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EXPERIENCE: I woke up discouraged this morning, because of a business client's misunderstanding last week and my having to face her today. I was fighting feelings of wanting to quit. Last week she gave me a 30 hour project to do and a short deadline and told me, “Don't worry about a quote, because I already gave them one.” I assumed she meant that she padded it really well and would make good income off our work, which is our agreement.


I didn't know she had based her quote on another big job I had quoted a few months ago which was not at all like this one. This one took 3 times the time and cost 3 times as much. When I turned in the order on Friday, of which we all had worked very hard to get done by her deadline, she about fainted at the bill. When I came home and told Wayne that she had misquoted he told me that a workman is worthy of his hire.


QUICKENED GLANCE: Prior to the appointment and feeling like I wanted to quit serving this client, I glanced at an e-mail that said, “Don't quit!”


IMPRESSION: As I was working in the Bible program a number (2040) was impressed upon my heart.


2040 ergates {er-gat'-ace}

¤ from 2041; TDNT - 2:635,251; n m

¤ AV - labourer 10, workman 3, worker 3; 16

¤ 1) a workman, a labourer 1a) usually one who works for hire esp. an agricultural worker 2) one who does, a worker, perpetrator


Provide neither gold, nor silver, nor brass in your purses, Nor scrip for your journey, neither two coats, neither shoes, nor yet staves: for the workman is worthy of his meat. (Math 10:9-10)


HILARIOUS CONFIRMATION: As I was typing the above in I made a typo and spelled Working as “workgin”.


As I right clicked on my mouse to bring up the speller and change it to working, there on the screen was the word, “workman”!!!!!!!!


CONCLUSION: I was suffering condemnation and the Lord did not want that. Our prices were always reasonable and on the low end of the local scale and we have been faithful to serve, gracious and dependable. We decided to meet her half way in covering the cost of mistake, which was our practice so that neither party has to carry the burden. I was not going to feel condemnation for this and released it to the Lord.





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