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Surprise Graphics in the Paintings



I am an amateur painter and haven't the foggiest idea what I am doing when I paint, although I try to make it look good. I am not a drawer and cannot draw pictures. One day I had the yearning to buy some paints and do it like that guy on TV, I cant remember his name. But anyone can paint following his method. I was so excited I did take about 3 adult oil painting classes in our community to learn the basics of how to mix paints, the brushes, and the canvas, and colors.


The night years after painting it, I discovered Moses' face in the mountain of one of my paintings it just flabbergasted me. I was gazing at the wall and staring into the painting and there he was, as clear as day. I knew it was Moses, as I had seen him in a vision the burning bush in the 80's. Boy was I surprised to see this! The Lord has promised me anointed hands and He must have directed the movements I did, because it sure wasnt me. I used a knife to make the mountains.


Later I discovered there are actually the profiles of 3 faces all in a line in the mountain. The front one is Moses. You can see his white hair, white beard, eye, nose and full profile.


The face right behind Moses I have always felt the impression that it might be Jesus. He has a white robe over his head, with a little bit of his dark hair showing on his forehead. You can see his dark eyebrows, one eye, mouth and dark beard.


There is another face that looks like it is laying his head slightly tilted onto Jesus' head. You can see his eyes, nose and dark beard. I wonder if that is John the Beloved!





Today our friends from out of town came to spend the night on their way up to the city. As we were looking at my paintings in my bedroom, I showed them Moses' face in the mountains. Then as we were sitting in the eating room their daughter pointed out the eagle in the cloud of my ethereal ocean painting.



Then we rushed into the other room and the biggest surprise ever was staring us in the face. Two huge, giant eagles in the wilderness picture! One was the exact shape of the head, beak and eye of an eagle created out of the forest trees.


Then a second eagle became obvious in the mountain. It was huge taking up a third of the width of the canvas. I am still astounded.


I took some photos with my Pocket PC camera, hopefully you can see them. This one is the giant eagle in the mountain. You can see his head at the top of the mt, his dark left wing stretching across, his white softer breast and his tail feather way down near the tree line. It was all painted with a knife. I had no idea what I was doing, I was just playing with different strokes of the knife. God is SO amazing. We did not discover any of this until years after I painted them.





Here is one that looks like a white dove roosting in the cloud.




Speaking of my pocket PC, it rumbles around in my purse and has a bunch of buttons on it. If I forget to turn the button lock on, then when getting carted from my purse to wherever, I accidently take pictures. I have had some very funny pictures that I dont know where or when. But this one really amazed me. I have NO idea what it was, or where it came from. I have nothing in my purse, home or anywhere that I could identify such. And I have never seen clouds like that.


It reminds me of feathers from an angel wing.





I have given you glimpses of the times yet to come. There will come a day when I will display signs of My Word through many awesome and tangible means. Amateurs artists may paint a picture, and I will supernaturally guide their brush strokes with hidden signs of My Word. Then in the perfect moment, I shall reveal what was hidden. I will display My Word in the clouds and in the stars, in the very air you breath. I will use anything and everything to reach a last day people with the harvest call.


“And they went forth, and preached everywhere, the Lord working with them, and confirming the word with signs following. Amen.” (Mark 16:20 KJV)



Update: I had to stop oil painting, due to health reasons. Several years later, the Lord gave me back this gift of anointed hands to paint, through the computer. I am airbrushing and making photomontages and other special photos that glorify the Lord and His Word. He has been very merciful to give me this gift and let me "play" with my crayons. I totally love it since I have always wanted to draw and couldnt draw anything but hangman and smilie faces! Maybe someday He will open my eyes to see other things in the graphics He gives me.


ANNA COMMENT: After reading about finding interesting hidden pictures in Sandy's paintings, I studied my own that she painted for me. There big as life was the head of Moses in the winter mountain brook scene with the elk. Both my friend and I could see it very plainly. Isn't this something? And I remember we found Jesus being hidden in my friend's painting of the Redwoods when we shined the light through the back of the canvas.


Sandy comment: I had not yet learned that when you paint with oil, that it needs to be really thick so that all of the white dots in the canvas will be covered. Some artists put a coat of primer over their canvas before painting so they dont have to paint so thick. Well I didnt know any of this, and when we put the painting of the redwood forest up on the kitchen counter, with the stove light on behind it, we could see Jesus in the places where the paint was not covering very well!



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