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Years ago I was in a service when the pastor saw a vision of a plant that had been uprooted from its pot. It was upside down being held by its roots. He said, "Shall this plant live? It shall not only be replanted, but it shall live to be an astonishment." The Words of the Lord pierced me so strongly that I have never forgotten that prophecy. I know now that it was a Word for the entire body of Christ as they entered a lengthy season of transition.



HEARD: I will exalt him that is low. I will overturn, overturn, overturn.

Walk the walk. Talk the talk. Planted. Faith. Lots of dust. Will settle. I will do a new thing.



QUICKENED GLANCE: At the garden center, my eyes locked on to a rock that said, "Courage" in big letters.

HEARD: Testimony. Courage. I will assist you. Courage. With you 100%. Now.

Level of faith. Raining. Level of faith. Mount up.


QUICKENED QUOTE (From The Final Quest by Rick Joyner)

"Courage is a demonstration of faith."



HEARD: Insecure. So afraid to make a mistake. Out of balance. Don’t step out in faith. Instead, just be natural. Be led.

VISION: I saw myself walking on the front line of a battlefield and taking territory although I was not aware of any skirmish.

[Help Lord!! Is there anybody out there with me?]

HEARD: You’re fully backed. Supported.



"Those who will be entrusted with the power and glory I will share with them in these times must not put their trust in the power or glory, but in Me. True faith is never in yourself, your wisdom or the power that I have given to you. True faith is in Me…. as you grow in the true faith that is in Me, you will grow in dependence upon Me, and you will trust yourself less. Those who begin to trust in themselves will not be able to carry the weight of My power or glory, they can fall just as the evil one did. My strength is made perfect in weakness, but you must never forget that in yourself you are weak, and by yourself you are foolish."



HEARD: I think I know what is being replanted, says the Lord. Faith. For you, it is too soon to tell.



Today I turned with anointed hands to a story about a tree that had broken during a bad storm. Later a huge branch that was split began to grow roots straight down into the ground and now the tree stands strong because of those roots growing so large that it is supporting the huge branch.



VISION: I saw a rock where Cally our cat had been buried. (planted)

HEARD: Faith. He planted you. Remove the rock of shame. The fire of God poured on the altar. What’s up? Rest, be still.

VISION: I saw a huge magnifying glass. I saw my bedroom.




Placed in a new pot. It's a new day.

Live it. The old has passed away.

Bring it not back.

Remember not the former things,

Neither consider the things of old.

It's a season of growing bold.

Walking upon the water,

That's what faith will do.

You won't sink.

What you have heard is true.




{Words to Ponder are summaries of His quickened Words}


Mine own have been uprooted from their foundations like a plant pulled up and out. How painful this has been for so many as the enemy sifted the faith of My people. I allowed this uprooting to birth a new beginning of expanded promotions. I will over turn all the places where the enemy took the upper hand, and now he is the one that shall be up rooted.

Have courage little one, I know that you are insecure now that I have replanted your seeds of faith. I shall rain My love upon you and before you know it, your head will pop above ground as you feel My warmth and touch. Mount up, dear one, for My Son rises with the new day, bringing resurrection power to all who call upon His name. You are fully supported as you seek Me for courage to reach out beyond the grave of hopelessness and trust Me to fulfill My promises of restoration in your life. Rest now, and let the past be gone. There will come a day when all that I have done in your life will be an astonishment to many and I shall receive the glory. You are My own, rest in My love as I reestablish your life.




Words from the The Quickened Word are excerpts from the journals of Sandy Warner.  To better understand how God speaks, read Sandy’s book, “101+ Ways God Speaks, And How to Hear Him.”  Website:    Email:  







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