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This morning as I was making my bed, I bumped my wounded finger, the one that was damaged a couple of years ago, due to rebellion against the Lord about my eating habits. I hit it again in the same way I had previously sprained the ligament. It was only a light touch, but enough to feel the pain. Upon impact, I immediately heard the enemy say, "I trained you." I have heard the Lord say this to me many times in my life, but I knew this was the enemy. I bound and rebuked the thought and immediately heard his hiss and rebuttal. Instead of entering a fight, I immediately turned to the Lord. "Lord it is true, I have been trained in the camp of the enemy, and even over trained for Your purposes. I have learned to be obedient and respect that You are a loving Boss that allows only what is for my good. I believe what I just experienced was persecution and not training and I am giving it to You to deal with!"


Later, as I was preparing to go out with Wayne on deliveries, I heard the Lord tell me that He had a surprise for me today and to take my recorder. I knew that meant He had lined up His Word for my secret manna today and it would be a fun one! He knows me well in that department. So I prayed that when we were actively involved I would not miss His rhema Word and when the time came, He would grant me ears to hear. I love it when He talks to me like that.


EXPERIENCE: As we were coming home, Wayne was busy jabbering about the military. Suddenly he said, "I never knew how important training was." He had my immediate attention and at that moment, my eye jumped up to the billboard in Wayne’s car window. It said, "ENOUGH ALREADY!" I was so blessed by the Lord’s humor and love. Then as Wayne was talking about training, my eye again glanced at the next billboard for PIT Stop. It said, "25 years and running." Then when I turned my head, there was a van coming onto the freeway that said, "Sport."


I was reminded of the story Wayne told me that in the 6th grade they used to play flag football where there were only a few on one team, and the rest were on the other, making the odds overwhelming for the few. They called it over training so that when it really mattered in a real game, they were properly trained.




QUICKENED QUOTE: "God is real practical. He will train you before it matters."






{Words to Ponder are summaries of His quickened Words of prophetic revelation, punched with the word of wisdom and written under inspiration.}



There are many who have been raised in an environment of warfare, and unwillingly found themselves more in the camp of the enemy than they desired. It seems that no matter how they have fought to overcome the darkness, they have continued to be in the cross fire of demonic whirlwinds. In so doing, they have learned that I AM Boss and learned humility and obedience as enduring tools in warfare.


I have kept a careful eye upon these specially trained ones and carefully guarded their preparation for My hidden purposes. Over training is an important practice, so that all the fibers of the body respond as one unit, in strength, power and the skill of experience. In later skirmishes, they remain exactly that, a mere scuffle.


With the coming harvest, these specially trained warriors will think it nothing to stand a few hours to deliver many captives, after all they already stood many years. They have yet to receive the harvest and rewards of their fine training. Where they once felt the demonic slime, weakness and darkness, they will only know My Presence, power and light as they enjoy setting others free in My Name!


"These are the names of David's mightiest men. The first was Jashobeam the Hacmonite, who was commander of the Three--the three greatest warriors among David's men. He once used his spear to kill eight hundred enemy warriors in a single battle." (2 Sam 23:8 NLT)




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