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PARABLE:  I installed a Battery Application on my new ITouch that I got for Christmas.  After it was installed, they said to drain the battery down once a month for longevity.  So, I had drained the battery down.  Later after I was using it again, I checked to see how it was doing.  I was holding the ITouch in my hand and I watched it go from 35% power to 40% power without being plugged in.  I smiled and felt it was a parable of having God's power in my hands!  God's power is like electricity.  MORE LORD.


UPDATE PARABLE:  Wayne got up from his chair to pray for me and he had static electricity.  It went through him to my ring finger, which was touching my keyboard.  We both yelped.


PONDERING A VISION:  The other day I heard a pastor share a vision when Jesus sent lightning through His hands to the earth and His people responded back to Him and came up to Him. 


As I pondered the vision, I remembered that scientists discovered that when we see lightning, it is actually coming from the earth (which is grounded) and the lightning rods are actually shooting back up to the sky in response to what is going on in the atmosphere above it.  I thought about this scripture...


Prov 20:27

The spirit of man is the candle of the LORD, searching all the inward parts of the belly.


... And I applied it that we have the flame of the Lord deep inside of us, it is the power of God.  And when He stirs us from above, we shoot His power forth in response.


Lord stir us and release Your power from within us, in Jesus Name!


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