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HEARD 2/01/06:  Commitment.  It’s beginning to rain. 




2/05/06  We attended a conference where Mahesh Chavda delivered a corporate Word.  {Mahesh website:  }


Mahesh said that he felt the Lord told him that this year, 2006, would begin a special 100 year visitation,  because He comes in various seasons or cycles, or periods of time.  In context, Mahesh said that he believed we were going to have a re-visitation of the Azuza street revival from 1906, only this time it would be a double portion.  As Mahesh asked the Lord to confirm him that he had understood correctly, the Lord brought him some interesting confirmations, as follows.




In the spring of 2005, a headline read, “The 100 year Bloom.”  It was in

Death Valley and was about the 100 year rain.  They had so much rain that it brought out flowers from seeds that had not germinated in 100 years.  This was due to the rains penetrating down into deeper layers before.  This was particularly quickened to me because I have been constantly hearing the Lord tell me the Word "deeper" which I have tagged for 2006 and beyond.


Mahesh also mentioned a headline that read, “100 snow.”  I don’t remember where he saw that.  I thought it was in the North Carolina area, but not sure.


Someone else mentioned that we had a 100 year rain.  When my husband looked up the facts on the internet for Oregon, 1996 was actually the 100 year rain and that was the year the rivers flooded.  If it had risen 11 more inches, our home would have been flooded.  We live right at the mouth of where 2 rivers join.  We received promises at that time to wait for the huge spiritual rain that would be coming. 


Mahesh said that he felt Oregon would have a big part in the second Azusa revival. 


The next day as I was in line at the conference to be prayed for by Mahesh, I heard the Lord say quite clearly to me, "Oregon, I will be with you."  It impacted my spirit that this was His promise that He truly would re-visit us with His healing and deliverance in a massive wave that we have been standing for.  He reminded me that Katheryn Kulman’s roots were in Albany, and in our town too, and in other parts of Oregon.  It was a encouragement to hang onto our promises and wait for the healing and restoration that He has said would come.  In the mid 80's I had many, many visions of His rain coming as in the book of Acts.  For those who would like to read that rhema, please see the following link. 





RAIN  1991

Is My arm short that it would not extend to perform My Word?  Behold, I will do it. The clouds are full and heavy laden... Suddenly, and all at once, a mighty downpour. My Spirit shall gush forth to those in waiting. I shall pour out My Spirit upon all flesh. Those whom I have prepared and am now drawing, shall receive My mighty anointing, and go forth as My touch. I will rain on you, and I will use you to rain on others.


Have you not read it? Have you not heard it? My early and latter rain will come suddenly... That which I have spoken in My Word shall come to pass. This rain has long been spoken of. Indeed, since time began I have prepared for this hour. I have long awaited this generation. Those whom I have prepared are prepared. You only await My filling, My Holy anointing. Do not say I AM weak and but a child. I delight in weak vessels. If you are willing, I choose you to fill. I will equip you with purpose and with gifts to go forth, to flow as water. You will be My arrow. - You will be My mighty arm extended. You will be the army of dry scattered bones, that only My resurrection power will make to stand. A flowing army; one arrayed for My purpose, for this hour.


Do not think "impossible" for I AM the Lord your God, and I do valiantly. Wait on Me, seek Me above all else. For when I rain, it will come in a mighty gush. Prepare even now. I have spoken it.


"...His going forth is prepared as the morning; and he shall come unto us the rain, as the latter and former rain unto the earth." (Hosea 6:3)



NEW DAY  7/23/91

Shout it from the house tops.  Make merry and be glad!  A new beginning do I declare.  For your shame, you shall receive everlasting joy upon your heads.  Rejoice, for I come to refresh.


Listen for the rain.  Long I have waited to pour Myself out upon you.  First the fire, then the rain.  I held back until the fire did its cleansing work.   As Elisha declared make this valley full of ditches in preparation for the coming water, so I declared righteousness and mercy must be sown through the breaking of fallow ground.  Rejoice, oh meek ones!  The preparation is complete.  Your hearts are soft and I turn My face toward you. 


I earnestly seek you.  My heart is drawn toward you and I will draw your heart toward Me.  This is not a work you can do in yourself.  I alone do the drawing.  Only be tender and soft to respond when I call.  I shall woo your heart and place My longings within you.  I will create in you a hunger for My Words.  I have a hunger to hear you.


A new season is knocking on your door.  Resurrection!   Awake, oh sleeping ones.  Open your ears and hear, open your eyes and see, open your heart and receive the resurrection of My Spirit within you.  Awake, arise.  Stand to your feet!  Rejoice, for it is the dawning of a new day. 


Mercy, mercy.  Declare mercy to My people.  The burning of the fire, the sifting of the plow, the dryness of famine, all shall be quenched as I pour Myself upon you.  Your ground shall be settled and planted with the rains.  I will confirm your way with the nearness of My Presence.  Rejoice, My fair ones, for the drawing has begun. 



“Behold I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth...”  (Isaiah 43:19)




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