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Smorgasbord Churches  7/20/09

For years and years I have had a prayer desire that old movie theaters would be bought by churches to house 24/7 Smorgasbord Churches.  My desire has been that each little theater inside the building would house a specialty where people can freely come and go at all times.  There would be one little theater room that was 24/7 worship, one for healing lines and testimonies, one for teaching, one for preaching, one for choirs, one for prophetic prayer ministry, one for corporate prayer meetings, one for drama and the arts.  And etc! 


For years when I see movie theaters I have claimed them for Jesus Christ Smorgasbord Churches!  I believe that when the glory of the Lord comes to the streets, He will be opening up these kind of walk-in centers where people can come to be built up in the Lord, at all hours of the day and night. 


Hag 2:6-7 NKJV

"For thus says the LORD of hosts :'Once more (it is a little while) I will shake heaven and earth, the sea and dry land; and I will shake all nations, and they shall come to the Desire of All Nations , and I will fill this temple with glory,' says the LORD of hosts.


I was so thrilled with this Word from Patricia King.  Here is the quote that just amazes me. 



Movie Theaters Go Christian

Many secular movie theaters will see the success of what God is doing in the Church and will start to host Christ-inspired media. Some theater owners, due to financial sufferings, will actually give their theaters to the Church. These theaters will turn into churches and houses of prayer and worship as well as media houses. There will be many salvations, healings and miracles in these sanctified media houses.



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