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HEARD: Wind in your sails. Behind you. Carried you. Filled up with joy.



Let Me carry you My child. The weight of your ship is heavy and even cumbersome out of water. But as you soak in My Presence, the gravity of cares fall away. As you call upon Me, I answer your prayers and breathe upon you My Spirit. I fill your sails with the power of My breath and take you where you do not know. Yet even so, it is not your work, but Mine and I delight in carrying you to the destination of My promises. So look up and let Me fill your sails. As I do so, I will also fill you with joy. Smile and let your hair down to blow while carefree days pass in the wind.


“And He rode upon a cherub, and flew; He flew upon the wings of the wind. He made darkness His secret place; His canopy around Him was dark waters and thick clouds of the skies.” (Ps 18:10-11 NKJV)



posted on 8/30/02



There have been contrary winds blowing against your life. It's as though you were in a ship and these winds have blown and pushed your ship of life off the course of your intended destination. Discouragement is flooding your ship, for you are overwhelmed knowing no matter what you do you cannot seem to get back on your original course. But there are some things you need to be aware of.


I saw God in the wind that was blowing your ship causing it to seemingly take a different route. Psalm 18:10 says, "He rides upon the wings of the wind." I saw God riding upon these winds that were seemingly against you. God was in these winds.


I saw the Lord in the water that was raging. He was sitting King upon the waves that were pushing your ship.


I saw God in the sails of your ship. His Glory radiating His approval! I saw God in your boat. Though youwondered where He was, He was right there still with you. The most significant thing I saw was that God wasstill inside of you. He had never left nor forsaken you. The One greater than everything else in the world wasstill on the inside of you.


The key to victory and peace I could see was that you must accept that this change of course is of God for a purpose. For I saw Him in every aspect of it. Not until you accept and release this to the Lord will you begin to find His perfect peace in the midst of the storm. As you do it will not matter what is happening around you. His peace will begin to rule in your heart.


The Lord spoke clearly these words, "We (meaning you and Himself ) are going over to the other side ... to My destination and plan for your life. This is not the course or route that you would have chosen, but My ways are different from yours and My thoughts from yours. I am leading you by a way you have not known before, but I am the way. Psalm 77:19 "My way is in the sea and My path in the great waters and My footsteps are not known. I am taking you over to the other side!"


Everything I saw God in, He said He was going to change: "I am going to change the wind in due time. I am going to change the raging waves in due time. I am going to change the sails and rudder of your ship in due time by My guidance. Most important of all I am in the process of changing you on the inside more than anything else on the outside that is happening. Even more important than the destination or goals I have for you is your being changed and conformed into My image and likeness." In fact, I sensed that this was His desired destination for us.


Remember Paul's call to go to Rome to preach the Gospel and how the storm caused their shipwreck? They all landed on a certain island, some coming ashore holding onto broken pieces of boards off the ship. If you have to even grab hold of a piece of board off of your ship, I heard God say, "I'll even be in your board. Hold on to it. I'll be that close to you. We are going over to the other side!"


The Father reminded me of how His only Son came down and crossed over to the other side to the Father's destination to save you and me. It was a way that we would never have thought of but it was the Father's perfect plan or route. His only Son crossed over to the other side on just two limbs of a tree. Think it not strange if the way across for you seems unusual and different.


" I am using everything in your life to work together for your good and even what the enemy means for evil is not being wasted, but used for My Glory and best for your life!


Bill Yount




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