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CITY PRAYER AND WARFARE - How to battle safely


Hi Loved Ones,

Sometimes we can get ourselves in hot water when we do not understand how to pray for our city, and safely take authority over it. We are in a war, and we can expect some suffering as a part of the package. (2 Tim 2:3) However there are things that open the door to backlash and we can learn to war without excessive suffering.



Just like praying for the peace of Jerusalem (Ps 122:6), we can pray for the peace of our city. A guest speaker recently said that he had gone to Ireland several years ago when it was in great conflict. When he returned, he found a totally different city. The troops were gone, people felt safe in the streets and the heavy spiritual oppression was gone. He asked the spiritual leaders about this and they shared their secret. They had sent little prayer teams to walk the streets praying for peaceÖ for 8 years. Thatís all they prayed and it worked!


If we only knew how vital prayer was, we would never stop praying. (I Thess 5:17, Phil 4:6) It is the pipeline that brings heaven to earth. Prayer is a safe and powerful weapon to make a difference for our cities without causing strong enemy retaliation. We are to pray that Godís kingdom comes to earth and His will be done in our city. In these last days it is Godís will that His glory shine upon the earth, all enemies come under His/our feet, and that all men might be saved. (Matt 6:10, Eze 43:2, Isa 60, Hag 2:7, I Cor 15:25, Rom 16:20, John 3:17)


We are all called to pray and make requests for our leaders. (I Tim 2:2,3) There is a reason for this. All of heaven, both angels and demons operate under a hierarchy of authority working down from the greatest to the least. The same government principle operates on earth and the enemy understands this, therefore he targets leaders because it gives him the greatest area of influence. Leaders on earth have the spiritual authority (both good and evil) to open spiritual doors to bless or curse those whom they govern. We need to raise up the standard of prayer for our leaders so their authority will be used to bless and protect. We can forgive their sins, then pray for their repentance and Godís mercy, revelation, wisdom, integrity, Godly counsel, protection, salvation, etc. Praying for our leaders is a very powerful weapon against darkness.


When we pray in tongues, we are praying the mysteries of God because our minds do not understand what we are praying. (1 Cor 14:14-15) "Likewise the Spirit also helps in our weaknesses. For we do not know what we should pray for as we ought, but the Spirit Himself makes intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered. Now He who searches the hearts knows what the mind of the Spirit is, because He makes intercession for the saints according to the will of God." (Rom 8:26-28 NKJV) We can pray in tongues over our city and know in confidence we are praying the mystery and will of God. I have had some of my best warfare breakthroughs, during or right after I have earnestly prayed in tongues.


In these last days many will become volunteer intercessors where they are willing to sacrifice to stand in the gap for their city. If we understood how powerful just one intercessor is, we would all volunteer, no matter what the cost. (Est 4:16) Each act of intercession is a mighty tool and makes a difference in conquering enemy territory. There are many forms of sacrifice, and too numerous to mention. Sacrifice is basically giving up something we deem valuable, and offering it to the Lord to use for His purposes. [FYI: A Word study called "The Characteristics of an Intercessor" is at my site under 1999 postings.]


Psalms 149 says the high praises of God in our mouth and a two edged sword in our hand brings judgment upon the enemy and binds their rulers with chains. (These swords are the Word of God. Eph 6:17, Heb 4:12, Rev 1:16, 19:15) In this Psalms, he tells us to praise Him in dance, song, tambourines and stringed instruments. Worship is a powerful tool in warfare. I have been in meetings where the worship is so powerful that people are delivered without any hands-on ministry. Demons canít stand to hear the high praises of our Lord Jesus Christ! I have also seen people delivered when I waved my tambourine over them during worship.



The above examples of prayer, sacrifice and worship are ways to fight a safer battle without taking a direct "hit" from the enemy. These examples are important positions in the overall battle, yet are fought further away from the front lines. Using these weapons are different than actually addressing the enemy head-on.

The word "metron" comes from the scripture: "But we will not boast of things without our measure, but according to the measure (3358) of the rule (2583) which God hath distributed to us, a measure to reach even unto you." (2 Cor 10:13 KJV)

Metron is the Greek word metron (met'-ron) (3358) meaning a measure; by implication a limited portion (degree). Rule is the Greek word kanon (kan-ohn') (2583) from kane meaning: 1) A rod used to measure distance 2) A boundary or fixed space within the limits of which one's power of influence is confined as in (a) the province assigned to one (b) one's sphere of activity 3) metaphorically, any rule or standard, a principle or law of investigating, judging, living, acting. [From Thayerís Greek & Strongs]

The Lord has given us authority to bind the enemy and loose Godís will. (Matt 16:19) He is wanting us to grow in our measure of authority against the enemy ó first over the lack of freedom within our own lives, then our loved ones, then onto outside circumstances and territory that influence our lives - like work, school, church, etc. As we grow and overcome in the areas that touch our own lives then move onto bigger assignments, our circle of authority over the enemy grows and we are able to stand against greater odds. It is a step by step process of learning to obey the Lord and following Him in what He is asking us to overcome.

