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"And he moved from there and dug another well, and they did not quarrel over it. So he called its name Rehoboth, [Room Enough] because he said, "For now the LORD has made room for us, and we shall be fruitful in the land." (Gen 26:22 NKJV)

Hi Loved ones,

The following is a corporate Word that took place in our pre-service prayer room. I had prayed off and on during the day that the Lord would give us gifts that flowed together and bring forth His Word and He truly met us there.


I have never told you about the pre-service prayer times at our church. I will share that too, since some of you might be interested in our model. We start 1 ½ hours before service, usually in tongues. During the progression of prayer, we are all praying at the same time, with an occasional person praying intermittently in English on behalf of all. Sometime during prayer time, we cover some or all of the following: We thank Him, we welcome His Presence and His angels, we ask what His agenda is for prayer and the service, we bring our corporate requests, we declare His Word, we ask for an open heaven, we pray for protection with the blood of Jesus and take authority over the demonic, we sing in tongues, we sing our prayers and sing scriptures. The Holy Spirit is there in a strong way in our midst and His gifts flow.

Our chairs are in a circle. Some sit, some stand, some pace. We clap and shout and weep and fall and find our own expressions as He flows through us. Sometime after we have broken through, Pastor asks us all to be still and quiet in our chairs and to wait on the Holy Spirit for His gifts. He locks the door at this time and no one is allowed in, so that we have no interruptions or break in our waiting upon Him. You can hear a pin drop in the room. It is a very precious time, because His Presence is resting heavily upon us after our having spent ourselves upon Him. It is usually several minutes of total quiet.

Then he chronologically goes around the circle asking if anyone saw or heard anything. There is usually a healthy flow of what people have heard and seen and they share these freely. After that, Pastor leads us in a prayer over a quick summary of what was quickened to him, and then we are released to go walk out into the audience, to greet and hug others who need His welcome and a loving touch. Often Pastor will bring in various things that were shared in the pre-service prayer time during the church service, through worship or his sermon.

Here is the progression of a revelatory Word as it came to me in the pre-service prayer time.


HEARD [during prayer]: Prime the pump.

IMPRESSION: I felt the Lord wanted to flush out the lines to bring forth His living water from a deeper level. He wanted to bring the waters that flowed out from waters that were deeply resident.


PIX [from one of our intercessors]: As soon as I shared this, the man next to me confirmed that he had seen a picture of a drop coming out of a faucet.


PROPHETIC GESTURE: When we were all speaking in tongues with an even greater urgency, I had a surge of a large download of His Spirit. At the same time my hands were held together as holding a large pipe, bringing it up, then thrusting it down into the ground at the same time.

PIX: As I did this I saw the fierce action of the pipe bit being thrust into the ground with a very powerful impact, driving it deep. It was the action of driving a well.

Every time this well bit was forced into the ground, I felt that it was driving a stake declaring this land would be for the purpose of establishing the kingdom of God. It was to honor Jesus Christ and it was a part of our inheritance that was not to be stolen.


The following chronology took place after prayer during quiet time, and it is important to note that the people who received the following Words were not in the room when I mentioned hearing about the well and the man had seen the drip.

VISION: During quiet time, one man saw a rope that was being used as a life line. As soon as he shared this, I had the impression of the rope being inside a well.


VISION: Another man saw a well and he said there was no rope to draw the water. Then he saw heavy trucks and equipment leveling dirt and among the trucks were ones that had power drills to dig a deep well.

I then immediately shared the confirmation of the prophetic gesture and vision I had seen earlier of the power thrust of the well bit drilling into the ground with its declaration.


PIX: Then the gal next to him said that she had seen a very small well, and she was looking into the little circle of the water. Jesus' reflection was filling the circle. She saw a drop hit the water, and the water rippling out. It was Jesus' tears as He looked into the pool.

QUICKENED MEMORY: One of the ways God speaks is to bring what He has spoken into remembrance. (John 14:26) At the very moment she shared this, the Holy Spirit brought back a dream I had of an overgrown fish that was too big for its bowl. That kind of fish in real life will stay in a puddle until it is almost dried up, then it will begin to flop and roll through the mud until it finds as new watering hole to live. In the dream, the fish could not stand the confinement any longer, and took a giant desperate leap out of the bowl. The dream turned into a vision when the fish flew straight at me, past my nose and shoulder, landing beyond me. As I was still recovering from the shock of a fish flying straight towards my face, I heard the Lord say, "You need a bigger tank." That was enough to get my attention. That took place 7 months before the elders of the church I attended closed its doors. I stayed in that pond until the last day and then I took a flying leap into the church where I now attend.


