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I am absolutely convinced that one of the strongest weapons we have against hurling curses, is the Lord's peace. When the Lord was teaching me about that, I had a vision where I was surrounded in a clear bubble and an intimidator stood in front of me face to face. I knew his intention and all I did was just look at him right in the eyeballs. I didn't budge; I was so totally surrounded in the Lord's peace that everything in me was still. Then I watched him hurl his best shot. It bounced off the bubble. He did that just once, then realized something and walked away.


I have been knocked out of my resting place and been begging the Lord to help me return. When I strive, and when I lose my peace, that is an open door to the enemy and a closed door to hearing the Lord more intimately. We are not supposed to sweat. So I had a supernatural experience last night after spending the entire day in bed seeking the Lord. I have not laughed like that for years and years and He poured out a hilarious stream of laughter that would not stop. Afterwards I was radiating His peace tangibly in every cell of my body. I was SO blessed. Due to a situation I had to deal with last week, I had so many angry curses of men and witchcraft flying at me, it was uncountable. I was in the midst of a bee's nest for sure. I felt that this supernatural joy was His blessing in replacement for all the curses.


2 Sam 16:12 KJV

It may be that the LORD will look on mine affliction, and that the LORD will requite me good for his cursing this day.




HEARD; I will go with her. To keep her from falling. That is my assignment. She's strong, she doesn't know that. Wired for faith. It's a lot to think about. Who you are and how it relates. Help you find yourself. What you need is an answer. Come see.


VISION: I saw a catapult hurling/ flying somebody through the air.

HEARD: Over the hurdle. She's My daughter, my what faith.


HEARD: Heaven help us!!!!


HILARITY: I was hit with such hilarious laughter, that I could not contain it or stop it. The Holy Spirit hit me so hard, I haven't laughed like that in years. Wayne came running in to make sure I was OK. Now I am so smitten, I can hardly type. Pastor's prayer last week about the Lord releasing joy in the prayer room has hit me totally unexpectedly and out of the blue.


PIX: I suddenly saw Heidi Baker going out to the dump and bringing in more kids to feed. She can not help herself, she just keeps gathering them. They keep saying we can't do this! And she just keeps believing God will take care of them and supply. And it hit me strongly that I had been given the same STRONG PASSION to go out and collect them and delegate people to help, and feed them. It hit me so funny, I started bowling over with laughter. There is nothing in the world like being held back all your life and waiting for the time to run in full faith and release the build up, pent up passion that you have to take everything that you can, while there is still time. It is such an awesome anointing and it is so hilarious because people just think you are a mad woman and crazy. But it is God, running in tennis shoes!!! He has a desire to take care of His kids and to feed them!!!! Heidi is the perfect sold out lover who just wants to collect kids for Jesus and feed them and be Mom. I have seen Heidi so totally inebriated by His Spirit, and now it hit me.


I have not had such deep joy in years and years. I can not remember laughing so hard for so long. When I finally stopped and was just laying there in a total stupor, I could tangibly feel His Spirit coursing through my whole body. Then I was just plastered in blissful peace with a stupid grin on my face. I am SOOOOOOOOOOO blessed. Me thinks I popped my cork with all the pain and stress in this house, and God broke through in a miraculous way.


This afternoon I was trying to catch up on typing all my rhema. It was such an overloaded job since I was so behind. I was flipping to a scripture and one of my feathers fell out. As I was putting it back, I heard the Lord say, "Tickle". Now I realize what His intentions were!! He wanted to tickle me with His feathers!! That reminds me of an old Word to Ponder He gave me.



I delight in playing with My children. Oh the joy of just enjoying their laughter and their smiles! How good it is to dwell in their midst. How good it is to enjoy what they enjoy, to laugh with them! I love it when you enjoy life and enjoy My Presence. Thank you. You are My true treasure.


"For as a young man marrieth a virgin, so shall thy sons marry thee: and as the bridegroom rejoiceth over the bride, so shall thy God rejoice over thee." (Isaiah 62:5)




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