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[The Suddenlies Are Here!]

COMMENTS: We have entered into a season of suddenlies. After waiting for so long, I am suddenly being thrust into a promise of 20 years. When this came upon me (spring 2004), it was a 3 month period of very fast labor and delivery. If I had not been waiting for so long, I would not have been primed to move in so fast, neither would I have had the faith to do so. He prepared me each step, but I had to comply in my faith and move in as fast as He was moving my heart to move. During this same season, I received an email from a prophetic friend who announced to me her upcoming marriage. This was a joyous shock. I knew this was a lifelong promise for her of standing for the one the Lord had promised her many, many years ago. The last I knew she was still waiting! Sheíd died to her promise many times, only now to see it resurrected in His perfect time. Now, she too was occupying a suddenly. We are both forerunners in our walks with the Lord. This was just one more confirmation that causes me to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that this is the time to move into places He has promised years ago.



VISION 4/17/04: I saw a bunch of large airliners in line ready to take off. They had their lights on and they were piercing the fog.

HEARD: Just like that.

THE UNDERSTANDING: After seeing and hearing this, I went to a small group meeting and the leader talked about driving through the fog on the freeway, and not being able to see anything at all. He connected the fog with how scary it was for him as he was trusting the Lord about his wifeís health, his job and recently birthed ministry. Suddenly the fog lifted and he could see for miles on a beautiful, blue sky day. There was a beautiful field of brilliant yellow, mustard flowers and the Lord reminded him of the lilies of the field and not to worry.

CONFIRMATION: During a prayer the next day at church, pastor mentioned about not being able to see through the fog, but we would experience a suddenly.

UPDATE CONFIRMATION: Rivermail released Bill Yountís Word, 5/18/04 called, "I Have Put My People and Their Ministries in a Holding Pattern."

The entire Word is a right on Word, however here is the part that directly connects with this post: "I sense there are many ministries 'up in the air' right now seemingly going in circles, wondering why they are not being given permission from 'ground control' to bring their ministry in to arrive at their destination. I sense the Lord saying. "You are not the only airplane or ministry in My Kingdom. There are other ministries below you on the ground that need to take off before you can land. As you continue to wait and circle, you will be clearing an opening in the heavens for these ministries on the ground to take off, staying out of their way as they gain altitude. Only as these ministries take off, will the ground below you be cleared for your ministry to come in for landing into God's destination."

SANDY NOTE: Billís Word is an excellent Word and is the other side of the coin to this post. The circling ministries are the established ones waiting for other ministries waiting to be launched.



HEARD: Little one. In flying pattern. Won't run out of gas. Fear not. Landing instructions coming. In clouds. Perfectly safe. Trust Me. Can't help position of plane right now. Have passengers on your plane. Keep them safe. Plenty of food to last trip. Lots of fillet mignon. Passengers to keep seat belts on. A little bumpy in clouds. No smoking sign also on. Observe.

Control tower guiding in many planes. You are hearing clearly. When landing instructions come, you will be well advised. Your call letters will be plain to you. Landing with sight. Will see runway. Lots of lights to guard you. Night landing. Biggest airport you have ever seen. Welcoming party. Waiting room full. Won't need to go to luggage carrier. You don't have any.

Many others waiting to land. Each circling in separate patterns. Won't collide. Just stay on course.



HEARD [5/08/04]: I disconnected you from something. Your past. Spring forward. Much deeper than just the plan of men. Suddenly.

Iím there. Will you hold me? Listen to Me, My darling daughter, and I will hold your hand. One last push.

[Push is the final stage of labor and delivery. It is where you bear down with every part of your being and press through the obstacles, the fear, the doubt, the pain, and trust God to protect and keep what you are bringing forth. It is a time when everything is on the line, everything is at risk, and you know without a doubt that this is IT. There is absolutely no holding back during this last stage of labor. Not only that, but in spite of the pain, you donít WANT to hold back.]



HEARD 3/25/04: Come and get it. One way or another, itís time. Now start here.

VISION: I saw a little flag on a map that said, "You are here."

HEARD: Blue print. Visitation. In the months ahead. Game plan.

UPDATE CONFIRMATION: I received a passionate email from a lady who shared the following experience. This was very quickened to me and I knew it was a piece of the Lordís puzzle in experiencing our suddenlies. Her experience was given to her on the same date as this rhema stating Itís time.


On March 25, 2004 at 3:33 a.m. I felt a physical/spiritual sensation unlike anything I have ever felt before. I work at night from my home in Mississippi. I got up out of my chair and started walking around the house, faster and faster. My phone rang about 3:35 AM and Suz, a friend of mine and part of my prophetic team from Texas, was on the line. She had woken up out of a sound sleep at 3:33 AM with the same curious sensation. The only thing we could correlate it to was that it felt exactly the way "warp speed" looked on Star Trek---when the ship goes blindingly fast forward. This was confirmed by another team member in Canada later.

A few days later, The Holy Spirit gave Suz a word----"quantum"--- It has several definitions but the one that was meaningful to us was "A sudden large increase or advance." He then told me "jump"---- which means "An abrupt transition." Thru further revelation, we understood that this is what that curious fast forward warp sensation was....A sudden large advance forward, an abrupt transition. Later, He quickened to me a specific phrase, "There is about to be a quantum leap in world events." I can tell you, I nearly fell out of my chair when I heard that one! We're about to see things really explode. There are domino effect jumps going on. Whoo! The Lord reigns, The Lord has reigned, The Lord will reign!

Love in Y'shua,





{Words to Ponder are summaries of His quickened Words}

[NOTE: I am including one of my Words to Ponder promises from past rhema. Long I have held onto this Word of promise!]


A season of "suddenlys." Long you have waited for this fulfillment. Now you are confirmed. I have promised it, I AM doing it. Suddenly, all at once, what was not, is.

Have hope! Years of prayers are not lost. Why so long? Because the battle was greater than yourself. Great warfare has taken place in the heavenlies and worldwide strongholds have been broken. Your portion is coming. Give Me time to set things in order. Be prepared. Even now the prey is being divided and sent on its way.

Flood waters covered the land, but now they are receding. With each new day, new land is emerging. Inheritance free and waiting to be occupied. Yes. Go for it.

"...So the service of the house of the LORD was set in order. And Hezekiah rejoiced, and all the people, that God had prepared the people: for the thing was done suddenly." (2 Chronicles 29:35-36)




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