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Tonight when we started praying, as soon as we started I heard the Lord tell me not to fret, that He would be training us about the power of unity and His dunamis that occurs as a result and that we would be mounting up in faith.  Then I saw a chariot circling overhead in the sky and he was forming a figure 8, just finishing the last of the circle.  I knew that meant a new beginning.  There was also a new person in the prayer room tonight and I did not know who he was, but when I looked at him, I heard the Lord say, “Silver ring.” 



One of our lead intercessors got up and led us and we warred strongly in tongues and aggression while he took authority over the enemy that he felt was blocking our porthole.  Porthole means door and this obstacle is what I had seen this week over my door.  Then later when he got up and led again, he said that we were to aggressively go into the enemy’s treasure room and take back our loot that he had stolen.


VISION:  Our voices rose and I saw a wide field, going past my peripheral vision and I saw the backsides of the enemy running away as fast as they could leaving the field.  It was rather a funny picture.  Then all these mantles were left on the ground.  There were everywhere. There were mantles of relationships, healing, deliverance, and one of the calling of deliverer, Holy Spirit gifts, the calling of servanthood, holy boldness, the gift of faith, and some mantles called “He gives His beloved sleep.”  Underneath the mantles were watches, silver rings and belts of truth.  Later when we were quiet before Him. I heard the Lord say, “The battle is won, triumphant faith.”  His emphasis was on recovering the mantles of lost relationships.


I shared what I received, and explained that the watches were the ability to walk in synch with the Holy Spirit in divine timing, to give a Word in due season, and then also to BE a Word in due season.  I shared that the silver rings were the signet rings with the King’s authority to decree and silver represented what has been bought and won.  The belts of truth were there to destroy the lies that we believe about ourselves, about God, about His Word and about others. 



There were 2 confirmations as everyone shared what they too heard and saw during the quiet time after prayer.  One of our pastors saw 2 mantles (no one has ever seen mantles in the prayer room before) and one was a horse blanket.  I was really blessed by that, because I had a vision many years prior of the Lord giving me a mantle and it was a horse blanket and underneath was a brand mark.  Another fellow in the prayer room had seen a field and it had a bunch of shields of faith left on it. 


I was asked to share this during the ministry time at service, so I went forward and I shared the above, but at the end I said that we were to be like little children with our easter baskets and get ready to run out into the field and pick up our stuff. 



MORE CONFIRMATIONS:  A lady was called to give her $ testimony.  When she was done she closed with a scripture, “For He gives His beloved sleep.”  I asked her when she sat down if she had planned to give that scripture before hearing me share that was the name of one of the mantles and she smiled and said YES. 


Then the man who I heard about the silver ring during pre-prayer came forward and gave the sermon.  He spoke on redeeming marriages.  It was an awesome Word.  He talked about the mystery of marriage and how in his family when they hide easter eggs, they hide them differently for each age of child!  He said that it was our assignment in the Lord to cultivate our mate’s spiritual and natural gifts.  He talked about what it meant to cultivate a plot of ground and it was an awesome revelation from Gen 2: 5-7.


It was also very special as a confirmation that the Lord wanted to restore the mantle of relationship to those who had lost such.  I realized later that one of the gifts He has given us all is to cultivate one another’s gifts and callings in Him.  I also realized that the silver rings on the field were redeemed (silver) marriages.  There are mantles ready and waiting.  GO FOR IT!



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