2007
VisionProphesyDoor Is Opening To Resurrection Power08/12/2007
Word To PonderUnderstandingA Canopy Of My Rest08/12/2007
VisionComfortUnder His Wings08/11/2007
Word O GramWisdomFaithful And True08/10/2007
StoryInvitationThe Choice Is Yours To Move Out Of The Cave08/07/2007
Word To PonderUnderstandingTemptations Are Challenges08/05/2007
TestimonyEncouragementGod's Word In The Cereal Bowl08/05/2007
Word To PonderUnderstandingLessons From The Bridge08/02/2007
ParableAdmonitionThe Truth About The Harvest07/30/2007
VisionExhortationStay In Jesus' Pathway Of Truth07/29/2007
Word To PonderUnderstandingTriumphant Teams, Stick Together!07/28/2007
VisionAdmonitionSifted Like Wheat07/28/2007
TeachingUnderstandingWho Do You Say I Am07/27/2007
PoetryIntercessionStrivings Forgiven: Case Is Closed07/25/2007
Word To PonderUnderstandingFlee Temptation07/15/2007
Word O GramWisdomFreedom07/14/2007
PrayerIntercessionFanning The Flames Of Desperation07/14/2007
GestureProphesySpirit Of Might07/11/2007
VisionEncouragementFaithful Mothers Of The Year07/11/2007
Word To PonderUnderstandingCheck Your Passion Barometer07/10/2007
RhemaEncouragementHeaven Witnesses And Prays07/09/2007
Word PunWarningRepent Of Porn07/07/2007
ParableExhortationKeep Your Pipes Clear And Clean07/02/2007
Trance VisionComfortTo Shine Like Stars In The Night Sky07/01/2007
VisionIntercessionStanding In The Breach Of The "Fault" Line07/01/2007
RhemaEncouragementI Am Establishing You07/01/2007
RevelationHopeIntimacy And The Work Place06/29/2007
VisionExhortationUprooting The Stronghold Of Distraction Over Loved Ones06/26/2007
Word O GramWisdomMercy And Truth06/26/2007
RevelationProphesyThe Benjamin Generation06/23/2007
RhemaHopePreserved In Mid Life And Older06/23/2007
VisionExhortationArise And Wash Your Face06/23/2007
TeachingWisdomTeachings On Forgiveness06/22/2007
RhemaEncouragementShowing Your Face06/21/2007
VisionAdmonitionLove Covers, Love Heals06/17/2007
VisionExhortationCovering The Waste06/16/2007
PrayerIntercessionUse Your Authority Over Bird Flu06/15/2007
TeachingWisdomWhat To Do About Judgment06/12/2007
Word To PonderUnderstandingTaking The Veil Away To Expose The Truth06/09/2007
Word To PonderUnderstandingSpeak The Truth And Be Set Free06/05/2007
HeardProphesyLiving Stones, Living Sons06/02/2007
TeachingUnderstandingRestoration Of All Things - The Truth About Healing06/01/2007
Word To PonderUnderstandingTraining Or Crossing Over05/27/2007
HeardProphesyAll Will Be Healed When We Take The Land05/27/2007
Word O GramWisdomWhat is Presumption05/23/2007
RhemaAdmonitionTroops To Eradicate Demonic From The Porthole05/22/2007
ParableWarningParable Pay Attention And Stick To Scripture05/21/2007
RhemaComfortIsolation Eradicated05/21/2007
HeardProphesy3 Witnesses: The Glory Of God Returns March 1105/20/2007
PrayerHopeRock Of Offense Has A Diamond Inside05/19/2007
PrayerIntercessionKeep The Children05/18/2007
VisitationUnderstandingA Brief Background About Sandy Warner05/18/2007
HeardAdmonitionDo Not Compromise A Committed Gospel05/17/2007
HeardWisdomYou Are Validated By Me05/16/2007
Word To PonderUnderstandingMy Rod Of Correction Upon Slander & Strife Of Tongues05/16/2007
HeardExhortationMoving You Quickly Through The Door05/16/2007
DreamEncouragementEach Man Must Face His Own Besor05/16/2007
HeardExhortationRapid Advance And Change05/15/2007
Word To PonderUnderstandingGodly Sorrow05/13/2007
PoetryInspirationFirst Fruits Prototype05/13/2007
PrayerIntercessionThe Break Anointing Through Tenacity And Unity05/12/2007
PrayerIntercessionThe Key Is In The Door Of Favor05/11/2007
HeardHopeThe Man Who Knows How To Throw A Party05/09/2007
TestimonyEncouragementWhat's It Going To Cost05/07/2007
RhemaExhortationOne Army Joining Among The Nations05/05/2007
PixHopeLearning The Language Of A New Anointing05/05/2007
PrayerIntercessionAll For One & One For All05/05/2007
Word To PonderUnderstandingRise Up, My Purpose For You Will Not Fail05/02/2007
Quote Bobby ConnerProphesyA Period of Time Called Until05/02/2007
Quote Fuchsia PickettWisdomVision Of Removing A Demon05/01/2007
Quote Fuchsia PickettWisdomVision Of David And Goliath05/01/2007
Word To PonderUnderstandingTo Feel Again; Hearts Of Flesh05/01/2007
TeachingWisdomDivine Exchange Between Prudence And Passion05/01/2007
ParableEncouragementLiving Parable Of Faithful Watchmen04/29/2007
ParableEncouragementLiving Parable of a Watchman04/29/2007
Word O GramWisdomFaithfully Yours04/29/2007
Divine TimingHopeJames Be Done04/27/2007
TeachingUnderstandingDeath To Self And The 5 Stages Of Grieving04/27/2007
Word To PonderUnderstandingSlaying Goliath, Your Soul Giant04/26/2007
Word To PonderUnderstandingRewards For Obedience04/25/2007
Word To PonderUnderstandingFoundations Will Be Rebuilt04/25/2007
Opened EarsProphesyOn The Other Side Of Band-Aids And Barnacles04/24/2007
Word To PonderUnderstandingProtecting Your Children04/23/2007
SignAdmonitionListening To God's Tangible Signs04/23/2007
TestimonyExhortationGuard Your Heart04/23/2007
TeachingWisdomHow To Rebuild Trust04/22/2007
RhemaExhortationMove Into Your Increase04/18/2007
Word O GramWisdomGrace04/18/2007
Reader QuestionUnderstandingSealed And Protected04/17/2007
Quote Heidi BakerExhortationRelease The Sons04/17/2007
ParableEncouragementNot To Be Disappointed When Waiting On God04/14/2007
PrayerIntercessionBreaking The Demonic Strongholds Of The Mind04/14/2007
VisionWarfareKeep The Demons Out04/13/2007
RhemaEncouragementHealing Through Eating & Obeying His Word04/12/2007
VisionUnderstandingSent With Intercessory Seeds04/11/2007
VisionExhortationAdvancing Into Possessions04/09/2007
Word O GramWisdomAbundant Life04/09/2007
RhemaExhortationThe Puzzling Maze04/08/2007
Word To PonderUnderstandingAs You Change, So Do Your Children04/08/2007
Word To PonderUnderstandingShedding Parental Control04/06/2007
HeardWisdomOvercoming Battle Wounds Of Abuse04/04/2007
VisionHopeShip Of Benefits On The Move04/03/2007
Word O GramWisdomReasonable Sacrifice04/03/2007
Reader QuestionUnderstandingSoul Power Vs Thy Kingdom Come04/02/2007
Quote Rick JoynerWisdomInvesting Into A Life04/02/2007
