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Theme of this file: Transition

Note from Sandy:  We are in a historical hour, standing on the bridge of time, suspended in an interval between the old and the new.  It is a place of hanging in the balance, a place of transition.  History is in the making and how we respond to this transition will determine our destiny.  The Lord is giving each one of us a choice! 

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[1] The Fish Pond - Insightful Article on Transition

[2]  Rhema on Transition

[3]  The Prophetical Corner

[4]  Information about the Corner

[5]  Quote from Rick Joyner

[6]  The Trapeze - Transition

[7]  Hanging in the Balance

[8]  Transition in the Birthing Process

[9]  Prophesy from Bob Jones Tape - Insights from the 1950's - 2030's 

[10]  Still Small Voice Prophesy of the Manifestation of His Glory

[11]  Dream of Opposition and The Strength of Kindred Hearts

[12] Article on 1998 - The Year of Transition.  Shake, Rattle and Roll With the Punches

[13]  Transition - Standing at the Crossroads

[14]  Transition - Make a Decision  

[15] Transition -  Leaving the Wilderness School of Circles

[16]  Transition - Crossing Over in a New Land


By Sandy Warner  (June 98)

Recently I had the hair brained idea I was going to add a mini waterfall to our mini outdoor fish pond. I somehow accomplished the feat without removing or killing the fish. They definitely knew something was up, because amidst all my commotion they were hiding as far from me as possible. After it was done, I had a beautiful mini waterfall with gorgeous, cascading, sludgy-muddy water. Have you ever tried to clean the sludge out of a fish pond without removing the fish? I did and I learned something in the process: God is in the same dilemma, and He has been using the same process to clean our ponds…Only He’s a lot smarter than I was…

At first, so as to not disturb the fish, we submerged a little pump that quietly and slowly pumped the water out of their safe haven. Slowly the water level went down, and so did the fish. (I do not know if they noticed their pleasant surroundings were shrinking, they never told me.) As I peered into the murky water, I was surprised that the color pumping out was a clear green - I thought it would be dirtier than that. Slowly as the water disappeared, I could see the bottom of the pond. It was gross. How was I going to get that junk out without removing the fish? It was then that a glorious revelation occurred.

Being a professional dishwasher (what Mom isn’t?) I started thinking about cleaning a bottle that is full of soap suds. The only way to clean the soap out is to pour clean water in. All the soap comes to the surface, pours out the top and if you wait long enough, the soapy water is replaced by the clean water. When the soap is gone, the bottle is clean! Marvelous! What would I do without these sudden blasts of Holy Spirit genius?

Unlike myself, my husband had thought ahead and filled 3 large buckets with water, so as to evaporate the chlorine to once again help the fish make the easiest possible transition into a clean environment. I looked at those buckets (which hadn’t any time for evaporation) and grabbed the first one and heaved it in the pond with the pump still running. While my husband was running for cover, I realized I’d struck pay dirt. You should have seen the dark, forest green sludge that came out of the pump hose!!! That was truly inspiring, so I heaved the other 2 buckets in, then turned on the garden hose and let it pour in. That little ol’ pump was working over time, and the poor fish… well we won’t talk about the fish. At least they survived.

Later I started thinking about heaving that water in and how the Lord sometimes dumps a large portion of His Holy Spirit upon us. It stirs all kinds of things to the surface, and all the while He is pumping and pouring, pumping and pouring. I recently heard the Lord say to me, “It’s going to be a wild ride.” Just think if you were that fish and suddenly this huge gust of water blasts your cozy little haven and not only are you swirling and twirling around wondering what hit you, but scum also comes from everywhere at once, and you are wondering if you’ll ever be able to see clearly again.

Likewise, God decided He wasn’t going to take us fish out of the pond-world, rather, He was going to take the pond-world out of us. He slowly, with careful intent pumped our Holy Spirit filled swimming havens and they shrunk in size. Just about the time when some of us fish were flopping and we didn’t think there was any water left in the world, in comes the Holy Spirit renewal.

But it doesn’t end there. It has only begun. Our pond mentality is limited to our own lives, and at the most, to the life of our church. But God’s pond is the world. Think about that a moment. It’s not just our muck He’s separating, it’s the world’s. And there’s a whole lot of sludge out there. Things are going to get really stirred up before we start seeing clearly again. Therein comes the word, “transition.”

Transition is an unsettling time when we desperately crave roots… a settled place of any kind… something peaceful and safe and reliable and fixed and not moving...when we crave something steady and trust-able and established where we have our feet on dry land and don’t have motion sickness. Transition is like riding the Hammer at the fair, where the loose change falls out of our pockets with every loop. Anything not tied down falls away. Transition is a moving, unstable time. Transition shakes foundations.

God uses transition to compel people into making decisions. If ever there was a time to make haste and return to intimate roots with the Lord, it is now before the wild ride. Now is the time for each of us to seriously question our values, our foundations, our priorities. The Lord is clearly giving us final warnings that we still have a choice before this occurs as to how deeply this transition will affect our personal lives. If we have nothing in the world, and the world has nothing in us, His grace will sustain us and we will actually ride out whatever comes on top of the Holy Spirit wave.

If we have any roots in the world, they will be suddenly torn away and we will be left deeply shattered wondering what hit us. If we are not living holy lives, pleasing to Him, we will be caught in the muck with the rest of the world, and be suffering painful losses. No one will escape the effects of world wide losses. The manner in which the losses affect us will depend totally upon our values and our priorities.

If we can rejoice that God is actually cleaning up a very great mess, and He is actually going somewhere amongst the flurried storm of fish sludge, then we will take the wild Holy Spirit ride and go with His flow. Even in the midst of great sludge flurries, He is still God and is still in control over what touches our personal lives. He will keep us in and through it and we will rise triumphant on the other side…swimming in a nice clean pond, with glorious crystal clear water.

[2]  Rhema on Transition


Grandma Anna Rhema 2/14/93

Heard: Trust Me little one. I know it’s hard for you. Being in the dark. Let Me light your path. Plain path. In transition. You are safe. Yes, safety net. Not needed. Doing fine. Fly. In sync. Your partner never misses.

Shirley Rhema 2/25/93

Heard: Winds of change.

Sandy Warner Rhema 2/8/97

Vision: I saw a huge semi truck turning a corner.

Heard: Transition. Change.

Vision: I saw my computer screen blinking on the title of the timing chapter.

Heard: Now.

Grandma Anna Rhema 3/1/97

Heard: At the cross road. Stop. Look. Listen. A God of transition.

Sandy Warner Rhema 1/26/98

Heard: A winning team in transition.

Shirley Rhema 3/10/98

Heard: Birthplace with lion dynamics. A church in transition.

Sandy Warner Rhema 3/15/98

Heard: Big family. Transition.

Shirley Rhema 4/23/98

Heard: To bring you through that period of transition. It will abide by favor.

Sandy Warner Rhema 6/6/98

Vision: I saw a water jug tipping over and pouring out.

Vision: I saw my Bible opened

Dream: I was gazing up into the sky and the angels and the demons were fighting. I was somehow watching and also participating at the same time.

Heard: World wide transition. Tiny steps. Trouble.

Sandy Warner Rhema 7/4/98

Heard: Pivotal year.

Sandy Warner Rhema 7/5/98

Heard: Transition church.

[3]  The Corner

A Word to Ponder From the book, Words to Ponder, by Sandy Warner

Whether you have noticed or not, through the years you have been approaching a corner. Your ability to plan has become more and more limited, as your vision for the future unfolds. The reason why, is that in turning a corner, you are not able to see around the bend. The closer you have come to this bend, the shorter your ability to envision plans to come. Do not fret over this temporary inability. I give all good things in the perfect time and season. Understand that this corner is a change in direction, a change in focus. This is a major corner and many things need to culminate to bring you to this place. Trust Me to lead you when the time comes. In the mean time, do not fear your future even though in times past you have been able to see farther ahead.

