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HEARD: Ezra what can I do without you?  There is a purpose for this.  Walls.  A new beginning.  Everyone in their place.  Line up.  Let’s rebuild.  Training lessons. 


The name Ezra means “Yahweh has helped.” He was the priest who returned with Zerubbabel from Babylon captivity and was a co-worker with Nehemiah in rebuilding the fallen walls.


QUICKENED PARABLE:  Yesterday Wayne went out and anointed the boundaries of our property.


HEARDZinc.  Immunity to strengthen your resistance.  No access.  Keep the devil out and at bay.  These are the walls. 


Proverbs 25:28 He that has no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down, and without walls.


WORD PUN:  At bay. 

I had been thinking about Wayne putting oil in front of our bay window and that I was glad he did that because in my rhema the bay window represents my watchman’s post.  My chair directly faces the bay window.



I AM the Lord Your God in the midst of you.  I dwell in the midst of unified intercession.  Even as elephants walk trunk to tail along the vast trails of migration, I send you to walk similar paths of intercession.  In your journeys you shall walk to and fro and the paths of your feet shall encircle those within.  Like those within the walls that Nehemiah raised, all will benefit and dwell within the safety away from the false accusations, the mockers, and those that would slander the work of God.


In the process of building this wall, I shall give you gifts to evaluate the work needing to be done, I shall equip you to do the work and I shall set your hands to work within the seasons of My own time table.  I AM like the king who released Nehemiah to do the work, sent the letters of endorsement and protection and gave all the supplies needed.  He lacked nothing, neither will you.  Even the laborers had the heart to join raise up the walls.  Each man shall build the wall in front of his own family, and together they link arms and build the circle of unity.  I will establish watchman to warn and warriors to guard even as they build.  Together the walls will raise and all who live within shall remain in safety.


“And whatever more may be needed for the house of your God, which you may have occasion to provide, pay for it from the king's treasury.”  (Ezra 7:20 NKJV)






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