HeardEncouragementMoving Away From The Accuser Trial04/01/2007
Word To PonderUnderstandingBirthing The Tangible Substance Of Faith03/31/2007
Word To PonderUnderstandingWalk Away From The Bricks Of Yesterday03/30/2007
Word To PonderUnderstandingOvercoming Despair03/30/2007
Word To PonderUnderstandingRecluse No More Stuffing03/29/2007
Word O GramWisdomKindness03/29/2007
PixHopeRepairing The Body03/25/2007
HeardExhortationStanding In The Gap For Unity03/24/2007
PixExhortationGetting Past Trauma To Participate In Your Own Miracle03/24/2007
TeachingWisdomTips On Sharing Your Testimony03/19/2007
Word To PonderUnderstandingWisdom In Prophesying03/18/2007
RhemaEncouragementTeam Word: Training Wheels!03/16/2007
Word To PonderUnderstandingLong Stemmed Longevity03/16/2007
HeardHopeTo Laugh Once Again03/15/2007
HeardHopeSorrow Turning Laughter03/15/2007
VisionWisdomParents And Children Grafted Together03/15/2007
ConfirmationEncouragementIn The Pits03/14/2007
HeardEncouragementThank You For Listening03/13/2007
VisionExhortationStart Every Day With Water03/12/2007
RhemaComfortI Am Not Mad At You03/11/2007
RhemaHopeClarifying The Details03/10/2007
Quickened MovieExhortationThe Infrastructure Of Winning A War With Words03/09/2007
Word To PonderUnderstandingApproved With Favor And Increase03/08/2007
RevelationUnderstandingMysteries In Hearing03/03/2007
RhemaExhortationCatch The Runaway Cat03/03/2007
HeardHopeRelease The Log Jam03/02/2007
RhemaHopeWe Will Rebuild03/01/2007
Word O GramWisdomJourney Or Destiny02/28/2007
RhemaEncouragementWhere You Walk The Ground Shakes02/27/2007
PoetryIntercessionIn The Womb Of The Morning02/26/2007
RhemaUnderstandingGold From Heaven02/22/2007
VisionEncouragementThe King's Treasures02/21/2007
VisionExhortationWall Of Living Light Vs The Gravitational Dark Pit02/19/2007
Word To PonderUnderstandingRescuing My Sons02/18/2007
Reader QuestionWisdomHow Not To Be Left Behind02/17/2007
ExperienceWisdomGlorying In The Supernatural Experiences02/17/2007
ConfirmationHumorOvercoming Insecurity02/16/2007
RhemaAdmonitionDoing Nothing02/16/2007
TeachingUnderstandingCircumcision Of The Soul02/16/2007
PoetryInspirationI Am Joy02/15/2007
InsightWisdomOvercoming Responses To Old Abusive Ruts02/12/2007
Word To PonderUnderstandingNegative Faith02/12/2007
VisionIntercessionClimaxes In The Laodicean Church02/08/2007
TestimonyProphesyBob Jones' Testimony August 8, 1975 Death Experience02/08/2007
VisionProphesyClear Out - A Radical Move In A Change Of Season02/07/2007
VisionExhortationRise Up Out Of The Mud02/06/2007
Word To PonderUnderstandingThe Right Way02/05/2007
ParableWisdomLess is More02/05/2007
Word To PonderUnderstandingDont Let Your Failures Be Your Mirror02/05/2007
VisionComfortJesus Our Compassionate Intercessor02/03/2007
PrayerIntercessionGet Ready For The Lion Of Judah To Roar02/03/2007
Word O GramWisdomWhat Is Valiant01/31/2007
HeardExhortationThey are Exactly Who You Say They Are01/30/2007
Trance VisionHopeTrumpeters: Life Overtakes Death01/26/2007
RhemaExhortationNo More Tail Spins01/23/2007
Word To PonderUnderstandingDebugging Your Emotions01/23/2007
RhemaAdmonitionFeast Or Famine01/20/2007
RhemaHopeReturning Home To Yellow Ribbons01/19/2007
DreamExhortationWatchman What Are Your Boundaries01/18/2007
Word O GramWisdomTo Forgive01/18/2007
Word To PonderUnderstandingAbused Souls01/18/2007
PoetryProphesyGo Forth Oh Sons Of Dove!01/14/2007
Quote Rick JoynerWisdomRepentance And Transparency: The Restoration Process01/13/2007
Word To PonderUnderstandingPrescribed Times Of Meeting Me01/13/2007
Word To PonderUnderstandingAsking Me Difficult Questions01/13/2007
Trance VisionProphesyThe Second Wind Is Coming01/12/2007
PrayerIntercessionOvercoming Covet01/10/2007
PoetryProphesyCircumcision Of The Soul01/10/2007
TestimonyComfortAdopting One Another01/09/2007
WisdomWisdomBalance Scales to Justice01/07/2007
RhemaComfortWhen Your Support System Crumbles01/06/2007
ParableExhortationMaking The Lord Our Source01/05/2007
RhemaExhortationDeeper Into God01/05/2007
Word To PonderUnderstandingPray, Commit, Move. Pray, Commit, Move.01/04/2007
Word To PonderUnderstandingGet Off The Teeter Totter01/04/2007
Word O GramWisdomWhat Is Wisdom01/02/2007
RhemaIntercessionRemember Peter01/02/2007
Word O GramWisdomWhat is Meekness01/01/2007
Word To PonderUnderstandingThe Letter "J" In Honor Of My Son In 200701/01/2007
Quote Bob JonesProphesy2007 Is Brighter Than You Expect01/01/2007
Word O GramWisdomGroaning Over The Orphans12/29/2006
Word O GramWisdomListen and Learn12/26/2006
RevelationExhortationRestoring The Light12/24/2006
PixComfortTouching Suffering Souls12/21/2006
Word O GramWisdomI Carried You12/21/2006
Word To PonderUnderstandingHaving Lost Your Self Respect12/15/2006
Word O GramWisdomSeek Him12/14/2006
Word O GramWisdomHuman Comfort12/13/2006
Word O GramWisdomHopeful12/13/2006
Word To PonderUnderstandingYour Worth Is Not In The Natural12/09/2006
ConfirmationExhortationThe Labor of Obedience12/09/2006
Word To PonderUnderstandingPressing Through To Exercise Godliness12/09/2006
Word To PonderUnderstandingPointing The Way Through The Fog12/09/2006
ConfirmationUnderstandingOvercoming the Fog12/09/2006
HeardComfortHaving Said All, Rest12/06/2006
HeardExhortationPicking Up The Mantle Of Faith12/03/2006
Word To PonderUnderstandingA Drink Offering12/02/2006
VisionEncouragementThe Glass City12/01/2006
TeachingUnderstandingThe Baptism of the Holy Spirit11/25/2006
Trance VisionComfortTears Opening The Heavens11/13/2006
PixExhortationCorrected For Better Choices11/13/2006
Word To PonderUnderstandingWalk Into Your New Place11/12/2006
PrayerIntercessionIntercession Over David And Michal11/12/2006
VisionHopeMantles Won And Waiting Redeemed Relationships And Marriages11/10/2006
TeachingUnderstandingThe Calling of Mordecai11/07/2006
TeachingUnderstandingRevelation Establishing His Word Through 2 Or 3 Witnesses11/07/2006
PrayerIntercessionPrayer Over America11/06/2006
ParableExhortationHumble Yourself11/06/2006
Word To PonderUnderstandingA New Spiritual DNA Blend For The Next Generation11/06/2006
SongExhortationGod Hardens and Softens Hearts11/05/2006
VisionUnderstandingRevealing His Purpose11/04/2006