“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.” (Jeremiah 29:11)

[4] Insights into His Corner from Sandy Warner

For over 10 years, we have received rhema having to do with turning a great prophetical corner. For lack of space and extra printing cost, I decided not to print the corner rhema. Let it suffice to say that the Lord said this was a world-wide corner, a new beginning would occur after the corner, and the greatest show on earth would occur after turning the corner. Personally I have seen pictures of myself in the process of turning this corner for several years. I finally completed the turn as of February this year. I believe this is the “turn in the Spirit” Rick speaks of in the following:

[5]  Quotes from Rick Joyner

Excerpt March Tape 1998

“There’s another level that the body of Christ seems to be going to now. There’s an intensity that’s just been building for some years, but it seems like we’ve shifted gears again… shifting is a key word. There seems to be some kind of shift in the Spirit this year. With the joy and everything else, there’s also an increased seriousness…There seems to be some kind of turn in the Spirit. One of things we believe the prophetic ministry is given to the body for, is to help us to see those turns coming up so that the church is prepared for them and can make them instead of missing… we feel like there’s a major change in the Spirit, there’s a turn of some type…I feel like in some ways we’re getting near the end of our time of preparation. Some of the things that have been prophesied for thousands of years now really are about to come upon the world. But you know these are going to be the best of times for the body of Christ… this will be our finest hour if we are indeed heading into the times of trouble that do mark the end…we need to all be as close to the Lord as we can… Let’s become addicted to the Presence of the Lord so that we just can’t bear to go to bed at night without having an encounter with Him, where we have to have Him the first thing when we wake up in the morning, where we have to have Him, where we feel compelled that we have to have Him.”

[6]  Transition - Fear of Transformation

Author unknown

[Note from Sandy Warner: This was written by a student at LCC in the late 70’s. I do not know if the writer is a Christian, but the article is so excellent I wanted to share it with you.]

Sometimes I feel that my life is a series of trapeze swings. I’m either hanging on to a trapeze bar swinging along or, for a few moments in my life, I’m hurling across space in between trapeze bars.

Most of the time, I spend my life hanging on for dear life to my trapeze-bar-of-the-moment. It carries me along at a certain steady rate, and I have the feeling that I’m in control of my life. I know most of the right questions and even some of the right answers. But once in a while, as I’m merrily (or not-so-merrily) swinging along, I look out ahead of me into the distance, and what do I see? I see another trapeze bar swinging toward me. It’s empty, and I know, in that place in me that knows, that this new trapeze bar has my name on it. It is my next step, my growth, my aliveness coming to get me. In my heart-of-hearts I know that for me to grow, I must release my grip on this present, well known bar to move to the next one.

Each time it happens to me, I hope (no, I pray) that I won’t have to grab the new one. But in my knowing place I know that I must totally release my grasp on my old bar, and for some moment in time I must hurtle across space before I can grab onto the new bar. Each time I am afraid that I will miss, that I will be crushed on unseen rocks in the bottomless chasm between the bars. But I do it anyway. Perhaps this is the essence of what the mystics call the faith experience. No guarantees, no net, no insurance policy, but you do it anyway because somehow, to keep hanging on to that old bar is no longer on the list of alternatives. And so for an eternity that can last a microsecond or a thousand lifetimes, I soar across the dark void of “the past is gone the future is not yet here.” It’s called transition. I have come to believe that is the only place that real change occurs. I mean real change, not the pseudo-change that only lasts until the next time my old buttons get punched.

I have noticed, that in our culture, this transition zone is looked upon as a “no-thing” a no-place between places. Sure, the old trapeze-bar was real, and that new one coming towards me, I hope that’s real too. But the void in between? That’s just a scary, confusing, disorienting “nowhere” that must be gotten through as fast and as unconsciously as possible. What a waste! I have a sneaking suspicion that the transition zone is the only real thing, and the bars are illusions we dream up to avoid the void, where the real change, the real growth occurs for us. Whether or not my hunch is true, it remains that the transition zones in our lives are incredibly rich places. They should be honored, even savored. Yes, with all the pain and fear and feelings of being out-of-control that can (but not necessarily) accompany transitions, they are still the most alive, most growth-filled, passionate, expansive moments of our lives.

And so, transformation of fear may have nothing to do with making fear go away, but rather with giving ourselves permission to “hang-out” in the transition between trapeze bars. Transforming our need to grab that new bar, any bar, is allowing ourselves to dwell in the only place where change really happens. It can be terrifying. It can also be enlightening, in the true sense of the word. Hurling through the void, we just may learn how to fly.

[7]  Hanging in the Balance

A Word to Ponder from the book, Words to Ponder, by Sandy Warner

You have much concern over impending judgments, for the velocity of these judgments hang in the balance and are slippery as eels. Yes band together with other believers and stand in the gap against impending judgments. For the greater the stand against unrighteousness and the greater the commitment to Me, the lesser the judgments will be.

However, I have an announcement to make. What the enemy plotted to take advantage of this time, has been completely averted. What he planned for God’s people was ultimate destruction, and that plan is completely defeated. It’s over, he’s defeated! The enemy has no authority to destroy My people. Already there stands a great wall against him, formed by those willing vessels who are sold out to Me. They have pushed his territory back and taken that which he sought to obliterate.

The earth must shake and tremble and go through it’s impending storm. Yet I am now drawing near to hover over My people in abiding Presence. Like those in the wilderness, protected with the cloud by day and the fire by night, I draw near and protect My own. This is the time to draw near to Me and commit to My call. Pursue righteousness and you will not be caught in the storm. You will rise above it and walk through it untouched. At that point, you will no longer be hanging in the balance.

“ And the LORD went before them by day in a pillar of a cloud, to lead them the way; and by night in a pillar of fire, to give them light; to go by day and night: He took not away the pillar of the cloud by day, nor the pillar of fire by night, from before the people.” (Exodus 13:21 & 22)

[8] Transition into Birth

Article by Shirley

The birthing process was the most rewarding experience of my 27 years as a registered nurse. I spent eighteen years of my nursing career working in labor and delivery. I never ceased to marvel each time a new babe was brought into the world. Some times the transition period was so short the babies arrived before the physician. I would be faced with bringing the baby into the world. I even was privileged to deliver one of my grandsons.

In describing the birth process, transition is the shortest phase of labor but probably the most painful, emotional and physically exhausting. The reason is the birth muscles are transitioning from one job to another. This can be very confusing as a double message is being sent to the body, by the double duty of the muscles. Strong forces are going on at once. There is a great urgency to push. Before one contraction ends another one begins. This phase of intense pressure is the time of the most pain. It is very hard to keep your muscles relaxed. When the tolerance level becomes unbearable, that seems to be when the highest hurdle is leaped.

In our walk with the Lord we go through a period of transition. — A time of change from the carnal to the spiritual man. As with the normal birthing process, for some it is a much longer and more stressful time; a change we are not always prepared for. In the delivery room many times I experienced those who screamed and fought, while others quietly worked with the contractions to bring forth birth. Likewise, in spiritual transition, some may freely give themselves to the Lord, yielding all control over the circumstances. Others may fight the process which makes the circumstances even more unpleasant.

