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PARABLE: As I went out the door on deliveries today I noticed our cats Cally & Cuddles under the carport roof. I had pushed their pillows together during the 15 degree weather, and they had been sharing the heating pad that was overlapping the pillows. Their pillows were still joined together and I noticed that they were all curled up really close and touching, but they still on their own pillows. That is how it is when the Lord joins us with others in unity. As we connect with others, we are a source of warmth and comfort for one another.

As I was getting into the car and thinking about this, I heard the Lord say:

HEARD: Under one roof. Trust Me.

I realized the Lord was also sharing this parable with me about a broader application of the joining together of people and ministries. The canopy of protection is extended for all those who dwell there.


PARABLE: When our cats Cally and Cuddles are sharing the same pillow, I often rub them with one hand at the same time: my thumb on one side and my little finger on the other. They enjoy my touch at the same time. This is true with our rhema Words as well. As the Lord reaches out to us, it directly touches others who are joined in the unity of His Spirit.


QUICKENED CONCEPTS FROM RICK JOYNER TAPE: To paraphrase, Rick said that in the joining together of the body of Christ, it is important to remember that not every joint is supposed to actually be touching. For instance the foot bone is not directly connected to the shoulder bone. He specifically said that it was important to pray and hear the Lord on who we are supposed to join up with, as in these last days the only thing that will stand is ministries doing what the Holy Spirit has directed, and not manís ambitious programs. And even in the Holy Spirit led ministries, they are not necessarily meant to directly touch.


Sandyís note about the following rhema poem: The Lord loves to speak to us in parables. I inherited a Teddy Bear collection that used to be my sonís when he was small. The Lord started giving us parables and precious Words about teddy bears. To summarize the rhema about these bears, I understand that these bears come in all shapes and sizes, each with their own enduement (clothing) and they represent the generation of children that are sent to the streets with His anointing.


Once upon the face of this land,

Dwelt a funny, withered old man.

His eyes got smaller and smaller

Until he could barely see.

Where is everybody?

They looked like trees.

Along came an east wind and touched the land.

Into his eyes blew lots of sand.

He rubbed his eyes trying to see,

But what will be, will be.

Suddenly came the rains.

And as he looked up to the sky,

The rains washed those blinded eyes.

He saw more clearly than before,

His eyes no longer pained and sore.

They feasted on a sight wonderfully rare,

For the parade had started of the Teddy Bear.

These bears wore a dress of faith and love,

And upon each one rested a Holy Dove.

Joining their hands in one line of unity

The line stretched as far as one could see,

They all faced east from afar,

Guided by the Morning Star.

In a flash they were transformed,

The old man too, no longer forlorn.

Where are they going someone cried?

Carried up on the coming whirlwind ride.

To be swept up and away to begin the New Day.


Unity starts small and builds outward. When I build unity, I start with a cell and then add to it. I start with a small team of those who are willing to lay down their lives and their agendas to listen to Me and to one another. It is in their willingness to love and serve one another that their hearts are primed for unity. A united front requires oneness of mind, purpose and function. This is the result of loving support in relationship with Me and those who love Me.

As you appropriate, line up and become friends with My Word, together we become one. This joining becomes a team-ship with Me. I will deliver you as you forgive, and you shall deliver as I forgive. It is in this united front that you & I will be released into deliverance and healings like you never imagined.

"How wonderful it is, how pleasant, when brothers live together in harmony! For harmony is as precious as the fragrant anointing oil that was poured over Aaron's head,

that ran down his beard and onto the border of his robe. Harmony is as refreshing as the dew from Mount Hermon that falls on the mountains of Zion. And the LORD has pronounced his blessing, even life forevermore." (Ps 133 NLT)




Words from the The Quickened Word are excerpts from the journals of Sandy Warner.  To better understand how God speaks, read Sandyís book, ď101+ Ways God Speaks, And How to Hear Him.Ē  Website:    Email:  







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