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Here's that Blankie you Dont Like :o)




PRAYER MEETING: Today at prayer meeting, they were praying for me. One intercessor came over to me and said, "Lord I pray for this hunk of clay that You are making." I loved it, and that is what I felt like - a big blob on the wheel. Then later he said, "Well forgive me for asking, but are you arguing with God about something?????"


That about blew me away. I loved that Word too. I told him that the Lord had been telling me for years that I was arguing with Him. And I kept asking Him what about. He finally has been telling me what this year, after all this time. And I said yes I think I am still arguing, but not sure what.


So another intercessor came over and said, this is no disrespect or anything, but I heard Moses, and he argued with God about his calling. (She doesn't know that I saw Moses and the burning bush when I received my calling.) And as soon as she said that, I saw a picture of a past dream where Cuddles our cat was trying to squeeze her big buns into that little pipe to try and hide. I had grabbed that tail and would NOT let go. I applied gentle pressure to pull her out, and if she continued to resist it hurt her, and finally she knew I was bigger than her, so she let go and I pulled her out of that pipe.


So today after I got home, I was thinking about how I had argued with the Lord about my calling all these years and He wasn't changing His mind at all. And I suddenly realized how long I had been arguing and I saw a picture of the intercessor from today's prayer meeting say, "Boy Moses must have argued with God a LOT!" I burst out laughing and only saw the grace of the Lord to love us inspite of our humanity. Somehow I felt so much release from the whole thing, and I perceived all the clouds of witnesses that had been watching that particular scene play out, just breathed a sign of relief. I think I am finally swallowing my cup. And so I think the Lord is going to hand me my blankie... that I will learn to like.



DREAM: Cuddles saw a hole in a pipe and tried to go into it to hide. I grabbed her tail and wouldn't let her go inside. She resisted me and really wanted that hole. Finally I firmly but gently pulled her back and held her very close so she couldn't squirm and until she relaxed in my arms. Then we got her blankie from my past piano teacher's house. It was snowy outside and she needed it. I said to her, “Here's your blankie that you don't like!”



You were wounded in battle and that is behind you. It is time to move on. You struggle with your identity, since it does not fit the world's mold. But I have called you to be a leader and that is that. Sometimes you feel like your calling, and sometimes you don't. It does not matter which, because someday you will see it and believe it. You may try to run and hide your head, but you can not run from Me. I will catch you before you disappear into a hole, and draw you out - backwards, if necessary. And I will give you My warm blanket and canopy of protection that you resist so strongly. You will need it in your climaxing intercession yet to come. So relax now in My arms and let Me hold you. I will not let you go. I have kept you in My strong grasp and no matter how you struggle, you belong there.


Ex 13:21-22 NKJV

And the LORD went before them by day in a pillar of cloud to lead the way, and by night in a pillar of fire to give them light, so as to go by day and night. He did not take away the pillar of cloud by day or the pillar of fire by night from before the people.




QUICKENED SIGN: Come early and get a back row seat.



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