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CONFIRMATION:  Today I was adding more words in the Spiritual Interpretation Glossary and added the following entry:




Symbolic of building, rebuilding or restoring God’s temple which is the spiritual house we live in. 


Isa 61:3-4

That they may be called trees of righteousness,  The planting of the LORD, that He may be glorified."   And they shall rebuild the old ruins,  They shall raise up the former desolations,  And they shall repair the ruined cities,  The desolations of many generations.    


Then I received an email from a friend and felt it was a confirmation to what the Lord is doing to rebuild our lives. 


EMAIL FROM FRIEND:  Shipwrecks and treasure:

For over a week God had been giving me pictures of my insides, where there were some like piled up old weathered boards for an old burn pile. Been working with Him for weeks/months to root out prior hurts offenses that happened to me so that there was nothing there. 


On Sunday at church I saw this big tear drop shaped space with lots of these piles of old broken wood along the bottom.  What I saw was God has a vessel of gold glory to fill us up to overflow but we need to get rid of  these shipwrecks so we have maximum capacity.  We were routing out old hurts/wounds/shipwrecks.  These old broken wood piles in our heart were from: broken dreams, disappointments, offenses, failures, rejection, broken relationships etc.


I was thinking about the parable in the Pirates of the Caribbean where there was a Shipwreck City, which was a tall pile of old shipwrecked ships piled high like a high rise in the middle of a black stagnant water.  There were lights up several levels where folks had moved in and settled in this structure.   The Lord spoke very clearly that the problem with this living in shipwrecks instead of sea faring ships is they don't go anywhere.


It's time to move on and move out of Shipwreck City, God has places for us to go, things to do, and He is ready to assist us with cleaning out the shipwrecks and to fill us up with that treasure of gold to the brim....and more....



“The tension between future glory and prior suffering completely controls our present.”


{End Quote}



Last night I was watching a documentary about a true story of 2 sons and 2 fathers going on a fishing vacation.  Their plane crashed in the ocean and they survived 18 hours in the water.  At one point they decided they had to let go of the floating ice chest that was keeping them afloat.  One father could not let go and he watched the others swim away.  He realized that even though he was swimming, he wasn’t going anywhere because he was holding onto the ice chest.  He had to let go if he wanted to stick with the others.


This reminds me of when the pioneers crossed the plains, the mountains, streams and rivers.  They came to a point where they could not carry the load from whence they came, and so they had to start making decisions about what was most important to bring with them. 


Isa 43:18-19  NKJV 

"Do not remember the former things,  Nor consider the things of old.   Behold, I will do a new thing,  Now it shall spring forth;  Shall you not know it?  I will even make a road in the wilderness   And rivers in the desert.  



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