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rhema 10/24/07  HELLO, WHERE ARE YOU?


Parable:  I have been working on a large family project of scanning old photographs to make an album.  I was very happy this morning to discover I am almost completely done scanning.  It has been a huge project and time consuming. 


Wayne bought me a tiny 8 gig SD memory card that allows me to easily transfer the scanned photos to my personal computer.  I went to get the tiny card and could not find it!  I could not find it in all the normal places and it was frustrating me because I remembered putting it away in a new place after my last photo trip out of town. I couldnt remember where that new place was!  Awwwkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.  I prayed again asking the Lord to help me find it and sat down in my chair as I had run out of places to search.  My eye glanced at my portable backup drive case I had sitting next to my chair and suddenly the light dawned.  The brand new place I had decided to put it was in the same case as my backup drive!  I opened the case, and sure enough there it was.


FILLED MY MOUTH:  I said, “There you are, right where you belong!”

Immediately the Lord brought to memory that I had heard the exact same thing yesterday. 




HEARDWhere you belong.  Yes you are.  Among the brethren, in their midst. Moving in and out. 


Shoes.  They fit.  I will give you gifts and weave you in.  Dove tail united.  You ARE united.  Much bigger than you think, it’s a long journey. 


PIX:  I saw the words Big arena, the bigger picture.


HEARDWe see you questioning your identity.  Lay low.  Keep your heads down. Canopy.  Frustrated.  I AM keeping you.  And then some.  It’s all that matters. 


Video.  Cloud.  The foreign nations.  Encounter.  Walking in the darkness or walking in the light?  Divine approval, I see you. 



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