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[To Melt in His Presence]


HEARD [3/10/04]: I will go with you. Transparent. Melt in My heart, she loves to do that. Soak. Let her enjoy it. Clear stream.

HEARD: Warning, try. Don't give up. Why am I telling you this? Everything you do makes a difference. And then some.


HEARD [3/12/98]: So proud of you. Conduct. Liquid.

[This was a tender Word to me. I had read in Annie's Visions about becoming liquid, and feeling sad that I had not reached that state. I had a great longing to find this place.]

PRECIOUS CONFIRMATION: I reached for Annie's Visions to see if I could find the one about liquid and type it in. I opened with anointed hands to the exact spot.

THE LIQUEFIED ONES {Page 19, book 4, Annie's Visions} "When He took me into His glory Cloud, He showed me a very high and holy place - the Place of His Presence - which He had prepared for His own ones. After carefully forming many entrances in this place He then proceeded to close them up, covering them over and sealing then so that no person or thing could get through them.

Within this place there was a great secret which, like a huge key, would unlock and open all these numerous closed entrances. This secret, nevertheless, was carefully hidden within the place itself, which was completely closed and sealed.

All around this place and outside the sealed entrances flowed a great quantity of a strange substance - a liquid which looked like water but wasn't. This substance was composed of human beings who, having been melted, had come into what appeared to be a liquid state, and were thus enabled to filter through into this closed and sealed place. The only way to enter it was to become like liquid and then flow or filter through into the place that held this great secret.

Those who succeeded in entering this place were given the power, authority and understanding to open up the many entrances and make them accessible. The Lord then took a part of these melted ones into an eternal and invariable place which was for Himself alone. Never at any time, would these chosen ones be separated from this unique union with Him. In God there are many, many places; but this one seemed to be a very special place."

COMMENT: As I pondered this one, I thought that perhaps the liquid represents our heart that is totally yielded to Him, and our bodies that are totally yielded to His Presence.

HEARD: It is your faith. You have walked by My side. Liquid.


LIQUID WORSHIP [5/02/98]: I had an interesting experience a while back having to do with worship. I had read a vision via Annie, where there are many, many doorways into the Presence of the Lord, and even though there are so many, the Lord places a covering to hide them. The secret to finding those places is to become "liquid". I started praying that the Lord would make me like liquid and help me find those doors into deeper places in Him.

I was worshipping the Lord at home via tongues and also interceding while dancing to worship music. I have always been blessed by praying in the Spirit in worship, so this came natural to me. However I had danced and I had prayed, but not both together as a form of intercession. Suddenly His Presence was all over me and I became totally abandoned in worship. I was so covered in His Presence I was astounded. I didn't stop until I was just too tired to continue. This happened right before I went to bed. When I went to bed I had a vision.

VISION: I entered a beautiful glowing room somewhere in heaven. I saw candles glowing, and smelled sweet smelling perfumes all over the room. I was standing inside the door of this room and began dancing, praying in tongues and interceding just like I had done before going to bed.

HEARD: There is a sweet smell and a dripping liquid.




{Words to Ponder are summaries of His quickened Words}


I will bring you into My holy place through many means. And one of them is through singing in tongues as you dance before Me and pour out your heart in worship. Let My Presence wash over you as you release your tongues and body movements to respond to My Spirit. I shall make you fluid like liquid, and you shall melt through the doors into My holy place.

"There is a river, the streams whereof shall make glad the city of God, the holy place of the tabernacles of the most High." (Ps 46:4 KJV)




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