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Excerpt from Fuchsia Pickett’s book, “Stones of Remembrance”.


“After the service that morning I was planning to go to lunch with some friends when the Spirit spoke to me, “If you will spend the afternoons with Me, I will teach you what a demon is...”


...Then I went to my room and stretched out across the bed.  I wasn’t really praying.  I just said, “Lord I am with You.”


Suddenly the Holy Spirit opened to me a vision in which I was taken into a hospital.  I was a part of the vision, and I was wheeling a patient into the operating room.... I saw the man from oncology, who had come in to take a blood sample, and an e-ray technician, who turned on the light and hung up the x-ray.  It was a very intense light, located at the head of the patient, and it illuminated that x-ray clearly.  The doctors and technicians all stood looking intently at the x-ray.  They had studied it before, but, at the moment of surgery, they were looking at it again so that their procedure would be precise.


I wasn’t quite sure what I was watching.  What did this operating room scene had to do with a demon?  Then the Holy Spirit spoke to me, “I want you to watch this operation closely.  The doctors do not proceed casually with the operation.  They have carefully diagnosed the problem and are ready to correct it.”


As I watched the surgeon standing over the patient while still looking at the x-ray, the Spirit asked me, “What is the surgeon going after?”


I answer, “He is looking for a foreign body.”


He responded, “That is correct.  And that is what a demon is – a foreign body that is usurping or leeching off a human being.”  I understood that He was comparing a physical foreign body to a demon, which is a spiritual foreign body that prey on men’s souls.


He continued, “The surgeon and staff are going in to extricate the foreign body.  But they are not gong after it without knowledge.  They are following strict procedure based on the evidence they have of what is wrong with the patient.”


As the vision continued to unfold, I watched the procedure.  They put the patient to sleep and then began, step by step, to skillfully remove that foreign body.  I have remembered this vision when I have been in situations where people are screaming at the devil, asking him to tell his name, and going through other emotional gyrations to cast out a demon.  They surgeon and his team were resolved, prepared, and skillful in the removal of the foreign body from their patient.


Once I saw the surgeon stop and confer with his colleagues about what they were seeing.


The analogy was clear.  A demon was a foreign body that attached itself to a  human soul and would destroy him or her if not removed.  But it cannot be removed promiscuously; it  must be removed carefully.  He surgeon had to know what it was and how to go after it.  And he worked in complete unity with the team in the operation room.


As soon as the foreign body was removed, the patient was stitched carefully to help in his recovery.  And the Spirit said to me, “Watch carefully the follow-up procedure to such a surgery.”  One of the technicians gave a patent a shot of penicillin to guard against infection.  In the Bible, the hyssop was used to cleanse.  David cried out, “Cleanse me with hyssop, and I will be clean.”  (Ps 51:7 NIV)  I had learned that penicillin is made from blue mold that comes from hyssop, and they told me hyssop is one of the strongest ingredients in penicillin.


It is important that in spiritual “surgery” we remember to apply the Word of God consistently to a recovering patient to avoid postoperative complications.  Eradication of the foreign body is not enough to insure future victory in a person’s life,  Postoperative care is vital.


Then the doctors gave instructions to the nurses for caring for the patient after he was taken to his room.  Too often we deliver a  person of demonic powers and leave their “house”, soul – open and vulnerable to the return of worse evil.  My mind went to the story Jesus told about the evil spirit coming back and finding the house swept clean – but empty – and bringing more evil spirits in to dwell there.  (See Matt 12:44-45).  We need to give the delivered instructions on how to close the door of the house to prevent further invasion of the enemy...”


{end to Fuchsia Pickett’s vision}



Comments from Sandy


Today I was thinking about spiritual doctors with lousy bedside manners.  They may be great at extracting something in surgery but forget about the person they are treating.  I always like to draw upon an example of one pastor I know that has a very special manner in his tools of deliverance in spiritual surgery.


One time I was on the ministry team at a conference and an Oriental lady who was only one week old in the Lord fell in the isle and began to hiss and writhe like a snake.  I was told by the head of the ministry team to keep her quiet and calm until pastor could be found to deal with the problem.  So I was on the floor with her praying in tongues and she stopped hissing.  Bless this gal’s heart, there were people coming out of the audience all around her commanding demons to flee and you name it.  It was massive chaos all around her.  It was a divine war between my praying peace over her and others taking authority for the demons to come out. 


The moment I put my hand on her leg, she rose up and hissed with a terrible look on her face and began writhing again.  I learned really fast, touching can make demons manifest!  So I just took my hand off and prayed peace over her and prayed in tongues and she found some degree of peace from the tormenting manifestations and behaved better.


Finally pastor came and bent down at her head and touched it gently between both hands. He spoke directly to her and not the demon.  She came to herself and out of its influence and his words got her attention.  He told her that he would like to take her to the back room with a team to help her.  He was very loving and compassionate in his voice.  They were able to get her up and she walked down the isle for help.


I found out later that his protocol for deliverance is when possible, to ALWAYS minister to the person first.  Make them feel comfortable, that you are going to be taking authority over the demon and not speaking harshly to the person.  They are most likely frightened of losing control, let alone the thought that they might have a demon inside of them.  He always does his deliverances with a great amount of love and compassion for those who are bound and I know through many visions the Lord has given me that God’s love is our greatest weapon against the demonic intrusions upon a person’s soul. 


There are many ways to deliver, and one needs to check the spotlight of what and how the Holy Spirit is directing to deliver a person.  Sometimes it is just the power of God in a meeting that does corporate deliverances.  Sometimes a demon can leave with a simple yawn, when in a wonderful worship service.  Sometimes it takes major surgery in a deliverance session.  I am not the Holy Spirit, but I do understand that it is wisdom to only deliver someone who is mature enough to keep the demon from returning.  It has to do with our maturity in God, walking in obedience to His Word, which is closing demonic doors.  Sometimes the Lord allows us to become so desperate with the circumstances of our disobedience that we finally become strong enough in our will to stand against the temptation of it ever returning, once it is gone.  It is all important strategy not to be treated lightly, just as Fuchsia’s vision demonstrated. 


Other times when someone delivers, they forget to plant something good inside the hole that the demon left.  The scripture says to overcome evil with good.  (Rom 12:21)  If we keep our focus on the deepest need of the person, then their need for love and to be built up will be very evident after deliverance.  Scripture says there are times to dismantle and there are times to build up.  We need to remain sensitive to the Holy Spirit to know the difference and ask Him how to proceed.  To dismantle evil without building up the person afterwards is very poor bedside manners.


One of the best strategies the Lord has taught me in prayer is to pray in the opposite spirit.  Whatever demon or evil influence we are taking authority over, after it is gone, we loose the opposite spirit stand against it, to fill the void or influence.  i.e.  the opposite of fear is faith.  Opposite of depression is joy, etc.  Much of the time, praying the opposite scripture against the demonic and declaring over the person is a wonderful way of standing against the demon and building up the person.  Using scripture is being an advocate for the person in need. 


I think the question the Lord is asking us, is where is our focus?  What is the purpose of the deliverance?  Is it the fireworks of going after the devil, or is it to heal a beloved child of God?


Mark 6:33-34 NKJV

And Jesus, when He came out, saw a great multitude and was moved with compassion for them, because they were like sheep not having a shepherd.






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