Reprinted with all 4 volumes compiled into one book

      Books One:  I Looked and Saw the Lord
      Book Two:  I Looked and Saw Mysteries
      Book Three: I Looked and Saw the Heavens Opened
      Book Four:  I Looked and Saw Visions of God

I Saw the Lord:  Annie's Visions

given to Annie Schisler


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[Note from Sandy:   Annie was spiritually reborn into a strong prophetic seer gifting during the famous and supernatural Argentina Revivals. I highly recommend these books for understanding the last days battles, storms and glory. The Lord promised her in her throne room visitations that she would live to see them all come to pass.]

In the 1970’s I was given a set of 4 books which were Annie’s Visions. She was given a series of experiences where she was taken to the 3rd heaven numerous times. The books are a rare treasure box of her throne room experiences that have not grown old with time… rather they have been proven many times over as I study them and ponder what the Lord is saying.

Bob Jones said in 10/98, "The Lord has been instructing me to go back and look at the bread that had been stored back in the 70's. As I checked that old bread, or revelation, I discovered that this bread was as fresh today as it was the day it was "placed upon the shelf." The Lord is saying that He has stored bread (hidden manna) that He is about to release in this day and that bread is as fresh today as when it was first put away."

This is certainly true of Annie’s Visions. I have kept these rare, treasured books by my bedside, either on top of my night stand or in its drawer for over 25 years. Through reading these books, the Lord has built and encouraged my faith - given me wisdom and insight as I view Him, earth and heaven through changed perspectives - helped me to stand when I sometimes felt there was no more standing in me - and brought me to new levels in Him…

As an introduction to these books, I would like to share just one of her many visions. I believe that her choice to bring these books back into print is a fulfillment of this vision and that the Lord meant for her to pass on her experiences to you. As a background to this vision, she has spent many, many days pressing into Him to see Him face to face, and to continue this intimate throne room relationship with her Beloved. Each time the Lord rewarded her with access, as the 4 books certainly testify.




(from Annie’s Visions, Bk 2)


"Today again there was a time of great opposition and I fought and fought in prayer but still could not get through or find the way in. It seemed that all hell was allied against me. Everything was in vain. Praise, prayer, rebuking the enemy, singing the songs of victory. Nothing that had worked before seemed to help at all. I thought that I would never be able to get through this swarm of evil hosts that surrounded me whose shadowy forms I could even see as they hurled their thoughts of fear and doubt at me ceaselessly. I would throw them out and they would crowd in again. I wondered if I would ever be able to press through that horde of evil beings that seemed so determined to hold me out. Yet I knew that He had promised me entrance and had put it entirely into my will: that if I was determined enough I could get through. So I pressed on. Finally after several hours of battle He came in great mercies.

Again before me I saw that most wonderful and welcome sight. Oh, how beautiful it was! I was drawn closer and it seemed even larger in all that shadowy darkness that surrounded it. It made all the false shadows show up even more clearly and I could see their intense activity of hindrance. At last it was there - the glorious cross of light. My soul leaped with joy within me and I relaxed within, for I knew now that I was very near unto Him whom my soul loves!

As I passed through that shining cross of purest light, His voice came to me rebuking all my fears. Oh, what a relief! Then He took me unto Himself in the wondrous splendor of that mighty Cloud of glory. I felt so fully rewarded. Nothing of the battle seemed to matter any longer. As I rested there in the silken cocoon of divine love that flowed out from Him in ever continuing waves, I felt it had all been so worth while.

As the cloud-river of tangible love flowed over me enclosing me and enfolding me in itself, it washed away all my wounds in its shining flow. He told me of His love and continued watch care over me, saying everything just the opposite of all that the enemy had been saying to me as I had tried to reach Him. When He spoke away all the doubts the enemy had tried to sow, faith, real and strong, flooded my being again and I was no more afraid.

He showed me Himself in a great building as it were, only no building was there. Into that great place where He dwells there were many, many entrances which were all different. Each one was like a different door with a different pathway leading up to it. All the doors of light were guarded by His great angels; yet they were not doors and they were not closed. All around were regions of light filled with the glory of the Lord.

He explained to me that all of these were entrances into His presence and each one was different. "There are a very great number of them and I am teaching you the various entrances. That is why you are having to go through such a variety of experiences and why it is sometimes easy and sometimes difficult to find your way through unto Me. But it is very necessary that I teach you the many entrances, for the day will come when you must bring many others through these entrances with you. Therefore it is necessary that I teach you at this time the many different entrances into My presence."

His words brought me great comfort and release for I understood the reasons for the strange battles; before they had seemed so senseless and without any reason at all."

[end of vision]





Annie and her husband Ken are missionaries and pastors in Uruguay, flowing in the river of God. The following is a note from Ken, since Annie speaks Spanish and her husband often translates.

Date: 12/4/99

From: (Ken)

To: (Sandy Warner)

Dear Sandy:


Greetings from Uruguay! This is Ken and Annie Schisler passing along our new web site: . You may share as you see fit.

We just returned from a 3½ month tour of ministry: USA, Canada, Taiwan, and Malaysia. We had some precious times of ministry in every place we visited. As to your request about Annie’s recent prophetic ministry, while ministering in Taiwan back in September 1999, Annie announced to the congregation that shakings would come. Three days later the biggest quake in 100 years hit the island with the devastating consequences now known worldwide.

Interestingly enough, the city of Taichong, where the epicenter occurred and caused more damage and loss of lives, was a main center of Buddha worship. Some of the largest temples were completely demolished, and the idols left sitting ridiculously among the rubble and ruin. God also used the quake to wake up and speak to many dear Taiwanese Christians.

A more recent prophecy was fulfilled in regards to Uruguay's recent presidential elections in November. The first round was won easily by the hard-core communist candidate of the Wide Front Coalition Party and everything looked like they would again sweep the second round vote. Some of the spokesman had expressed that if their party gained power they would sharply curtail and control the activity of evangelical groups and churches, besides applying other drastic measures that would affect the country socially and economically. Many folk here and abroad went to prayer and God brought great victory as the communists were soundly defeated. The two traditional democratic parties, historical opposites, miraculously pooled their votes against the "lefties."

But about 3 or 4 days prior to all this taking place, God revealed to Annie that the dark forces of Marxism would not win - not only would they be defeated, but God would use the ensuing period of liberty and grace to greatly expand the Gospel in the land. The prophecy was shared with key political figures, including the now president elect. All of them recognized the need for a divine miracle and thus were deeply grateful when this word was fulfilled. Now, various key people in high places are highly receptive to the Gospel.

Thank you Sandy for your letters and writings. We find them interesting, inspiring, and thought provoking.

God bless you in your endeavors on behalf of the Kingdom.

In Christ,

Ken and Annie Schisler