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The following is Francis Frangipaneís "River of Life Weekly Summary." He was given a very profound dream. It truly left me pondering and seeking the Lord about entering into His Presence. Following Francisí Word are my comments and additional teaching.




June 24, 2000

Pastor Francis Frangipane

This teaching is taken from the book, "The Days of His Presence", by Francis Frangipane


Just because we walk and talk does not mean we are truly awake. Zechariah was not sleeping when an angel roused him "as a man who is awakened from his sleep" (Zech. 4:1). Perhaps we too need to be shaken from our slumber to possess the promises of God!

In spite of all the signs, wonders, and warnings announcing that we are truly in the last days, Jesus also said there is a mysterious drowsiness that we have to overcome. Indeed, immediately after highlighting the various evidences of the end (see Matt. 24), He compares the church to virgins who "all got drowsy and began to sleep" (Matt. 25:5).

Virgins sleeping at the end of the age: It seems incomprehensible with all the signs in the heavens and wonders upon the earth, not to mention the increasing Presence of Christ. Yet this phenomenon is something we each battle: the tendency to become spiritually drowsy and lose our focus as we wait for the Lord's return.

There is a subtle activity of the enemy that dulls our perception and seduces our zeal. Our vision takes a backseat to other less important aspects of life. From the beginning, the voice of Satan has had this lulling effect on mankind. Eve's excuse for disobedience was, "The serpent hath caused me to forget" (Lit. Gen. 3:13 Young).

This sense of spiritual forgetfulness, of drowsiness, is the cloud of blindness that we each must discern and overcome. It was in regard to this that the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart through the following dream.


There was a temple standing in an open field. My view of the temple was from its side, about 200 yards away. I could not see its front, yet it must have been completely open because great light flashed out from the inside; it pulsed like lightning, yet was solid like sunlight. The block of light issued straight out and I knew this light was the glory of God.

The temple was so close, I knew that with a little effort I could enter the glory of God. The Holy Presence was clearly within my reach. There were also others directly in front of me that I recognized as people from church. Everyone seemed very busy. And while the temple and its light were visible and readily accessible to any and all, every head was bent downward and turned away from the light; each was occupied with other things.

I heard one voice say, "I have to do laundry." Another said, "I have to go to work." I could see people reading newspapers, watching televisions, and eating. I was sure everyone could see the light if they wanted to-even more sure that we all knew His glory was near. There were even a few people reading the Bible and praying, but everyone maintained the distance between themselves and the place of God's Presence. No one, in fact, seemed capable of standing up, turning, and walking into His glory.

However, as I watched, my wife lifted her head and beheld the Lord's temple. She then stood and walked toward the temple's open front. As she drew closer to the light, a garment of glory formed and thickened around her; the closer she went, the more dense the light surrounding her grew until she stepped in front of the temple. She then entered completely into the Presence of God.

Oh! How jealous I felt. My wife had entered the glory of God before me!

At the same time I realized that there was nothing stopping me from approaching God's Presence-nothing except the pile of things to do and responsibilities that, in truth, ruled my life more than the voice of God.

Pushing the weight of these pressures from me, I determined to rise and enter the temple myself. But, to my great regret, as I rose up, I woke up!

The longing and disappointment within me seemed unbearable. I had been so close to entering God's Presence. How I wanted to enter the temple and be swallowed up in His glory!

I cried, "Lord, why did You let me wake up?"

The word of the Lord spoke deeply into my heart. He answered: I will not have My servant's life fulfilled by a dream. If you want your dream to come true, you have to wake up.

Today, God is calling us all to awaken to the reality of His Presence. The promises God gives us in the Scriptures must become more to us than dream-like realities reserved for the hereafter.

For this reason, the Scripture says, "Awake, sleeper, and arise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you" (Eph. 5:14). If we truly want Christ to "shine" upon us, we must arise from the distractions that entomb us in lethargy and spiritual darkness.

It is time to put away all that is permissive, and even what is permissible, and find what is permanent. If we want our dream of attaining His glory to come true, we each must wake up.

[This article is taken from "The Days of His Presence" by Francis Frangipane. This book is available at your local bookstore, or it can be ordered directly for the special price of $5.75 plus $1.50 shipping ($2.00 International). To order call 319-395-7833 or email Daniel at with your order. When you contact us be sure to mention this as the Weekly Summary Email Special.]

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~ A Vision of the Prophetic ~

A long time ago the Lord gave me a vision of the prophetic. It was one of those wonderful understandings that has helped me along the way as I study the Words of the Lord through the prophetic. I saw that each one had a different pair of lenses in which to see the future. One had a very long telescope and could see many years in the future. I saw one who had a pair of binoculars peering into the distance. Another had a pair of glasses. All were given to see what was coming, but they could only see a certain distance, depending upon their lens.

