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“...He showed me some of His workmen who were more advanced than the others I had seen. They were as fathers in their responsibilities and advancement while the former ones were more like sons of these, not in generation but in development.

I saw that they were working more in the house in the heavenlies than in the one on the earth, yet they were not at all aware of this. They were only cognizant of working in the house below. These workmen were charged with opening the ways ahead so that those following behind them could advance into the possessions of God that were already taken for them. I understood that the possessions of God into which they must enter, were they themselves.

To these was given, as it were, to open the doors of glory into His Presence – His house in the heavenlies – to those who following behind them so that they, too, might enter and behold the glory and wonder of His Presence."

4/10/07 PRAYER: Lord I need to hear You and see in new and fresh ways.

ANSWER: I turned with anointed hands to my Word to Ponder book:

My dear one, you are so precious to Me. When I speak, it is always personal if you would but receive My Words over you. You are feeling tired and weary with the same old thing in our relationship. Not only that, but your life has become quite complicated as you juggle so many things in trying to bring them to completion.

You have gone through a great season of change and your wings of faith have grown so large that they no longer fit inside the picture. I understand your weariness and part of your lack of luster for the old is because I AM wanting to move you forward and advance you into new things. Part of your dilemma is that you are not willing to let go of your need to complete unresolved issues.

I AM wanting to sit with you and spend time with you. I want to bring you deeper into My heart and give you My good gifts that will never leave. I have told you many times that I will never leave you, I AM with you forever, and that’s a long, long time. You will find that as you give Me time, I will give you Words in due season and promote your weary attitude into an energized one. Your waning strength will become vibrant as I hold you in My arms with intimate Words and times together. Trust Me, dear one. It’s true that My sheep do hear My voice. As for those unresolved complications, we will work on them as we go. For now it is time to move on and advance and the only way that will take place is for you to spend time with Me.

"My lover said to me, `Rise up, my beloved, my fair one, and come away. For the winter is past, and the rain is over and gone. The flowers are springing up, and the time of singing birds has come, even the cooing of turtledoves. The fig trees are budding, and the grapevines are in blossom. How delicious they smell! Yes, spring is here! Arise, my beloved, my fair one, and come away.” (Song 2:10-13 NLT)


(Annie Schisler's End Time Visions - I Saw the Lord)
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