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Today I was harvesting the end of the month and saw how beautiful it was that the Lord has fed me every day for so many years and given such favor in confirmations, etc.  I said to Him, Lord Your Words are so beautiful, is any one listening? Immediately I heard,


I am listening.


Wayne reads my rhema at the end of each month. After my hearing “I am listening” I was so surprised when Wayne woke up and shared his dream with me. 


Wayne dreamed we were sitting at a round table for eating.  Every time the Lord said a sentence to me in His still small voice, Wayne heard the Lord in normal speaking voice through his one ear.  It was like a megaphone.  The Lord would say one sentence and stop each time.  Wayne was hearing it in the real and I was hearing it in His still small voice. 


I laughed when Wayne shared that the Lord would speak one sentence at a time with me because when the Lord speaks to me, it is always a phrase at a time so I can either record it in my mini hand recorder or type it.  Sometimes hours go on between each sentence depending upon how deep I am sleeping or what I am doing during the day. I was reminded of Ruth Heflen’s story below:



Wayne told me a story about Ruth Heflen.  She was sent to an Emperor to give a Word.  She asked him if he would like to receive it and he said yes.  So she closed her eyes and spoke a sentence.  And then she stopped.  And then she spoke another sentence and then stopped.  This continued and she was flustered at this because always before her prophetic words were quite fluent.  So she opened her eyes and evidently the Emperor had signaled a person to write down what she said, and so the Lord was giving her the Word transcription speed! 


Wayne’s dream was a confirmation to the following rhema I had this month about opened ears.  He doesn’t read my rhema until the end of the month so he didn’t know about these promises:




1/21/17:   EAR BUD MONITOR

I saw an ear bud monitor that musicians wear.  Here, this is for you.  Keep up with the times.  Are you interested in talking to them?  If so, I have a surprise for you.  Fellowship or entertainment.  Do you want to be entertained or to be informed?




These two angels were revealed eleven years ago. They have been extremely helpful to me… and, I am sure, helpful to all who climb Prayer Mountain. I have received more instruction from these two angels than any others.


I am daily thankful to the Lord for each of the angels He has allowed me to know. They have enriched my life through their dedication to the Lord. They have blessed me with their instruction and – if I may say so – their friendship.


How can we not but rejoice exceedingly having the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit with us at all times, the bonus of being assisted by the angels He has assigned to us, and special instruction given by angels sent to augment our understanding.


Dear children of the living God you may not see these angels (as yet…just give it time) but let me assure you, they are hard at work in your behalf.



Answer to prayer.  The Lord opened my ears and I heard the sound when my iTouch had downloaded an message.  It was so real I double checked my iTouch because I knew I had it on manual so that it did not automatically download emails.  The Lord spoke to me after that.



Today I turned to the following Word to Ponder:


I AM sending My deliverance angels to drive off the famine for hearing My Words. Dear ones, repent in areas where you have heard My speak and not obeyed My voice. Repent for running away from what I have spoken. Cry out to Me and ask Me to draw near dear ones! I will drive away the demonic voices and interference. I will change the spiritual atmosphere around you so that your ears are opened and able to hear My voice clearly.


Amos 8:11 Behold, the days come, says the Lord GOD, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the LORD:


Isaiah 50:4-5 The Lord GOD has given me the tongue of the learned, that I should know how to speak a word in season to him that is weary: he awakens morning by morning, he awakens my ear to hear as the learned. 5 The Lord GOD has opened my ear, and I was not rebellious, neither turned backward.

Beloveds just like technology always changes with continual upgrades, I AM sending a new level of hearing to answer your heart’s cry.  I AM issuing many new levels of hearing My still small voice, My audible voice, and even angelic voices and the cloud of witnesses.  You might wonder why.  As you keep My charge and participate with My purposes on earth, you have not only My help but the angels and cloud of witnesses help.  You are first given the knowledge you need for My purposes and are also given fellowship to walk with those who work with Me in heaven, just as I promised Joshua the high priest. 
Such joys of intimacy away you dear child!  Throw aside the world and its carnal influences, spend time with Me and learn to pray about everything as you lean, cling, and abide. You will receive your new ears and rejoice greatly in the fellowship I have planned for you.

Zechariah 3:7 Thus says the LORD of hosts; If you will walk in my ways, and if you will keep my charge, then you shall also judge my house, and shall also keep my courts, and I will give you places to walk among these that stand here.


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