In the vision I understood that the prophetic had little understanding of how their particular "lens" fit in with His timing, and would actually be fulfilled on earth. They also had trouble receiving one anotherís Words, because their lenses were different. The reason for these difficulties is that they did not know each were given a different lens nor did they know that the power of these lenses had to do with timing. When they looked through their own lenses, everything appeared close regardless of how far away it was! However, the truth was, the more powerful the lens, the longer the wait for what was seen to become visible on earth.

~ Promises & Hopelessness ~

After years of waiting for the Words of the Lord to come to pass, it is easy for people to fall into slumber. A prophetic promise faces many obstacles to come into fruition. One of these obstacles is hopelessness and despair. Hopelessness can be a result of the discouragement, impatience, frustrations, and many other emotions resulting from living and breathing His Word as though it is right now, right here, right away, then having to wait. If expectation is really high, delay really hurts. The most natural way to numb the pain is to fall asleep spiritually.

If you have Words from the Lord given to you through the prophetic, or if you have Words from the Lord because you ARE prophetic, and they have not yet come to pass, the Lord is asking you to WAKE UP. Your future is upon you! The future is NOW. He is wanting us to walk into His Promises now. He is wanting our participation by moving forward towards Him.

~ Iím awake Lord, now what? ~

As I read Francisí dream, I said, "Oh Lord how can I come into Your Presence all the time? One day without Your Presence is miserable, now that I have tasted! I long for You Lord!" As I was praying this, I saw this wall in front of me. It was like one of those brick walls that are placed in an obstacle course, just standing there not connected to anything. It was an easy thing to overcome by simply walking around it! He told me that wall was called hopelessness and I had overcome that several years ago as I studied otherís prophetic lenses and how they were beginning to connect and overlap with my own. Hope had been wonderfully rekindled as I believed the Words of the Lord and could see how they were puzzling together.

~ The Formula ~

"And so I tell you, keep on asking, and you will be given what you ask for. Keep on looking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened. For everyone who asks, receives. Everyone who seeks, finds. And the door is opened to everyone who knocks. "You fathers--if your children ask for a fish, do you give them a snake instead? Or if they ask for an egg, do you give them a scorpion? Of course not! If you sinful people know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him." (Luke 11:9-13 NLT)

I cried out, "Lord, Iím awake! I refuse to fall into hopelessness again. Lord what about those of us who ARE seeking You, who have chosen You over TV and other worldly ambitions?" I was knocking - I knew His "formula" to move forward into His Presence. But now even though worship, praise, tongues, studying His Word, and prayer were all wonderful ways to move forward into His tangible Presence, I was feeling quite dry. "Lord did I mess up? What is going on here? I MISS YOU. Knock, knock, knock, knock. This is me speaking. I am knocking. Hello, is Anybody up there?" (Now other people may not pray like that, but that was my prayer.)

~ As A Child ~

At that point in my prayer I saw this tunnel filled with light. All these little people were walking through it in one direction, towards the light. And then my attention was on their legs. I could tell these really were little people, about two years old! I could see their backsides as their little short legs toddled forward.

I had a keen sense that God had called them to come, and they were coming. It wasnít any major project; they had no preconceived ideas of whether they could actually walk towards Him, whether He would actually be there, whether there was any obstacle in their way. They simply were walking towards the light because He had called them. Their little hearts told their little legs to move forward because they WANTED to come. It was that simple to respond to Him. ó Hearts desire Him, legs move towards Him.

~ The Reality of His Tangible Touch ~

A short while after this, I was playing the keyboard during musicianís practice for Sunday AM worship. Somewhere during the songs, it ceased being a practice, I poured out my love for Him through singing and playing. Suddenly out of nowhere, I was downloaded with His Presence! I almost fell off my chair. Waves of His power moving up and down my arms, tangible goose bumps up my spine, heat like warm oil pouring down my head, neck and face. New Wine making my muscles like jelly and my head giddy. Layers of cares gone; I became a melted marshmallow right on the spot. I was so delighted, I began to giggle as His Presence continued in wave after wave. It was like jumping into a cool lake on a very hot dry day! I looked up feeling rather silly and overwhelmed that I had just been "kissed by My Beloved" and everyone else was just singing and playing. They hadnít a clue!

Oh that we would become like little children and receive! "Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child shall in no wise enter therein." (Luke 18:17 KJ)

So Lord we beg You - that You would give us the hearts of simple expectation like little children. Please give us hearts to desire You and the spiritual legs to move into Your Presence!






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