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{Teaching}  CIRCUMCISION OF THE SOUL  2/16/07


TEACHING: God is dealing with heart issues in ALL of our lives, things that will take us through spiritual circumcisions in our souls, in order to prepare us to move into our promises. 


Each person has their own giants they deal with.  God brings everything into our lives for a purpose, to draw those things that are in our souls that do not become His image, and then He stirs them until they become pimples, and then He pops them.  The pus that pours out of our hearts, mouths and thoughts are exactly what He has been trying to draw out.  He doesnít want to reward us for those things, He wants to perform surgery until they are gone.  He is not going to reward us for arguing and striving with Him about what we are not getting from Him, He is going to reward us for our deep repentance, brokenness and humility as we bow low before Him and finally SEE what He has been trying to do.

When you read that list of soul giants that He is drawing out of you, you can read the scriptures and the "promises" that happen when those giants are nurtured... and it goes back to reaping what you sow. 


CONFIRMATION:  Just after writing the above, I opened an email response to this Word to Ponder about lancing a wound and extracting the poison.



There are some of My children who are easily dismayed and have chosen to stay in the outskirts of My love, because of suffering deep shame.  They are willing to hear Me through hand-me-down connections because the intimacy of My Presence brings their buried pain to the surface.  To face it all is too hot, they would rather stay numb and in a cold place, away from My direct touch.

They believe their failures are too great to deserve such an intimate place in My Presence.  They do not know the sweetness of having a wound lanced with My personal Word, the poison extracted, and then delivered in one impacting moment.  They donít know the relief of such a time before My face.  What took years to embitter can be extracted in one powerful exchange of My loving embrace.  Come, Peter, I know you love Me.  Do not hold back.  Swim speedily to your loving Surgeon and I shall extract your deep sufferings of shame and bring your calling to life again.

 Deut 5:23-27 NKJV
"So it was, when you heard the voice from the midst of the darkness, while the mountain was burning with fire, that you came near to me, all the heads of your tribes and your elders. And you said: 'Surely the LORD our God has shown us His glory and His greatness, and we have heard His voice from the midst of the fire. We have seen this day that God speaks with man; yet he still lives. Now therefore, why should we die? For this great fire will consume us; if we hear the voice of the LORD our God anymore, then we shall die. For who is there of all flesh who has heard the voice of the living God speaking from the midst of the fire, as we have, and lived? You go near and hear all that the LORD our God may say, and tell us all that the LORD our God says to you, and we will hear and do it.'

John 21:7 NKJV
Therefore that disciple whom Jesus loved said to Peter, "It is the Lord !" Now when Simon Peter heard that it was the Lord, he put on his outer garment (for he had removed it), and plunged into the sea.


Taken from the book, "101+ Ways God Speaks (And How to Hear Him)
by Sandy Warner

Giants are a term I use symbolically. It is derived from the giants in Joshuaís promised land. The people were warned about allowing the foreigners and giants to stay in the land. When they entered into a forbidden marriage with them, they joined cultures, ideas, perspectives and beliefs. Union with them caused mutations, polluted worship and practices, and the corruption of Godís separated and chosen people. Thus, I am using the term giants as a symbol of a forbidden intermarriage with the mixture of our flesh and the impurity of sin.

When one intermarries with a giant, its fruit causes a mutated life pattern. These unions with sin, impure actions, thoughts, beliefs, motives or old wounds, are patterns or ruts of the personality that no matter how hard one tries, they just donít measure up to Jesusí image. They are continually repeated and acted out through the body, soul and spirit in spite of much effort to change. They are thorns and pricks left in the Christianís life and torment his freedom.

ďAnd as for you, you shall make no covenant with the inhabitants of this land; you shall tear down their altars. But you have not obeyed Me; what is this you have done? Therefore I also said, ĎI will not drive them out before you; but they shall become as thorns in your sides, and their gods shall be a snare to you.í And it came about when the angel of the LORD spoke these words to all the sons of Israel, that the people lifted up their voices and wept.Ē (Judges 2:2-4 NASB) This speaks of Christians feeling remorse about their existence yet they have not been able to overcome.

