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Class Member Dream:

"My husband and I were on a canyon path the right was a beautiful deep pool of clear water.  I saw several fish of them jumped out of the water to bite me, but failed to bite me. It had a look of hate in it's eyes. I knew it was a barracuda and I actually could feel the spirit of hate behind this attack."


Portion of an article from a class member:


Scientists at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute did the following study:

It's a widely known fact that Barracuda love to eat mullet. Scientists put a barracuda into an aquarium, added a glass partition in the middle and then put a mullet in the other side. Not believing his good luck the barracuda circled a few times, gathered up speed and launched directly at his lunch - the poor unsuspecting mullet.

Wham! Bam! Full throttle into the glass partition. Unfazed at this, the barracuda did his preliminary circles and sped off again toward the mullet. Again, Wham! Bang! into the glass partition. Again and again and again he tried. Some weeks later, the scientists noticed the barracuda quit trying to eat the mullet, so they removed the glass partition.

Amazingly, the barracuda remained in his side of the aquarium, silently swimming in circles. In fact, the hapless barracuda slowly died of starvation while the lucky mullet swam about in safety just a few inches away!


Wow that is an incredible Word about how God surrounds us with an invisible barrier, that although we can sometimes see and hear the enemy threats, they cant directly get to us.  This reminds me of the following dream:



I was standing in a big deep cave, with an underground pool of water in front of me. In the back of the pool of water was the cave wall. There were 2 large holes with a U shaped tunnel going between the two holes. In the right hole was the large head of a dragon and in the left hole was its tail. I watched it slither out the tunnel into the water. It took a large plunge towards me and came to an invisible barrier as it lunged in violence. I stood there surprised at the barrier and felt like I had flinched some, but stood my ground. I heard the Lord’s still small voice say something to me, but I can not remember exactly what. It was a warning that I was to be very careful in obedience in following my conscience. This had something to do with the barrier staying there.


It was interesting to me that the barrier was in the midst of the water. There was water on this side of it, that came to my feet, although I was not standing in the water.



The dragon comes before the throne and accuses you day and night. Until you can better understand My clear will for your obedience, you need to be very careful to follow your conscience in what you do know. The dragon is before your face, but I have placed an invisible shield around you. It is a clear barrier between you. You can see and hear through it, but you will see that as he lunges at you, he is not able to touch you, merely bounce off. Yes it is intimidating, but I have called you to stand until this season is over and you are taken from this place. In the mean time, it is vital to keep your conscience pure so there will be no hole in the invisible hedge I have placed around you.


“And herein do I exercise myself, to have always a conscience void of offence toward God, and toward men.” (Acts 24:16 KJV)


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