Problems arise when we step outside our metron. When the Jewish travelers were trying to cast out demons, one demon replied, "I know Jesus and I know Paul, but who are you?" (Acts 19:15 TLB) The demon injured them and they ran away naked. The demonic world knows us: our faith, our waverings, our strengths, our weaknesses. We must cover our own hedges first before we can expect to war safely on bigger issues.

The comforting part of learning to war in this manner is that He is sovereign and as long as we donít become presumptuous and take on more than He has assigned, then what He allows to touch our lives is strictly portioned one step at a time. (Ps 139) Everything must be cleared by Him first. We are the last day overcomers, and we will place the enemy under our feet and we will be victorious. But that only happens with Him divinely positioning us, and giving us our individual portions to complete. We will each have different assignments, but together we are taking territory. [FYI: A teaching called "Finding Your Metron" is at my site under 1999 postings.]


The Lord said that we can not stand against our enemies until we remove the sin from our camp. (Josh 7:12) Disobedience to His Word is an open door for demons to set up camp in our lives. We are living in the day when the accuser has become very powerful because the hedge over our lives, cities, and countries has fallen through sin. God doesnít want the accuser having a foothold, but it leaves little choice when we are the ones giving the accuser ammunition. It all boils down to knowing and following Godís Word. (Ps 119:11)


Spiritual warfare is a serious business because we can not see with our natural eyes what is taking place. Therefore we are blind sided by unknown enemies, wondering what hit us! Our only hope is to learn to wait upon the Lord, who does see, and only move forward in battle as He says to move. This means we do not make plans for our lives, our families, our ministries, our churches, our neighborhoods, our towns, our countries, without first praying and asking God for His plan. If God is not behind the plan, we have no hope of ever standing against the obstacles that will come our way. It is hopeless before it ever gets started. The best remedy against presumption is to give God time. Revelation of His plan takes time as well as waiting for confirmation. (2 Cor 13:1) Waiting may be hard, but it is a lot easier than suffering great loss.


Sometimes cleansing the home is necessary. Countries with other religions actually send curses and spirits attached to the objects they export. There are millions of idols today, including childrenís toys. Many companies are turning to spiritual forces to manipulate the public. When searching your home and heart remember Romans 14 about eating meat sacrificed to idols. Pray and even anoint with oil things in your home, rebuke enemy attachments and loose blessings. Also remember 1 Thess 5:22 that says, "Abstain from all appearance of evil." If the item actually represents evil, why live with it? (Josh 7:12)


Twenty eight years ago I learned a powerful lesson about opening the door for judgment to come upon my own life. I had become offended by the behavior and motives of a youth leader and started praying for him. The more I prayed, the more upset I became, and I finally talked to him, saying I had a Word from the Lord for him. Right after I delivered this "Word" the Lord showed me that I had pointed one finger, but had 3 fingers pointing back to myself. I suddenly realized I was guilty of the same motives and I repented. The deeper lesson I learned that day was that when we pray for our leaders we must cleanse our own hearts first. If we stay humble and pray for mercy, this will close doors of judgments to hit our own lives. If we judge, we will be judged. This is a biblical promise. (Luke 6:37) The sooner we truly believe this, the sooner we will stop judging.


The demonic forces are gathering and uniting for greater impact. This is not a time to be an isolated believer, rather it is a time to unite, for we will all be much safer when united. There is greater authority in group prayer, and there is also a greater canopy of protection. The Lord is starting to unite His army, even joining leaders and ministries together for a synergistic effect. He said that 5 can chase 100 and 100 can chase 10,000. (Lev 26:8) That is the power of gathering in His Name.

Tackling territorial strongholds is for groups gathering and taking authority together, united in one accord against a common enemy. I personally think that the reason why some of these strongholds will not come down without the gathering, is so that we WILL gather. Some have asked me how big of a group is big enough? It is my personal belief that the size of a group is not as important as the maturity, training, unity and actual experience of the warriors. On the other hand, the unity of a larger crowd shields individuals, because of the combined synergistic authority to fight stronger powers. (Lev 26:8)


The enemy wants to challenge us into fighting a war on his terms. When this happens, our focus changes and we get our eyes onto the enemy instead of the Lord. I would like to share a story of some recent experiences because I believe it demonstrates the importance of what it means to keep our focus on the Lord.

Recently our city had a small riot that erupted from 200 anarchists demonstrating against capitalism. At the time the riot began, I came down with a very deep heavy burden pressing against my heart and stomach. I prayed, I warred, I spoke in tongues, I worshipped and it still lasted for about 5 hours before I found relief. Since I am fasting TV, I didnít know about the riot until the next day. Anarchists said their demonstration "got out of hand" causing $18,000 damage to local businesses, also busting driverís windows, and terrorizing motorists. (I wondered what "got out of hand" meant when they came prepared with metal bars, chains, rocks twice the size of softballs, and hoods to cover their faces?) Next they announced they were going to do their "demonstrations" the 3rd Friday of each month. It was easy to figure out where my burden came from especially when it lasted the same duration of the 5 hour demonstration.