Not everyone has the same giant patterns. Each person has his or her own unique personality and one personís hang-up may be anotherís strongest place of overcoming. Some of these giant ďhang-upsĒ that do not glorify Jesus are listed below. As you read them, you may find weaknesses that fit yourself and others. If you have a weakness in one of these areas, it does not mean you have intermarried with a giant, but the weakness shows a vulnerability. When one actually intermarries with something on the following list, he or she becomes snared by it, and it becomes a part of the personís makeup - namely personality, decision making processes, actions, reactions and the overall life pattern of how that person lives life. It is the pattern of repeated weaknesses that expose an intermarriage with a giant.

This list not only contains giants but is also a list of the fruit of the flesh. The degree the flesh is nurtured in these areas determines whether one intermarries with such and thus causes a giant pattern and eventually a cankered wound. The choice of most words comes from King James. Scriptures are included as references to the general concept. Synonyms are listed to help identify the words.

Abuse Misuse, mistreat, maltreat. (2 Corinthians 11:25)
Accuse Charge, blame, incriminate. (Luke 23:10)
Adultery Infidelity, fornication. (Matt 15:19)
Ambition Overly enterprising, stepping on others, determined, goal oriented. (Acts 8:19)
Angry Violent passion, indignant, exasperated. (Colossians 3:8)
Anxious Exaggerated and distracted concern, apprehensive, uneasy, worried, dread and fear. (Philippians 4:6)
Apathetic Indifferent, dull of feeling, passive. (Revelation 3:16)
Argumentative Disputing, contending, hair splitting. (2 Timothy 2:24)
Betrayer Double cross, trick. (Matthew 26:25)
Bitter Resentful. (Acts 8:23)
Blasphemer Irreverent, reviling. (Matthew 15:19)
Boast Brag, proud, arrogant. (2 Timothy 3:2)
Co-dependent .Leaning on someone other than God. (Deuteronomy 6:5)
Compete Ambitious, aggressive, contest, oppose. (Mark 10:37)
Complain Grumble. (Jude 16)
Compromise Bargain with evil. (Genesis 19:8)
Compulsive Obsessive, driving passion. (Matthew 12:45)
Condemnation ..False guilt. (Romans 8:1)
Control Dominate, push, restrain. (Acts 21:12)
Covet Desiring something that belongs to someone else, envy. (Exodus 20:17)
Coward Fearful, lacking courage. (Revelation 21:8)
Critical Disapprove, faultfinding. (Galatians 5:15)
Curse To curse, doom, condemn evil upon. (Matthew 26:74)
Cursing Swearing, profanity, filthy communication. (Colossians 3:18)
Deceive Defraud, delude, dupe, mislead. (Mark 7:22)
Defensive Justifying, guarding, shielding. (Isaiah 45:9)
Depressed Despondent, downhearted, downcast, desolate. (Proverbs 15:13)
Desiring praise ..Desiring esteem, admiration. (John 12:43)
Despise Little regard for others, low opinion of, arrogant. (2 Timothy 3:3)
Discontent Disgruntled, unsatisfied. (Philippians 4:11)
Disobedient No submission or conformity. (2 Timothy 3:2)
Divination Witchcraft. (Leviticus 20:27)
Double minded ..Vacillate between two opinions. (James 1:8)
Double minded ..Vacillate between two opinions. (James 1:8)
Double tongued ..Two stories. Saying a thing with the intent to deceive. (1 Timothy 3:8)
Doubter Skeptic, unbeliever, mistrust, suspicion. (Hebrews 11:6)
Downcast Low in spirit, depressed, joy withered away. (Joel 1:12)
Drunkard Intoxication, insobriety. (Luke 21:34)
Emulation Envious and contentious rivalry, competition, challenge. Galatians 5:20)
Envy Jealousy, rivalry, competition. (Galatians 5:21)
Extortion Acquire deceitfully, defraud, blackmail. (Leviticus 19:13)
Evil thoughts Unkind, tear down the person. (2 Corinthians 10:5)
False witness False, deceitful testimony. (Matthew 15:19)
Fearful Timid, scared, lose courage. (Revelation 21:8)
Fierce Brutal, rough, savage, violent, wild. (2 Timothy 3:3)
Filthy speech Foul speaking, low and obscene speech, vulgar language. (Colossians 3:8)
Filthy Defiling, dishonorable, dirty, wicked, vile, pornography, smut. (James 1:21)
Foolish Senseless, folly, reckless. (Mark 7:22)
Fornication Sexual immorality. (Colossians 3:5)
Gossip Spreading rumor, scuttlebutt, hearsay. (1 Timothy 5:13)