VisionUnderstandingAbout Revelation11/04/2006
Word To PonderUnderstandingTo Knock And To Open11/02/2006
HeardExhortationOvercome Shame11/02/2006
TeachingUnderstandingWho Is The Holy Spirit11/01/2006
RhemaComfortResting Prayer, Resting Faith11/01/2006
PoetryIntercessionCalling Forth Faith10/27/2006
Word To PonderUnderstandingDysfunctional Team Work10/25/2006
Word To PonderUnderstandingRead The Signs10/22/2006
Word O GramWisdomCome Boldly10/22/2006
RhemaUnderstandingChannels And Pressures10/21/2006
Word PunInvitationHow Big Do You Want10/14/2006
Word O GramWisdomWhat Is Confidence10/13/2006
PixExhortationWe Need To Open Our Purse10/13/2006
PixUnderstandingThe Regions Are Pre-Determined By God10/13/2006
Word To PonderUnderstandingThe Liberality Of My Loving Kindness10/13/2006
TeachingWisdomRevelation, How To Occupy - Stretch Or Enlarge10/13/2006
Word O GramWisdomOvercoming Hopelessness10/13/2006
ConfirmationUnderstandingHis Loving Kindness10/13/2006
VisionHopeTaken To A New Place10/10/2006
Word To PonderUnderstandingWhen Your Hand Is Stayed From Giving10/06/2006
ParableWisdomUnder The Spout10/06/2006
VisionComfortA Tear Drop Inside The Cave10/04/2006
Word To PonderUnderstandingShame Is Holding Peter At Arm's Distance10/03/2006
Day of AtonementProphesy2007 and Beyond10/02/2006
Word To PonderUnderstandingUpholding Your Faith10/01/2006
DreamComfortMy Bride The Red Rose Of Sacrifice10/01/2006
Quote Bob JonesWarningWarning Against Lying Spirit09/30/2006
Word To PonderUnderstandingCrossing The Boundary With Strange Fire09/29/2006
Word To PonderUnderstandingBroken Hearts Of Stone09/27/2006
TeachingWisdom7 Pillars Of A Living Intercessor09/25/2006
TeachingUnderstandingRestoring The Doorkeeper09/23/2006
Word To PonderUnderstandingAngelic Whirlwinds09/15/2006
Word To PonderUnderstandingAn Advocate's Fierce Grip Of Faith09/15/2006
Word To PonderUnderstandingBreaking Codependent Addictions09/11/2006
DreamExhortationConflicts In Commitment09/09/2006
Word To PonderUnderstandingLet The Wild Horses Run, They Will Return09/07/2006
Word To PonderUnderstandingReaching You In Silence09/04/2006
Word To PonderUnderstandingDon't Carry Them Anymore09/04/2006
Word To PonderUnderstandingIn Danger Of A Landslide08/30/2006
VisionProphesyApostolic Faith And Ordinary Men08/26/2006
Word To PonderUnderstandingMaturity Is Being Responsible For Your Actions08/25/2006
Word To PonderUnderstandingI AM Caring For You08/25/2006
PixUnderstandingThe Black Olives08/15/2006
DreamWarningWarning, Overspending08/13/2006
DreamExhortationWashing the Thought Life08/12/2006
Word To PonderUnderstandingThe Weight Of Your Journey08/11/2006
RhemaProphesyThe Last Day Joel 2 Rain08/10/2006
Word To PonderUnderstandingI Thought Of You 2,000 Years Ago08/08/2006
PoetryWisdomUnderstanding a Bridge that Lasts07/29/2006
HeardExhortationThe Great Commission07/13/2006
Quote John Paul JacksonUnderstandingDefinition of Seers07/13/2006
RhemaAdmonitionClose the Door to Counterfeit07/10/2006
VisionProphesyTommy Hicks Last Day Vision07/08/2006
HeardEncouragementShoes of Peace07/08/2006
Opened EarsAdmonitionMore of Him Less of Me07/04/2006
VisionWarningJesus Cleanses the Marriage Beds07/04/2006
RhemaExhortationWashing in the Fear of the Lord07/01/2006
PixExhortationMoving Into the Fear of the Lord06/15/2006
ExperienceEncouragementBrain Dance06/11/2006
ExperienceEncouragementAnointed IPod06/11/2006
TestimonyHumorAbout Those Scales06/05/2006
SongExhortationPack Separate and Move06/03/2006
Quickened MovieComfortWhen You Face a Closed Door06/01/2006
Word O GramWisdomWhat is Worry06/01/2006
Word O GramWisdomTo Withdraw Or Connect06/01/2006
PixHumorGet Plugged In05/25/2006
ExperienceHopeJoy Bubbles in the Hammock05/24/2006
TeachingWisdomBoundaries for Safe Prophesying05/19/2006
ConfirmationExhortationOn Your Knees05/14/2006
Quote Bob JonesWisdomAbout Entering In05/07/2006
Quote Bob JonesUnderstandingThe Fruit of the Spirit05/06/2006
TestimonyEncouragementUp and Down and All Around05/05/2006
ScriptureUnderstandingThe Sovereignty of God in Scripture04/28/2006
RhemaUnderstandingGeese Intercessors Migration04/22/2006
PixExhortationMaturity Comes Through Consecrated Eye Gates04/08/2006
QuoteProphesyHeal The Steel04/08/2006
ExperienceUnderstandingHelping Hands, Learning to be a Servant04/05/2006
VisionComfortBearing One Another Up in the Lord04/01/2006
ExperienceSeasonNow is the Time03/26/2006
BlooperHumorThe Eye of the White Horse03/25/2006
ConfirmationUnderstandingHarvest This!03/25/2006
HeardEncouragementLeaning Stones03/22/2006
PixHopeOrganizing the Foundations for Increase03/21/2006
TestimonyHumorMonkey Business03/16/2006
PixEncouragementSponge Time03/11/2006
VisionExhortationDeliverance and Discernment02/16/2006
PoetryInspirationKisses From Papa02/14/2006
VisionUnderstandingDeeper Perception on Angels and Truth02/13/2006
VisionEncouragementBad Hair Daze02/13/2006
VisionEncouragementThe Secret Place02/11/2006
HeardEncouragementHow I Rate You02/08/2006
HeardExhortationSpeak Boldly02/07/2006
VisionComfortKisses From Papa02/03/2006
VisionHopeOil of Gladness02/02/2006
HeardHopeIts Beginning to Rain02/01/2006
PixComfortOh Hannah01/30/2006
HeardAdmonitionTurn Off the Sugar01/27/2006
Word to PonderUnderstandingThe Lentil Field01/24/2006
ExperienceExhortationClean Out the Bottlenecks01/17/2006
HeardUnderstandingBackup and Front Lines01/14/2006
HeardUnderstandingThe Gift of Faith01/10/2006
VisionExhortationWhere Are You Headed?01/08/2006
PixInvitationHelping Hands01/06/2006
ParableEncouragementThe Parable of the Flame01/01/2006
HeardHopeHe is Paying Attention to Our Prayers12/21/2005
PixEncouragementI Watch Over Every Detail12/18/2005
Word O GramWisdomWhat is Fellowship12/17/2005
RhemaExhortationOvercoming Famine of Hearing12/13/2005
TeachingUnderstandingDemonic Names and Families11/28/2005
DreamHopeRedeemed From the Floods and Rebuilding11/27/2005
VisionExhortationThe Most Powerful Place11/26/2005
ConfirmationAdmonitionFix The Mix Confirmations11/26/2005
Reader QuestionUnderstandingDeliverance And The Human Will11/19/2005
TeachingUnderstandingDiscernment Separating the Holy From the Profane11/18/2005
