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COOL WORD:  I was fussing AGAIN over my insecurities and etc about going to a meeting tonight.  I just prayed, Lord what do you want me to tell them?


HEARDTell them I sent you!


HILARIOUS AND WONDERFUL CONFIRMATION:  At the EXACT moment I typed the above ! mark, my popup calendar program popped onto my screen.  It was the reminder for the meeting tonight.  I was sitting there laughing and stunned at His precious Word to me, and THEN Wayne gets up about 30 seconds later and says, “What time is your meeting tonight?”  I told him, and THEN he asks, “Did you double check that it is happening?”  I would say that I got a definite DOUBLE  check that it is happening tonight!


This is just SO precious and loving of My Papa.  I have prayed all day and for several days that He would give me and us gifts for tonight’s meeting and that I would be able to go to it, health wise, weather wise, and car wise.... and not chicken out.  I asked 2 people to pray for me and the meeting and also that He would grant me gifts, which is a 2-fold witness (double check) in prayer as well.  GOD IS SO PATIENT AND LOVING WITH US.



HEARD:  (As I was rejoicing over this)  I will go with you.  :o)


(I feel SO loved and cared for.)





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