Greed Covet, hoard, grasp, possessive. (Acts 5:2)
Grievous Weighty, load, burdensome. (1 John 5:3)
Guilt Blame, fault, error, shame. (1 John 2:1)
Hatred Strife, detest, abhor, loathe. (Proverbs 10:12)
Heresy Disunion, dissension. (Galatians 5:20)
High-minded Conceited, inflated. (2 Timothy 3:4)
Hopeless Despair, past hope. (John 11:32)
Homosexuality ..Vile affections against nature. (Romans 1:26)
Hypocrite Masquerades, faker. (Matthew 23:15)
Idolatry Infatuation, inordinately fond of. (1 Corinthians 10:14)
Impatient Restless, intolerant, resistant towards long suffering. (Numbers 20:10 - 11)
Impulsiveness No self control, unpremeditated, rash, impetuous, spontaneous. (Proverbs 29:20)
Inconsistent Erratic, discrepancy. (James 1:6)
Indifferent Unresponsive, detached, apathy, unconcern. (Revelation 3:16)
Jest Banter, wit, joke. (Ephesians 5:4)
Jealous Possessive, monopolize, envious. (Proverbs 6:34)
Knowledge lust.. Passion for knowledge for wrong motive. (2 Timothy 4:3)
Lazy Idle, slothful, indolent. (Matthew 25:24-27)
Liar Telling falsehoods, untruth. (Revelation 21:8)
Lewd Unbridled lust, shameless, indecent, sensual. (Galatians 5:19)
Love of pleasure ..Preferring pleasure to the things of God. (2 Timothy 3:4)
Lust Craving, an absorbing longing for, hunger, desire. (1 John 2:16)
Malice Desire to injure, animosity, spite. (Colossians 3:8)
Mock Scoff, ridicule, deride. (Jude 18)
Murder Kill with ones words as well as literally kill. (Matthew 15:19)
Murmuring One who discontentedly complains against God, grumble, mutter. (Jude 16)
Perverse Without natural affection. (Romans 1:24)
Phobias Irrational fear, avoidance, aversion. (2 Timothy 1:7)
Poverty Unproductive, insufficiency, shortage. (Proverbs 15:19) (Romans 12:11)
Possessive Controlling, grasping, selfish, cling. (2 Samuel Chapter 11)
Proud Arrogant, vain, self love. (Proverbs 16:18)
Procrastinate Delay needlessly, put off. (Proverbs 6:9-11)
Presumptuous Boldly arrogant, offensive, foolhardy. (Psalm 19:13)
Quarrelsome Contentious, ignites strife. (Galatians 5:20)
Regret Looking to past life or sins, not accepting the Lordís plan and His forgiveness. (Luke 9:62)
Reckless Heady, heedless, careless, rash. (2 Timothy 3:4)
Rejection Feeling discarded. (Genesis 29:30-32)
Resentment Offense, umbrage, embittered, hostile. (Genesis 4:4-8)
Reveling Drunken carousing, rioting. (Galatians 5:21)
Revenge Taking things into onesí own hands instead of waiting for God, retaliate. (Romans 12:19)
Revile Slander, rail. (1 Corinthians 5:11)
Sanctimonious..Hypocritically devout. (Matthew 23:14)
Seduce Entice, decoy, lure. (1 Timothy 4:1)
Sedition Dissension, divisions, sects. (Galatians 5:20)
Self willed Arrogant, stubborn. (2 Peter 2:10)
Sensuality Sensory pleasures. (Jude 18)
Self pity Self sympathy. (Jonah 4:8)
Skeptic Doubter, unbeliever, cynic. (John 20:25)
Slander Defame, dishonor. (Proverbs 10:18)
Sodomy Sexual perversion. (Genesis 19:4-5)
Strife Bitter conflict, selfish or self promoting which causes quarrels, division and dissension. (Galatians 5:20)
Striving Disputing, contending, arguing. (Romans 9:20)
Talebearer Telling secrets, spreading gossip or rumor. (Proverbs 11:13 )
Theft Steal, rob. (Matthew 15:19)
Traitor A betrayer, treacherous. (2 Timothy 3:4)
Truce breaker Irreconcilable, impossible to appease. (2 Timothy 3:3)
Unbelief No faith. (Matthew 17:17)
Uncleanness Impurity of thought, motive or deed. (Colossians 3:5)
Unforgiveness ..Refusing to pardon. (Matthew 6:14)
Unholy Sacrilegious, blasphemous, irreverent, ungodly, profane. (Leviticus 10:10)
Unjust Wrongful, dishonest, unfair. (Proverbs 22:16)
Unmerciful Without leniency, unsparing. (Matthew 18:33)
Unstable Unbalanced, uncertain, fluctuating, fickle, changeable. (Ephesians 4:14)
Unthankful Without gratefulness. (2 Timothy 3:2)
Violent Cruel, fierce, vehement. (Psalm 7:16)
Wavering Vacillating, doubting, hesitating, fluctuating, instability. (James 1:6)
Wickedness Depravity, malice, iniquity. (Mark 7:22)
Witchcraft The use of drugs - see Strongís #5331, medications, magic, sorcery, witchcraft. (Galatians 5:20)
Wantonness Self indulgence, self gratification. (James 5:5)
Wrath Fury. (Colossians 3:8)