When we allow the Spirit to work in and through us our transition can be bearable. We must relax and allow the Holy Spirit to complete the work. This is a change like we have never experienced before. We may reach a point in time when we feel that we have reached the end of ourselves. But as with the normal process of birth we are given the strength to complete the task. Many times the husband can be of great help and assistance. In our spiritual transition the Lord is that help and Assistant.

NKJ Ephesians 4:24 and that you put on the new man which was created according to God, in true righteousness and holiness. KJV Hebrews 6:1 Therefore leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ, let us go on unto perfection; KJV Philippians 1:6 Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.


Prophesy from Bob Jones

(Given at Cross Roads, Hamilton, Ontario March 8, 1998) The following are excerpts from the Internet via Wayne and Evelyn MacKay, International Christian Centre and Harvest Time Cafe located in Toronto, Ontario Canada (

[Note from Sandy Warner: This prophesy gives an overall understanding of where the body of Christ has been and where we are going. It is lengthy but worth the time if you want to understand the Lord’s plans. I believe this Word is very important and feel that we are privileged to have access to it. The original Internet version can be found at

A Quick Overall Glimpse from 1950’s Through the 2030’s

“And so the fifties, the 19 and 50’s - What goes around comes back around, you see. So the anointing of the 50’s is coming back your way. So the 50’s reveal My power that’s coming back your way but I’ll not give My power to any that have not shed the things that displease Me. And unresolved anger is one of the things that greatly displeases Me and that’s what I’ve been doing in thee this day - To get the unresolved anger out of you that My glory might rest upon you so that no root of bitterness or anything might defile many, if I anointed thee with My glory. So the fifties revealed My power. And it came in a mighty way.

And the sixties revealed My Holy Spirit and the baptism that then began to fall and produce the mighty songs that were lifted up to Me.

And the seventies began to reveal the great teachers. And this is where many of you I began to bring forth to Me. In the seventies My teachers began to bring My Word, for My Kingdom is based upon My Word and My Spirit. These are the two pillars that I started back in the seventies.

The eighties revealed the Spirit of God and My prophets.

The nineties revealed My government. And now My government is in place and in a time of great stress I shall bring forth My next step. Toronto was a step. Brownsville was another step.

My next step will be My glory. And signs like you have never seen before. And ever since you have, you’ll see, become golden among thee. You’ll smell the fragrance of heaven. You’ll taste the goodness of God. You’ll feel the Presence of God and angels in awesome ways. You’ll hear the songs of heaven and the praise. And you’ll see the angels and His working mightily bringing your five senses, sanctifying them so that He can show you Himself and all of your soul your way. For what I have just described you see is your soul. So yes, He’s been dealing in your spirit and He has for a while. But now He is after the rest of you; the soul, that He might use it to bring a new day. So yes, get ready for God’s glory.

And the 2010’s will bring, you see, the faith of God. To speak creative miracles, to change the storms, to shut up the heavens or loose up the heavens.

And the 2020’s, you see, that worketh by faith shall bring a new day. And it shall be an army of love and a maturity and a brand new way. For it shall be called the family of God joined together in a unity. The most powerful force that the world has ever seen and shall ever see in all her days.

And still time will go on for you have time for your children and your grandchildren. So don’t get in any hurry, for I’m not. So I’m calling thee to begin to represent Me. Be My ambassadors, be My goodwill ambassadors to all the nations upon the earth, you see.

1990’s - A Glimpse of Nine Years of Judgment within the Church

’89 means the end of what God was doing in the 80’s and a beginning of 9 years of literally judging His church. So you are the remnant seed because you came out of 9 years of judgment. You here tonight are the survivors. You are the remnant seed and the Lord is getting ready to sow again the remnant. So you are literally in the time of death and the remnant seed, you sow the remnant seed with travail and weeping.

For yes, My assuredly and My security is there in My Word, you see, and I put you through 9 years so that I might uproot some things out of thee, and break thee until you please Me. For, you see, brokenness without understanding brings hopelessness. Brokenness with understanding brings hopefulness. I’ve been breaking you and destroying your wrong nature, you see, to bring you into My family so that I might be the Father over thee. For I do say, get ready for a new canopy. It’s in Isaiah 4:4, 5 and 6, you see, for I’m getting ready to purge the church with fire and to destroy the filthiness of Zion in an awesome way so that My glory might come to stay. And that My peace might rest in each one of thee.

So this is the purpose that I have been doing in these last days. These 9 years in your failure, I have destroyed your human strength and weakened you as I did My servant Jacob, you see, so that I might change your nature, and that you might be willing to wait for Me as I waited for My Father in My day. And so you have failed so much that you are coming to your own end and you are willing to wait for Me to tell you what to do and where to go and what to say. So that you would fail no longer but would be a success in Me.

For these 9 years I worked in thee was to root out the things that displeased Me. So I sent you into the desert after awaking thee and you carried all of your baggage with you. So the first couple of years you began to throw some of it away. The next couple of years you threw a little more away. You kept on going until all you had left, you see, was a couple of water jugs and your idols of gold, your ideals of what you wanted done in Me. And the last couple of years I have just been working beautifully in thee. Your golden ideals and idols lay out there in the desert, you see, and all you’ve got left is a water bottle and it less than a third full so I had you shedding and when you thought you were going to die out there you decided to pray and try it My way and that’s where your prayer is at today. In your desperation you began to pray - not until you had to that is, not until you couldn’t figure it out. So now I’ve called you to think it out in this last days. And now I will give you My mind and show you My way and you’ll not fail any more. For I’m not in My church failures in any way.

I began to plow you as an ox does and I began to test you. And for the last few years, you see, have been plowing, for the ox is My beatitudes. And any movement that I will do will go through My beatitudes. Let My beatitudes be your attitudes. You want Me to move then let My attitudes dwell in thee. For, you see, I gave you a hunger and a thirst for Me and I kept guiding you by My Holy Spirit even both night and day in your barrenness. And so yes, I’ve been plowing you to bring you to a place called meekness. For the meek, they shall inherit. For, you see, meekness is teachable and those who are teachable, My Holy Spirit makes disciples out of them and begins to bring My divine nature into them.

And so you are My disciple, you see, so long as you are teachable and allow Me to show you My way. In My beatitudes in thee, I called you to be peacemakers in these last days. For they shall be called My sons and daughters. They shall be close to Me but I’m going to tell you what a peacemaker is, it’s one that can confront the issues and can bring a righteous judgment, you see. And the first one that I wanted you to confront is the enemy between your eyes, that you would confront those things that does keep you from embracing Me. Only when you are peaceful within your soul can you rest so that My rest might come into thee and bring you My way so if you are not able to rest and are continually striving, then turn around and sit down and begin to love Me. And I’ll bring you into that place of peace within that you might make peace with yourself. For that is what My peacemakers first do, you see, is get rid of all that garbage that the fallen nature has put on thee so that you can come forth and be that son and daughter for Me. So yes, let My beatitudes be your attitude in Me but I do say that now the plowing is coming to an end.

A Glimpse Past 1998

In Isaiah 28:24 it says that I don’t plow all the time, you see. For I plowed thee for 9 years. I broke up your hard hearted nature, the clods, and I have smoothed My fields and now I am going to cast My Seeds into them - My Sperm Seed words will now come to My body and it will begin to grow harvest in different ways. Even as there are different things that I sow to bring forth into harvest, will I sow these things in thee. Different in each one of thee for I’m bringing forth the harvest of grain in people that My body might consume this grain that I’m bringing forth. So that the body can eat your lives up and become a healthy body of Christ.

And in My Word, it says that I will show you the wisdom you need for this. So yes, I’m sowing you back the remnant seed. The drought is over now in the church and it will rain and My God Sperm Seed I placed in your heart will begin to grow. By the falls of the season you will begin to come forth in an awesome harvest. And you’ll begin to see that the grain is out there and it will be where My body can eat your life up and be healthy enough to go into the world and take the lands for Me.

