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WALKING IN The Gift OF Encouragement


QUICKENED QUOTE KATHRYN KUHLMANLove is something you do.   You cant love without giving. 


In a world full of bad news via the media, we are starved for good wholesome stories.  In the prophetic class I had perceived one of the gals had a real gift of encouragement and so I asked her to teach us what she does to share her gift with other people.  Her response really touched me.




Hi Sandy
There have been times like I could actually feel what a person is going thru.. Back in Oct. this young girl moved in next door to me and at first she was like she was afraid of me.. she has been hurt so much by other people.. the Lord showed me some things and how I got started talking to her was I cooked some fried chicken wings and took her over a plate of them then the next day she came and talked to me and the Lord showed me how she had always been pushed back and always had to settle for second best and I began to talk to her and show her love and most of all shared the love the Lord has for her.


She is so hungry now for the things of the Lord.  I do things for her and tell her that God has such great things for her.  She loves flowers and she had a gardenia bush she has had for several years but never bloomed.  She planted it in her front yard and now it is covered with gardenia's.  The Lord said He planted her next to me so she could be showed His love and now she is beginning to bloom.   She is so precious and just about every day she comes and says, “Look what the Lord showed me!” 


All I know is He just about always uses me with taking someone something to eat or a cake or something like that.....then He shows me or I feel what they are going through and He does the rest....I get so blessed when the Lord blesses someone else.




Gal 6:10 NKJV

Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all, especially to those who are of the household of faith.




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