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DREAMI was going to school and walked in a very narrow passageway to go in search of a Decaf to take with me to class.  I waited until the opposite traffic allowed me to walk through in single file, and I popped through the little area without problems.  I found a street vendor that sold breakfast goodies and coffees and I ordered a large Decaf with cream.  Then I got some clear transparent zipping folders with pockets to organize my papers.  Daddy had given me his credit card and it had his name on it.  So when I came to the cash register I handed that to them, even though I had my own credit card. 


HEARD:  Hope.  Hope deferred makes a heart sick.  I will always pay your bills sweetheart.  Good job.  Good job at waiting. 


COMMENTS AND INTERPRETATIONS:  I dont drink real coffee as it gives me the jitters.  (smile)  Almost all Decaf has 3% caffeine in it.  Coffee represents a strong wake up call.  The fact that I chose Decaf means I still had 3% of my spiritual walk that needed a wake up call.  Cream is a way of neutralizing the bitterness of the coffee taste down with the Word of the Lord. 


Transparent pockets represent the Hebrew word beset, which means to be in a bag or to be encompassed by the Lord in all directions.  Transparent means to walk a transparent life before men and God.  Only darkness likes to hide. 


Accepting Daddy’s credit card instead of my own suggests that I will not have to bear the cost in sacrifice to go to the next season of schooling in the Lord.


2 Tim 2:15 AMP

Study and be eager and do your utmost to present yourself to God approved (tested by trial), a workman who has no cause to be ashamed, correctly analyzing and accurately dividing [rightly handling and skillfully teaching] the Word of Truth.





Tao also received a vision about going to school today:


Tao Vision (2/18/09): I stood in a spot in daytime, it was a bright day. I already finished one school, it seemed I would start the other school soon. Quickly I wrote some short words of summary in a notebook, the content was like "the past season, the emphasis was on the subject of engineering, for the incoming one the emphasis would switch to the subject of natural science".


Then I left that spot and saw a crowd of Vietnamese, which were divided into 3 age group. The oldest group (like young people) sat around a table to attend a class like Sunday school in church. The middle aged group (like teenagers) played the volleyball. The youngest group (like children) played a fun game in a children's playground. When I decided to leave, I said of myself "everyone needs a group". 



internet definitions:



Engineering is the discipline and profession of applying scientific knowledge and utilizing natural laws and physical resources in order to design and implement materials, structures, machines, devices, systems, and processes that realize a desired objective and meet specified criteria.



·       the sciences involved in the study of the physical world and its phenomena


In science, the term natural science refers to a rational approach to the study of the universe, which is understood as obeying rules or law of natural origin.




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