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A few days after 9/11 events we had a storm sweep over our state and during the storm the Lord told me that it was a sign of His Word of the storm coming upon the world, and to take note of how the events played out at our home.  I noticed that I heard the first thundering boom around 9 PM as I was shutting down my computer and going to bed.  The last boom I heard at our house was promptly at 1 PM as I looked at the clock.  It was no coincidence that the numbers were 9 and 1.  (91) 


A very unusual thing occurred while we watched and listened to the storm play its hand. Perhaps other regions have different kinds of storms, but our thunder and lightning storms usually have a lot of rain and wind accompanying them.  This storm was very unusual as there was no rain and no wind at our house.  It was very still and that was the reason it stayed for four hours.  As my husband and I united in prayer I could see a faint mist like dew fall below the street light right outside our window.  It would leave when we stopped praying. We prayed for America and also that the Lord would put out any fires started from this storm.  The storm was loud and flashy, but we felt safe under His covering. I heard the Lord say that we were protected.


There were other things I noted about this storm.  One, my son was camping under the stars at a watchtower / observatory and watching the entire sky light up for hours.  They were too far away to hear the blasting thunder, and so he said it was like truly watching a display of the glory of God.  He had never seen lightning come so fast and vivid for so long.  My Dad saw the storm from his town, and he said there were between 20-30 strikes per minute.  He was very concerned about forest fires. 


At one moment (ten minutes to midnight) there was a HUGE boom and our lights flashed off for a brief second.  Just as I was deciding whether to get the candles out, they came back on and the touch lamp beside my bed came on past its most brilliant setting.  (It had been off prior to this, the power surge turned it on.)  At that boom, I came rising out of my bed literally shouting “In Jesus Name!” several times.  It was thunderous and intimidating.  I do not know if the transformer above our street light got a surge or not, but it was violent.  Later I found out that the transformer next to our pastor’s house had been struck at this time, and their lights were out for several hours.  They were without electricity but they were safe.  There were homes and trees in the area that were struck by lightning and also shattered windows. 


I saw the above quickened to mean:


1.    9 to 1 = Psalms 91 for those who abide in Him. Those who pray and watch, abiding in Him have the promise of Psalm 91 and His protection, although flashing and powerful circumstances around them may become very loud and intimidating.


2.    The water of united intercession will be vital in keeping demonic fires under control.


3.    The storm will not be over quickly.  It may last at least 4 years.  (9-1 is 4 hours = 4 years)


4.    Some of the children will be so safely kept from the fear and intimidation of sudden events that they will only see the glory of the Lord as He displays His awesome power.


5.    Some will go without electricity, some will not. Just as lightning strikes, the storm effects will seem to hit and miss from one place to another...although everyone will be very aware of the potential danger.





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