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VISION: Raising a Wall and Releasing the Angels

I had a vision on 4/27/99 and this first part is very hard to describe, but I will try! I was standing and searching the horizon a great distance away. I saw a wall burst forth and I barely had time to exclaim when its issuing was upon me: I saw an "invisible" wall raise up from the ground to the sky. Although not visible to the naked eye, I could see that it had substance as I saw millions of individual particles that were bursting with what looked like "living light." I was looking at this wall from a side view, so I could not see the full front width of the wall, just its height from a narrow side angle bursting from earth upward. Now at the same time I saw the side view of the wall go upwards, I also saw this "living light" move towards me like what a wall of roaring water would do, filling the gaps and the spaces. To put it in other words, at a great distance way, I saw the starting place of this living wall and it rushed in two directions at the same time: perpendicular and horizontal.

Once I got over the shock of seeing this mass of living particles burst forth, I watched it form a barrier from earth to heaven and just stay there. It looked like it was an invisible shield of some sorts, but filled with this living light. I was standing at the end of the wall and could see and experience both sides of this wall.

On the right side of the wall I saw this airport runway filled with a large group of white hang glider planes with no motors. All were white hang gliders, but each were slightly different. Some were smaller, some larger, some had special shapes, but all made no noise. As though by command, like a huge flock of birds, I saw them swoop down the runway a few feet apart from one another. Now this was very intimidating because they were at one end of the runway, I was standing at the end of the runway, and they were coming towards me!

As I experienced this, I could actually feel my faith level. I watched them in mass coming toward me and I knew they were going to lift off and not run me over! As I watched many take off safely, I saw one smaller plane coming toward me and I began to doubt that it was going to make it without running me over! I felt like I was a "gonner." At the exact moment I lost my peace and began to doubt, that little plane lifted off the runway and started to wobble, wavering up and down in mid air. I saw that it was suspended between crashing and flying and realized the connection between my faith and its ability to fly so I stood firm that it was to rise and go forth. As I watched the plane respond to my standing firmly so that my faith did not wobble, I understood while still in the vision that these white hang glider planes were angels being sent forth.

On the other side of the wall of light, (to the left) I felt the compelling, almost gravitational pull of an evil force trying to drag me into a murky river to drown me. I fought it in Jesus Name and understood that in order to be safe from this evil magnetic pull, I had to follow my conscience very carefully and this would keep me on the right side of the wall.

When I came out of the vision I understood the wall of living light represented the wall of protection built by those standing in the gap, and the angels were being loosed to go forth along side of this wall. The angels’ abilities were directly related to our level of faith. The wall was a barrier of protection for the angels to go forth, separated from the demonic forces. Our faith level is directly tied to our life choices and whether we instinctively know if we are pleasing our Father in how we live moment to moment.

"And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand (05975) in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none." (Eze 22:3)

The word "stand" [05975 `amad {aw-mad'}] in the Hebrew means: 1) to stand, remain, endure, take one's stand 1a) (Qal) 1a1) to stand, take one's stand, be in a standing attitude, stand forth, take a stand, present oneself, attend upon, be or become servant of 1a2) to stand still, stop (moving or doing), cease 1a3) to tarry, delay, remain, continue, abide, endure, persist, be steadfast 1a4) to make a stand, hold one's ground 1a5) to stand upright, remain standing, stand up, rise, be erect, be upright 1a6) to arise, appear, come on the scene, stand forth, appear, rise up or against 1a7) to stand with, take one's stand, be appointed, grow flat, grow insipid 1b) (Hiphil) 1b1) to station, set 1b2) to cause to stand firm, maintain 1b3) to cause to stand up, cause to set up, erect 1b4) to present (one) before (king) 1b5) to appoint, ordain, establish 1c) (Hophal) to be presented, be caused to stand, be stood before.

This standing is an active place of faith, whereby we endure and persist in the breach. For those who are involved in warfare, they know it is impossible to stand against a demonic force if they are not heavily armed, especially with the favor of God. Always we war in the name of Jesus and under the covering of His blood, but there is also a place of favor that allows us to stand boldly. When we have displeased the Lord in some way during the day, we hear/see about it at night as the enemy is the first to put us on trial for such! If we want to STAND in the gap, we have got to follow our conscience and please the Lord in our daily choices. Otherwise we DOUBT and this directly affects the angels and also the erection of the wall beginning to circle around the world.

The following is a dream given to Grandma Anna, on 4/12/99. I did not hear of her dream until today.

DREAM: The Lord Hovers Over Generation X

A very strange looking white glider plane kept circling the valley. It was brilliant white and looked like an old fashioned glider plane made out of lots of pieces with much open work on the wings and tail. It had wings as long as a big air liner. I was watching it with interest. I had no sense of alarm. It was as though I knew its mission. I said to someone, "It wants us to get used to it before it lands."

Instead of landing in the meadow, it landed in the forest area where there were a lot of stumps. I wondered how it was able to navigate through them with such huge wings. The place where it landed was in the new location of the County Juvenile Jail and facility in our town.

Possible Interpretation: I have a strong sense that this glider represents a move of the Holy Spirit upon the youth. Perhaps this huge glider plane was an angel sent with a mission to sweep upon the youth who have been felled for one reason or another. First the Lord is going to strongly manifest His Presence and get everybody used to the idea that He is among us. Then He is going to land "big time," maneuvering around the stumps. Generation X is going to get blessed! This move of the Holy Spirit is not going to look like the previous moves of revival. This time the Holy Spirit’s methods are going to take some getting used to by everyone.

KJV Job 14:7-9 "For there is hope of a tree, if it be cut down, that it will sprout again, and that the tender branch thereof will not cease. Though the root thereof wax old in the earth, and the stock thereof die in the ground; Yet through the scent of water it will bud, and bring forth boughs like a plant."

The night before this dream, I heard the Lord’s voice say, "Rocked with revival. A great refrain." Musically speaking, a refrain is the repetition (or circling) of a phrase or verse within a song or poem, especially at the end of each stanza. This reminded me of the plane’s circling, getting us used to seeing it before it landed. The Lord may be saying that He is going to bring more wonders into our midst before He comes with power to deliver Generation X.

[end of Anna rhema]


I believe the vision and the dream are connected. World-wide, we are crying out for massive revival, His glory, and for the final harvest, while the Lord is hovering over us. He is circling, preparing us, and wooing us. His circling (waiting, tarrying) is building a wall of righteousness against evil, and filling the gaps so that the enemy cannot penetrate a line of defenses. In the process, He is getting us used to His Presence and suddenly He will descend upon the stumps of our cut off, rebellious lives and the lives of our children, and rock us with revival! Generation X (especially those that have been Xed out from society) are going to get a second chance and be taken for the ride of their lives! Lord, prepare our hearts and COME LORD, COME!





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