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Peanut Words are a precious

RHEMA 11/11/05


PRECIOUS WORD: On my walk I had a quickened eye glance. I looked up and saw a tiny squirrel from a long, long ways. He was running across the fresh cut green field. He ran half way and stopped under the shade of the tree. Then after a minute, he ran the rest of the distance across the field to the row of trees on the other side. He had crossed over! This was a very precious Word to me, because I have been wanting to harvest the rest of my journals with tiny peanut Words for those who will be crossing over in tough times.


QUICKENED EYE GLANCE: As I was typing this, I looked up and the photo slide show on my pocket PC had just turned to the Father's hand reaching out and touching the little baby's hand.



HEARD: You understand.


Whenever I think of peanuts, I remember the time when my husband and I had gone to what I call the 'peanut place' for lunch. While people are waiting for their meal, they can eat from the bucket of peanuts at their table then throw the shells on the floor. The floors are covered with peanut crumbs and shells.


While passing the table next to us, I stepped on their pile of shells that had a particularly good "crunch." So I stood and crunched their shells for a moment before moving on. The lady at the table looked quite surprised and then saw the cherub grin on my face, and she could not help it, she laughed. I laughed too and throwing my hands into the air, I said, "I'm sorry, but this is so liberating!" It was a sparkling moment between two strangers.


Later I noticed a new arrival was sitting at a table near us. A little baby was leaning way over his high chair looking at all the shells on the floor. He was speaking a lot of very serious gibberish and pointing to the floor. These shells on the floor were obviously very important to him and he really had a lot to say about them. I was close enough to hear. It sounded like a fluent and perfect language of tongues. (I Cor 14:20)


It was a particularly quickened moment as I watched the baby so enthralled with the peanut shells. I remember when my son was a baby and he would crawl on the floor and see the most tiniest thread or spot that no one else would notice… right down at his level and reach. God does that for us. He speaks to us on our own level ears to hear His quickened Words.


Here is the story about the Irish Setter and the peanut place.



Re: Peanut Words are a precious


I was on my prayer walk and praying about something and heard the Lord say, "Peanut."


CONFIRMATION: I immediately looked down on the ground and saw 3 tiny, tiny baby fluffy white feathers laying there in perfect, fluffy form. These confirm that the Lord sends us little confirmations in 2 or 3's.



How I long to reach you with My loving confirmations! I will send them in sweet and simple ways, and you may miss them if you are not listening. Often I hide My confirmations in simplicity. If you are ensnared by the complexities in life, the simple gifts remain hidden.


I promised that if you seek Me, you shall find Me. If you are looking to hear from Me, if you are expecting Me to speak to you, your heart will leap and be quickened as you see Me in such simple ways, confirming your walk. Great is My love for you!


Matt 13:44 NLT

"The Kingdom of Heaven is like a treasure that a man discovered hidden in a field. In his excitement, he hid it again and sold everything he owned to get enough money to buy the field - and to get the treasure, too!




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