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PIXI saw a grade schooler waving his hand and saying, “Hi” to me.


DREAM:  I saw this boy looking through the slats of the fence.  I saw the white bear walking down the fence line towards him.  Finally the bear stopped right beside him to look through the slats and when the boy noticed, he ran away.


HEARD:  Stay on the right side of your conscience, don’t cross the boundary. 


I have had many visions with the white bear.  To me, He has represented the fear of the Lord, both the kindness and severity of God.


ABOUT BOUNDARIES:  In most cases, when someone mentions boundaries, we automatically filter it through the mindset of expansion into more territory and increase.  Boundaries to us seems to represent promotion.  We rarely if ever first consider whether the boundaries we already have in our lives are safe, repaired and standing to keep the bad dudes out from our lives and those we love. 


The Lord wants to give us promotion to bless us and reward us.  But most of that comes through our preparation stages to have the right character and means to maintain the increase without falling apart.  He taught me that “Word” through playing the old board game called, “Risk”.  It is where you move out and occupy increased boundaries on a map. The risk in that game is, if you put all your army in occupying and stretching forth, and don't cover your home territory, it leaves you vulnerable for the opponent to come through the back door and take your territory.   It is a very simple strategy with life’s wisdom.


I once heard a preacher say that when he was younger and received promises about his calling, he told the Lord he did not want to wait until he was 50 to occupy them, he wanted it all now.  He did everything he could to press into God and obtain those promises and he pretty much “arrived” to accomplish them all and he was using this story as an example. 


When he said that, I ducked and felt a terrible burden that this was the perfect example of Jacob who wrestles with God for the blessing.  It was the epitome of striving with God’s wisdom and timing.  A few months after his sermon, he took a nose dive and fell into sin.  He obtained the promises but did not have the character to maintain them. 


I have seen this same passion for increase move people outside of scriptural boundaries in their ministries, focus, gifts, callings, alliances, etc.  The passion and efforts have been a mix of soul power, muscle and force of will to pursue God.  God loved Jacob’s passion for the birthright, and passion is wonderful, as we are commanded to love God with all our souls and strength.  But the lust for power can open the door to deception outside of scriptural boundaries. 


The Lord allows opportunities not just for increase, but to test our motives.  When Israel lusted in the wilderness, God gave them their request, but their souls became emaciated, thin and waxed lean:


Ps 106:13-15 NKJV

They soon forgot His works; They did not wait for His counsel,  but lusted exceedingly in the wilderness, and tested God in the desert.  And He gave them their request, but sent leanness into their soul.




“By the Spirit I was taken from that place of highest glory before the majesty of His fiery Cloud and again shown things upon the earth concerning His people upon whom He had poured forth from Himself a manifestation full of life and power and of great value – an impartation of His spiritual substance.


Although these were true sons of light, a strange, foreign-like something had developed within them which was contrary to the substance that He had given them.  It almost seemed like another being that had grown up with them.


Something very ambitious and almost lustful now began to posses them an they wanted to take hold of more than He had given to them, even desiring to seize hold and take possession of God Himself.  Taking hold of all He had given, they would not be content with this but ever demanded more and more.


In other to be able to reach down to destroy this evil growth within then, He had to go to them and cut down all that he had already given them.


Cutting down everything, even the good with the bad – He thereby left them with less than they had possessed originally.  Even so, they were His own ones and this operation was done in love over them in order to save them, lest this strong, ambitious thing developing within them destroy them and consume all the light within them.”


{end quote of Annie’s Vision} 


PRAYER:  Lord we ask that You will keep us within the boundaries of Your will, Your ways and Your Word.  We do not want to wrestle with You to go beyond what You deem as wise.  We want the boundaries that we have right now to be repaired so that the enemy will have nothing in us.  We want to be properly prepared and equipped for the promotions, increase and reward. 


Like sheep, we want to be led by You.  We do not want to be like goats who butt heads with You and argue with Your timing and ways.  In Jesus Name have mercy for our carnal natures.


{end quote of Annie’s Vision}




Words from the The Quickened Word are excerpts from the journals of Sandy Warner.  To better understand how God speaks, read Sandy’s book, “101+ Ways God Speaks, And How to Hear Him.”  Website:    Email:  







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