Quote Bob JonesWisdomLearning To Flush11/12/2005
ExperienceEncouragementPeanut Words are Precious11/11/2005
ExperienceComfortRest in Your Done11/08/2005
ExperienceAdmonitionToo Close To The Garbage11/05/2005
Day of AtonementWisdomBoundaries 2006 - Fix The Mix11/03/2005
TestimonyUnderstandingProximity And Demonic Manifestation10/29/2005
ConfirmationExhortationApron Strings10/29/2005
ParableExhortationMassive Pet Rocks10/27/2005
ExperienceHumorPure Joy in the Midst of Chaos10/23/2005
RhemaExhortationHead Over Tails10/22/2005
PoetryIntercessionDay of Atonement10/12/2005
TestimonyWisdomLessons From Demonic Distraction10/08/2005
TestimonyExhortationThe Strong Meat Of Standing10/01/2005
VisionHopeA Contract With God09/28/2005
ParableExhortationHold That Line09/24/2005
Word to PonderUnderstandingJesus Christ Our Foundation for Life09/18/2005
VisionInvitationOpen The Refrigerator Doors09/17/2005
ParableEncouragementLearning To Stand09/17/2005
ParableEncouragementThe Wedding Doves09/09/2005
RhemaExhortationAssess Your Well09/09/2005
TestimonyExhortationKatrina, Time To Move09/08/2005
TeachingWisdomNo To Binding The Freewill Of Men09/07/2005
PixExhortationLet Go Delegate09/07/2005
VisionAdmonitionOut Of Bounds09/03/2005
TeachingWisdomTormenting Demons09/01/2005
TeachingUnderstandingJesus Christ is the Way to Hear God08/31/2005
TestimonyExhortationListen To The Signs Of The Earth08/27/2005
VisionExhortationLove Your Cubs08/26/2005
ExperienceEncouragementGood Gifts08/26/2005
ParableWisdomBird Parables08/22/2005
RhemaHopeLaid An Egg, Birthed A Pearl08/20/2005
Eye GlanceEncouragementTested and Approved08/19/2005
BlooperHumorSealed For Posterity08/19/2005
ConfirmationEncouragementJust One Step08/17/2005
ConfirmationEncouragementComing Into Tenderness08/17/2005
ConfirmationUnderstandingA Week of Roosters08/17/2005
BlooperHumorOvercoming Rejection08/14/2005
Quote Kathryn KulmanComfortWorth The Cost08/13/2005
VisionExhortationOvercome The Devourer08/13/2005
ConfirmationExhortationMoving the Load08/13/2005
ConfirmationEncouragementHis Jewels08/13/2005
BlooperHumorThose 2 Bites08/11/2005
Eye GlanceEncouragementThink Outside the Box08/11/2005
RevelationComfortNo Matter What You Spill08/11/2005
Eye GlanceComfortEye On The Scroll Bar08/11/2005
TeachingUnderstandingAbout Prophetic Gestures08/10/2005
ExperienceUnderstandingRenewing His Furniture08/06/2005
HeardUnderstandingWhy Encrypted08/02/2005
RhemaEncouragementThe Whole Orchard, One Nut at a Time08/01/2005
ExperienceHumorOur Secretary07/27/2005
VisionEncouragementI Will Guide You With My Eye07/26/2005
VisionExhortationSet Aside For Intimacy07/16/2005
Eye GlanceHumorComplaint Department07/14/2005
RevelationWisdomMy Friends Listen07/09/2005
DreamInvitationWomen of God Step Forward07/07/2005
VisionEncouragementSeeds Sown in the Wind07/04/2005
DreamComfortTo Comfort Others07/02/2005
ExperienceComfortChildren Speak From The Heart07/02/2005
SongInvitationWhat Will You Decree06/25/2005
ExperienceEncouragementSprinkled With My Covenant Of Mercy06/25/2005
VisionComfortBeloved Feet06/21/2005
VisionInvitationLet Me06/18/2005
ParableEncouragementProvision When You Need It06/12/2005
PoetryProphesyJoshua Is Plucked From The Fire06/11/2005
TestimonyIntercessionIntercession Over The Outcast06/04/2005
VisionExhortationRe-Set Your Priorities05/31/2005
ParableEncouragementThe Burden Bearers05/28/2005
VisionWisdomYou Can Lead A Horse To Water05/24/2005
VisionComfortTime In A Bottle05/21/2005
RhemaWisdomLearn To Give Without Strife05/17/2005
VisionAdmonitionDon't Play Old Tapes05/14/2005
TestimonyExhortationUn-Stuffin' The Stuffing05/10/2005
BlooperHumorTransition: Blooper With a Promise05/09/2005
TestimonyExhortationNow Is The Time05/07/2005
ExperienceHopeCrown Restored With Open Door05/03/2005
VisionUnderstandingWrestling With Discernment04/30/2005
Opened SmellUnderstandingMelting Wax04/29/2005
RevelationEncouragementThe Stones Cry Out04/23/2005
TeachingUnderstandingExperiencing Intimacy In Fellowship04/23/2005
TeachingWisdomBuilding Lasting Friendships04/16/2005
Trance VisionIntercessionIntercession For Friendship04/09/2005
VisionWisdomRestoring The Soul Of Marriages - Pt 204/02/2005
Eye GlanceHopeTo All Who Are Bowed Down04/01/2005
VisionWisdomRestoring The Soul Of Marriages - Pt 103/26/2005
VisionEncouragementPlaying Catch Up03/19/2005
Word To PonderUnderstandingDespised Turned To Honor03/13/2005
PoetryIntercessionTo Be Planted As A Seed03/12/2005
VisionExhortationThe Power Of Agreement03/05/2005
ExperienceExhortationChange Is Now02/26/2005
GestureProphesyMarch of the Penguins02/23/2005
PoetryIntercessionWashed Clean And Holy02/19/2005
VisionExhortationThe Storms Of Life02/19/2005
RhemaExhortationTime To Grow Up And Eat Meat01/29/2005
HeardHumorGood Girl01/25/2005
RhemaExhortationWashing Of Soul Ties01/22/2005
RhemaUnderstandingThe Plowman And The Reaper01/15/2005
Eye GlanceWisdomFlushing Parable01/12/2005
VisionExhortationFeet To Our Faith01/08/2005
Divine TimingHopeNow is the Time12/25/2004
VisionExhortationLetting Go Of The Weight12/18/2004
TestimonyHumorThe Luggage Course12/11/2004
HeardEncouragementPrayer Moves Mts & Molehills12/04/2004
PoetryIntercessionIce Dancers12/02/2004
VisitationComfortThrough The Hearts Of Stone11/27/2004
PoetryWisdomTruth Will Settle Your Conscience11/24/2004
VisionHopeJeremiah's Coming Out Of The Pit11/20/2004
PoetryProphesyI Preserve My Remnant11/19/2004
PoetryProphesyRed Hot Family11/13/2004
DreamHopeUprooting The Tares - Forever Behind You11/06/2004
ExperienceIntercessionThe Pain Of Silence And The Heavens Rent10/30/2004
VisionExhortationGo Through The Gates10/23/2004
PoetryIntercessionTo Be Sent As A Seed10/21/2004
PoetryIntercessionA Harvest From Letting Go10/20/2004
PoetryWisdomOur Boundaries For Love10/17/2004
ExperienceEncouragementGoing Fishing For Identities10/16/2004
PoetryExhortationDismantling Mindsets10/16/2004
PoetryInspirationIn The Fear Of God10/12/2004
VisionInvitationOpen Door For Mentoring Between Generations10/09/2004
HeardEncouragementWarming Your Longings For Fellowship10/02/2004
Quickened AdvertisementUnderstandingExpressions Outside the Box10/01/2004
VisionExhortationPulling Down Strongholds09/27/2004
VisionEncouragementSuddenly Synchronized09/25/2004
VisionHopeSpring Forward Suddenly09/18/2004
RhemaAdmonitionDo You Need Surgery Or Favor09/11/2004
PoetryInspirationBe Still09/06/2004
VisionEncouragementWeaving In The Clouds09/04/2004
RhemaHopeCarried In Your Boat08/28/2004
Word To PonderUnderstandingWounded Or Corrected08/24/2004
TeachingExhortationOvercoming Fear08/22/2004
RhemaEncouragementPOW, Removed The Shame08/21/2004
Quote Bobby ConnerProphesyThe Butter Is Churning08/14/2004
PoetryIntercessionMy Battle Is Not Against My Brother08/14/2004
VisionHopeOne Massive Unit08/07/2004
RhemaHopeThe Door Of Yes07/31/2004
ExperienceExhortationThe Liquefied Ones07/24/2004
ExperienceEncouragementTime To Recharge The Batteries07/17/2004
Word PunHumorRecharged With Laughter07/17/2004
ExperienceEncouragementOvercoming Isolation07/10/2004
VisionEncouragementNothing Happens Without His Permission07/03/2004
TestimonyComfortTo Those He Calls Friends06/26/2004
RevelationInvitationHis Manifest Presence06/19/2004
DreamExhortationPut The "I Quit" Behind You06/12/2004
PoetryProphesyThese Are My Servants Across The World06/10/2004
PoetryIntercessionMothers Love The Power To Keep06/05/2004
TestimonyExhortationPennies From Heaven05/29/2004
ParableExhortationBe Still - The Stuck Sheep05/23/2004
TestimonyExhortationThe Garbage Disposal05/22/2004
Word To PonderUnderstandingCandid Talk05/17/2004
Word to PonderUnderstandingSigns And Wonders05/16/2004
AudibleComfortHow May I Help You05/15/2004
VisionProphesyCrossing Over05/08/2004
ParableComfortHeart Beats05/05/2004
VisionExhortationProphesy Over The White House05/01/2004
ParableProphesyTolling Of The Bells04/22/2004
VisionHopeSettling The Differences04/20/2004
TeachingHopeIt's A Matter Of Discovery04/17/2004
RevelationUnderstandingWater Finds The Lowest Spot04/08/2004
ExperienceExhortationThis Is The Way, Walk Ye In It04/06/2004
VisionInvitationAs The Deer Pants04/01/2004
DreamAdmonitionResist Compromise03/30/2004
VisionExhortationThe Way Out Of The Maze03/25/2004
TestimonyHumorThe Cally Story03/23/2004
VisionExhortationFinding Your Peace03/18/2004
DreamAdmonitionDo Not Bow To Intimidation03/16/2004
DreamWisdomHelping the Blind to See03/14/2004
VisionEncouragementResting In The Clouds03/11/2004
TestimonyExhortationThe Rat Race03/09/2004
SignExhortationGo Lightly03/04/2004
TestimonyExhortationA Parable Of Persistence03/04/2004
ExperienceWisdomThe Only Way to Win a War03/02/2004
StoryHopeDaffodil Glory03/02/2004
TestimonyEncouragementKnock, Knock, Knock, Knock02/26/2004
WisdomProphesyDoors, Doors & More Doors Doors02/24/2004
ParableUnderstandingButterfly Migration02/19/2004
Quote Bob JonesUnderstandingAscending Butterflys02/17/2004
VisionUnderstandingBloomin Butterfly02/12/2004
DreamSeasonEmerging From The Cocoon02/10/2004
HeardUnderstandingIncreasingly Transparent02/05/2004
DreamUnderstandingGrowing Antennas And Wings02/03/2004
Quote Bob JonesUnderstandingWrapped In A Cocoon01/29/2004
ParableUnderstandingMonarchs - The Egg & Caterpillar01/27/2004
ParableUnderstandingThe Parable Of The Butterfly01/22/2004
VisionComfortBroken And Frayed Hearts01/22/2004
DreamEncouragementBubble Protection01/20/2004
ParableComfortPeople Bubbles, Simple Bubbles01/15/2004
ExperienceHopePower Bubbles01/13/2004
Trance VisionComfortAngels And Joy Bubbles01/08/2004
DreamEncouragementEffervescent Bubbles01/06/2004
Trance VisionEncouragementGlory Bubbles01/01/2004
VisionInvitationSealed In His Cloud12/30/2003
VisitationProphesyPenetrated With His Cloud12/25/2003
VisitationComfortBreathing In His Presence12/23/2003
Trance VisionComfortExperiences In His Cloud12/18/2003
VisitationEncouragementThunder And Power12/16/2003
VisionUnderstandingHis Cloud Descends12/11/2003
SignComfortPerfect Faith12/09/2003
HeardExhortationRuling Faith12/04/2003
VisionExhortationOvercoming Faith12/02/2003
ParableExhortationObedience School12/01/2003
HeardExhortationRadiant Faith11/25/2003
DreamUnderstandingRock Hard Faith11/20/2003
RevelationEncouragementGift Of Faith11/18/2003
HeardUnderstandingMixed With Faith11/13/2003
RhemaUnderstandingAbout Spiritual Blindness11/13/2003
SignUnderstandingSigns Confirm Faith11/11/2003
VisionEncouragementThe Climb Of Faith11/06/2003
DreamEncouragementA Bounce in Your Step11/05/2003
PixUnderstandingTransparent Bread Canister11/04/2003
Trance VisionAdmonitionExercising Faith11/04/2003
ParableEncouragementBreakthrough Faith10/30/2003
HeardHopeGrowing Faith10/28/2003
RhemaProphesyReplanted Faith10/23/2003
Eye GlanceEncouragementTalking Rain, Sending My Teachers10/22/2003
ParableExhortationStolen Faith10/21/2003
VisionHopeDelayed Faith10/16/2003
VisionEncouragementTested Faith10/14/2003
DreamProphesyGenesis Creation10/14/2003
PixExhortationThe Bell Tower Rings10/11/2003
PixInvitationCommissioning You to Go10/11/2003
DreamProphesyLaunched From The 60 Fold Ministries10/07/2003
DreamExhortationVacation Fish10/04/2003
VisionEncouragementSafe Fish10/02/2003
DreamWisdomSchool Of Fish09/30/2003
VisionHopeHis Fish Net09/27/2003
ParableEncouragementDelights Over His Fish09/25/2003
ExperienceHumorFrom The Mouth Of A Fish09/20/2003
ParableUnderstandingUnity Among Ministries09/18/2003
VisionEncouragementAuthority In Unity09/16/2003
SongWarningOpposition To Unity09/13/2003
VisionUnderstandingCircle Of Unity09/11/2003
VisionInvitationTeam Interpretations09/09/2003
DreamWisdomSpit Out The Bones09/04/2003
VisionUnderstandingFill In The Missing Blanks09/02/2003
DreamWisdomPuzzle Pieces And The Bigger Picture08/30/2003
BlooperHumorOur Way is Marked08/27/2003
ScriptureEncouragementThoroughly Equipped08/23/2003
ConfirmationExhortationEndorsed In Ministry08/21/2003
SongEncouragementLiving Sermons08/19/2003
VisionHopePortion For Ministry08/16/2003
GestureExhortationStill Hiding08/14/2003
RhemaWisdomSent Or Spent08/12/2003
ParableAdmonitionThe One Man Band08/07/2003
ExperienceAdmonitionStriving In Ministry08/05/2003
VisionAdmonitionAgendas In Ministry08/02/2003
VisionHopeGlory In His Vault07/31/2003
DreamEncouragementWaves Of The Holy Spirit07/29/2003
HeardProphesyMasses Shall See Him in Revival07/27/2003
VisionComfortSoaking In His Presence07/26/2003
VisitationComfortTangible Virtue07/24/2003
SignExhortationFun Graphics07/23/2003
Quote Bob JonesUnderstandingTrembling In The Anointing07/22/2003
TestimonyHopeEndued With Power07/19/2003
TestimonyHopeThe Chap Stick Anointing!07/17/2003
TestimonyEncouragementImpartations Of His Gifts07/15/2003
VisionUnderstandingUnity And His Anointing07/12/2003
Quote Bob JonesWarningImportant Warnings About 220 Power07/10/2003
VisionProphesyHoney Anointing07/08/2003
VisitationProphesySupernatural 220 Voltage07/05/2003
Eye GlanceEncouragementHe Speaks Through Anointed Slider Bar07/05/2003
HeardHopeAnointing To Break Through The Shell07/03/2003
DreamProphesyEnduement To Fit07/01/2003
HeardExhortationTo Be Content06/27/2003
HeardExhortationFreedom To Minister06/26/2003
HeardProphesyCover the Earth With His Glory Through the Millennium06/26/2003
DreamHopeFreedom To Fly06/24/2003
HeardHopeFreedom Is Coming To The Light06/21/2003
SignHopeFreedom In Deliverance06/19/2003
HeardWisdomFreedom Comes From The Inside Out06/17/2003
Opened EarsExhortationFreedom Comes Through Obedience06/14/2003
HeardWisdomMaking Peace With Your Enemies06/12/2003
Quote Bob JonesAdmonitionGraduating From Religious Opinion06/10/2003
VisionHopeGraduation And Moving06/07/2003
VisionHopeGraduating To Promotion06/05/2003
VisionHopeGraduating The Army Of The Living God06/03/2003
RevelationExhortationGraduating From The Past06/02/2003
TeachingUnderstandingTongues Study05/31/2003
VisionUnderstandingEntering In Via Tongues05/29/2003
DreamUnderstandingFresh Water In The Desert05/27/2003
VisionEncouragementWalking On Water05/24/2003
VisionUnderstandingOur Spirit Man Grows05/22/2003
SongEncouragementRoom Mate05/20/2003
VisionEncouragementThe Clicker Reminder05/17/2003
TestimonyEncouragementThe Bed Clicker05/13/2003
TestimonyHopeBlooper Bread05/10/2003
VisionProphesyCome Out of Exile05/09/2003
VisionComfortLazarus' Feet05/06/2003
VisionProphesyThe Horn of David Many Sons of Glory05/04/2003
VisionHopeYour Own Shoes05/01/2003
DreamComfortA Resting Place Made For You05/01/2003
SignExhortationX Marks the Spot04/29/2003
ExperienceComfortFoot Kisses04/29/2003
SignExhortationFoot In Mouth04/26/2003
ParableExhortationFoot Darts04/24/2003
VisionEncouragementFoot Sync04/22/2003
ExperienceExhortationThe Foot Inspector04/19/2003
StoryExhortationStay Together04/17/2003
PoetryWisdomInspecting Our Foundations04/17/2003
RhemaEncouragementGoing Forth in Family Love04/17/2003
TestimonyComfortPat, Pat, Pat04/15/2003
GestureHopeNow Playing04/15/2003
WisdomWarfareMaintain Your Ground04/10/2003
ParableExhortationParable of Bagdad Falling04/09/2003
TestimonyUnderstandingOver Trained04/08/2003
VisionComfortOld Meanie04/05/2003
VisionExhortationThe Vote Of One04/03/2003
HeardComfortDespondent? I Hold Everything Together04/02/2003
VisionEncouragementHelp Lord04/01/2003
HeardUnderstandingUnderstanding Empathy03/29/2003
TestimonyEncouragementBridge Over Troubled Waters03/27/2003
SignExhortationKeep Praying03/25/2003
GraphicEncouragementSafe Cat03/22/2003
PrayerIntercessionPraying for Our Troops03/18/2003
VisionExhortationStay Safe Inside the Tabernacle03/07/2003
ParableComfortLasts a Long Time03/05/2003
DreamExhortationJC Penny Shoes02/28/2003
DreamProphesyGod Tells Secrets02/26/2003
ParableComfortLove Stories Leaving Foot Prints in the Sand02/12/2003
VisionHopeGod is Inside My Box02/06/2003
VisionProphesyThe Days of Acceleration02/05/2003
HeardEncouragementInsured for a Purpose01/31/2003
DreamWisdomFlat Fingers01/29/2003
SongExhortationTo Be His Conduit01/27/2003
TestimonyHumorTo Spill the Beans01/24/2003
SignHopeWorth the Wait01/20/2003
DreamExhortationThe Power of Blessing01/17/2003
Word PunHumorBeing Blessed01/16/2003
BlooperHumorBlooper Doopers01/15/2003
HeardExhortationA 3-Fold Washing12/25/2002
Word To PonderUnderstandingConfirmations Are For A Purpose12/20/2002
VisionProphesyRedeeming Broken Promises12/08/2002
DreamHopeA Glimpse of Heaven12/06/2002
VisionHopeWhen You Are Feeling Dry12/05/2002
SignEncouragementLots'a Bread12/05/2002
VisionHumorCovering My Marthas With My Feathers12/05/2002
HeardExhortationStanding in Faith12/04/2002
TeachingUnderstandingCan the Devil Read Our Thoughts11/14/2002
HeardComfortPop Her Back In11/01/2002
PixComfortDot to Dot A Canopy Over Loved Ones10/25/2002
SongExhortationI Will Rest Upon He Who Trembles10/13/2002
ExperienceInvitationYour Deepest Desire Ask Me for a Sign09/25/2002
HeardExhortationTo Hear and Walk in Jesus Anointing09/25/2002
RhemaExhortationWe Are Not Stormed We Are Formed09/21/2002
DreamInvitationA Living Epistle09/13/2002
HeardExhortationLet Your Tears Be Your Prayer09/03/2002
HeardProphesyRestitution of All Things and The Power of Blessing08/21/2002
HeardProphesyHis Kisses of Power Are Coming08/17/2002
HeardExhortationThe Wind in Our Sails08/15/2002
Quote Bobby ConnerEncouragementWhy Are We Sitting Here Til We Die07/26/2002
TeachingWisdomThe Stumbling Block of Distraction07/24/2002
VisionAdmonitionLassoed For a Purpose07/15/2002
PixExhortationGet Plugged in For Healing07/11/2002
HeardExhortationKeep Your Focus While Traveling Together07/08/2002
HeardExhortationStrike (Write)When the Iron is Hot07/01/2002
ParableProphesyAnnas and Simeons06/26/2002
DreamProphesyA Dream About Spock: Stony Hearts to Flesh06/15/2002
SignHumorAmen Sister06/14/2002
ExperienceExhortationOnce a Cat, Always a Cat06/01/2002
SongHumorCamp Town Races05/28/2002
TestimonyHumorWhat? Pregnant Again?05/17/2002
DreamInvitationWomen Step into Your Places05/05/2002
ParableExhortationSoul Ties and Guarding Our Hearts05/04/2002
HeardUnderstandingWhy Am I Sick04/28/2002
TestimonyEncouragementEat Your Vegies04/22/2002
HeardUnderstandingCurses Will Not Stick Without a Cause04/20/2002
TestimonyComfortFor Those Too Broken to Climb the Stairs04/17/2002
Trance VisionHopeDr Jesus Make a House Call04/16/2002
DreamWisdomCan't Hold 2 Babies at One Time04/13/2002
DreamExhortationDont Look Back03/19/2002
TestimonyProphesyThe Spiritual Storm02/18/2002
TestimonyUnderstandingTongues And The Porthole02/15/2002
Trance VisionUnderstandingPortholes to Heaven and The Wilderness02/15/2002