I had received a dream in October 98 when I understood that the enemyís desire was to bring the spirits of lawlessness and riots to the streets, so that it would drive the righteous out of the cities. I felt sick. I had just witnessed a beginning seed of this lawless spirit and knew exactly what the enemy wanted to birth. I kept thinking, 200 people inspired by anarchy can eventually cause the righteous to move away? Yes, when empowered by some unopposed heavy-duty principalities.

After the understanding came, I started asking the Lord to raise up the local churches to pray against this. I said, "Lord, it isnít right that we can just let the enemy walk in and take over!" Within days of the riot, our little church happened to have a training conference on demonic warfare and deliverance. Unbeknownst to us, evidently Goliath listened and came knocking on our door that night.

That night the Lord told me the enemy was wanting to break through the hedge and He wanted me to stand. (Eph 6:13) I had no idea what He meant, but I found out. Around midnight a demonic presence appeared in one of our intercessorís bedroom. They got up, took authority and anointed their place with oil. One hour later the same presence jumped on the foot of another intercessor while she was sleeping. The next hour I saw a hole open in the spirit realm and I felt an overwhelming evil presence. I woke up screaming. (I have had many warfare experiences in 15 years and only woke up screaming one other time.) In spite of it, I stood against it and went back to sleep! The next night, I not only felt it, but heard it. It was a union of 6 powerful forces that had joined together and had come to challenge. Two of the names were intimidation and rebellion. I stood against them for hours, and awoke feeling like I had gotten nowhere. That morning I awoke to a TPíd and fouled yard. My husband and I anointed our property, and everything we could think of with oil, praying and commanding the enemy to stay off our turf. That night my husband and I both saw them. I also felt and heard them, literally wrestling in hand to hand combat for 2Ĺ hours. During all of these experiences, I continued to plead the blood of Jesus Christ, bound them, and commanded them to go to their judgment in Jesus Name. The next night, the minute I closed my eyes I heard and felt the same presence. It felt significantly weaker by about 70%, but I had HAD IT. "THATíS IT! IíM CALLING IN THE TROOPS!" I called Anna (there is nothing like a mother bearís prayers for her cub) and told her some of this, and she began to war over the phone. As she was commanding, I heard the Lord say, "Warrior." I felt very comforted and had enough peace to go back to sleep.

I slept some, then finally I heard the Lord! "She belongs to ME says the Lord. MY bride!" When I heard this, the emphasis was on ME and MY. I had instant peace! I felt like a love-sick bride whose chivalrous Husband stepped in to rescue her. I felt so deeply loved after such intimidating experiences. I turned over with a smile and slept blissfully the rest of the night. The next morning I called Anna and she was joyfully laughing. She heard the Lord say, "I perceive guard duty is a bit too heavy!" The first words out of my mouth were, "DUH!!!!" That made her laugh, because that is exactly what she had said too!

"For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand." (Eph 6:12-13 NKJ)

There was a lesson in this. During this four day "adventure" I kept searching my heart and asking the Lord for understanding. I have received some heavy duty intercessory assignments, and because they were given by the Lord, they were successfully completed with some big dudes torn downÖ but they took anywhere from weeks, to months to years to overcome in tiny increments. I searched my heart to make sure that I personally had not challenged this "challenger" when the riot came. I donít remember doing so, rather I prayed that the Lord would raise up intercessors and prayer in the churches. Lord, have I unknowingly sinned? Have I been presumptuous? Have I gone outside my metron? I could not come up with any reason why suddenly this blast would come to our door and want to force its way in. Finally I understood. One of our intercessors shared a vision sheíd had years ago when she had been in heavy warfare, and was taken up to the Lord. She kept looking behind her and the enemy was standing right behind her. The Lord took her face several times and turned her eyes back on Him. As she did, she got closer and closer to the Lord. Some time passed and then He told her to look back. The enemy was very small and in the distance. She got the point. We are called to keep our eyes, our focus on Him. We are to pursue Him.

Because we pursue the Lord, we naturally suffer resistance from the enemy. However, it is a result of going after the Lord, not after the enemy. Without giving the details of our warfare conference, I could see so clearly that our focus changed for a brief moment and opened Goliathís door. Warfare should always be a result of our pursuit of the Lord and keeping our focus upon Him. If you are suffering backlash and have covered every breach in your wall you can think of, perhaps all that is needed is to get your eyes back onto the Lord. I am reminded of Smith Wigglesworthí life when he saw satan appear at his bedside. Smith said, "Oh, itís only you," and turned over and went back to sleep.

May we learn to use our weapons of prayer, sacrifice, worship, and authority safely. May we learn to cover the breaches in our own lives so that we can stand for our cities without retaliation, in Jesus Name.





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