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HEARD: Unusual stones on your border.


Isa 54:12 KJV

And I will make thy windows of agates, and thy gates of carbuncles, and all thy borders of pleasant stones. And all thy children shall be taught of the LORD; and great shall be the peace of thy children.


INSERT CARBUNCLES: (One of the interpretations is marbles)


CARBUNCLES: 068 'eben {eh'-ben}

¤ from the root of 01129 through the meaning to build; TWOT - 9; n f

¤ AV - stone(s) 247, weight(s) 7, divers weights + 068 3, hailstones 3, stony 2, carbuncle + 0688 1, hailstones + 01259 1, hailstones + 0417 1, headstone 1, masons + 07023 1, plummet 1, slingstones 1; 272

¤ 1) stone (large or small) 1a) common stone (in natural state) 1b) stone, as material 1b1) of tablets 1b2) marble, hewn stones 1c) precious stones, stones of fire 1d) stones containing metal (ore), tool for work or weapon 1e) weight 1f) plummet (stones of destruction) also made of metal 1g) stonelike objects, eg hailstones, stony heart, ice 1h) sacred object, as memorial Samuel set up to mark where God helped Israel to defeat the Philistines 1i) (simile) 1i1) sinking in water, motionlessness 1i2) strength, firmness, solidity 1i3)


CARBUNCLE: 0688 'eqdach {ek-dawkh'}

¤ from 06916; TWOT - 1987b; n m

¤ AV - carbuncle 1; 1

¤ 1) fiery glow, sparkle 2) (CLBL) the name of a gem - carbuncle

commonness 1j) (metaph) 1j1) petrified with terror 1j2) perverse, hard heart


I was listening to a tape from Bob Jones. Bob loved to work in his garden and one day he found a marble. The Lord told him that he had lost his marbles and He was going to help Bob find them. (smile) As it turned out, the Lord used these marbles to speak to him.


• On August 8 1990 he prophesied a new beginning. (8/8) It was the sign of resurrection day. On this day Amber was born 8 pounds, it was also the day he found his 8th marble.


• The day he found his 12th marble he prophesied “I am going to bring a divine order to the body of Christ. I'm going to bring government to it. I'm going to bring the Holy Spirit over it I'm going to break the control of man from off of it.” Then Bob said it will start in 1995, begin in a big way in 1996, and come to a maturity in 1997.





HEARD: Harvest. Redeemer. God works in mysterious ways. He met my need and then some. Exactly the way it's gonna be. Rain.


PIX: I saw a burgundy glass bowl and it was full of marbles.





[I was remembering the Word that Don Potter gave at Albany about the Chinese marble game and how sometimes the Lord throws our marbles up into the air and where they land is all out of order. He does this to rearrange us.]


PIX: I saw the Chinese game that we used to play as a kid. It is a bunch of squares with numbers on them that slide around in slots. The object is to get the numbers to move into place and order. Sometimes even though a number is in the right place, it needs to be dislodged and moved out of place in order to help others to get into place.


PIX: I saw a bunch of chicklets (baby chickens) and 2 eagles in the pen with them.


STORY: The chicklet vision relates to the story that the prophetic eagles have been raised in the chicken coupe, thinking they are chickens. But they are different and just never fit in. One day they start exercising their wings of faith and discover they are not a chicken, they can FLY right out of that pen and begin to soar and see places they never saw before. The higher they soar, the more they see.





For many years, you have been warring through the second heaven and the angels have been warring down to you. Together you have been rebuilding an open and safe passageway that both man and angels can freely pass without hindrance. My precious one, the porthole is now open and these two armies of man and angels are joined as one to loose My kingdom without any more delay on earth. You have the angelic hosts with you wherever you go. They are your backup everywhere.


For a long time, you felt like you lost your “marbles.” Your life was displaced as you clung to Me to set you aright. Your marbles scattered and you searched to collect them and find your place of stability in Me. You did not lose your marbles as you supposed. I kept them all, and I kept you. I kept My Word to you and you shall see them all come to pass. Your marbles are all safe with Me.


You are concerned that old enemies might inhabit old places and wounds. The old has been swept away and excess baggage is gone. Nothing is left but complete rest in Me, My love. However I also have new assignments and places for you to go. So it is time to wake up, get dressed and ready for a new day.


This day I give you My memorial stone that something great has taken place, for a lengthy assignment has been completed. Rejoice, for the marbles are now planted as your borders and they are glowing with color as the newly completed porthole glows with My glory.


Isa 54:12,13 KJV

And I will make thy windows of agates, and thy gates of carbuncles, and all thy borders of pleasant stones. And all thy children shall be taught of the LORD; and great shall be the peace of thy children.





By Bobby Conner

Article 29 June 25 ,2002


In an extraordinarily stirring prophetic dream I was transported to a large construction sight. At the construction area the foundation was especially smooth and also extremely level. However, over to one side and out of its proper place was a massive cornerstone. I was assigned the task of putting the enormous cornerstone into place. However, I did not have any heavy equipment to aid in moving the huge stone into its proper place. I sensed that it was extremely crucial that this was done as quickly as possible, but it must also be accomplished in the correct manner.


I stood there, in deep thought, pondering how I could accomplish this overwhelming task. Suddenly, many small children, as well as youth, came around me; each child had a brown leather bag in their hand. I was completely surrounded by these incredibly beautiful children. They were all exceptionally joyous and full of life. One was pulling on my pant's leg, as if to get my undivided attention. I said, "I am sorry but I am too busy to play a child's game now."


Immediately the voice of the Lord spoke saying, "The answer to your problem is in the children's hands." I was aware that He was speaking about the bag in their hands. I looked into the face of the little boy at my side. His deep blue eyes twinkled with life, and his golden hair glistened in the sunlight. The same little boy that had been seeking my attention was smiling with childlike confidence; now he lifted up his bag offering it willingly to me. I quickly looked inside and found that each sack was filled with brilliant colored marbles. The Lord said, "Have the children place their marbles in front of the stone," adding, "and then you can easily roll the huge stone into its proper place." I did as I was told and the stone was almost effortlessly put into place. The massive stone glided over the marbles as if it was on ball bearings. I could guide and move the stone now with my thumbs. I was totally amazed at how easily this had been done.


The moment the stone went into the proper place I felt an astonishing sense of relief and accomplishment. Then the scene changed, and my attention was directed to behold extremely long lines of people approaching the foundation stone from every direction. These people were from every walk of life and from every nation on earth. Each person bore a different size and shape of stone. One by one they came and placed their stone into the wall. As they placed their stone into the wall, in a very amazing way, each one became a living stone in the wall. The wall was strong and beautiful beyond description.


Bobby Conner







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