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[Joining Lives into Parallel Walks]


NOTE: Part of the suddenlies taking place right now is a new supernatural joining or connecting between people and events. I am reminded of the following vision that I have already shared in a past post. However the Lord has added a new movement to the gears.


I saw a mass of gears. Some gears were very small, others were quite large. Each moved as one unit, but at different paces. As one gear moved, it moved another, and another. Each individual gear moved in little circles, touching other gears moving in similar circles. The small gears were joined within a huge structure of gears which joined into giant gears that were moving more slowly. All these gears turned into people and their arms were linked in a circle. As one person moved, it began the process and they all moved in synchronization.

Then I saw the connection of gears turn into a replica of His spiritual clock. It was obvious to me that as He merges us within its gears, His overall clock moves very slowly. Synchronizing a group of people like this would be practically impossible in the flesh. Only the Holy Spirit can do this incredible task.


In this new season of suddenlies, the Lord is switching gears, like upgrading bicycle gears to connect with new sprockets. Suddenly, in a new joining process, a gear is moved into position and touches a new set of gears for the purpose of thrusting towards a greater influence with less effort.

HEARD:: Lined up.

PROPHETIC BLOOPER: In the above, when I typed the colon after heard, I accidentally typed 2 colons, one after the other. This was a prophetic act of lining up the colons in single file, as in a line. [::]



As I turned to the following Word to Ponder, I heard the Lord say, "Synchronize."


Even as you were planted deep within the soil and endured a cold winter ground, so shall My Son warm your climate and bring you forth in renewed hope once again. There comes a day of breakthrough when a bulb breaks through its dark surroundings into the light of day. It may appear but a bud in a cold climate, but that bulb reaches higher and higher until it comes to fruition. Just as the bulbs you have watched this Spring, I see that your head is showing. You may think its cold and bleak, and your nose may feel very cold, but I know that winter is changing and new beginnings arise.

REVELATION: The Lord imparted to me that He has planted His people with certain spiritual codes, like spiritual DNA, where we are already programmed to follow seasons just like the spring bulbs. Right now there is a new crop of people who have suffered long overdue, cold hardships. He has been warming the soil of their hearts and they are slowly tenderizing and responding to this touch. Right on cue, they are reaching up and out and beginning to break through and pop their heads out above their circumstances. Many, even though planted miles apart, shall suddenly begin to "expose" themselves and find the joining of kindred hearts merely by looking out and seeing other bulbs who are in the same place and timing as their own lives. It will be a massive movement of people coming out of a hard winter and into the Spring thaw.



HEARD 2/08/04: Momentum, get into the swing. Start your watch any time. Start right now. Start watch. In sync. Foot down. Together. Blind no more. See where you are going. Walk carefully.

Ground war. Battle. Wasn’t easy. Quite an act. To synchronize a troop. We do that. Aid the angels. What’s the starting point? Try foot.

HEARD: Shame, overcome it. Remove it from your midst. Effort. Synchronize army. Remove the obstacle. Get rid of guilt. No place in Me. Don't hang onto it. Let it go. It's past that now. Remove the stain. Clean wiped. Slate clean. Stand up. Be confirmed.


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{Words to Ponder are summaries of His quickened Words of prophetic revelation, punched with the word of wisdom and written under inspiration.}

[Note this Word to Ponder is from the post called, "Foot Sync."


Some of My loved ones think life goes by too fast, and some of them think it is too slow. Some have been sweating and striving to get somewhere in My kingdom. I want them to slow down and walk in peace.

I have each of you on a different path, not only in what you hear, but also in your walk with Me. And yet, I have all of you in perfect sync with one another and going the pace I ordained for you. This is true with your life in Me, your ministries and your relationships.

You are lined up perfectly in My time table, and are moving forward towards My goal in one massive unit. You are a great company of people going forth in parallel movement. You shall go forth as My banner. Let My plan unfold naturally in your life.

"Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!" (Psalm 133:1 KJV)




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