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I finally got around to pounding in some nails that the carpet men left sticking up through the carpet. Every once in a while I'd step on one barefoot and they'd pierce my foot or heel. This week I did it a couple times and the second one went deep into my heel. YYYYYOUCH! I immediately hobbled over to the bulletin board and wrote a BIG NOTE: HAMMER IN NAILS!!!!


So I hammered them in today and the Lord spoke through the experience. In order to find the nails, I had to move my finger across the carpet deep enough so that I could feel the ones that were still sticking up. I simply could not do it without it hurting my finger every time. It was a painful experience, so every time I'd pound that nail in Jesus' Name I’d really give it what for! Then when I finally finished the last one, I said out loud, "Sometimes you have to feel them in order to finally DO something about them!" I realized this was a Word from the Lord about the piercing of enemy darts.


This reminded me of the children’s story of Ferdinand the bull. Many years ago Grandma Anna had been given a vision of my being like Ferdinand. Dear Ferdinand wanted to love everybody and all he wanted to do was sit around and smell the flowers. He did not act at all like a bull was supposed to act. One day a bee stung him and he became ferocious. He rampaged wild in the field and finally became a real fighting bull.



Because I felt spiritual foot darts this week, I finally took authority over the devourer and everything else I could think of. I am feeling much better now and am expecting good gifts to be returned to my life! Amen. Now back to smelling flowers.





I had a revelation about a lady’s toe accident. I perceived it was a curse against her calling. Often curses from the enemy that land on a person’s foot by way of injuries is a sign that the person has an evangelistic calling because the foot represents evangelism. I wondered if she’d had other accidents with her toe. When I saw her again, I asked her. She said she re-injured it yesterday!


I explained to her about foot injuries and the evangelistic gifts and also said that the toe was a symbol of the priestly calling, or intercessor that goes into the Holy of Holies on behalf of the people. In the OT they anointed the priest’s big toe. So I anointed both her big toes, broke the curse, loosed her calling to come forth as well as healing, in Jesus Name.






{Words to Ponder are summaries of His quickened Words of prophetic revelation, punched with the word of wisdom and written under inspiration.}



In order to gain the attention of My overcomers, I will allow some to feel the darts of the enemy. This is to encourage them to take a standing position against such and begin to place them under foot. There are others who still live in rebellion and their willful sin opens the door to feel the enemy darts. When they feel the darts, it will bring them into alignment with My will concerning righteous living.


"He has turned aside my ways and torn Me in pieces; He has made Me desolate. He has bent His bow and set Me up as a target for the arrow. He has caused the arrows of His quiver to pierce my loins." (Lam 3:11-13 NKJV)



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