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Papa and I are really enjoying babysitting our grandson every week. It is such a joy to watch his progress and be there to impart into his life. I am teaching him words to help develop his understanding. Last week his aunt came over and gave him a really cool walking truck and it came with several smaller trucks, down to a tiny one that fits in his palm. He seems to understand that the word baby has something to do with small. So I had all the wheels lined up from tiny to his big riding one. I turned the baby wheels over and rolled them with my hand and kept saying, "Wheels." And then I would take the next one larger and say the same. When we got to the giant one, he understood this was his wheels, and they all represented the same thing. He would smile when I said baby wheels.

This week I got us all bundled up for a walk in his stroller. By the time we got out the door, it started to sprinkle rain, so we did a few trips around the mail box until it started to pour. Then we went round and round under the carport! He had his tiny little plastic car with wheels in his hand and I stopped at each tire on our cars, and pointed to BIG WHEEL, then to his and said BABY WHEEL. Even though we took different directions and designs around the carport, we continued to circle and I pointed out the cars and the tires, comparing with his car. I came inside and showed him pictures in his ABC book of cars and trucks and pointed to the wheels. 

A few days later I was driving in the car and I heard the Lord say to me, “Wheels!” When I heard that, I was at a stop light. I realized I was sandwiched between 2 large identical gravel trucks, and each truck had 10 wheels!

I heard the Lord remind me that He too has wheels!! God’s throne has wheels that move. The wheels shine very bright, just like the sun and has streams of fire flowing underneath it. The wheels on His throne are a wheel within a wheel, kind of like a gyroscope. 

There are living creatures that travel with His throne and they give the wheels the power to move. When the living creatures stop flying, the wheels stop moving too. God’s throne flies up and down and all around! 

His clothing shines brighter than the sun and is whiter than snow. In the Bible they saw His glory in the clouds. Fire surrounds Him. God’s glory is a beautiful circle of colors just like the rainbow in the sky. His glory totally surrounds Him.

Next time you see a rainbow in the sky, ask God to see His glory! God’s glory shows on the earth and one day all children will know His glory!

(Exodus 16:10/ Ezekiel 1 & 10/ Hab 2:14)