Giants influence how we hear the Lord. Their influence is like a wound in a tree. The rings of the tree become warped and twisted as it wraps around the wounded area. In time, the circled areas may eventually even out, but when in close proximity to that wound, the rings are twisted, warped, perverted and bent out of shape. This analogy is the same with people who have giant wounds. When Godís Word comes close to their wound, there is a crooked emotional reaction that is blown out of proportion. What is heard, is twisted, misunderstood, taken out of context, or interpreted completely backwards.

Learning to identify giants is helpful in the discernment process. Sometimes one will struggle with a rhema ďWord or messageĒ and be unable to discern whether it is from the Lord, because of his own giants. What may be happening is the message is from Him, but the receiverís inner self wrestles because he is intermarried with a giant pattern and is not free of its warped perspective. For instance, if one is suffering under a giant of condemnation, it is very difficult to receive Godís praise for a job well done. If the giant is rejection the person finds it very difficult to receive Godís love. If one was wounded by abuse in the past he may perceive the Lord as an angry God.

It is also possible to hear a message given through another who has a giant and thus you will doubt and stagger over what is shared. If you become aware of the potential for giants and understand them, you will quickly be able to recognize the impurity of messages and motives spoken through another. I heard a preacher who was a dynamic speaker. He exalted Jesus Christ with the Holy Spirit evident in his meeting. Yet he had a mutated giant of control from a wound in his past, and the Holy Spirit within me became deeply grieved at something he said, as well as the attitude behind it. I struggled with it and took it to the Lord. Without my asking, three people came to me, mentioning how this man ďranĒ his church. It became very obvious he was bound by the giant of control and this did not glorify Jesusí image. I was then able to separate Godís pure message from the controlling statement. As a result, the manís ministry, his giftedness and his impurities no longer were a stumbling block to me. I was able to hear the Lord through him in spite of his wounded flesh.

Giants and their wounds disfigure the purity of God and canker perspectives. They will always distort the character of God. Giants affect our thought life, our understanding of Godís message, and our ability to receive His Words in that area.



Words from the The Quickened Word are excerpts from the journals of Sandy Warner.  To better understand how God speaks, read Sandyís book, ď101+ Ways God Speaks, And How to Hear Him.Ē  Website:    Email:  







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