HeardInvitationInvesting Into Another Generation02/05/2002
VisionComfortThe Cracked Pot02/02/2002
DreamHopeRhema Stays Warm in the Oven01/29/2002
RhemaEncouragementHealing the Bloodlines01/26/2002
VisionExhortationFrom Warfare to Repentance to Reward01/17/2002
DreamHopeHealed of the Past and Anointed For Service01/09/2002
HeardExhortationTo Prophesy is Not Burdensome12/30/2001
TeachingEncouragementGod's Message to Gideon12/29/2001
PixWarningWeather Warnings12/24/2001
HeardInvitationTeach Them How12/19/2001
ExperienceHumorStop Running12/13/2001
TeachingUnderstandingThe Spirit of Prophecy12/06/2001
TestimonyWarningTo Cut Off or Connect Life and Death in the Tongue12/03/2001
RhemaUnderstandingElectrical Charges in the Anointing12/01/2001
DreamHumorCarat Riches11/16/2001
DreamAdmonitionDo Not Assassinate Characters11/06/2001
ExperienceExhortationIts a Dogs World10/27/2001
TeachingWisdomWhen We Give10/15/2001
VisionExhortationThe Fierceness of Gods Love09/26/2001
ConfirmationProphesyBeauty For Ashes09/20/2001
VisionExhortationReturn to Your Resting Place09/09/2001
HeardExhortationAbide For More of His Presence08/28/2001
BlooperHumorThinking of Quitting?08/20/2001
PixExhortationTo Serve God With No Other Appetite08/18/2001
HeardUnderstandingSelf Rejection And Healing08/13/2001
TestimonyExhortationStretching Past Old Wounds07/25/2001
TestimonyHopeLife After Death07/09/2001
DreamProphesyLooking Ahead 1,000 Years07/07/2001
DreamEncouragementHe is No Respecter of Persons06/19/2001
TeachingExhortationTo Fly Like an Eagle06/16/2001
DreamComfortHeroes of Faith06/05/2001
Opened SmellComfortThe Rose of Sharon Abides With Us06/03/2001
SongEncouragementPost Office Sweep05/27/2001
Word O GramWisdomThe Great Fishing Story05/22/2001
TeachingUnderstandingManna the Hidden Bread05/08/2001
DreamProphesyMy Minstrels05/05/2001
RhemaExhortationShare Only Loving Gifts05/03/2001
VisionExhortationWake Up God Calling04/25/2001
PixUnderstandingRevelation is For Knowing Him as Teacher04/18/2001
TestimonyHopeTiming is Everything and Payday Is Coming04/13/2001
RhemaUnderstandingHearing the Heart of All Living Things03/27/2001
ExperienceHopeDonkeys Birthing Babies and Tummy Tickles03/16/2001
ExperienceHopeReplacement Parts02/20/2001
PixComfortHe Caught The Sparrow02/19/2001
TeachingUnderstandingIntercessory Barometers02/03/2001
HeardExhortationEnlarge Thy Tent (Heart) Not a Building01/16/2001
SongHumorGreater Works Ministries Make a Big Splash01/06/2001
ConfirmationEncouragementFun Confirmations01/03/2001
ParableHopeOllie, Ollie Oxen Free12/24/2000
DreamUnderstandingHe Teaches My Hands to War12/15/2000
RhemaComfortRest Now My Child11/22/2000
ExperienceEncouragementDeliverance, Oh Yes She Does!11/18/2000
ExperienceAdmonitionLabels Labels Labels11/14/2000
VisionHopeFish Falling From The Sky11/12/2000
HeardUnderstandingWhat Was Peter's Shadow10/21/2000
VisionProphesyI Will Restore the Years10/18/2000
RhemaEncouragementNeed a Lift? Catapulted09/27/2000
GestureEncouragementDeliverance With Hands09/27/2000
DreamProphesyMaking Room for Change09/09/2000
ExperienceExhortationFollowing His Presence into Rest09/08/2000
SignEncouragementQuickened Signs08/24/2000
DreamProphesyOnly Love Can Make a Miracle08/12/2000
GestureUnderstandingRaining Fresh Oil07/29/2000
DreamExhortationReleasing the Angels by Our Faith07/13/2000
HeardHumorThose Pathetic Glasses07/12/2000
VisionExhortationTenacity to His Throne07/11/2000
Quote Jack DeereAdmonitionAbout Judgment07/08/2000
VisionProphesyThe Keys to Understanding the Mysteries06/10/2000
TeachingEncouragementLazarus Come Forth05/31/2000
Word to PonderUnderstandingBefore The Second Wind05/21/2000
RevelationExhortationYoung Prophets05/20/2000
RevelationUnderstandingHow The Lord Uses Your Past To Minister To Others05/13/2000
ImpressionUnderstandingAn Angel Through Impression05/11/2000
DreamEncouragementHoly Hush in the Garden05/09/2000
RhemaExhortationEstablished: To Be Set up Firmly05/09/2000
Divine TimingProphesyJudges to Keep in Step05/02/2000
ExperienceProphesySecond Chapter of Acts04/29/2000
DreamExhortationTeam Ministry04/25/2000
GestureUnderstandingTrampled Under Foot04/07/2000
PixProphesyUnthawing The Frozen Man03/28/2000
VisionHopeRaising His Standard03/21/2000
TestimonyExhortationEntering into His Rest03/07/2000
RhemaExhortationTeach the Supernatural Through the Natural03/06/2000
DreamUnderstandingHealing and Deliverance Through Melted Layers02/28/2000
DreamExhortationComing into His Presence02/26/2000
VisionUnderstandingPreparations for Divine Visitations02/22/2000
TeachingWisdomBetween the Blessings and Cursings02/07/2000
PixExhortationThe Upright Vacuum Cleaner02/06/2000
ExperienceEncouragementWorshipped the Lord With Glad Bags02/04/2000
TeachingWisdomTough Love Training01/28/2000
QuoteHumorAbout Children's Ministry01/10/2000
TeachingUnderstandingMinistry Team Handout for Deliverance01/01/2000
TeachingUnderstandingEducating Ministry Teams in the Field of Deliverance01/01/2000
ScriptureUnderstandingDeliverance Scriptures01/01/2000
VisionProphesyHis Power and the Northern Lights Aurora Borealis12/24/1999
DreamEncouragementPrayer and Children12/10/1999
RhemaExhortationWatchman Unity12/04/1999
PixAdmonitionDont Compromise for the Sake of Unity12/04/1999
RhemaProphesyHis Glory Train is Coming11/07/1999
TeachingWisdomForgiveness Preparation for Glory10/27/1999
VisionEncouragementAngels and Warfare10/17/1999
TeachingWisdomWhen We Suffer Loss09/28/1999
TestimonyHopeThe Wedding Surprise09/23/1999
ExperienceComfortEmpty Nest09/03/1999
VisionProphesyThe Sands of Time08/25/1999
Anointed HandsEncouragementSpecial Moments with Anointed Hands08/13/1999
DreamEncouragementEncouragement for the Artists08/10/1999
SignEncouragementSurprise Graphics in Paintings08/05/1999
TeachingProphesyWinds of Change07/29/1999
RhemaEncouragementYou Take Care of My Business and I Will Take Care of Yours07/26/1999
HeardHumorRumbling in the Holy Spirit07/26/1999
RhemaEncouragementSynergy and Team Work07/20/1999
GestureUnderstandingGod's Power Buzzed Hand07/20/1999
RhemaProphesyTo Cross Over Into His Power07/14/1999
TeachingWisdomThe Characteristics of an Intercessor07/07/1999