And now He is after harvest and everyone of you is called to harvest and harvest begins with prayer. Job 22:30, He will even deliver the one for whom you intercede who is not innocent. He will be delivered through the cleanness of your hands. Job 42:7, 8. When you begin to pray and first you should begin in your own family, pray for those who are not innocent and who do not have clean hands, those that aren’t saved, those that are giving you the worst words and the worst headache.

You see what Job did here. After the Lord had spoke the previous words to Job the Lord said to Eliphaz the Temanite, ‘My wrath is kindled against you and against your two friends. For you have not spoken of Me the things that are right as My servant Job has. Now therefore take seven bulls and seven rams and go to My servant Job and offer up for yourself a burnt offering and My servant Job will pray for you for I will accept his prayer that I deal not with them after your folly in that you have not spoken of Me what was right as My servant Job has.’ So these men, did as the Lord commanded them and the Lord accepted Job’s prayer and the Lord turned the captivity of Job and restored his fortune.

I’m trying to show you something here. It’s time your fortune be restored to you. And the Lord turned the captivity of Job and restored his fortune, then he prayed for his friends also and the Lord gave Job twice as much as He had before.

I’m in My son’s growth, in bringing him forth to inherit, you see, for even now men and women in this body in the time of exchange of great finances I’m raising him up to possess and give millions into My evangelism and into My church. I’m going to let them spoil Egypt again. Not only Egypt but the world system of marketing. Even now, I’m moving upon the minds of men and women and giving them this knowledge. And in their heart for Me, will be to see My Word exported over all the earth in these last days.

1998, The Pivotal Year - A Glimpse into the Coming World Judgments

For yes, you have now come to ’98, you see, the end of My judgment and a new beginning in this last day…For I will send the rains upon thee in an awesome way and it will rain and rain upon your brain and I will heal the lame, the maimed, the cripple, the halt, and the blind that got that way in My church, in My body for I do say to thee, it is a brand new day.

I’m telling you, you are coming to the end of My church judgment and when it ends in My church it will begin in the world. And I want your light shining bright for they will be heading your way in the great night. For it is time that you rise and shine, you see. And let My glory rest upon thee. For great darkness over all the earth will be, but not in My church for it will dwell in My glory.

And like the Ark of old will it be when Noah was lifted up high and close to Me. When I closed the door in that time so that none might find Me in that time of judgment as I rained My justice upon them in that day. But this time you are My Arks and the doors of your hearts will not be closed, you see. And all those who dwell in darkness in My time of judgment can flee to thee, and find refuge in Me. And there will be no dark in My Arks. But they shall dwell continually in the noon day sun and brightly will they shine. Those who will bring forth at this time to accomplish My divine purpose and harvest, you see.

For I have a vision of youth that is awesome and mighty. And youth is My purpose but I need others to stand behind them, you see. Ones that have been wounded and healed. Ones that have suffered persecution and has had to bow to the will of Mine. But now I bring forth My will in a mighty way, so that the harvest might come and ever be - for I say this to you, yes, the trials of the earth shall increase in an awesome way. And the things of Revelation they shall be increasing and increasing until they come to that day. But what you don’t understand is that the book of Revelation, you see, is a love letter to My bride in preparing her to ever be joined to Me. And you are My bride. Your soul is so beautiful to Me. And I call out to thee for you to hear My voice and to respond to My wooing and My cooing. Even this day for I come to those whose ears are open that they might hear what I have to say.

For you see, judgments will be inconsistent in these last days. They will fall on one town and not another you see. And those who hear from Me will be vacationing there, rejoicing with their children. Wrapped in the cocoon of My anointing as Noah and their children were in their day.

So I waited 6000 years for thee. Do you think that I am going to let the devil take you out in any way? For I’ve already had victory over him, you see. And the victory I give to thee. For do you know who you are seated with in heavenly places this day? Do you know that you have a Friend in high places — that will be there through eternity? And I seek friends that will come and talk with Me. That was the purpose you were created for, you see. So that we could be a family. For My Daddy is a family man, you see. And has great jealousy for His family — those who grew up and have come to acknowledge Him as their Daddy, and no longer stray into the darkness but stay in His light of His abode.

A Glimpse Into the Coming Shepherds

The ‘80’s revealed My prophets, you see, and the ‘90’s revealed My government and My justice even improving upon this day. But now My heart cries in another way. For I will now raise up My shepherds and My shepherds will love the sheep. My shepherds, you see, will die for the sheep, they will stand between the enemy and My body. For now I work on bringing forth My body. I have brought forth My head. My leadership I have already got upon the earth and My purpose now, you see, is for My leadership to feed My body. For My body is like a baby and My leadership is like a grown head upon a babies body. So everything I do now in My leadership will be to feed My body of Christ so that they may grow up and possess the gates of the enemy, for have I not said continually in My Word that their children would inherit the earth? And the earth in that day, when My justice comes in a mighty way will bless them, for I will only destroy the world, you see, and its corruption, but the earth will remain and I will bless it. And your children will inherit it. So you must learn My Word and believe it, you see, for have I not said, “That once I was young but now I am old, but I have never seen the righteous forsaken or His seed begging for bread.”

So I call you to a new intimacy with Me a new covenant with Me that you quit doing all those things that you are doing and do only that which you see with Me. So I’ve called you to open the eyes of your heart, and the ears of your understanding, and your discernment and your love for Me. So that our love can be upon the earth again in these last days. For, you see, My shepherds will be shepherds of love they will not harm the sheep for they have failed so much, they have learned to love. They have been broken so they know what brokenness is. And My sheep will know Me. Each one will know Me and My voice in this last day.

So the good shepherd is coming into your life, you see. To make you lay down and be still in green pastures. And make your soul be still and know that He is God. And yes, My good shepherds that are coming out of the back woods, out of the slums, out of many places, they will put to rest the troubled waters in the church. They will still the waters in the church, they will have the authority to speak against those that lie - the gossips, the slanderers, those that trouble the waters of the church, they will put them silent and they will bring the still waters. So that My sheep, My body may drink deep of Me.

A Glimpse in the Coming Power

For I say this day, that I call forth deep unto deep. And I shall bring thee by the new way that you know not. So get ready for My power to see in an awesome new way, and it will be called forth by prophecy, get ready for the creative Word of God to come forth through My prophets. This is according to scripture you see, Isaiah 48:6, 7 is what it says. For I am still a creative God and when I give My Word to My children, and to My prophets and they proclaim it upon the earth it comes to pass, you see.

For three years ago a great famine in the south west of the United States did reign over all the land. And I spoke to a prophet and I told him to command, proclaim rain. To not pray for it, you see, but to proclaim it and to command the angels to bring rain. And three times on a Sunday this was done, you see. I doubt that many understood in any way but they know this that within three days, it rained 7 inches in places that hadn’t seen rain for 3 years.

That’s proclaiming, you see, that’s agreeing with God and speaking His Words that He wants proclaimed. So yes intercede, seek God — but once you hear, proclaim, command, so when you drive your streets in your cities pray over them and wait for My Word to come to thee. So that you might speak into the heart of that city and bring forth life. And so this has happened often lately, but it shall happen even more now that the times have become even more severe, you see. So if you don’t like the tornado coming your way, loose the angels and command it to split. And this has happened before, you see, so it’s time that My church rise up and become My body - My body of Christ that takes the authority that I’ve given, you see. For I didn’t make you pussy cats, I made you lions. I made you to take the prey in these last days. I made you to take those who are your enemies to fall away to thee when I give you the Words.

