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I am guessing I am the only person in the world that has gone to bed with a box of oatmeal.  Smiles.  Tonight when I was organizing a white cupboard, I felt someone needed a box of oatmeal and I wanted to take it to them.  I had the faith that I could do this and asked the Lord if I could.  I have had many flying dreams, and have been transported in the spirit a few times.  But I have promises of taking food/ items to people and multiplying them and this is yet to take place.



Forthright. Honest. Valiant. An appeal. Please send me. I will My child, I promise. Pay attention. I will use you for My glory. Transportations, yes. Exercise your opinion. Yes, you are ready sweetheart. The timing [to carry food] is just not now. My beloved. Valiant. Trust and obey, there is no other way. You are so precious to Me.


Lunch.  I will carry you.  To your destination.  Wild ride, amazing adventure.  Smile.  Safe journey.  To grow in faith.  Your assignment. 


[NOTE 10/05/16 Above, I inserted [to carry food] in brackets because I have since been transported but not to carry food.] 




It is a startling revelation.  What we want to do. Missions.  You indeed will travel the globe.  As I said, take your lunch.  We’re going somewhere.  All aboard.  …It’s a matter of time. 



The greater effects ministry. Tabernacle.   Going in and out.  You’re right, it will be fun.  [I had been thinking about being translated with a sack lunch in and out of places and multiplying for those in need.]  The book of Revelations.  God’s greatest way.  The army way.  The 3rd day church.  Rise triumphant over evil.  Determined.  All the way. 



In the center of My will. I saw the word WAITING.


I saw the sentence, This is the 7 spirits of God.   To be taken.  Moving.  A wheel within a wheel.  To commune in such a fashion.    I have promised you.  You may travel.  Plucked up.  Your reward, My joy.  Time travel. To move back and forth in time.   [Lord do You mean that when John had his visions in Revelations, he was actually there and saw it?] Yes.  He saw.  He was there in the last days. 


Beam me up, Scottie.  What time is it? Why am I telling you this?  So that you will understand that when I take you, you are being transported.  Glory.   I saw a wheel within a wheel. It's holy. 



Vital timing.  I will send you.  Prophet.  These are important sweet one.  Very important.  Foundational things.  For wings.  To heed and obey.  Alignment.  Yes, you are required to live righteously sweetheart.   Foundations to being transported. 









When I was in Auckland, New Zealand a while ago, I was teaching at a seminar. Suddenly the Pastor, Ian Johnson, who was hosting the meeting, fell off his chair and fell onto the floor. As he lay there I thought to myself,” Oh he must be going somewhere in the Holy Spirit."  About 10 minutes later. a young lady the other side of the room, also fell onto the floor and started laughing and laughing. I want to tell you that this particular room was extremely wide, so they weren't at all aware of one another.


These were the only two people doing anything unusual -everyone else was just sitting listening to me.  When the meeting was over I went to find both people to ask them what happened.  You see sometimes people can think that unless something happens to everyone it can't be God.  But God isn't asking for our approval or our permission. 


I found Pastor Ian first and he said an angel had invited him to come and learn something about how the Holy orchestrates things in the Body of Christ. Ian responded and went in a chariot with the angel to the island of Fiji.


He found himself inside a church and a Fijian pastor who was a friend of his, was preaching.  As he watched he saw a black demonic spirit came and tried to attack the pastor while he was speaking. Then Ian heard laughter. It didn't come from anyone in the church. But the demonic spirit left when the laughter came. The Bible says, "God looks at His enemies and laughs, and has them in derision."  The Holy Ghost laughter is actually a spiritual warfare weapon. Your spirit within you senses a victory in the spirit realm and agrees with God, who has the victory. And the laughter comes. The enemy of God hates the laugher of God.


It wasn't over though, because the demonic spirit came back into the church and tried to interfere with the pastor.  Ian watched and then he heard the laughter again. When the laughter came, the dark spirit left and didn't return. Remember this is something that Ian saw in the spirit. He was actually laying on the floor on the meeting in Auckland        

I went to find the young women who was on the floor the other side of the room, laughing and laughing.  "Sheryl, what happened to you? You were the only one laughing."  "Well I am not sure," she said, "I kept seeing a big black bad spirit and laughing at it."  "It went away but then it came back, so I started laughing again."   She had no idea of what Pastor Ian had just told me.


But that wasn't the end of the story. The Pastor from Fiji called Ian the next day and said, " Brother Ian I know you were in my church yesterday (in the spirit). I was preaching in the meeting and I was attacked by an island idol spirit. Then we all (in the church) heard this laughter and the spirit left. Later it came back but we all heard this laughter again and it left and didn't come back."


God took two people from my meeting in Auckland, in the middle of the meeting, and took them to Fiji in the Spirit realm and dealt with some spiritual warfare issues.


I believe that” Freedom” in the spirit is not so much dancing and waving banners, which is great by the way, but it's about the Holy Spirit being free to do what He wants to do, in the way He wants to do it.




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