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HEARD: Salt. It's the right time.


[Lord can You give me a Word via the Ponder Book?]


IMPRESSION: Turn to the second page of the Table of Contents. I closed my eyes and put my finger on the page, scrolling down the left side. Still with my eyes closed, I stopped my finger scroll.


HEARD: Prayer.


I opened my eyes and my finger was on the Word PRAY! This was very special because I hadn't read the Ponder book since it was printed and I had no idea what was on the Table of Contents on that page. This was a real comfort to me about the upcoming conference. If all I did was pray for people, that was enough.



If you truly understood what takes place the moment you pray, then you would truly never cease. When you pray it sends the angels to go forth and make a way. Many operations take place behind the scenes to dove tail My Faithfulness in someone's life. One of the basic foundations of such is prayer. Angels are prepared and ready. They listen, awaiting to be dispatched with assignment. Prayer looses them to fight through obstacles, frees them to go forth, prepares events, and sets things in motion.


Did you know that when you pray for others, it has eternal value? Some day when you come here, you will stand before all those you have prayed for and see how those simple requests made a difference in their lives. You will see entire destinies altered because you stopped to pray one simple prayer. Can you imagine it? If you only understood the power I have given into your hands to make a difference.


“Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints.” (Ephesians 6:18)


UPDATE COMMENT: This was a Word that burned in my heart in preparation for the conference. I came prepared and in full faith that my prayers would make a difference for those I prayed for. I am so grateful for His Words that build and confirm.


ANOINTED HANDS: Prayers are answered. Power of prayer to give success and victory. I will defend this city.





VISION: I saw a glowing dawn. It was amber colored and radiant as though it was the glory of the Lord dawning. It was more like a golden color, no pink, a little orange, but mostly a golden bright and light colored amber glow. Perhaps like fire?? When I saw it, I felt it was the glory of the Lord just dawning.


HEARD: Open door.


UPDATE COMMENT: Bob Jones' shepherds rod has a note from Rick JoYner that says, “Note: This is a year for the glory of the Lord to be revealed to the church, and for victories to come to Israel. “Then brought he me the way of the north gate before the house: and I looked, and, behold, the glory of the LORD filled the house of the LORD: and I fell upon my face.” (Ezekiel 44:4)


PIX: I saw the gal I was praying for at the conference last night and she was listening intently into a phone receiver as I prayed. Then she looked at her friends and joyfully expressed in her face something like, “Isn't this something else????” She was so delighted at what she was hearing. Then she hurried her ear back to the phone because I didn't stop praying and she didn't want to miss a word! When I saw this I received the same joy she was feeling and the Lord was feeling, so this gave me great delight to see this picture. It really encouraged me to pray for people what was on my heart to pray and not worry about giving people Words.


UPDATE COMMENT: I so loved ministering at the conference. It was more and more powerful each service, and it was so awesome I have hardly contained my joy. What was most amazing to me was that I received over 95% direct confirmations and a thank you from the people I prayed for. I wasn't expecting that, and it sure was a good planting of faith to have such direct feedback.


I discovered that His prophetic "Words" can flow through prayer. I was so nervous that I would not receive prophetic Words for people, but all I did was pray and they were Words.


One neat confirmation was that I had prayed for a lady by saying, “Lord make her a candle that disperses darkness in the lives of those around her. Make her a deliverer.” She went ballistic under the anointing. Later, she told me that her husband had just had a surprise birthday for her in January. Every person that attended brought her a gift. No one knew who was coming and that they were not supposed to bring gifts. EVERY GIFT was a candle. Then she said that one year ago she attended a conference and the person that prayed over her said, “the Lord is going to make you a candle and a deliverer!”





I peeked out into the auditorium which was packed with about 1,200 people.  My heart began to race and all I could see in my mind’s eye were lines and lines of people in front of me!  I ran back into the prayer room and grabbed Rich’s hand and slapped it onto my forehead.  Rich was a very special person.  He had been hired to pray for the company from which he’d tried to previously resign, due to the Lord’s calling upon his life to pray.  He is the only intercessor I know that has the world’s salary to pray!  I had heard some of his stories of intercession and he had my vote for sure.  So dear Rich smiled at my wide eyes and started to pray.  I relaxed and received whatever the Lord wanted to give me.  It lasted less than a minute and my prayer life changed from that moment on.  When ministry time came, the Lord filled my mouth with prophetic prayers.  People gave me all kinds of confirmation about reading their mail and I was just amazed.  I knew exactly what I did NOT have before Rich’s prayer!  Praise the Lord for the simple gift of laying on of hands! 





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