I’m getting you ready for My fire and the baptism of fire which is a Spirit of holiness, which is the fruit of the Spirit maturing you up. For you do not cry out for revival but you cry for more and more every day for My mercy and My grace and My light. For I have come to this area to stay. I didn’t come for My glory to pass away and fade as it has in past days. I’ve come for My glory to abide upon thee continually and to rest upon your children in eternity.

For it is the last days but it is not immediately. You’ll see the 2000’s, the 2010’s, 2020’s, 2030’s. So make long range plans. Yep. For I tell you, you’re not going to fly away right away. But you’re coming and going to raise up the body of Christ that will inherit, and that My glory will abide upon thee. And sickness, sin and poverty will not be able to stand in your presence, you see. And the gods that men have worshipped will fall down and bow down to thee including doctors and lawyers and psychologists and philosophers, they shall come to acknowledge Me in thee.

A Glimpse into the Next Move

And so the next move of the Spirit you’ll see will be the eagle. And My Rhema Words falling in thee. Get ready for vision like you have never seen before. Get ready for My picture. For I’m getting ready to give My vision to My body. So that they no longer perish but each and every one of you have a picture, a vision for your life and a purpose in Christ.

All of you join neatly together for when I crush My grain to feed My body, you can’t tell one from another. I’m going to mix you that well so that you’ll just have to say, “We’re just a part of the body of Christ and we are literally ministry without a face and the face you’ll see, is the face of Christ.”

Yes, now is My seasons and My eagle, you see, is in Mark 16. For I’ve been going throughout all the earth, preparing My people to go and obey My commandment. For as I have been bringing you into that meekness so that I could sow you, then so will I send you as I did My Son. So send I you into the world that you will begin to fulfill My great commission and go into all the nations, into all the ethnic groups of which are right here in this city. Start there, and that you might begin to make disciples of all of the ethnic groups. For I will tell you this, My Son didn’t die on the cross needlessly for the whole world to glorify death and sin in the last days. I am going to have the mightiest church you have ever seen and over a billion souls will come in one great wave. And all who will can come and find both bread and wine. So I am going to begin to give the revelation, especially the revelation of My true common union communion. For My body had been fragmented, broken apart and now I will begin to bring it back together. For I will begin to pour My wine upon My broken fragmented body and begin to bring it again into one body, one lump.

And I say this to you, it won’t be grape juice I pour upon it, because grape juice has no spirit in it. It will be the best of My wine with real spirit in it, a wedding wine, a unity wine. And I shall join My body together by My Spirit. And My blood shall flow through their veins.

For this is the inheritance of the saints, you see, to not be defeated in the last day. I’m not coming for a bride that has been pinched by the devil on the backside, and bruised and defeated and crying out to Me. I won’t come until that bride does say, “The Holy Spirit and I are ready.” And then it will be no surprise for My body for they will be the ones who will send for Me and it will be because they are victorious in every way. And put on all of My nature and so it will only be a surprise to the world, you see, but it won’t be a surprise to My body.

I’m not going to cut anything off in the last days. For it grows darker and so shall it grow lighter in thee. And My light shall shine greater and farther in thee. For I am calling forth My body of Christ to walk upon the earth where the very earth itself does tremble at their footsteps. And to where the heathen does tremble at their Words because they will have power over life and death, over storm and fire and all the things of nature, and by their Word, by their Word, that they speak, as they mature in Me, will there be life or death as they do say, ‘rain or drought’. That’s what will happen as they learn to literally loose My prayers in a brand new way.

But now after you I say, a new anointing of My Rhema, and binding and loosing shall shortly be on thee and you shall begin to loose the yoke of bondage of religion that has held you back in these last days. For a religious spirit is legalism, opinion, debate, judgment and criticism. And none of that is of Me for I am of love and they are of works. So these things I do say. You don’t have any right to any of these, you have only a right to love and to dwell in My Presence both night and day. So yes, a door I open to thee, so walk in it and live your life for Me and possess everything that your foot does walk on in these last days.”

[10]  Prophesy - His Still Small Voice

Given to Grandma Anna on 4/5/89

DREAM: The Lord came to me in a vision as a young man, very, very excited, happy and vibrant, saying, “I’m blowing the trumpet little one!” I literally heard His voice as though He were in the room with me. Then later I heard His still small voice say the following:

Hear ye, Hear ye, Soon it comes.

Off comes the cover. Dazzling. Amazing.

Hear ye, Hear ye. Off it comes.

Will you not know it? Will you not see it?

A ha! Will you not hear it?

What hath God wrought? What is this?

My son. My son. Hear ye him.

My son. My son. Hear ye him.

Yes, I shall have a generation.

I shall have a seed.

Hear ye, Hear ye, Off it comes.

No more cover over My glory.

Hear ye. Hear ye. My son.

Yea, it’s My generation. Yea, it’s My seed.

To him give you heed.

For he shall speak wondrous things.

He shall do wondrous things.

He is he. He is Me. He is them.

A city on a hill cannot be hid.

Jerusalem, Jerusalem, My Bride.

Glorified. Glorified.

It’s done. It’s done. My victory is won.

Hear ye. Hear ye. The victory’s won.

Hear ye, Hear ye, The victory is won.

What do you think? What do you see?

A people. A generation.

My people. My generation. All of Me.

The victory is won. Your will is done.

Finished. Completed.

The enemy at My feet. Nothing to impede.

Soon I’m coming to your side.

Wait little one. Soon. It’s here.

Be of good, good cheer.

Make merry and be glad. No longer be sad.

This is the day.

This is the hour.

Awake! Awake!

Put on your beautiful garments.

The sword is furbished.

It is also ready.

A two edged sword in the hands of My saints.

This is the hour. This is the gain.

The victory is coming now. Come Lord Jesus.

Come with Your power. No more delay.

This is the hour. Blow the trumpet in Zion, Zion.

Sound the alarm in My Holy Mountain.

Sound the trumpet in Zion, Zion. Sound the alarm.

The snow. It’s covered My mountain.

A ha! It melts. Down come the rushing torrents.

The streams thereof shall make glad.

Rejoice O ye hills. This is the mountain

where I desire to dwell. The name of that city

shall be “My God is there.”

Surely God is in thee. A city on a hill cannot be hid.

A faithful scribe writing my words.

Surely I do nothing before I reveal it to My prophets.

A new thing do I declare. A new thing on this earth.

A people born. A holy nation.

A holy nation do I declare.

All changed. All made new.

Death come to life. Begin anew.

A new thing on the earth.

Off comes the lid. Nothing is hid.

It’s My glory. Been there all along.

But you couldn’t see it. Now sing a new song.

The earth is full of My glory.

Bright shining after rain.

The former and latter rain. Altogether.

Yea Joseph shall have two portions.

My servant among them.

Turning the heart of the children to the fathers.

A victorious day. Nothing. No, nothing

shall stand in its way. Satan taken to the pit

by a mighty stand. Satan taken to the pit

when My glory fills the land.

A people strong and mighty. Running as a troop.

My army. My army. My very own group.

I have done a work under the hill.

Its brightness and glory. No longer hid.

[11] Dream from Cherie  - June 15, 1995


A group of us (believers) were on an island, We were attempting to establish something for the Lord. In the midst of our efforts we were divinely warned of a rising opposition and we were to prepare ourselves. We didn’t get any weapons, such as guns or arrows or anything like that, we found our defense in standing together. Things seemed to be going well, then a thick fog fell over the entire land mass around us. We couldn’t see each other but we were linked by kindred spirits. When one of us fell into doubt or worry, whomever was closest would pull that person in closer and speak encouragement and prophetic truth (like the angel spoke to Gideon).

As we were standing in anticipation of the opposition, the beach became visible and I could see a huge wave approaching. It was like a tsunami, I called to the others to stand firm, that our strength together could withstand it’s force. I looked again and saw there were three consecutive waves of the same size. They were at equal distance from each other. The waves began to hit the beach, there was tremendous destruction, most of us were able to hold on where we were, some were swept away, others were weakened, but held on. As the second wave was about to hit I saw a change in the pattern of waves. The first three had been spaced apart enough that we had time to check in with each other and make quick assessments of damage. However, following the first three waves came a set of waves, close together and equal in size to the previous three single waves.

It was then I saw the fog lift from around the entire land mass. I could see a mobile home type building hidden behind some trees, near the beach. I knew it was the headquarters of Satan and his team. They had been camped among us all along and we’d never noticed their camp, or their workers. I was momentarily disheartened to think that we had been deceived, we didn’t have a clue they had been here since the beginning of this endeavor. Now it seemed too late to campaign against them. How foolish we had been. Then the Lord drew my attention back to the coming set of waves. I could see the spirit in charge of this campaign riding above the waves mocking us and calling on more power to destroy us. I sent sent word through the kindred spirit for us not to be distracted, or to divide our attention toward the enemies camp. That would be taken care of, I knew God had exposed it for our benefit, not our demise.

As the set of three waves hit one after another, there was great destruction and some of us were separated from our kindred spirit. One by one we reestablished communication. There was a lot of damage, all that we had built was destroyed. Some of the people were swept away, most of them remained. We saw the evil one who was in charge, we grabbed hold of him.  When we touched him, his strength began to dissipate. We took him to the beach, he was weak and unable to resist us. Some wanted to kill him, but I stopped them. I had all who were able to help, carry him near the surf. We laid him down, I told him, and the others, that we were to let the surf, which he had empowered to destroy us, carry him away to his own destruction. We walked away and left him lying on the sand, knowing he was unable to escape.

Later, as the evening came, we had all been working to salvage what we could of the structures and grounds of our settlement. Our kindred spirit was once again strong, but it had changed. We were all doing individual tasks and yet, there was a sense of singlemindedness, one to another. Our hearts weren't connected in the same way as they were during the battle. I saw a young woman, sitting alone, outside the courtyard of our colony. I made my way over to her. As I came close to her, I could see she was reading her Bible but she was not happy, not sad, rather numb.  As I came closer, I came to the back corner of a building and as I moved forward the dimness of the area got lighter and a dark figure, I knew to be a demon, immediately flew away. I realized there was a danger in any of our people spending time alone, isolated from the rest. It was imperative that we stay united, not only in our kindred spirit, but in our practical duties. Some were not strong enough to stand alone, and as I had seen the enemies' camp emerge from the fog in our midst during battle, truly none of us were strong enough to stand alone.


Article By Sandy Warner  12/98

1998 was a shaking year for me. For over ten years, the Lord had said that the body of Christ was approaching a corner. With certainty I knew God is a good God and therefore I was looking forward to it with great faith. I must admit when I turned that corner in February of 1998, I didn’t like what I saw. In fact, it was only the beginning of a great shaking in my foundations as He began to unravel the mysteries of what I had heard in past rhema.

Do you remember the Springfield Thurston High School shooting in May 98? My son was 5 feet away from the nearest bullet, and Teresa, the most seriously wounded fell at his feet. Shocking, yes. Shaking, yes. I learned a lot about preparation during those days. I discovered that if you aren’t prepared for shaking times, it is very hard to find your peace AFTER the fact. I understood this because I was prepared, and yet I still struggled. I kept wondering, "How can anyone go through a shaking without a deep and abiding trust in God?" If I struggled and I was prepared, what about others who aren’t?

I was so grateful I had heard the Lord BEFORE if happened - that He was protecting my son. One week prior to the shooting, I had even heard the Lord speak about a murderer. I took it all in stride, thinking the Lord was speaking in riddled or metaphoric speech, and not literally... that is until AFTERWARDS. When I went back and read what He had said, I understood He was trying to prepare me and let me know He was very much answering my constant prayers for His protection over my son. In my past writings, I have used the cliché that when people get wounded they become "gun shy" and flinch when someone comes near their wound. I never thought of that having a literal meaning. As it turned out, my faith became stronger for the experience, and so did my son’s. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t struggle at first to rise above the shaking. I had to settle it with His peace and really believe that He will CONTINUE to stay on active duty! So much for May 1998.

The next thing that happened is I am minding my own business when suddenly I saw a picture vision of our empty freezer. I heard the Lord say, "Just to make the matter of interpretation clear." Then He tells me that I need to stock pile some staple food. Now, unless you’ve read the story in my book about building the ark for winter… (there’s a picture beside it of a fellow with his head stuck in the ground like an ostrich - that’s me) … then you wouldn’t know this: I am the LAST person to jump on the band wagon about such issues. Years ago, I had heard the Lord tell me to build an ark for winter and after much struggle with interpretation and stock piling, I gave it all away and chose to build a spiritual ark. Do it all again? NO WAY. I guess that is why the Lord had to tell me point blank.

Wake Up Call

I started to read about Y2K. In a nutshell, the world is predicting a computer problem that will potentially shut down the electrical power grid on January 1, 2000. The electrical power grid sustains the basics for our survival and some say it will bring us to a crippling halt. Among the pile of statistics I read was that it takes 3 days for our grocery stores to empty without being re-stocked.

Regardless of what degree Y2K affects us, I believe that the world’s Y2K alarm is the mercy of the Lord to alert everyone for coming dark times. The world certainly is reacting. Most of the Internet shipping of bulk staple foods are backlogged for months and yet Y2K is another year away.

In obedience to hearing about the staple food, I completed the task and landed right back in the same 2 arks I had built in the early 80’s. The first being a literal one. After prayer and hearing no specifics on how much for how many, since the Lord had spoken to me about Noah’s ark in the past, I prepared for 8 people (Noah’s family of eight - I Pet 3:20) for 1 winter. In the natural I realized this was a simple amount of preparation for what could come. Logically I knew there was no way I could prepare for every contingency. When it comes down to the bottom line - what am I going to trust in; a large stock pile of food and then worry about having to defend it? Or am I going to trust that God takes what little we have and multiply it for all who come to our door? I am really glad that I chose the spiritual ark all those years ago. That’s the only reservoir that will last.

During the following months, I began to hear tidbits from the Lord about things like the financial collapse of Wall Street, families moving in with families due to being homeless, and 7 years of Pharaoh’s grain at great cost. (Genesis 47:19) He also brought Words from the established prophets like Bob Jones, Rick Joyner, Bobby Conner and Paul Cain. They all agreed judgment is coming. My understanding was that Y2K is only the beginning, and no matter what Y2K yields the devil will take advantage of it. If Y2K is all we would have to suffer, I would choose it - even the worst of what it could offer - than what is to come by way of judgments and enemy destruction.

Reluctantly I swallowed the fact that the USA is coming under judgment and the world is coming to a very dark time. So dark, that nothing in history compares to it. That is not exactly good news. I had to do some heavy scrambling to catch up after turning this corner. Suddenly everything I had heard, as well as trusted rhema of others, had to be re-assimilated (interpreted) via a different set of lenses. The adjustment wasn’t in the hearing and seeing, but in the timing and the understanding of how it all fits.