CONFIRMATION PRAYER WALK: The next day on my prayer walk, the Lord was imparting the whole interpretation of the above combined and corporate Word. I was thinking about how the Lord had wept over the tiny small watering holes which stayed and contended until the last breath. They needed life lines which were not there and they needed power equipment to dig deeper wells. They simply did not have the resources to carry them. I was thinking of the years of sacrifice each person planted in that tiny church.

Just as I am thinking about the Lord's reflection looking down in the tiny well, and His tear dropping into the water, I suddenly look to the left. I am walking down a new street not aware of what was there. I look up and my eyes locked straight onto a tiny well planted with ivy vines. The little church I attended was called the Vine and its logo was ivy vines. There in front of me was this little well planted as a memorial, and painted red for sacrifice.



The following is an excerpt from an article I wrote on 12/15/02. Notice that they had to re-dig the well three times, before they had enough room. That scripture was very strongly quickened to me this week as I was praying about wells.


We are not contending for seasons of visitation, we are contending for habitation. The glass terrariums are a good parable of that, where the Lord and His Presence is living within us, and we are sealed from a big dry world.

We are also contending for the next huge wave of His Presence to come forth in salvations, healings, deliverances, signs, and wonders. If you are feeling sucked up and dry, now you know why. The tide has been rolling out to prepare us and to prepare the world. Dig in, and dig deeper. Your times of blessing and refreshment will not be like before when it was in ample abundance, but it will be for the intent of helping your roots grow strong towards Him. All of this is for His purpose.

Consider the following section of scripture. It is a parable for us today of a people digging wells in the Lord and being displaced due to control issues of power, argument and opposition… (whether from people or spiritual influences or both.)

Gen 26:14-22 NLT

"Soon the Philistines became jealous of him, and they filled up all of Isaac's wells with earth. These were the wells that had been dug by the servants of his father, Abraham. And Abimelech asked Isaac to leave the country. "Go somewhere else," he said, "for you have become too rich and powerful for us." So Isaac moved to the Gerar Valley and lived there instead. He reopened the wells his father had dug, which the Philistines had filled in after Abraham's death. Isaac renamed them, using the names Abraham had given them. His shepherds also dug in the Gerar Valley and found a gushing spring. But then the local shepherds came and claimed the spring. "This is our water," they said, and they argued over it with Isaac's herdsmen. So Isaac named the well "Argument," because they had argued about it with him. Isaac's men then dug another well, but again there was a fight over it. So Isaac named it "Opposition." Abandoning that one, he dug another well, and the local people finally left him alone. So Isaac called it "Room Enough," for he said, "At last the LORD has made room for us, and we will be able to thrive."

There are many who have gone through this parable several times in the last 12 years. After having dug again their wells, they are once again suffering the pain of relinquishment. For some, it is time to move on and dig one final time. For others, it is time to hold your ground and dig again right where you are planted. Either way, our command when we are feeling dry is to dig deeper until we find His supply.

{end of quote from article 12/15/02}




{Words to Ponder are summaries of His quickened Words of prophetic revelation, punched with the word of wisdom and written under inspiration.}


Dear ones, how I have wept over your pain as you have sought Me to keep your wells primed and pouring with abundance. You have continued to dig against great resistance of jealousy, rejection, opposition, and argument. Some of you have held onto old wells, yielding yourselves with great sacrifices of commitment by laying down your lives for love. Many have yielded so much, only to see the sacrifices burn with nothing left. Oh beloved, nothing has escaped My eye or My heart. I have suffered every portion of this with you.

It is time to assess your wells and make your choice. Do you indeed have "room enough" to contain all that I have promised? I have been preparing a move that is intended to fill your life to the brim and overflowing. Many of you must move and change locations in order to re-dig your well. You must take the leap of faith and follow My Presence. My Presence will lead you, and My Presence will keep you planted in this new place. Yes, it takes courage to move and when you move it alters and displaces the lives around you. And when you land, others will adjust to make room for you. If you follow My Presence as your peace and barometer in this move, you will indeed find room enough to grow and prosper and be in good health.

Gen 26:22 NKJV

And he moved from there and dug another well, and they did not quarrel over it. So he called its name Rehoboth, because he said, "For now the LORD has made room for us, and we shall be fruitful in the land."




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