TeachingWisdomCity Prayer and Warfare07/07/1999
ExperienceUnderstandingGift of Healing Fire in the Hands07/04/1999
HeardUnderstandingA Lesson in Reconciliation06/12/1999
ExperienceIntercessionIntercession Friendship Required in Healing06/02/1999
ExperienceUnderstandingThe Fish Pond05/28/1999
TeachingAdmonitionThe D Word05/20/1999
TeachingWisdomFinding Your Metron05/13/1999
VisionExhortationThe Wall and the Angels05/03/1999
VisionExhortationHanging in the Balance04/23/1999
ExperienceProphesyGold Shine04/12/1999
VisionExhortationIntercessors Arise04/07/1999
VisionProphesyGold Dust and Mother Lode03/08/1999
TeachingUnderstandingFor Such a Time as This03/02/1999
RhemaUnderstandingSeasons of Sifting02/27/1999
ExperienceExhortationBoxes and Boundaries02/24/1999
StoryWisdomTo Love the Son02/18/1999
RhemaInvitationStanding in the Gap02/10/1999
DreamWarningDavid Come Home02/10/1999
ExperienceWarfareAuthority Over the Elements02/07/1999
ExperienceInvitationTo Take the Heat02/05/1999
VisionWarfarePower in the Name of Jesus02/04/1999
Divine TimingHopeKeep Your Watch On01/30/1999
ExperienceUnderstandingWhat to Do With Sin Revealed01/13/1999
ExperienceEncouragementLiterally Holding Him Up01/13/1999
DreamProphesyRelease the Artists01/11/1999
HeardEncouragementThe Little Mouse Speaks01/06/1999
SignHopeA Bursting Rainbow12/30/1998
VisionEncouragementHe Came Closer12/14/1998
VisionExhortationOut of the Pit and the Pit Out of Us11/29/1998
PixExhortationStand Against Sin Within the Church10/26/1998
ExperienceWisdomA Workman is Worthy of His Hire10/19/1998
HeardEncouragementSurgery From Fear08/25/1998
Trance VisionUnderstandingUFOS And Demons08/24/1998
GestureProphesyVisions Promised08/17/1998
RhemaProphesyFood Storage and Electricity08/10/1998
HeardInvitationFriend Go Up Higher08/06/1998
DreamEncouragementLight of Mercy on Our Lips07/28/1998
DreamAdmonitionGet Your Eyes of Saul Because He is Dying07/16/1998
DreamEncouragementMiracle Whip and People Problems07/15/1998
HeardInvitationTo Wait or to Go Forth06/26/1998
RhemaExhortationJudgment And The Sign Of Jonah06/11/1998
Word To PonderAdmonitionAngry Prophets06/11/1998
BlooperEncouragementTaking Back the Land05/05/1998
ExperienceEncouragementWorking United With The Angels04/23/1998
RhemaProphesyHis Anointing Upon the Children04/21/1998
DreamProphesyImpartation Without Human Hands04/19/1998
VisitationProphesyIn The Form Of A Child03/05/1998
Word To PonderUnderstandingThe Power Of Agreement02/22/1998
Word To PonderUnderstandingDawning Of A New Day02/22/1998
ExperienceExhortationFeeding The Hungry02/16/1998
DreamUnderstandingTongues Releases Gifts02/15/1998
RhemaEncouragementYour Destiny Fits You02/12/1998
Word to PonderUnderstandingBuilding an Ark02/11/1998
ExperienceEncouragementInebriated Hands and Legs01/24/1998
ExperienceEncouragementPraying Prophetically01/20/1998
HeardExhortationDon't Back Up01/17/1998
SignHopeMuch Closer Than You Know12/09/1997
ParableHopeA Light Shining in the Darkness11/29/1997
ParableExhortationIt's Time to Get Intimately Acquainted11/04/1997
ParableComfortWhen You are Away From Your Kids11/01/1997
RhemaProphesyThe Kingdom is All About Having Children10/10/1997
ExperienceUnderstandingTraining On Impressions Of His Spirit07/31/1997
SongComfortIn the Bag07/25/1997
ExperienceUnderstandingDeliverance in Layers07/12/1997
VisionHopeThe Ships Arrived06/22/1997
RhemaUnderstandingThe Benefits of Worship06/16/1997
DreamUnderstandingDancing Hands06/16/1997
HeardExhortationAll of Me for All of You06/04/1997
ParableUnderstandingA Quarterback's Instructions06/01/1997
Divine TimingEncouragementClarion Whistle04/29/1997
ExperienceAdmonitionRebuked But Loved04/20/1997
Word PunHumorThe Letter B03/07/1997
Divine TimingHopeCountdown10/18/1996
RhemaHopeMarbles, Marbles, Marbles08/12/1996
ExperienceInvitationSharing Your Bread08/06/1996
Word To PonderUnderstandingA Team Authority07/27/1996
DreamEncouragementSometimes I Feel Like a Nut, Sometimes I Don't06/24/1996
PixInvitationOpen Your Mouth and I Will Fill it06/22/1996
DreamExhortationGiving Honor to One Another06/06/1996
ExperienceExhortationTransparency Veils Removed06/03/1996
DreamHopeThe Shulamite Runs After Her Beloved06/02/1996
DreamProphesyStadium Ministries Massive Healings06/01/1996
ParableProphesyWalking in Synch05/29/1996
ExperienceWisdomAbout Fleece Prayers04/06/1996
ParableUnderstandingA Parable of a Parable04/01/1996
HeardExhortationNagging To Hear Him03/26/1996
HeardExhortationNagging To Hear Him03/26/1996
HeardExhortationNagging To Hear Him03/26/1996
HeardExhortationNagging To Hear Him03/26/1996
HeardExhortationNagging To Hear Him03/26/1996
HeardExhortationNagging To Hear Him03/26/1996
HeardExhortationNagging To Hear Him03/26/1996
HeardExhortationNagging To Hear Him03/26/1996
HeardExhortationNagging To Hear Him03/26/1996
HeardExhortationNagging To Hear Him03/26/1996
HeardExhortationNagging To Hear Him03/26/1996
HeardExhortationNagging To Hear Him03/26/1996
HeardExhortationNagging To Hear Him03/26/1996
ExperienceComfortPrecious Love Note03/13/1996
ExperienceExhortationA Smile that Lasts02/02/1996
HeardHopeAnything is Possible if You Can Hear Me01/27/1996
ExperienceWarfareAngels Ramming Forces11/13/1995
RhemaProphesy110 Fold Fruit Rhema06/06/1995
ConfirmationComfortThe Apple of His Eye05/10/1995
ExperienceHumorFumble Mouse03/14/1995
VisionExhortationParable of Coming Ministry02/23/1995
RhemaExhortationThe Vote of One02/18/1995
RhemaExhortationThe Vote of One02/18/1995
ParableEncouragementReport Cards02/06/1995
DreamHopeBringing in the Sheaves04/19/1994
HeardHumorI Walked All This Way to Tell You08/20/1987
RhemaProphesyThe Last Day Joel 2 Rain04/15/1987
Trance VisionProphesyAnnouncement of Last Day Rain04/15/1987
Trance VisionProphesyThe Highway of Holiness11/14/1985
Trance VisionProphesyHe Blows Upon the Children03/17/1985
Trance VisionProphesyThe Dove Company03/13/1985


Words from the The Quickened Word are excerpts from the journals of Sandy Warner. 
To better understand how God speaks, read Sandys book, 
101+ Ways God Speaks, And How to Hear Him. 
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