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SLOW DOWN A TAD  2/18/10 


NEGATIVE PARABLE:  I have been spending a whole week rushing to get QW School done and I am seeing with each day, that it is going to take longer than I hoped and I cant push myself.  I just asked Him if I need to let go of the timing and go at a different pace with other things on my plate? 


Then when I got up, I crunched my baby teacherís finger with the recliner chair handle and broke the skin.  My chair handle reminds me of a gear shift in a car, or a break shift on a train.  When I got back to my chair to keep going, this is where I had stopped!



This tube had held a huge piece of felt where one can build jigsaw puzzles on top of it. The felt came in this very strong, super duper cardboard tube. Wayne brought it in from who knows where and put it over the easy chair handle. I had instant leverage to wrap my arm around it to move my chair handle down to get out. It was awesome! So for a week or so I had been using this amazing gizmo that kept reminding me of old brake handles on trains. Hmmmmmmmmmm. Yes I did catch the Lordís Word in regards to this: SLOW DOWN, PUT ON THE BRAKES, I want to spend some time with you!



I have been working a steep uphill climb to birth the QW school, class and book downloads.  And today I turned to this in my summary rhema book.  I knew I had heard this back then for today which is Friday! 


3/20/07  BOOK

Birthed a baby. Sent with a purpose.  A book. 


I saw a 2 lane road.  I was going to turn right onto road, but was going too fast to stop that quick.  I stopped at the next street and decided to do a U turn.  I watched a pacer vehicle in front of a large load and then a caravan of cars.  It had blinking lights and going quite slow.  I was freely able to do my U turn without causing it to hit its brakes and it seemed like it was going that slow so as to wait for me to get into place.  



QUICKENED QUOTE:  Fear is fast evidence appearing real.



Wayne heard a Word from brother Hagin this month that said, remember faith is like a gear shift.  Forward is faith and reverse is fear.



Beloveds, as you have entered into a new decade and I begin to open your vision for what is ahead, I can see you running wildly to put things into place.  I understand that you donít like that unsettled feeling and you want a rapid move it.  Try to pace yourself so that you allow fellowship with Me and your loved ones during this time.  I realize you are feeling an overload on your plate.  Itís not going to get done in one day!  Find a more natural pace and settle into another gear that allows margins in your life.  What matters is that your motives are love and you walk in peace because your faith is settled in walking in My perfect will. 


2 Tim 1:7 NKJV

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.


Words from the The Quickened Word are excerpts from the journals of Sandy Warner.  To better understand how God speaks, read Sandyís book, ď101+ Ways God Speaks, And How to Hear Him.Ē  Website:    Email:  




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