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HEARD:  I love you daughter. Canopy. A mile wide in all directions.


STRONG IMPRESSION:  I sensed a big giant tent strung up as a covering.  I did not see the tent as in a vision, but it came into my memory so it was as though I recalled it into my memory and could picture it in my mind’s eye. An impression is a subtle suggestion that comes and this was much more than an gentle inkling, it was more like something recalled to memory that I could see in my memory. 


HEARD:  Windows.

VISION:  I saw a bunch of little window squares on a screen, and I marquee selected them selected all at once.  This was a sweeping motion I did with my mouse to cover all of the windows.


INTERESTING CONFIRMATION:  In typesetting and graphics of misc software, there are tool boxes that allow the mouse to select several individual graphics, boxes or text at one time.  The tool box and/or selection are sometimes called Marquee tools or selections.  We used to work in the field of typesetting and when I saw the above vision I recognized it as a marquee selection.  The Lord has been emphasizing to me that it is important to pay attention to details because He wants to talk to us that way. And the manner in which the little windows on the screen where quickened to me as important but I had no understanding as to why. Later when I typed this rhema in, I suddenly wondered about the definition of marquee.



1.  A large tent set up for an outdoor party, reception, or exhibition


2.  A permanent canopy often of metal and glass projecting over an entrance (as of a hotel or theater)


HEARD:  This is something. It’s a great move of God.  It will sweep through to clear the path. 






…These angels were the most gorgeous, powerful beings you could imagine to see, and their wings, instead of feathers – like a feather would have veins and pinions in it – well, these wings that the angels had were like razor sharp razors like you might see the old men shave their face with, and they all pointed out like this, and the angels, when the Lord called them to attention, they shook their wings out like this and a sound rumbled through heaven like you can’t imagine, like SH-O-O-O-M-F!  And then they – Here’s what’s going to happen.  These angelic beings that God has prepared, this host of heaven, they’re going to find over-comers in the earth.  They’ve been scouring the earth, up and down the earth, for the past two decades, the Lord said, looking for people whose hearts are upright who have no agendas but building the Kingdom of God…


…These angels are going to come in front of us and like a person would take a machete and hack through vines in a dark, thick jungle, and these angels will get in front of the people of God and they’re going to go H-A-A-R-U-M-F with their wings like this and it’s going to cut a pathway through the darkness.








Suddenly, I was carried by the Spirit to a place where a giant dome or bubble had been established over certain people of the Lord. This is for those who have shown their love for Him through their obedience (John 14:23). There was an extremely bright and powerful light inside the dome and great darkness outside. In the coming time of darkness, there will be no shortage of light for those under the covering of Yeshua’s blood. Amen?


We need to make sure we are under this covering because the enemy is prowling around seeking those he can destroy. So the Lord has established His light and protection over you. This light will provide many things for you from the Lord. I heard the Lord say, “Light of revelation! Light of clarity (freedom from deception)! Light of protection and provision!”




Beloveds My great move is coming.  In one move I will sweep through the earth to clear a path for my dear ones.  Everything demonic will be cut away as this path is cleared for you to advance and overcome. 


I will gather and collect those who are earnestly watching and waiting upon Me.  Stay at your watchman’s windows and keep your candles burning.  With My long raking arms, I will sweep you unto Myself and bring you safely under My canopy.  Not only will many dwell together in communities under the same canopy, but you will also have your own tent covering as you walk the earth in My protective covering. 


Psalms 27:11 Teach me your way, O LORD, and lead me in a level path, because of my enemies.


Proverbs 4:18 But the path of the just is as the shining light, that shines more and more unto the perfect day.


Psalms 91:4 He shall cover you with his feathers, and under his wings shall you trust: his truth shall be your shield and buckler.


Words from the The Quickened Word are excerpts from the journals of Sandy Warner. To better understand how God speaks, read Sandy’s book, “101+ Ways God Speaks, And How to Hear Him.” Website: Email: