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HEARD:  Growing number of concerns.  This is that.  Faith to trust.  Find her among the ruins.  The bottom of the pile.  It is My burden says the Lord.  I will help her.  Open it. 


vision: i saw 2 pair of shoes in my living room. They were my son’s and my shoes that were not in their place or in order.  If they had been placed together in a line where we normally take off our shoes in my house, then I would have said they represented holy ground.  But instead they had been worn while walking around in my living room, and then afterwards, simply walked out of and left. Wearing shoes represents walking in peace.  At some place, they lost their peace and left it behind..


As I was pondering what this meant, I turned with AH in my son’s new book, “One Minute Mysteries.”  It just came out and is selling like hotcakes, in bookstores, grocery stores, airports, Amazon, Barns and Nobles - all over the place.


MY SON’S 1 Minute Mystery: The one I turned to was about the tired Grandma that didnt want to answer the door and how she developed a way to filter her guests.  She hung a sign by the doorbell that said, “Out of Order.”  She told her family and friends that it was still working fine.  All the strangers read the sign and knocked. 


QUICKENED MEMORY:  This quickened my memory to something I heard the other day as I was listening to a snipit from Bob Jones where he saw the footsteps of angels walking around in his house.  He didnt know if they were from the Lord or not, and so he rebuked them and they didnt leave.  (I smiled at that!  How often we rebuke the Lord and welcome demons!  We are so blind and cant tell the difference.)  Darkness has to flee and since they didnt, Bob asked the Lord to manifest them.  So still in the vision, Bob saw the angel footprints walk outside and they rang the doorbell.  When Bob answered, they were manifest and gave Bob the Lord’s message.  Bob mentioned that he didnt know why they went outside and rang the doorbell. 


REVELATION:  I have had several pieces of rhema lately where I too heard the door bell ring and it was the Lord calling.  In my past rhema, I would hear a door knocking and not a door bell when He was trying to rouse me enough from sleep to record His Words.  When people knock on a door, it is never one tap.  Rather it is quite a few in a row and with force so it can be heard.  Then there is a brief wait to see if there is a response, and then if there is no response, the knocking begins again.  However when ringing a doorbell, people usually push the button once or twice, and then wait for response.  They rarely stand there with the finger on the button and ring it incessantly, unless the person is really rude or in emergency. The difference between a knock and a ring is 1)  quantity and 2)  volume and 3) force.


UNDERSTANDING:  There has been a subtle, but definite real change in our season in nuance and flavor in our relationship with God.  The past few years we were in a season of importunity, which was incessant knocking.  This was a 2 way reciprocation where God was incessantly knocking upon our doors, calling, wooing, challenging, desperate and intense for us to wake up and become prepared for the days ahead.  He has been so insistent that in His unfathomable love He bypassed our tolerances and boundaries in order to wake us up and get our attention.  It was like shaking someone awake who has been in a long slumber. 


This incessant knocking has not been only one way, for we too have been persistently knocking on His doors, trying and testing His tolerance by our same repeated prayers, the same desires, the same heart for Him to answer us with His YES and NOW.  We have been like Jacob, wrestling with God to move Him past His boundaries and bring us the blessing.  We were saying, “You have something I want and you are not giving it to me!”  And God was saying, “You have something I want and you are not giving it to Me either!” 


Luke 18:1-8 NLT

One day Jesus told his disciples a story to illustrate their need for constant prayer and to show them that they must never give up. 2 "There was a judge in a certain city," he said, "who was a godless man with great contempt for everyone.  3 A widow of that city came to him repeatedly, appealing for justice against someone who had harmed her.  4 The judge ignored her for a while, but eventually she wore him out. 'I fear neither God nor man,' he said to himself,  5'but this woman is driving me crazy. I'm going to see that she gets justice, because she is wearing me out with her constant requests!' "  6 Then the Lord said, "Learn a lesson from this evil judge.  7 Even he rendered a just decision in the end, so don't you think God will surely give justice to his chosen people who plead with him day and night? Will he keep putting them off?  8 I tell you, he will grant justice to them quickly! But when I, the Son of Man, return, how many will I find who have faith?"


APPLICATION:  Through the lengthy season,  we were striving with God and He was striving with us and if it be possible, we wore down.  And that is where we are today, like that tired Grandma who is tired of answering the door having made a firm decision that she detests salesmen.  But at the same time we dont want to miss a thing, should it be God calling! 


We dont want the enemy or people manipulating to sell us a bill of goods.  And we dont want our free will violated in making our choices.  We still believe that God is the Truest Gentleman in the form of the Holy Spirit, and His sensitivity is easily grieved and moved away, should we put up hard walls in our hearts that resist His efforts.  And yet we also know the fierce and determined love of a Father Who moves past kindness into severity when the season calls for it.  So where does that leave us? 


After a season of rest on neutral ground, God rings the door bell, we respond and let Him walk around for a while, and then we freeze up and lose our peace, with memories of incessant knocking ringing in our souls like they were just a minute ago.  However if we take a step back and absorb the nuance in perspective, He will grant us simple answers to complex issues and re-establish our peace in walking relationship.




Dear ones, after a long and weary season of wrestling with Me, men and demons, you have finally worn down your strivings.   The crooked and high places were aligned with low ground and humble hearts came into synch with My purpose.  Having suffered the blows of contending, your ground is cracked from breaches in the Spirit.  Demonic activity can stir a dust cloud in even a small wind.  But all will settle with the rains of My Spirit, as I pour out living water upon you who are thirsty and waiting for Me.


My children, thus far you have been like monkey’s scratching your heads without understanding.  This time when I visit you with My Word, resist doubting and wincing from memories of yesterday.  Dont walk away from My call, dont run away or leave My peace behind.  Simply rebuke the enemy’s plan to violate your life, his plan can not stand when you use your authority to rebuke his demise.  Then turn back to Me asking that My message be made clear and manifest.  Ask Me for understanding, for in it are the wells of life.  You will find much astonishment and joyful pleasure as I reveal the true face of My message.


Acts 5:38-39 NLT

"So my advice is, leave these men alone. If they are teaching and doing these things merely on their own, it will soon be overthrown. But if it is of God , you will not be able to stop them. You may even find yourselves fighting against God."


Prov 2:8 NKJV

My son, if you receive my words, and treasure my commands within you, so that you incline your ear to wisdom, and apply your heart to understanding ; Yes, if you cry out for discernment, and lift up your voice for understanding , If you seek her as silver, and search for her as for hidden treasures; Then you will understand the fear of the LORD, and find the knowledge of God. For the LORD gives wisdom; from His mouth come knowledge and understanding ; He stores up sound wisdom for the upright; He is a shield to those who walk uprightly; He guards the paths of justice, and preserves the way of His saints.



Words from the The Quickened Word are excerpts from the journals of Sandy Warner.  To better understand how God speaks, read Sandy’s book, “101+ Ways God Speaks, And How to Hear Him.”  Website:    Email:  







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