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Repentance and Transparency: The Restoration Process

Repentance and Transparency

As stated, repentance is just the first step in the restoration process. The length and difficulty of this process usually depends on the one who sinned. I do not believe any sin that requires a restoration process is easy, or is meant to be. This is not because the restoration process is punishment for the sin. It is never intended to be punishment, which was paid for on the cross, but rather it is for the purpose of finding and shutting the gates of hell or the devil’s access points into a person’s life, through which he was brought into the sin. This is not to blame the devil for what we did, but because he saw an opening and used it means that there was a weakness in our lives that needs to be recognized and changed.


It will take much longer to find these gates of hell if the person continues to have the tendency to cover himself or blame others for his problems. Sometimes even after the initial burst of honesty and repentance about the sin it still takes time and hard work to become transparent enough about the problems to even find the gates of hell, much less close them. Light casts out darkness, therefore transparency is essential in a true restoration process.” 



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