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Strike when the iron is hot



HEARD: Why don't you write them down when I place them on your heart? You can pull them later. Strike when the iron is hot.


COMMENTS:  To strike when the iron is hot is a symbolic parable. When forging iron to shape and bend it, you put it in the fire. The fire is when you feel the sudden passion and download of revelation flood into your heart and mind. To strike the message when it is hot, is to pull it out immediately withOUT procrastination... it is to take time out and get the revelation on paper, into a mini recorder for further study, or to share it at that moment if it is the environment to do so.


Iron is moldable when it is still red hot and then once it cools, it molds in that place. If the revelation cools, the passion to get it out cools too.



There are times of visitation when I breathe upon you inspiration for My Word. It is important that you learn to respond to these revelatory moments, for they come and go even as the wind passes through the trees. If you wait until you have a better time to respond, then the freshness of the moment is gone and the passion along with it. This is the nature of the anointing, it strikes when the iron is hot.


I may direct you to jot a note, speak into a recorder, write a letter, make a phone call, say a prayer, share a teaching or any number of things, - all prompted by My anointing. I have reasons behind My impeccable timing. You are not given to see all that takes places in the spirit world when you respond to My prompting. Therefore, when I place a message upon your heart, respond to it when you feel the passion, and resist procrastination. Learn to flow with My Spirit and you shall have great satisfaction.


“The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD: and he delighteth in his way.” (Ps 37:23 KJV)





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