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I love to feed the birds. The Lord has often spoken to me about my feeding the birds at my website. One day I was talking with a friend about our loved ones, and about the difference between grasping versus giving them freedom to come and go. As we were sharing, the Lord gave him the analogy of feeding the birds by holding the palm of his hand out open. If he stood still with a gentle spirit, the Lord would draw their hearts to freely come and go like birds. If he grasped, they would fly away.

The Lord inspired a Word to Ponder based upon our discussion:


Learn to love by letting go. There is a yearning of the soul that desires to possess that which does not belong to you. My love does not covet, it sets free. Give those you love into My care. Yes, you have heard that you give roots and wings to your loved ones. Grant them the stability of knowing you are there for them and then release them one step at a time to learn to crawl, walk, run and then fly into their destinies in Me.

Remember that birds are flighty. If you chase a bird it will fly away. As you yearn with My Spirit over those you care for, keep the palm of your hand open, and like a bird in flight, let them freely come and go in your life as they will. Remain in loving watch care over their lives and provide an open palm of a warm, safe shelter for their hearts. Stay faithful and you will always have friends no matter what age.

Matt 10:39 NLT

If you cling to your life, you will lose it; but if you give it up for me, you will find it.



5/20/05: Bobby Conner was sharing a story with us where he too loves to feed the birds. His trees are filled with hundreds of birds. He was rushing around to meet a deadline, and he thought he had better fill the bird feeders before he left. He scooped a bucket of seed and then quickly ran into the yard. Hundreds of birds all took off and flew away. As he saw this, his heart grieved. There was one tiny bird which remained perched on the tree with its head peering around, so he could keep a careful watch on Bobby. Bobby saw this and said to the bird, "Would you tell them I meant them no harm? I only wanted to help them." Immediately the little bird made 4 little twills and hundreds of birds swooped from the sky and surrounded Bobby. They landed on top of Bobby, the ground and everywhere. It was a God fearing moment as the Lord talked to Bobby about this experience in relation to life as it was before the fall of Adam.

This especially blessed me, because the above Word to Ponder about the flighty birds came out on the PonderWord list the night before Bobby shared this. They are posted a minimum of 3 months in advance, and they are always a surprise to me when I read them afresh once again. It was such a blessing to me to be so timely in synch.

The same afternoon Bobby shared his bird story, I sent a Word to a friend. I have the habit of asking the Lord to let me know when the person reads what I sent, or to let me know if the person received the Word. In this particular Word, I had shared that my husband and I had been praying for this person. So that afternoon I was upgrading my Mom's computer, and something caught my eye. I looked up, and there in our bay window was a tiny bird. He was hovering with his nose looking through the window. He was looking at my husband's prayer chair. I have never seen a bird (other than humming birds) hover in mid air and look inside a window! It was a true sign of the Lord that my friend had received the Word.




{Words to Ponder are summaries of His quickened Words}


Precious ones, how much I have to share with you! Behold the seeds of My Word are liberally spread and heaped all over the earth for your pleasure. As the days move forward into maturity, I AM bringing forth My supernatural signs to confirm My Words to you. The signs may burst forth upon the scene and cause you great fear if you are not firmly planted in Me. Or they may appear naturally as they seemingly suspend before your very eyes. Fear not, beloved. Open your ears and listen, for I truly desire to speak to you through all of creation.

"I will explain mysteries hidden since the creation of the world. Jesus always used stories and illustrations like these when speaking to the crowds. In fact, he never spoke to them without using such parables. This fulfilled the prophecy that said, "I will speak to you in parables." (Matt 13:34-35 NLT)




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