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Wayne told me today about the Hidden Cloud in Annie's Visions




Page 89, book one


"... Soon He took me away with Him where He again was in the glory cloud of fire with was not calm at all but this time was seething in great interactivity with inner fires burning at high intensity. 


Then there came rolling in upon us all like a deep, dense, opaque fog that comes rolling off the sea.  "This, He said, it My hiding place, and I shall hide away My people while I shake and move all things."  This cloud was not transparent, but very opaque, yet filled with light, wonderful glory and full security.  Very beautiful inside, it covered all of His people, all of the angels and covered me too.  All of could see Him and could see one another, but we could not see outside.


As the fiery cloud increased greatly in activity as if in anger it seemed as if I could see a great grove of trees mowed off as a great scythe swept through them in one immense swath.  Although there were great shakings and movements, all of us inside the covering could know little of what was happening.  Then He spoke again saying that even now this hiding place was over His very owns."


{End Excerpt of Annie's Visions}


AH: Today I turned with anointed hands about the time the Lord came to me in His cloud.



From the Rhema Journals of Sandy Warner







(page 66, book 1)


“This time I had a long arduous battle against the enemy in order to come unto Him.  It seemed as if everything came against me: for three hours I could not get through to Him.  But at last in mercy He came and helped me, drawing me near to Himself and taking me into the Spirit. This time He began by saying a strange thing to me.  After telling me not to fear as He always did and welcoming me in His love,  He said that now I could no longer doubt either Him or these things.  Whatever anyone might do unto me, still they could not make me doubt because these things were so rooted and so engraved within me that I would find it impossible to ever doubt them. 


Then He showed me Himself.  He was the Cloud of Glory and it was the most wonderful and glorious I had ever seen.  It was as I had seen Him before in His other form.  The cloud was made of a golden substance, like gold but it was still a cloud, ever enfolding upon itself and full of fire and tremendous glory light.  It was not in a state of anger nor violence but was in a state of great calm, relatively speaking, for in the manifestation of the Cloud is never quiescent but ever active with tremendous inner movement.


Then I saw some angels of great glory and beauty of those high and glorious angelic beings who so often are seen in company with Him in the Cloud which I have described before.  They are the highest kind of angelic beings I have yet seen. Their most outstanding characteristics seem to be their great power, high intelligence and great size.  Of tremendous brilliance and high glory they give the impression of great age compared with the other angels.  They were bringing to me a tiny, tiny cloud that was identical with Him in His immense Cloud.  This tiny tremendously reduced yet identical cloud they brought to me and it completely covered me and seemed drawn to me as if I were a magnet.  Then I strangely began to absorb it into every part of my being.  This brought strange, totally inexplicable sensations.  It seemed like a process which brought a most enlarged sense of security and of a complete transformation within me.  Even after I was returned to my own world, I still felt a new sense of faith and security.”




SANDY PRAYER:  Lord please visit me with Your glory cloud, and penetrate my cells with Your substance.  Please leave a portion of You behind so that we can have fellowship one with another on a deeper level.


CONFIRMATION:  Right after that prayer I opened Annie’s visions and turned to the above vision.  I knew this was His way of saying yes.  He did answer my request and came to me in this manner in the vision below.





HEARD SONG: I seek Your love and not Your hand.


VISIONI saw a 3-D cloud coming to me.  It was hazy and ethereal and I could see through it.  Even though I could not see Him, I perceived that He was inside the cloud and I cried out, “Jesus!”  His cloud immediately came to me and then penetrated into my pores all over my body.  My cells were quickened with His life.


VISIONThen I saw 19:42 on the face of a digital clock.  The 42 were seconds flashing.


HEARDCloud.  I AM with you..  Now what?  Follow Me.


COMMENTS ABOUT NUMBERS:  When we see numbers we like to look them up in the Strong’s Exhaustive concordance.  We also look up scriptures when they are quickened.  Often we will look up both the Hebrew and the Greek of the same number and they either companion together in similar concepts or are the exact opposite.  In this case they were opposites and I knew the Lord was saying that I had a covering or cloak over me to protect me from calamity and wickedness.


1942  {calamity; a covering}



havvah {hav-vaw’}

¤ from 01933; TWOT - 483a; n f

¤ AV - calamity 4, wickedness 3, perverse thing 1, mischief 1, noisome 1, iniquity 1, substance 1, naughtiness 1, naughty 1, mischievous 1; 16

¤ 1) desire 1a) desire (in bad sense) 2) chasm (fig. of destruction) 2a) engulfing ruin, destruction, calamity


GREEK 1942

epikaluma {ep-ee-kal’-oo-mah}

¤ from 1943;; n n

¤ AV - cloke 1; 1

¤ 1) a covering, veil 2) metaph. a pretext, cloak



'Abiyno`am (ab-ee-no'-am); from OT:1 and OT:5278; father of pleasantness (i.e. gracious).



hagiosune (hag-ee-o-soo'-nay); from NT:40; sacredness (i.e. properly, the quality):

KJV - holiness.



I dwell in the cloud and I AM drawing the hearts of volunteer lovers to seek Me.  They will not miss their hour of visitation because they have awakened from their spiritual slumber and are seeking Me.  As they recognize My Presence and call upon Me, I shall cover them in the glory of My cloud and penetrate their very pores with My Presence.


My cloud cover will protect you from calamity and destruction.  For I have created a dwelling place with My cloud and smoke by day, and the shining of a flaming fire by night: for upon all My glory shall be your defense.  


Dear ones, seek your holy Father, the One Who is gracious. How I love to give good gifts to those who ask!  You shall know that I AM with you, I AM in you, and I will be revealed within your life as you follow Me. In the process, we become one.   Walk in holiness, My love.  Walk in Me for I AM your delight. 


“And he said, My presence shall go with thee, and I will give thee rest. And he said unto him, If thy presence go not with me, carry us not up hence.”  (Ex 33:14-15 KJV)


“And there was a cloud that overshadowed them: and a voice came out of the cloud, saying, This is my beloved Son: hear him.”  (Mark 9:7 KJV)


UPDATE 6/20/10:  Today on the way home from Redding, CA we passed Mt Shasta.  It was so magnificent and close, I felt I could almost reach out and touch it.  It had some ethereal clouds suspended in the air below its peak, and I was reminded once again of the Lord's cloud.


Words from the The Quickened Word are excerpts from the journals of Sandy Warner.  To better understand how God speaks, read Sandy’s book, “101+ Ways God Speaks, And How to Hear Him.”  Website:    Email:  




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