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[An Encouraging Intercession Over Those Who Have Suffered The Pain of Silent Times]

NOTE: I had a very special day this day in intercession, 6/05/04. During the early AM hours the Lord laid it upon my heart that it was time to offer up to Him the pain from silent times. Silence, when I so need a response. As I began to do this, I sacrificed my need for the silent responses in my life to be broken. I gave back to Him the prayers and the longings for the silent times to end. It was a brave prayer, a brave act. I felt a twinge of pain to give this up, but I felt I could offer this up to Him. Then I heard the Lord say:

HEARD: You’ve ravished My heart, My friend, My bride. You’ve given your all, nothing you have denied. In return do I open, the flood gate of heaven.

VISION: I saw a long, wide ribbon and it was being cut with scissors, as in a ribbon cutting ceremony.

HEARD: Peace.

HEARD: I can’t leave her like this. She needs Me, I know. My heavenly dove, the power to change a life. One Word at a time. Please let Me set her.

[This was the intercession of Jesus over His bride, who has become isolated in the echoes of silence when she so needs a response. The phrase "set her" I have heard in various aspects having to do with being established and confirmed.]

Isa 22:22-23 KJV

And the key of the house of David will I lay upon his shoulder; so he shall open, and none shall shut; and he shall shut, and none shall open. And I will fasten him as a nail in a sure place; and he shall be for a glorious throne to his father's house.

EXPERIENCE: On the way to church the Holy Spirit came upon me and I began to feel a strong burden. It was a deep groaning and I also felt a wounding in the heart. I began to pray in tongues to press through this and memories of old pains of silence began to surface…. The many times I have prayed and felt no answer, the times when I asked to hear His voice and only silence answered. The times when I had written letters to others in desperate requests for prayer with no response. The times when I had yearned for a pastor to hold my heart and there was no understanding. The times when I was sent as God’s vessel to leadership and only blank walls stared back. The times when I longed to hold my children and they were off and playing somewhere else. The times when I longed to hold my mate and he was encased inside his own misery. I knew this was much deeper than my own pain, these are the issues of His children all over the world. It was in this place I once again heard the Lord.

HEARD: Wound, I can feel it. You need to be set free. Remorse. This level of love is deeper then you’ve ever known before.

EXPERIENCE: At this point, I am still praying in tongues and a cassette tape is quietly playing in the background in the car. Paul Keith Davis mentions that Bob Jones says once you fly higher than the snake line, they drop off. This encouraged me to pray almost violently in tongues and just as I pressed into this, I experienced a strong download of the Presence of the Holy Spirit. All the junk was immediately washed, the pain subsided from my heart, and I felt a wave of release.

CONFIRMATION: Just as this occurred, I passed a bright yellow mylar balloon tied to a mail box. It was a yellow happy smilie face which was strongly quickened to me.

CONFIRMATION: When I got to church, on the overhead projector was a sign that said, "Congratulations graduates. We’re so proud of you!" There was the same round yellow smilie face.

EXPERIENCES IN WORSHIP: During the hour long worship part of the service, I heard the Word, "Canopy." Then later during worship, I heard the Lord say this about the groaning of the Holy Spirit: "Burden, I feel it. Wound. Silence. Sacrifice. Like an arrow into His heart." At this point I am once again feeling the pain of the silent times bubble to the surface. I continue to offer it up the Lord and ask Him to take the darts away and wash the wounds.

CONFIRMATION: The pastor announces that earlier in the prayer room there was a Word the Lord was going to release as a canopy over the church, like a big blanket. This blessed me as I had heard the word canopy during worship.

OPEN HEAVEN EXPERIENCE: Suddenly the youth pastor rushes in from the children’s worship room. The heaven’s had been opened and every one of the youth heard a trumpet playing. Everyone in the room had heard it. They began to worship again and once again the trumpet sounded and everyone heard it the second time!

HEARD [At the end of worship]: Burden for you lifted.

[I felt totally relieved, washed and set free, and I sat down.]

STRONG REVELATION: As I am sitting in my seat, the memories of what I had heard in the early morning hours came into my thoughts, "In return, do I open the flood gate of heaven" and all the intercessions of the pain from silence rushed upon me at once. I immediately realized that His answer to His bride and His reward to her years of enduring silence was an open heaven where she would never again hear silence when she needed a response. She had finally graduated from the many years of schooled tests and He was cutting the ribbon as a ceremony, also cutting the yokes in her heart to set her free. His strong sign to this, was not once, but twice the heavenly trumpets sounding upon the ears of the children as they worshipped in parallel movement in their own building.

CONFIRMATION QUOTE PAUL KEITH: One the way home from church there was a quickened quote: "…We pray for an open heaven, but we need to add to that prayer, Lord give me eyes to see and ears to hear into the open heaven…"

CONFIRMATION: That night, a friend for whom I had been praying to hear the Lord’s voice, heard His voice impact his ears quite strongly. I was greatly encouraged that the silence was broken and the Lord was opening heaven’s doors for those who are hungry to listen and hear.




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As I collect my focus to You this day, my heart finds its peace away from the fray. I have learned a lesson I will never forget, that fellowship tasted, is joy deeply met.

How deep Your pain is when we come and go, in and out of Your life, as our ebbs do flow. How can You live with touch and go - except that Your grip is much deeper than we know? So hold on tight as I wince and wane. Keep me from running as I face the flame. Turn my pain into passion and light my way, as I yield to You and to what You say.

Let love remain firm and in its place, as communion without Words deepens before Your face. In times of silence, in times of despair, help me always to know You are there. Reaching beyond the distant miles, bowels of intercession bridge me for awhile. Carry me through this, Lord I pray. Open the windows of heaven to us this day. Let the silence be broken, as we receive Your token. That we can hear, as You draw near.

Abba, thank You.

Ps 28:1-2 NKJV

To You I will cry, O LORD my Rock: Do not be silent to me, lest, if You are silent to me, I become like those who go down to the pit. Hear the voice of my supplications when I cry to You.

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