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Hi Loved Ones,

The other day my husband and I were walking through a department store and the Word of the Lord stirred my heart as I saw a little toddler. So short and barely able to talk, she ran up to a "leg." This leg was on a pedestal, displaying a pair of nylons. Gazing up at this wondrous spectacle, it was obvious she was amazed. When she was able to find words to her surprise, she said, "Look, the leg lost its head!"

In the mid 80’s I heard the Lord speak the Word "replacement parts" over and over. Each time He would share this, a little more revelation would come, but I always wondered what He meant. Now it is so obvious. Body, soul, and spirit, our lives are full of missing pieces, and we need replacement parts. Some of us feel like walking legs and … well, you know!

I saw the army of cankerworms in a vision, also in the 80’s. Wherever their slime touched, it left gaping holes in people. At that time, the Lord gave me the scripture, "And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpiller, and the palmerworm, my great army which I sent among you." (Joel 2:25 KJV)

It has been a long war and a very long wait for that scripture to come to pass, and in the waiting, even more holes have sprung up. Well, beloved of the Lord, we are even now at the threshold of an amazing season that will last at least a decade in restoration. Much has taken place to bring this new thing from the back burner to the front of God’s plans.


In the Quickened Word posted on 9/9/00 I shared 2 Words the Lord had given me: "A change is coming." The other was, "A changing of the guards." The following is a quote from that post: "I believe this powerful change is going to filter down from the very top levels of government to the very bottom of our personal lives. In the spiritual realm, in the places where we have stood in the heat of battle, where we have earnestly interceded and humbly repented, we are going to see long standing, territorial enemy occupations being moved away and these places suddenly being occupied by angels. The ramifications of such will filter down through every area of life. He is moving out the old, making room for the new. He is cleaning the filthy house, to fill it with His righteousness. He is removing the dross and keeping the gold. He is blowing away the chaff to harvest the grain."

On the night of 1/20/01 I heard the Lord tell me that because of the spirit of intercession, the demonic ranks were leaving. Then I saw ranks of army type warring demons. They had been marching together in one solid and cohesive unit. Now they were breaking up their ranks and separating this huge massive collection of united purpose and demise. They were departing row by row, section by section, They were leaving one at a time, or in small groups of 2 or 3.

Later that same night I had a dream. I was in the back end of an ocean liner looking out in the distance. There were two watchmen-like angels in 2 towers up over the back end of the ship. I saw a huge wind tunnel like a tornado, (only much larger) several miles wide coming from a distance towards the ship. It was in direct line with us and approaching fast. I started yelling at the watchmen to come get some protection, feeling we were doomed. They were ignoring me and keeping their post. I made such a clack, concerned for their welfare that finally one of them looked right at me and said, "Yes we know about it." At that point, I turned and ran to find protection.

It was just moments prior to the onslaught and so I braced for it. At the moment of impact, it was quiet. I waited and it swept through us with no noise, no disturbance, no nothing. I was totally shocked and wondered if it was a mirage, or what. I woke surprised and startled. I clearly heard the Lord say the dream was a serious forecast of what would have happened had we not repented.

The next day I read an amazing announcement from the White House Press Secretary. The following is an excerpt: "NOW, THEREFORE, I, GEORGE W. BUSH, President of the United States of America, by the authority vested in me by the Constitution and laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim January 21, 2001, a National Day of Prayer and Thanksgiving and call upon the citizens of our Nation to gather together in homes and places of worship to pray alone and together and offer thanksgiving to God for all the blessings of this great and good land. On this day, I call upon Americans to recall all that unites us. Let us become a nation rich not only in material wealth but in ideals -- rich in justice and compassion and family love and moral courage. I ask Americans to bow our heads in humility before our Heavenly Father, a God who calls us not to judge our neighbors, but to love them, to ask His guidance upon our Nation and its leaders in every level of government. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this twentieth day of January, in the year of our Lord two thousand one, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and twenty-fifth. GEORGE W. BUSH."


I share these things not as an encouragement to stop praying, or to announce that it is OK to let our "guard" down. A very strong change is occurring in the heavenlies right now. Much of this is good news when compared to the last decade of warfare. However, there is another side to this. In places where we have not repented, the wind is going to violently blow stronger than ever… This year is like a grand finale of years of testings and the enemy is doing his best to disqualify us for the powerful enduement that is coming. (For years the Lord has been telling me to tarry until we are endued with power from upon high. We are very close to its fulfillment!)

This is a year to take very seriously to prayer, and to stay close to the Lord in every decision. I am sensing testings in several areas: strong siftings going on in body, soul, and spirit, offenses and stumbling blocks, temptations directed towards every weakness known to man, including greed for riches, ambition, presumption, lust, pride, betrayal, carnal escapes, delusion, compromise due to fear of man, (and many others) and strong opposition directed towards our foundations of faith. The Lord is allowing these things to come against us in order to harvest any evil seeds that have come to fruition in our lives that were deeply rooted in our past. As we cry out to Him in our weakness, He will give us grace to pull these wicked things out of our lives and He will keep us from falling. I personally feel that if ever there was a need for a humble and prayerful year, it is this one.


On 10/26/00 the Lord gave Me the following encouraging Word to Ponder. When we complete the tests, we have an awesome restoration coming. It will take at least a decade to work its way through our lives. That is indeed good news to think He is going to restore us for such a lengthy season!

~ Word to Ponder ~

Like discarded flowers, pieces of your life are missing. Yet I go to the ends of the earth to find what was lost. Nothing is too small or unimportant to be lost to My eyes. I will find the missing pieces and replace that which has been lost in your life. Spare parts, lost parts, broken parts, no parts - I will rebuild your ruins. And when I rebuild, it shall be vibrant and full of life and color. Even shocking. If I took the plain water and turned it into wine, how much more will I do in you?

"After this I will return And will rebuild the tabernacle of David, which has fallen down; I will rebuild its ruins, And I will set it up." (Acts 15:16 NKJ)

So, for those of us who are feeling like a leg that lost its head, may we keep hope in our hearts, stay humbly close to Him, and expect to receive the spoils of war, which are our rightful replacement parts.






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