Yes, God is a good God and some absolute awesome times are coming for those who are prepared and trust in Him. The book of Acts is nothing compared to the glory of what we will actually live and experience. The glory of God will descend upon earth and we are going to take back our lives, our earth, the air waves, the atmosphere, and defeat the devil. But not without a fight. And the earth is going to take the brunt of that fight.

Everything that can be shaken will be shaken. The scripture says, "See that you do not refuse Him who speaks. For if they did not escape who refused Him who spoke on earth, much more shall we not escape if we turn away from Him who speaks from heaven, whose voice then shook the earth; but now He has promised, saying, "Yet once more I shake not only the earth, but also heaven." Now this, "Yet once more," indicates the removal of those things that are being shaken, as of things that are made, that the things which cannot be shaken may remain. Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom which cannot be shaken, let us have grace, by which we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear. For our God is a consuming fire. (NKJV Hebrews 12: 25-29) The bottom line of the shaking to come is so that only the "unshakable" will remain. In my estimation that means that everything temporal gets touched so that only the eternal will remain. I see no in between.

Many of us alive today are actually going to live to see everything in the Bible fulfilled. That being the case, we have a whole lot of livin’ to do between now and then. Bob Jones says we have at least until 2030, and I believe him. But that is still a very short time to raise up an entire harvest. And a third or more of the world may be obliterated before then, depending upon how one reads prophesy. I don’t know how it all fits together, and most of us only have bits and pieces that the Lord has told us. It was only after my shaking that I began to re-think those things He has shared with me.

I have many promises, and they are all wonderful. But the one that has been ringing in my ears is a Word: "Gentlemen, we shall rebuild." That has been in my heart as a Word from the Lord for many years, and given the rebuilding of His tabernacle (Acts 15:16) it certainly fit nicely into my safe pre-conceived package. But I now screen it through different lenses. What if it literally means, "Gentlemen, we shall rebuild." I am now considering that a possibility. Another promise the Lord has continually spoken to me in many different settings, is the term "new beginnings." He is going to do a new thing. What if that is also AFTER a shaking, and along with the rebuilding? It’s a definite possibility.

So therein is my "awakening" for the year of 1998 and I now filter everything through a different set of lenses. However, I didn’t come through the year unscathed. After 3 pages, I now introduce the reason for this article: beware of critters lurking in dark places, eating your food and making little messes…

There’s Mice in the House

It all began when I attended a Y2K meeting. Whether I agreed with the world’s prediction or not, I had already been obedient to gather food for a winter, and so I attended the meeting to see what others were doing. I came home full of anxiety and lost 3 hours of sleep that night. Terrific.

This emotional response didn’t make sense to me, because I was already prepared. I had to re-search my heart. I didn’t have the money or the space to stock pile for 7 years, which is what I believed to be the need. Even if I did, it wouldn’t last because I would not turn people away. I had obeyed the phrase, "prepare an ark for winter." My trust just couldn’t abide in a literal ark, it would never float. The anxiety I was feeling was a spirit. That night I had such distracting spirits I could not even concentrate on the Lord in prayer. I bound anxiety, care, fear, and the inability to focus in Jesus Name.

When I turned in my Bible, it fell open to the verse: Be careful (Strong’s 3309) for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep (Strong’s 5432) your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. (Phil 4:6-7 KJ) I had previously written in the margin, "Don’t worry, just pray. Worry is a control matter. Give God control!" The word careful in the Greek means to take thought, be anxious, be troubled with care, and it has its root in a word meaning to divide. I was experiencing a divided heart and mind. The Greek meaning of those words careful and keep is that when we give the anxious care to God, He keeps our hearts and guards them from hostile invasion! I decided the Lord had my attention, He didn’t want me anxious. Next I grabbed my Words to Ponder devotional book next to my bed. This is what I turned to!

Word to Ponder - Distraction

"You have a divided heart. Many responsibilities pull and tug and demand your attention. Only one will do. And that is to follow Me.

You have yet to understand what it means to cast your care upon Me. My burden is light and easy when you are yoked with Me. For two oxen at a plough divide the load and neither feel the true weight of the burden. But ensnared by the tangled cares, you have forgotten your resting place; that place where you bring all that divides your time and energy back to Me — allowing Me My place by your side, helping divide your load and partnering with you to get the job done.

Bring your responsibilities back to Me and let us rearrange your priorities. Together we will divide the load and not your heart. Together, in one mind, one purpose we will get the job done and you will find joy and energy in the process.

"And Jesus answered and said unto her, Martha, Martha, thou art careful and troubled about many things: But one thing is needful: and Mary hath chosen that good part, which shall not be taken away from her." (Luke 10:41 & 42 KJ)" (From Words to Ponder by Sandy Warner)

The next day I was making labels for a notebook and emptied the few I had left on the table. With the previous sleepless night still burning on my heart, and the Lord’s admonition to stop worrying, I picked one up and turned it over. In very, very tiny writing, my son had written on it, "DON’T WORRY." I was flabbergasted and took it in and asked him when he had written it. He said about 5 months ago. I stuck it on my computer monitor to remind me of the Lord’s Word. Then later as I glanced up at it, I had the revelation that the location was now my COMPUTER. Interesting.

The following night we attended home group and when a friend prayed for our car problems, he began his prayer with the same verse: Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God! Am I getting the point?

Bob Jones Word

Following that evening I read an e-mail that contained a Bob Jones vision. The following is a copy as written by Keith Davis: "Another vision was given to Bob that emphasized the importance of Joshua 1:9. In this vision Bob observed a small evil spirit whose mannerisms were similar to that of a child. In an inconsiderate manner this spirit frolicked across Bob’s toes. When Bob chastised the evil spirit he saw that its name was "Anxiety". Anxiety then declared that he was going to get his father to deal with Bob.

As this smaller spirit returned, Bob saw that his gigantic father came with him. This spirit was seemingly 50 feet tall and was named "Panic". Panic had just returned from killing 1,000 people that day and threatened to do the same to Bob if he chastised "anxiety" again. Bob knew that if the Lord did not intervene, panic was capable of making good on his promise. Panic then retrieved his cousin named "Thief" and together they intended to destroy Bob and steal his goods.

When fear and panic seemed that they were going to overwhelm him, Bob heard the Holy Spirit say, "Why don’t you call the law on these thieves". Bob then went to the telephone and instead of dialing 9-1-1, he dialed 1-0-1-9— Luke 10:19. "Behold, I have given you authority to tread upon serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall injure you. (NAS) Not only did the law shackle anxiety, panic, and the thief, the law also required a seven fold return of all that had been stolen.

Anxiety and panic have gripped the world and even many in the church. One of the signs of the last days is that men’s hearts will fail them for fear. These evil spirits rob the people of God of their peace and joy and impart fear, the greatest enemy of our faith. The Lord is commanding us to be strong and of good courage for He is imparting the reality of Luke 10:19. Because of the great victory of the cross, we need not fear nor be dismayed for the Lord has delegated to us His authority over all the power of the enemy.

The Lord is going to anoint His people with courage and valor to demonstrate to the world His dominion over fear and panic and all the power of the evil one. A courageous generation with resolute determination and anointing shall arise to uproot the enemies of the Faith that have kept us from the Promises of God. Once the Church takes it rightful position in the "promised land" the Glory of God will shine upon her as a testimony to the whole Earth of God’s salvation and deliverance.

God be gracious to us and bless us, {and} cause His face to shine upon us - Selah. That Thy way may be known on the earth, Thy salvation among all nations. God blesses us, that all the ends of the earth may fear Him. (NAS) Psalms 67:1-2,7" (End Bob Jones Word)

After reading Bob’s vision, I finally got the point. This was no little bitty demon I was fighting. We’re talking a big hunk of a dude. I got the picture. It’s time to put on the battle fatigues under the wedding dress. So I really take this thing seriously and determine to rise above it and put it behind me. Every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. OK Lord I’ve got the picture. Three weeks I battle this, trying to find my peace. Nuclear fall out? Living in Goshen, as promised by God. Famine? Behind me satan, my God shall supply. Pestilence? Under the blood of Jesus. Natural disasters? Sealed by God.

Did anyone notice I titled this section, "There’s mice in the house?" During this 3 week ordeal, one day my son said, "I think we have a mouse." We soon forgot about it. (The Lord said to listen to our children, they are prophetic!) Then one day as I was playing the piano, I kept hearing scratching sounds inside the wall. I walked over there and it was either in the wall or behind the fireplace. Either way, it was loud. I made little taps on the wall, and it wasn’t even intimidated. More scratches. Louder taps, still more scratches. Finally I pounded on the wall and the scratches stopped. AH HAH! A critter among us. My husband put out the trap. Before night fell, mouse number one takes a nose dive.

Trap number 2 is set before going to bed. In the morning trap number 2 has a mouse. My husband is truly inspired. He goes to Fred Meyers and buys some more mouse traps. He puts them inside the fireplace downstairs. He puts them beside the wood stove in the other room. He puts them in the cupboard. Bam. Bam. Bam. They all catch mice with more coming.

Then another e-mail comes. Listen to THIS one! It is from a Marsha Burns, whom I have never heard of. "October 21, 1998: Mice in the house! Spiritual rodents that nibble and chew at the children’s food. They gobble up the seed of the Word. They are annoying creatures of the night that lurk in darkness and scurry silently about as thieves. What are their names? Worry and anxiety, dissatisfaction, discontentment, irritation, trouble. They have come to rob you of peace and your confidence in the Lord. Eradicate these pests! Rise up against them in faith. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. Otherwise, they will multiply and grow and become a plague against you!"

Did I get the point??????? Yes!!! I was very busy battling to find my peace, and rebuking every negative thought that was against the Word of the Lord. All the time we kept catching mice! I was never so glad to catch mice in all my life. (The last time we caught a mouse I was pregnant and I ran away crying because I felt sorry for it.) One day I had lasting peace and I also happened to notice the traps stopped catching the mice. They were GONE.

Later I had a friend coming over who likes caffeine, so I was looking in our pantry for some caffeine tea. I pulled out a box and noticed all these little black things on the shelf. More boxes, more black things. I ran for the magnifying glass and GROSS, IT WAS MOUSE DROPPINGS. The mice were gone, but they left behind a mess and I had to it clean up. Did I get the point? Yes, it cost me a whole day in scrubbing. The only glory was thinking about that wonderful prophesy from a lady I never heard of, warning about little critters stealing the Lord’s Word in the night. I took the point to heart and decided to put my combat boots on under my pajama’s. It worked. A little elbow grease and determination wins the peace of the Lord, and enables one to hear Him clearly once again. Do you have anxiety over the future? Try a change of clothing. Oh yah, and buy a few mouse traps.

[13]  Transition - Standing at the crossroads

A Word to Ponder from the book, "Words to Ponder" by Sandy Warner


Arriving at the crossroads, your future is before you. Four choices are in the making: back where you came from, back where you think you should have come from, forward on the same path, or forward on a new path.

The new path is the least understood. That is because it is new. It looms in front of you, unknown and unsure. But rest assured, My plans are so well fitting your life, that they will fit like a glove. This new path is My destiny for you, but it remains your choice.

You need to understand the seriousness of the crossroads. The choice will be final, as the direction you walk will be swallowed behind you, with no turning back. You can not cut corners and return to this place again. It is a true destiny choice. So give heed to the call and do not make this decision lightly. I will tell you this much, that choosing this path is not for the fearful. It will require courage and a brave heart. It will require complete trust in Me. But what have you to loose? It’s only everything to lose or only everything to gain. It’s a matter perspective. Yours or Mine.

"Then shall we know, if we follow on to know the LORD: his going forth is prepared as the morning; and he shall come unto us as the rain, as the latter and former rain unto the earth." (Hosea 6:3)

[14]  Transition - Make a Decision

A Word to Ponder from the book, "Words to Ponder" by Sandy Warner


You stand at the cross road of decision. Waiting. Standing. Wavering. Waiting. Reluctant to move, reluctant to wait. A wavering vessel receives nothing. You must chose. I will not walk it for you. I told you it was time to move, I told you I gave you a green light. Why do you hesitate? Egypt knocks on your door and would pull you back to its magnetizing grip.

I need your willing heart to leave Egypt's memories, Egypt's habits. They will forever hinder if you bring them with you. Let it go and seek a new life and all it encompasses. Make no association with the bricks and burdens of yesterday. Only in letting go will you move freely in all I have prepared. One Master, not two. One destiny, not two. The roads cross and separate. You must choose one.

[15]  Transition - Leaving the Wilderness School of Circles

A Word to Ponder from the book, "Words to Ponder" by Sandy Warner

Wilderness Training

For years you have wandered in the wilderness. Circling with endless paths, seemingly going nowhere. Personal ambitions too heavy to carry have dropped by the way. Dear possessions gone by the way side too. Like the pioneers of old, your path is scattered with what was left behind. Graves of dead and buried treasures.

What you did not see during those seemingly wasted years is the beauty of character that formed in the making of such a journey. You see what was lost, I see what was gained. My image is pressed upon your heart. Pure and simple, you have become more like Me.

It is not all lost. I have had a destination in mind. Even now I am bringing you to the river Jordan to occupy a new beginning, a new land. Are you ready? Would you cross over? It’s there, waiting for you when your time comes. Think about it.

"As a bird that wandereth from her nest, so is a man that wandereth from his place." (Proverbs 25:8)

"...The law written in their hearts, their conscience also bearing witness..." (Romans 2:15)

[16]  Transition - Crossing over into a new land

A Word to Ponder from the book, "Words to Ponder" by Sandy Warner

Crossing Over

You stand before the river Jordan, wringing your hands in indecision. Your heart knows the risk, it feels the unseen dangers. Yet I AM on the other side beckoning you to come. Come. Come. Here My voice like the wooing of the dove, calling you to follow Me into a land of new beginnings.

In order to cross over, you must let go of all that is precious to your heart. Every last thing, person, dream and goal on earth. You must leave it all behind and pray only that of eternal value follow you over to the other side. Be willing to give it all up if need be to follow Me.

I AM there on the other side, willing, wishing, wanting you to come. But the decision remains yours. No one can make this decision for you. It is My gift of choice to you, for I only want those who will serve Me in love. I do not want obedient robot-like slaves, but dedicated, willing, desirous hearts to be one with Mine. Will you partner with Me in what I long for on this earth? Will you be a part of that which I have prepared and ready to usher in on earth? There is a place for you if you want to join Me.

Crossing over the river Jordan is 100% commitment. Total dedication. Total surrender to the One Who love and cherishes you, but also has a last day plan to defeat all the works of the devil. There will be sacrifices to be made. I would not ask My children for such without their own desire to be so. Understand this is totally your choice. And no condemnation will upon you either way. None whatsoever. You will always belong to Me. I treasure you exactly as you are.

"Ye also, as lively stones, are built up a spiritual house, an holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices, acceptable to God by Jesus Christ." (1 Peter 2:5)




Words from the The Quickened Word are excerpts from the journals of Sandy Warner.  To better understand how God speaks, read Sandy’s book, “101+ Ways God Speaks, And How to Hear Him.”  Website:    Email:  







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